Very brief note from ~Jean

Tomorrow looks like it might be quite a day. I’m going to do my best to stay on top of it for everyone. I’m not just sure what to expect. Maybe it will be a quiet little announcement that draws the line, and we’ll have to wait until the 15th, which is the Ides of March, to see what happens. I just don’t know yet, but the rumor here is that it’s going to be tough!


PS Here’s a helpful little schedule time/line from a reader:

So far I’ve  gotten 3 alarm sirens going:

1) March 20th fear of attack on Tokyo (most likely blackmail going on)

2) There are nukes hidden in Rome & Jerusalem to go off, if Tokyo gets hit.

3) China & Japan military will set loose La Palma rock 4 100 meter high tsunami on East Coast, USA and Western Europe, if Tokyo gets attacked. (Wow, that’s not fair, Project Camelot guy went into the future & saw Washington, DC under water.)

4) I just fell into a site yesterday, that claimed that the satanists did some rituals to unleash the big one in LA, CAlifornia, on March 22. I did not take it serious, cause I don’t believe in hocus pocus, but…one never knows how crazy these half-breeds can get.

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18 Responses to Very brief note from ~Jean

  1. Japan

    Tsunami height is expected to be about 0.5 meters. Attention advised.

    ******* Earthquake Information ********
    Occurred at 18:09 JST 14 Mar 2012
    Region name SANRIKU OKI
    Latitude 40.7N
    Longitude 145.2E
    Depth about 10 km
    Magnitude 6.8

    They have since had several upper 5’s…aftershocks one hopes

  2. Jasmine says:

    What I have felt has been the most helpful during this time, is to let go of the need to figure out what’s ‘wrong’ and what’s ‘right’, about anything. Especially when it comes to deciphering the validity of, and the various facts and fictions of intel/info that I am so drawn to read. We (well most of us), are not yet equipped to know the ABSOLUTE truth in any scenario. That’s part of being in 3D. And I see this ‘limitation’ to not being able to see ‘all’ is an excellent way to get us to see the point of the matter. This ‘limitation’ is training us to focus on seeing things from the heart, and not the mind. The mind needs to know the details, label it and then put it into a neat little box. I think we’ve already mastered seeing through the mind and learned that lesson. The heart, on the other hand, takes everything out of the box, sets it all on the floor and looks upon all of it, including the floor, the walls, the house, the neighborhood, the state, the country, the planet, the galaxy, the universe … and just feels love. The heart doesn’t seem to find the need to ‘know’ anything. It just feels, and it feels good. Being in the state of Love is the only thing that Absolutely feels right 100% of the time. I think the lesson here is to be aware that absolutely EVERYTHING IS MADE OF LOVE (dark, light and everything in between), then once we settle into that understanding we can love everything equally in consciousness, no more need to figure out what’s wrong with anything. We are made of Love so we may as well go for all the benefits that Love is right? Time to relax into the bliss that love is and see everything through those eyes for a while …. so peaceful ….. so content ….. so perfect ….

    • susan says:

      Thank you for that Jasmine. I really needed that today

      • Tricia says:

        Yes – thank you Jasmine and all others conveying thoughts of light and love – am SO ready to relax. Easy to get caught up in all the details and fears- have to try to keep reminding ourselves to stop and return back to that neutral zone and from there back into the light. After all, our Creator has our backs in every detail.

  3. Contramary says:

    Ali, thank you so much for this envisagements in light…yes that is what we will do …..
    I see all our fellow-humans everywhere in the world doing this … how wonderful !
    Love and and a big hug
    from Mary

  4. ALi says:

    All of you got it perfectly right – on ! YES, we can… we open our hearts & let the love flow out from it,
    while visualizing beauty, abundance, joy. The more we practise this, the more power we release. It is
    just so much fun, you will feel like floating, engulfing your surroundings with vibrations of light & joy, you
    will get addicted to it & can’t hardly stop. We simply need to remind each other as much as possible to
    do this & share our exhilarations of this new passtime game. Let the fun begin. Imagine all the people,
    dancing & singing in the streets so filled with love & love of life, holding hands & smiling in total juvelation,
    the sun shining upon us. This will be the great healing of all that is.
    This is our power, LOVE, so warm, so real.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Through what venue exactly is this announcement supposed to take place? I’ll believe it when I hear/see it. Let’s all just keep visualizing positive change.

  6. melody says:

    Well I hope we get a none of the above. Almost all of my family lives in Florida. I will be focusing on peace and living with the Christ ideals in each moment. Surrender, trust, accept andrelease, is all I can do.

  7. Suzy says:

    Time will tell on all these things and usually nothing changes and we go on as usual. I think all this news is to keep us constantly worried and hyped up ( Alex Jones springs to mind) which isn’t no good for us at all as we are missing all the beautiful things in life.

    • Stephanie says:

      Suzy, do read the Tap blog at all? Some really thoughtful discussion about Alex Jones going on there in recent weeks.

  8. Contramary says:

    Last night it was hard to fall asleep for me and so I lay awake for hours trying to make the best out of it focussing on love and light and sending it all around the world and especially to the dark side – envelopping them in a huge mantle of light and love. The only and best way to fend off ill-meanings and activities as such.
    I woke up very tired but I m still on it …visualizing myself with many many others around the globe holding hands and our torches of light high up and becoming ourselves.torches – all around the globe to saveguard our planet – ourselves – and the dark side for their own good – with our light of love.
    These are pictures but very powerful and healing ones.
    Love from Mary
    Om Shanti

  9. Alex says:

    Everyone will be fine. none of this is happening. today will come and go like yesterday.

  10. Rev, Joe C says:

    I think Charles has it right . Lets’ LOVE the bastards so they can’t feed on any negative energy .Joe

  11. netace says:

    Last nite, for about 4 hours, we heard drone aircraft making matrix passes North-South and East-West across the sky. These bastards can use drones to drop poison chemicals, observe movements on the ground, check on the movement of illegals, etc. The TSA cannot be trusted to do anything good!

  12. Tekolotl says:

    Although this sounds nice, let us not forget that there was a whole continent full of people that did not want death and genocide BUT thats what ended up happening. These sadistic bastards took advantage of other ignorance and lack of understanding of their beastly actions. Im not falling for that again!!!

  13. Our job is to be the love that can handle all issues. Let us focus on what WE want, not on what “they” want. Our love can stem the tide. “Perfect love castest out all fear.”

  14. DrinkDeep says:

    I heard there were nukes in Santa Monica bay –

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