Update from ~Jean

I’m thinking how much I’ve just been through: last night I successfully took control back from the negative forces. What an experience! I’m also realizing that it was going on for a far longer time than I thought and that they were playing not only with my body, but with my mind, as well. I also am thinking that everything all together – my move, my age, my blog –  has taken its toll on me. It feels like this is a time for me to be careful and treat myself gently.

Thank God you are all coming together and using what I’ve been able to provide in order to share and receive information. If I’m a bit absent from you all right now it’s because I’m trying to get my own house in order. I’ve been living in a bit of a mess, and while some people don’t even see such things, unfortunately I do. My wonderful, new friends found me a woman to come in and help me organize things, and she seems lovely and capable. In a few days, I’ll be up and running if I can just keep myself reined in now and let my body heal without driving it. Oh, the joys of trying to get old gracefully!

I’ve read your comments, and there are some I feel called upon to reply to, but I’m going to ‘stifle’ myself. 

Please, continue to share and be kind to one another – and right now, with me, too!

Love you all,

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14 Responses to Update from ~Jean

  1. susan says:

    Surrounding you in a blanket of love and healing light ❤

  2. Ken says:

    Glad to hear your feeling better! Please take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you back to 100%. Sending love and healing energy.

  3. Jean ~ As you can see, your friends understand. You come first. Please keep my email address handy if you ever have the time to write. Hugs, Marion


  4. Fillandra says:

    Your soul energy is beautiful. You will find what you need inside your heartcenter.
    Good luck.
    Blessings of peace and light,

  5. Contramary says:

    I just made a some verse for a sick girl of 11 years and it would likewise go for any ill-taken person and so I write it here for Jean too and to speed up her recovery :

    She needs your light
    Old Grandma singing healing pain………………….

    sleep my Lovely sleep
    the Angels on your feet
    they cover you with some rhyme
    sleep my Angel deep….

    The stars are out
    and with their shine
    they give you happiness so fine
    and lights so smooth like cobweb lofty
    give you protection safe but softly
    Sleep my Dearie sleep…..

    The skies above are high
    and many souls
    they send you light
    and hearts in fully love
    to your delight…
    and surely be
    the day will come
    and all your pains have ever gone

    Sleep my Dearest sleep to health
    You will be fine with freshened wealth
    Sleep my dearest …sleep …..

    …..Huge bags of Love
    from Mary

  6. chicago dreamer says:

    Thanks for all you do. Love & Light! <3<3<3

  7. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Jean, I’m so grateful you are healing. I’ve been involved in quantum energetics for several months and I’m still amazed that some of the negative issues I thought were cleared, were finally taken care of last night after many sessions. Just hang in their, dear sister, you will be just fine. I really appreciate all you do, and once you get your house in order, that should make you feel much better, too. Love you much, Nicki

  8. Flavia Miorelli says:

    Love and Light to you. Thanks so much for everything you`ve been doing…. really appreciate. take care of yourself xoxo Flavia

  9. DaveLight says:

    Jean ~ just rest first, then get things under control for your own peace of mind and well-being, and then resume blog updates. The Universe will provide all of our needs, especially your personal strength! From a physical perspective, keep your adrenal system strong – continual stress is not a friend to our adrenals! Peace, light, and love to you!

  10. Suzy says:

    Just get well soon Jean and then you will be up and running perfectly. Things need time and we can’t rush our bodies at any age really, it will fix itself in it’s own good time as long as you are putting good fuel into it to help it repair.
    Best wishes,

  11. Matariki says:

    Sending you love and healing energies

  12. Contramary says:

    Dear Jean, we all have to go through our issues – each one of us in his/her individual way and the special waves of this time affects all of us. The fleeting shadows of the old are trying hard not to let go anyone of us but we all will overcome as the old Romans say… . viribus unitis …and withstand all that is still connected to the old powers that were ……
    And it is due to what you were doing with us uniting us in your warming love from your heart before exposing yourself so much that you fell ill …but due to your love-bonding us we could stand up for you while you were disempowerd and keep your blog in full bloom. This was a great experience also for us, -and we are all still standing behind you ………

    Hugs and both thumbs up to you

  13. Rev, Joe C says:

    Great News Jean , We love you too . Joe

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