ETs/EDs–Stargates–There And Back Again! from John Kettler

ETs/EDs are heartened by the work of Narim Hussein, who has documented the, theoretical to most, stargate in action. According to the ETs/EDSevery star is a stargate  and provides both a way in and out of a given star system. Capacity is unlimited, which should give military planners pause. Moreover, a stargate is also a timegate, allowing travel to any place and any time. The easiest way to think of a stargate is as a connector in a toy set which has an infinite number of attachment points. Per the ETs/EDs, a stargate differs greatly from a portal, which which is on a planet and allows travel only from one specific place to another. Similarly, the ETs/EDs say, the portal’s space equivalent is a wormhole, and it works the same way.

This is a preview of ETs/EDs–Overview On StargatesRead the full post (397 words, 3 images, estimated 1:35 mins reading time)

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5 Responses to ETs/EDs–Stargates–There And Back Again! from John Kettler

  1. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on John’s site? I’ve tried IE8 and Google Chrome, but they both say the page is unavailable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Question: What are the EDs ? Excuse my ignorance! love, R

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