ANONYMOUS Revolution 2012 New Message What we are capable of!

I believe this Announcement is the one Ben spoke of: Our Government is Corrupt! We do not consent to be governed by it!~J

Anonymous Declares War on the United States Government.

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4 Responses to ANONYMOUS Revolution 2012 New Message What we are capable of!

  1. chicago dreamer says:

    Hi Jean ~ Once again, thank you!!! So grateful for your blog. I don’t remember seeing this on it, will try to post a link. It’s from Ben Fulford himself, dated on the 13th. There are other videos from that day, as well, but all in Japanese, not translated. Here it is, and it’s very powerful! (If the link doesn’t work, perhaps you can access it from what I have left.) <3<3<3

  2. chris badke says:

    So glad this is happening and people are finally waking up to the corruption of our government and corporations (aka Illuminati). Their “day is done”. It’s time to bring back our Constitution and do what’s right for ALL of us. My thanks to everyone who is bringing out the truth.

  3. Debbie says:

    this was written in 2010…………blew my mind as so many of events are unfolding right now just as predicted.

  4. Michael Dunn says:

    OK – this definitely lives up to Benjamin Fulford’s billing: a declaration of “peaceful” war, done in very dramatic fashion (though the editing is a bit slow-paced). Credible, compelling, strategically coherent, tactically clear, a little bit scary, and really inspiring. Vive l’revolution indeed!


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