A Brief Note from ~Jean on March 14, 2012


May I make a suggestion? Let’s not get lost in who this Mr. Ex-White Hat is, or is not. I don’t think it really matters. What this individual did was convey some information to us, some of which may be valid, and some not.

The three important points, which I believe are facts, are all that seem to matter to me:

1) Anonymous made a very strong statement, which Mr. Ex-White Hat just happened to post, but it was already elsewhere on YouTube. I had simply not found it. The statement is that they are now at war with the United States Government – not the people, but the government. This is HUGE, as statements go, or so it seems to me.

2) The Vatican was attacked by them for a second time.

3) The earthquakes in Japan were likely caused by the Illuminati. (Before we had confirmation, you all were already figuring that out.)

What this means to me is that Ben Fulford, for the most part, is giving us good information. We also know that the nukes Ben says were hidden in Jerusalem and Rome would not be permitted to go off. It seems there is a lot of bravado going around, but we must remember that Ben is not only speaking to us. He may well be sending messages to others, who are unknown to us. These messages may have meaning, but not to us. 

Does the rest really matter? It’s nice to know the nukes in Santa Monica Bay are gone. I’ve read for some time that clones are regularly used. Does it matter at this point, whether this is fact? We can afford to wait this one out, I think. Ben Fulford is being protected, and while his clone may have disappeared, I feel pretty sure that Ben, himself, is okay. Some of the other ‘info/stuff’ that showed up in the comments section, one of which I declined to post, was so far off topic – concerning Mr. Ex-White Hat, that it seemed to me we were being distracted, once again. 

Remember that something was promised on the Ides of March if Tokyo was attacked. While Tokyo, itself, may not have been attacked (I do not know my geography well enough to know and haven’t had time to check), Japan seems to have been attacked, and the Ides of March occur on the 15th, which is tomorrow. Hold tight, friends, we’re almost there.

Love and hugs to you all,

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11 Responses to A Brief Note from ~Jean on March 14, 2012

  1. Divine Cosmonaut says:

    Bombs in Jerusalem and Rome are not permitted to explode. But bombs in Japan had been allowed to explode again and again? Does that make sense?

  2. zhaleh says:

    Thanx Jean for being sane –

    Flooded by personal interpretations, it’s good to keep a little distance from it all & digest before projecting . . .

    Like you said, hang on tight – already seeing lots happening even in THEIR media.
    Best to all who live & let live . . .

  3. Contramary says:

    Jean, you are so right, we must not fuss about tiddlitat but keep our focus on the essentials.
    And even if I bore all of you utterly again: the essentials are to send love and light to those fighting it out for us and Gaia and hold our torches high high up …….becoming torches ourselves or even more : BEAMS OF LIGHT !
    from Mary
    Om Shanti

  4. Former White Hat says:

    Uh…that is supposed to be “beloved enemy.” Damn iPhone.

  5. Former White Hat says:

    Hello…I am not out to convince you that my information is true. Those who resonate with it will digest it and decide what is the best thing to do for their lives when all this external craziness gets hard to escape; there are evil people and beings out there doing crap that could have negative consequences on each of you, your children, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors and even your beloved neighbor.

    If you think it is all poppycock, that is your opinion, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. I am not selling a book or DVDs or seminars like 90% of the others out there, so I have no financial agenda. I have hidden my identity because the Cabal would love to find me and either terminate or clone moi.

    • Jean says:

      Hello Mr. Ex-White Hat! Glad to see you make your presence known on my blog. Your words resonate with me. As is my way here on this blog, however, I do not try to influence anyone else. I began to see, though, that some were getting hooked into who you are or who you are not, and so I tried to bring a little clarity to the picture. . . what is important that we can really ‘know’ about, and that really has nothing to do with who you are. You were able to give us information that is important to us, and I for one thank you. Take care of yourself; be safe. I appreciate the care you must take . . .


    • mays65 says:

      Kerry Cassidy is CIA. really, REALLY? C’mon now.

  6. Very well said Jean – as always, it is already 15th March here in Asia.


  7. Rev, Joe C says:

    Thanks Jean , For your balance and insight at this most stressful time .
    Hugs , Joe

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