HE’S BACK!!!! THIS is the guy so many of us voted for: “Obama Is The President Of The United States Again” – bit by bit I do believe we are seeing a ‘shift’ ~J

By Charles P. Pierce
at 3:04PM

This gets my blood running! I think the tempo’s building! I think he’s been freed from the controllers, and he’s going after them – bit by bit, but he’s been doing it: one step at a time! If we have only a couple weeks before the whole thing breaks (give or take) – and they’re even saying that here in the banking industry, his timing – always so marvelous before and particularly important now – is ideal! The criminals have got to know they’re done! Now, we can get ready for the good stuff! 

Obama is a NINE on the Enneagram Scale. NINEs are masters at holding their fire!  I think he’s done it! 

Love and hugs to everyone!

NASHUA, N.H. — This was a tough room if you showed up to talk energy policy, which the president did in a snowstorm on Thursday afternoon. The Nashua Community College gym was packed early with people who were so overdressed for the footlights that one of them keeled over in the middle of the crowd just as the president was beginning to speak. Once he got started, you could close your eyes and predict what was going to happen during his speech. Any mention of natural gas, and somebody would yell, “No fracking!” Wild applause ensued every time Wall Street oil speculators took a hiding. Uncontrolled joy broke out any time the president took a whack at Congress for doing nothing, or simply for not doing what he wanted.After several months of watching the Republican primary process, I can’t tell you what a cool breeze it was to watch a politician who looks at a crowd and doesn’t see a group of potential marks (Romney), a collection of your fellow Elect marching with you through the dystopic Sinai that is America (Santorum), a gaggle of goldbugs (Paul), or the class of half-bright sophomores that N. Leroy Gingrich sees every time he looks anywhere but into the mirror. Barack Obama is not stiff. He is not bristling with unbridled id. He grins. He kids people, even the people who faint at the beginning of his speeches. (“Always have something to eat before going to see the president,” he said.) He is relaxed about the job of politics. He is the only president of the United States — real or prospective — that I’ve seen in months.If that is the way Obama’s going to run, somebody’s giving him good advice again. He talks about the challenges Americans face, but he doesn’t do it in the gloom-ridden, stalactite-festooned, minor-key funeral mass context that the Republicans talk about them. He talks in terms of “boundless ingenuity” and “unbridled optimism.” This is the way Ronald Reagan spoke on the stump in 1980. Sure, Jimmy Carter sent the country to hell in an handbasket but, by god, the work of climbing out of the handbasket was going to be fun. For all the Reagan cargo-cultism of the Republican party, this is the part of the old goober’s charm than none of the Republican candidate have yet mastered. It’s become an instinct in the president now.

It was striking to compare how the president talked to the students here with the now-famous Rick Santorum dickery about how he is a “snob” for wanting as many people as possible to go to college. The president talked to these students at an out-of-the-way community college as though they’re all going to waltz right out of here and into the Apollo program. “I see the young people here — and the ones that are young at heart,” he said. “We need you to study hard, and to work hard, and to summon up that unbridled optimism that led previous generations to overcome the challenges of their time.”

On energy policy, he walked a very fine line. He talked about how the country’s dependence on foreign oil had dropped since he became president, even passing out a chart — “we’ll be using visual aids today” — to that effect. He talked about all the wells that have been drilled and all the pipelines that have been built and all the permits for drilling and pipelines that his administration is planning to hand out, which nearly lost him the crowd. He got it back by talking about the regulations he’s put in place “to make sure we don’t have a spill like we had in the Gulf a while back.” He made no mention of the Keystone XL pipeline, except to point out that he’d given permission to open a pipeline in Oklahoma that may one day be part of the larger project. The “all of the above” strategy is going to be truly that, which means it’s not going to make everybody happy.

But what truly got them on their feet was a thwacking attack on the $4 billion in subsidies that the federal government gives to the oil companies every year. “Those companies are making record profits right now,” he said. “Anyone here think Congress should still give them $4 billion a year? That’s outrageous. It’s inexcusable. I want them to vote on those in the next couple of weeks. Let your member of Congress know where you stand, New Hampshire. I know where I stand.

“It’s not going to be a long, smooth road. Some companies will fail. [Low bridge there for Solyndra.] Some experiments won’t work all the time. But as long as I’m president, I am not going to walk away from clean energy. I won’t see the markets for solar, wind, and battery technologies go to China because some politicians don’t want to take the chance on them. With or without this Congress, I’m going to do everything I can. They’ve got their business. I’ve got you.”

Except for, occasionally, Ron Paul, none of the Republicans talk like this. Oh, they talk about common purpose and common sacrifice, but they don’t seem to have any goal for all the effort except to replace the president with one of them. This was a speech, a run-of-the-mill campaign stop, that was impervious to the kind of sidetracking and bombast that has made such an unpleasant circus act out of the doings on the other side. It was a centrist speech, to be sure, but one hung thick with banners and ribbons and summer band concert music. Elsewhere, of course, the funeral march moves on toward Ohio and Super Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty
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26 Responses to HE’S BACK!!!! THIS is the guy so many of us voted for: “Obama Is The President Of The United States Again” – bit by bit I do believe we are seeing a ‘shift’ ~J

  1. Harry Belefonte says:

    for any non believer, non reserchers, head in the sand folks who want the FACT on Obam bams ilegal staus as POTUS see jerome Corsi’s summation of the birth certificate investigation, in conjunction with sheriff Joe Arpio own investigation http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel?feature=watch#p/u/3/goWgPA1vHVo
    jean thanks for you support

    • Jean says:

      Harry, I’m delighted to see you are looking around for some good solid proof, but I still am not buying it. First of all, I wouldn’t trust a sheriff from Texas. I hope I don’t offend, but that’s a Bush family stronghold – and so is Harvard – and Yale. That’s how bad I believe it is, Harry, and it makes me sick! I can here myself years ago sharing much what you shared with me, and being brought up short. It is hard to believe, isn’t it! But it’s true! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. ksense says:

    Until we learn to separate our Party Politics from spiritual matters, we’ll always be divided on spiritual matters. Anyone can see that this article (and most of the others) come from someone who leans left and/or Democrat politically. The comment that Ron Paul sees goldbugs in his supporters shows that the author has blinders of his/her own. Nothing wrong with having a political viewpoint. IT should not be the driving force behind our spiritual beliefs. No President can save you in spiritual matters.

  3. tertiusgaudens says:

    A couple weeks ago (I never wanted to mention this to anybody) I wrote twice Mr Obama and once Mr Medvejew and Mr Putin a letter via official email.

    I asked Obama not to attack Iran, but go instead the way of patient talkings, if necessary, by flying to Achmadineshad treating him like a friend. I offered him coming secretly to my house with him and talk, while I would cook for them. Silly, right, but I did and said, he should read Kibran`s The Prophet. I told him about my time in the US and that I had great hopes once I heard him speaking in Cairo.

    To the Russians – I have learned Russian and and had Russian room mates at university with many good memories and funny times – I wrote asking them not to lose nerves and being patient in those times they got attacked by misinformation and Soros-guided anti-protests. I reminded them in the great soul of Russian people and their connection to the holy Gospel, and I as a christian minister have always tought people to look for ways of love, compassion, understanding and patience.

    Jean, those thoughts came up again while reading your lines, actually I almost forgot, that I wrote those men of power. Who knowes, whether they read it or not. Maybe they are just a little brick in the wall, which has built between them and a still possible war. Who knows!

    I loved reading your lines, and I still have a deep sympathy for Mr Obama, and I deeply hope he will not be killed, whether by rage nor by the coming changes…

    • Jean says:

      He will not be killed! He is being protected. The good guys new what would likely happen to him, and I think they said, “Uh-uh, not this time!”
      Let me also say this, I don’t know if your letters were actually read by these men, but I do know that the good energy that accompanied them was far better than anger and hatred. That good energy is out there somewhere doing its work, don’t you think? I also feel – don’t know enough Russian politics – that lat least Obama has a heart, and if he were to read them, they would deeply touch him. They would give him heart: these are the sorts of feelings that I believe mean something to him. I am sure they give him, or whomever read them to help him – heart.

      We all need heart right now. Let’s remember that.

  4. Nicki Tompkins says:

    WOW, what a HOT topic!! Have we forgotten about the 109 banksters resignations/arrests that have taken place? That may not have anything to do with Obama, but things are changing, though you wouldn’t know it by reading these comments today. We are moving to a 4th and 5th dimension and MUST raise our vibrations to help each other and Gaia. Let’s stop focusing so much on one person and debating who is right or wrong and whether he is of the Light or the dark. Does that make a difference in your life today, other than bring your vibrations down? Let’s be the ONE we are. Eventually, we won’t have a government because we won’t need one. The money and control will be gone. We will ALL have abundance that we’ve only dreamed of. We will ALL love one another unconditionally. We won’t need JOBS necessarily, because we will be creating with our minds. The future is here if we want it. Let’s be productive. Love y’all very much, Nicki

  5. Kevin Padach says:

    Yes Jean, the guy we voted for in 2008 is back. Unfortunately, it’s the guy who promised us change, who promised us accountability, who promised us government transparency, who promised to be the champion of the middle class…… and delivered nothing but the very opposite of what he promised. And now he’s back with his slick speeches, promising to fix everything again and delivering nothing. “Hey everybody, let’s have hope, we can do it, we are great, we are strong.” I was stupid enough to believe him once, but not stupid enough to be duped again.

    We now know that his birth certificate is a fraud. Let’s see what he does with that. I was so disgusted with Bush, but at least Bush admitted sometimes that he was going to screw us and then did it. Why Obama is far worse in my opinion is that he lies, pretending to defend the people and then screws them just the same. As bad as Bush was, Obama has gotten us in more wars (that he personally got us into), created more debt that all the other presidents combined and took away even more individual rights that that idiot Bush. Look at his record Jean and not what he says. I would love to see Obama turn out to be a “closet” champion of the people, but his actions continue to suggest otherwise.

    But you know, he really deserves credit for helping us usher in this new, potentially life-changing year–2012–and how did he do that? He chose to sign into law the NDAA on new Years Eve. What a guy!

    Jean, I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. I’ve had my own health issues lately and sense that it may be due to the intense energetic shifts that are happening. For those that are choosing to be more awake, like you, me and others in our spiritual family, our bodies’ reactions to those shifts might be more dramatic–something akin to a “healing crisis” as in a heavy detox. what do you think? All the best,


    • Jean says:

      Kevin, yes, I think those of us who have the intention to ascend are getting hit hard. As I read what you just wrote, all I want to ask you is if you read my words under the post, Please do me a favor and take the time to read this? Please, let me know. Unless I know that, I won’t know how to respond to you.

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Kevin Padach says:

        Hi Jean,
        Are you wanting me to read the following–I copied this from below the post?
        “”Except for, occasionally, Ron Paul, none of the Republicans talk like this. Oh, they talk about common purpose and common sacrifice, but they don’t seem to have any goal for all the effort except to replace the president with one of them. This was a speech, a run-of-the-mill campaign stop, that was impervious to the kind of sidetracking and bombast that has made such an unpleasant circus act out of the doings on the other side. It was a centrist speech, to be sure, but one hung thick with banners and ribbons and summer band concert music. Elsewhere, of course, the funeral march moves on toward Ohio and Super Tuesday.”” If this isn’t it , what can I read otherwise as you are requesting?

        Obama’s words are hart-warming and hope-building, especially in comparison to the republican cry babies. (Ron Paul excluded). But unfortunately for us Jean, his track record so far says he usually doesn’t deliver on his words of hope and change. And to be fair about it, he RARELY keeps his campaign promises. Am I missing something here? On your behalf, I’m giving him far more leeway than he really deserves. I’d be a fool to deny that most of everything he says is an outright lie, at least so far. I still use Ron Paul as a better way to deal with things and how to tell the American people with integrity. getting rid of the central banks and these meaningless wars will change our world in 1 year. Will “they” let him do it? Perhaps not. But with more of the same, our world will not be worth living in anyway. How’s this?


  6. Good article and love your commentary, Jean. You’re in top form on this one. Only someone who truly is a visionary, does her homework and isn’t getting news from Faux News and Rush Limbaugh would understand what Obama is about and his accomplishments are. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but the vicious lies against this man and the vile comments I see around the web tells me there is something bordering on hatred for this man who has done so much for this nation in spite of the almost complete obstruction from the GOP, which has never before been seen like this in this nation. I think egos get in the way of seeing Obama as simply a leader, rather than seeing that he looks different from what we are used to. If we are letting egos get in the way of accepting this man as the great leader he is, how can we be ready for 4D/5D and beyond? Overcoming our egos is a priority to get to the truth and enlightenment.

    Mitch McConnell stated his “Number One goal is to remove Obama from office.” His number one goal. This means that all the money they can pour into winning this election — by any means necessary — is their goal. And that money is poured into Libertarian and right wing media, blogs and news with every bit of deceptive information possible. Ron Paul, the racist, bigoted liar who says what people want to hear, is a radical right winger for a reason. All these people who are against Obama must be rich. Because if they are not, they are voting against their own best interests. Less government? If you collect social security, medicare and receive other government benefits, do you really think you would keep them with Ron Paul and the others GOP candidates? It’s been said that if Obama reached in to physically save one of these people who despise him, yet know so little about him, they still would not thank him for saving them.

    That’s how deep this is.

    Shouldn’t the GOP’s main goal be to fix this broken country and system? Do people here just listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh who are nothing but the GOP mouthpiece? Because that’s exactly what I’m getting through these comments.

    I respect everyone here, but I must say I am shocked that so many know so little about Obama. Shame. He is a good man with a brilliant mind, a great family man with values we seldom see in politicians today…and an excellent leader.

    Obama Accomplishments – and these were done with a GOP congress 100% against everything, including what they were for before he became President

    Ron Paul’s Anti-Progressive Agenda

    Racism at play
    Lawsuit Claims Obama Can’t Be President Because He’s Black. Seriously.

    Obstructionism – a sample of what Obama deals with
    Why do Republicans let sick Americans die just to avoid a legislative victory for President Obama?

    • Kevin Padach says:

      Really, and you talk about keeping one’s ego in check. whenever someone says, “I’m right and they’re all wrong”– it only speaks to one thing — EGO. Maybe you should look in the mirror instead of taking every one else’s inventory. You sound just like the right wing republicans who hate the democrats and all you offer to the discussion is to hate them back. Be careful my friend, 4 and 5D are coming and there is no room for such venomous hate that you appear to express.

      Regarding your statement, “Ron Paul, the racist, bigoted liar who says what people want to hear, is a radical right winger for a reason” I can say for certain that Ron Paul rarely says what people want to hear. He is about as non-mainstream as a politician can get. his message has been the same for 30 years. His actions follow his convictions and what he says. What other president or presidential candidate can you say that about? None of them, certainly not our lying obams….

  7. Jean,
    I would like to believe you are correct, as I was very impressed with Obama until his acceptance speech in Norway accepting Nobel Peace prize as the committees there thought this man would change things. But his track record is not good and as a non US soul I am very disappointed in the things he has done, and the promises he never kept. He stands up in Shanghai telling Chinese students the internet needs to be free but his other face signs into law restrictions on the US internet and he has taken away the rights of many to stand up and be counted. He is just a puppet and currently he is desperate to be re -elected so what we are seeing now is another face of an individual in fear of loosing.
    Before you (the US) can change as indeed applies to many countries across the world, is for the corrupt presidents and senates to be abolished until the world has changed sufficiently that liars will not be tolerated. When you (the people) realize your caucases are just a circus, and the actors who participate and their empty promises are never representative of what the voters expect. Sadly it is a complete farce and a total extravagence and waste of money when the living standards and expectations of the masses are being reduced to third world levels. Obama did it before and what you are witnessing now is only a show.
    To an outsider it is obvious that with election rigging that is proven to exist there it matters not who holds the position of President of the United States, as the puppet masters are unchanged.
    When the consciousness of humanity changes then the world will change – please just use your gut feeling. I am sad that Obama has let so many down, and rightly so that the the USA is not respected in the world any longer. it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days with Israel and Iran as the problems that exist there is as real as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.
    Thanks for all your posts – I hope that you are feeling better.


  8. Problem, Reaction, Solution ……. and then the Messiah is back! I’m gutted Jean. This sequence has been warned of in the past. We have to solve our own problems because WE have created them….that way we will be enabled to become part of the godhead with dignity and vigilance. I’m sorry but my warning bells have been turned on. blessing to you Jean.

  9. Debbie says:

    Sorry, Obama is a monumental fraud and a master manipulator…don’t listen to what he says watch for what he does…..and what he does is frightening….he is mobster….don’t be taken in by his words, he has a PERFECT record of duplicity………..he will be taken out by the ETs if they are truly rounding up the dark ones………..he is the typical snake oil saleman….he’ll tell you what you want to hear and then plunge the country deeper into a police state………he is a sock puppet….his words blow in the wind…………………..maybe Jean is saying positive things about him because she is afraid he’ll put her on the kill list……………….which evidently grows daily…………….

  10. nancy silva says:

    be very careful…..we still dont know what kind of “change” is coming…..

  11. ExtrovertedOne says:

    Oh, and in reference to Obama, randomgenerator says that (Obama’s) in the pockets of Wall Street. Well, yes, and no. He IS being CONTROLLED by the cabal, but he has no control over that. What he does have control over is how he, bit by bit, fights against the control. He’s a good guy in a very evil situation.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, EO, this is what I’ve been trying to say. I think that’s the way it is, I hope that’s the way it is, but no one really knows yet for sure. I’ve read so much negative about him for so long, but I’ve been watching for signs of change. This is a subtle sign, but there have been a number of them. If I’m correct, he’s not fighing the cabal directly, but he’s reconnecting with the people. It’s time, don’t you think? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  12. ExtrovertedOne says:

    Jean…does this mean what I think it means? “If we have only a couple weeks before the whole thing breaks (give or take)” Does this mean that things will REALLY start to change? I certainly hope that is what you meant. Any clarification on this point would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jean says:

      EO, I’m getting ready to publish a little piece of personal reflection about the people here in my adopted country and the United States, and I stated it there more specifically. I believe that’s exactly what I mean. Obama has to connect to the people again, because there are going to be a lot of very loud, sick voices out there, and his voice is going to be very important. People will get to choose, but I’ve been looking and waiting for this for a very long time – I’m guessing around Spring Solstice, give or take. Hugs, ~Jean

  13. randomgenerator says:

    Yackk. Hope n’ change… it’s campaign time again. Barry is a phony. He’s in the pockets of Wall Street. They own him.

    • Jean says:

      That’s your OPINION! Will any of you never learn to HOLD YOUR FIRE, or else state something as your opinion? Would you stake your life on Obama being in the pockets of Wall Street? I wouldn’t stake my life on either side right now. I’m trying to live my life in more than one dimension. . .

      How long was it before you caught on to the criminals? Could you tell the difference? I know for years I was laughed at because of my opinion about Wall Street – as was Ron Paul. In fact, that is what finally forced me to leave the United States! People aren’t laughing now and making strong statements that they cannot prove. When you all do this, you exhibit a kind of blindness and arrogance that just isn’t becoming. Those kinds of attitudes aren’t going to take any of us into a world of Unity.

      Maybe someday you all will fine stop the knee jerk responses and consider my words.

      • john says:

        Sorry but because we disagree with the article, we are arrogant. He is as big if not bigger of a lier then those that have come before him. Either way best wishes to you Jean and your great site!

        • Jean says:

          No, you’re disagreement with my article doesn’t make you arrogant. It’s the way you express your disagreement. It turns people off. You express it as if you have it right – when it simply is not possible for either of us to really know the truth. I’m not judging you, I’m telling you how I feel – and probably lots of other people feel, too, when people express themselves like they’ve got it right, and no one else does. If you have a case to make, and people are confused, the way to make your case is not to make them feel ‘put down’, which is what so often happens when you speak that way. Does that make any sense? All you have to do is be respectful and say in any strong, decent language you like that you totally disagree. Most people will never take umbrage with that!

          You know what? I put my own foot in my mouth a 1000 times until I learned that lesson. So many of us were never taught that, and our politicians mostly don’t have a clue about it.


  14. Damon says:

    Are you kidding me? One word ”propaganda’ machine. Have you lost your mind? No one made him sign ndaa, and many other crap bills. Insulting supporters.. Jean, I’m sorry but if Getty continues posting on this site, you’ll have many that move on.

    • Jean says:

      Look, Damon, I’m really looking for the unfettered truth, and my experience has been that the ‘real’ truth is often painful – no, it’s often very, very painful. The reason I’ve been able to stomach some awful pain is that I’ve learned that the real truth sets us free. I can live with freedom far easier for more joyfully than lies.

      I’m also not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m merely presenting what I find and what I think for you, and I try to do it as best I can. If that doesn’t work for you, then, of course, you will want to leave my blog. It’s always your choice. Hugs, ~Jean

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