CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER WHITE HAT OPERATIVE – Please read with discernment. ~J

6.8 Quake in Japan…More Attacks to Come…Fulford Clone Missing…Nukes in Santa Monica Bay Removed…Chinese Troops Ready for Invasion…Obama Looking for Distractions Away from his Scandal…I Am Switching Locations…

by Former White Hat

The 6.8 Quake that hit Japan today was the Cabal’s “nudge” over the Ben Fulford Clone’s warning on Monday, and Anonymous’ hacking of the Vaticanagain on Tuesday. That was part of the big message…the Anonymous video message was thwarted and the men and women involved were murdered by the Cabal, or so I have been told — I have not received confirmation.  Others maybe able to upload the video today or tomorrow.

The Cabal has been instrument in the arrests and assassinations of many members of Anonymous (the LulzSec Collective of Europe, agents in Latin America, and three in Seattle).

The Fulford Clone stepped out of his residence yesterday and has not come home…I did say it was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. Or it could have been…terminated of its programming…and it is possible that, due to malfunctions, it has gotten lost in the vastness of Tokyo.

Also: the nuclear bombs that the Cabal planted in the Santa Monica Bay were removed and acquired by a joint operation between the Gnostic Illuminati, the Brethren of the White Robe, and the White Dragons (now some will know why I have been in southern California, but I am now very far away from that region). These nukes are the ones the Fulford clone wrote that were planted in Jerusalem and Rome; others will be placed in cities that cannot be named yet.

This is becoming a very dangerous game and next week, along with matters in Iran, Uganda, and Korea, could be quite dire. A good distraction from the Obama scandal brewing where Obama could suspend the Constitution, thus impeding any further court hearings on his birth certificate, blocking any impeachment proceedings, and arrest Oirly Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio, where they will “vanish” in the furor of nuclear exchange on the other side of the planet.

There is, of course, the good possibility that the Plejarans and Andromeda Council will stop any nuclear exchange.

Chinese troops on the US/Mexican  border are getting ready for the green light to invade after the USA is hit with an EMP bomb.

With all these developments, I need to switch country locations so this will be the last post for today. So Off Planet Radio and Duncan, I will not be able to listen to your show in real time; I will catch the archive when I am settled snugly in the city of _____ in the country of _____.  Not that whatever you pussies have to whine about, your pettiness and fantasy, is as important placed against what is on the verge of possibly happening to this world in the next 10 days…note I say possibly. Many are working to stop it. I for one am not in favor of retaliation using nukes…but at least those bombs are away from Los Angeles.

Readers of this blog: please link this post in all forums you visit, email to friends, and send the Brethren, the Gnostics, the White Dragons, the Knights, the Lightworkers, all others fighting the Cabal, your white light of protection.

Thank you, and be safe. Do not let your fear and anger rule and program you but rule and de-program your fear and anger.

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36 Responses to CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER WHITE HAT OPERATIVE – Please read with discernment. ~J

  1. bartomon says:

    This FWHO thing has smelled stinky from the get go. Here are just two of many possible/potential scenarios being played out here. [As I see it, of course.]
    1. A disinfo agent ‘handled’ by an intel agency – creating a campaign that is not-so-cleverly-crafted – meant to breed dissent, infighting, negativity and confusion among the truth-seeking community. If I had to name this project I would call it ‘Operation: Poison the Well’ or ‘Operation Muddy the Water.’
    but more likely;
    2. A regular, cynical joe-shmo who has been following the info/blogs/posts, etc. flowing through the community and wishes to gain ‘dark’ personal power by ridiculing members of the community by demonstrating what he perceives as our gullibility. (e.g., see NasaChannel videos on YT – this is an art/science project that invents outlandish scientific claims as a litmus test of gullibility and promotes the standard materialist science ideology)
    Does anyone know, has FWHO been dialoguing with the community or just posting unilaterally?
    On an end note, a ‘bull-blog’ like this can help us to use better discernment when confronting difficult, outlandish and complicated info.
    Onward and upward y’all.

  2. mhenrydunn says:

    My last thought on this: on reflection, I hope that this is the last we hear from FWHO on your blog, Jean. Your posts generally have a high degree of credbility, and represent mutliple points of view – this material degrades it. And this fellow is really getting to be on the Rush Limbaugh level, while meandering into blatant logical inconsistencies. Posting him at all will give the real White Hats a bad name (hoping and praying, of course, that there ARE real White Hats!), and gives him stature and visibility he does not merit.

    Thanks for all you do!


  3. One Who Knows says:

    Another thought regarding the “Former White Hat Operative”:
    There is a reason why it’s against the law for siblings to marry.

  4. Timmy says:

    Did Rush Limbaugh write this?

  5. mhenrydunn says:

    Ben Fulford is almost poignant here (a word I would not usually associate with him), brief, to the point, and closes with a blessing. In contrast to the fear-raising meanderings of the supposed former WH, Fulford speaks only of ending hunger, bringing peace, and fulfilling human potential….and that these things are non-negotiable. He speaks of Year One, implying that a new age has begun. Taken in tandem with the Anonymous declaration of peaceful war on the U.S. government (which Fulford predicted), it seems that the negotiation phase has ended. It is hardly surprising that the PTW would feign the acceptance of defeat, and attempt to negotiate terms while looking furiously for a way to turn defeat back into domination (one is irresistibly reminded of Obama attempting good-faith negotiations over health care concessions with bought-and-sold Republicans whose common goal is to deny him any meaningful achievement). One hears from off-world sources that the Illuminati are now trying ever-deadlier additives to the chemtrails, though in vain, as the trails are now being eliminated by our upstairs friends almost as soon as they are spread (I speak this from first-hand – I saw chemtrails over two miles long (definitely not contrails) vanish over Los Angeles within 60 seconds over the last two days. So now the war will either step up dramatically, or hopefully segue into the “soft landing” that we’ve all been hoping for. But even the soft landing promises to be involve world upheaval. God bless us, every one…


  6. Claudette says:

    Ben’s last video

    • Jean says:

      Thanks to both Claudette and Chicago Dreamer. I believe this has been posted before as a comment. Many thanks, though, because there may be some who have not seen it. Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Slein Nesnej says:

    This is total disnifo, get it off !

  8. kate says:

    I love it when fearmongerers end their reports with “don’t be ruled by fear.” We must remember that fear is a vibration. And just reading some of this stuff actually creates that vibration, even if the rest of us is saying “oh, I’m not afraid, I’m just reading this to be informed, or to assess!” I have noticed that whenever we, yes even lightworkers, allow ourselves to think that something is going wrong or could, or allow ourselves to imbibe in the language of worry or drama, we *are* creating that frequency for ourselves and for others. So I’m really grateful that we let this post crack us up instead of niggle at our fear buttons. Better to laugh (not at your expense, Jean), than to buy into anything of this vibration. Things of this nature are just a distraction and a tool of the dark.

    There is so much “drama” that we can’t do anything about — it’s no different than watching a drama on television (and has similar negative subconscious effects) — and by even giving it a moment’s thought or emotion, we give the cabal a low frequency to feed from. There are a lot of well-intentioned folks out there who are meaning to do a good work, and to an extent are, but who still have a thread of attraction to fear and drama. It’s a challenge we all face: to release that and go for the bliss of imagining our new reality instead wehre this stuff *doesn’t* exist! Years ago I would have called that light-chasing or putting one’s head in the sand, because “truth” is important. But now I know from experience that it’s one of our tasks: to hold the space for the new by envisioning it as already here. We can to a large extent literally pretend the worrisome, dramatic 3D stuff doesn’t exist, because, well, it doesn’t! 🙂 *grin*

    I mean no criticism with this. We are all in this together and I feel like we’re all family. I promise it’s okay for us to just get giddy with the vision and not even worry about this attack or that attack or who said what. 3D puppets in a 3D play that is, in Bob Dean’s wise words, “about to end!” A new play is beginning, and we can step into it now if we wish! *HUGS*

    • Jean says:

      Kate, let’s talk about this fear for a moment. I can read this kind of infomation, and I don’t have any fear at all. This is not to say I didn’t go through a lot of fear, because I did. Each time I went down the rabbit hole a little deeper, I ran into fear big time, and then I got through it. So, what is this fear all about that we don’t want to have? I think it has to do with our own personal issues that these words trigger. It might be abandonment, it might be alone-ness, it might even be death!

      The trick is not to duck, but to try to look at what your own personal fear is and then to figure out how to deal with it. Gradually, gradually, you will free yourself of these fears – or at least, that is what happened to me. Ask the Universe to help you find the answers; in my experience, it always did. It never let me down.

      These fears are all about lessons we need to learn about our past, about unconscious memories that perhaps are controlling us without our being aware they are. Try to be aware of this fact, then, from my experience, the fear/s that arise are all about us (and our past wounds) and have little to do with the event that is simply triggering them.

      To me, this is a very important lesson. As the dimensions begin to bleed together, we will suddenly be able to see ‘beings’ that we couldn’t see before, and they might look quite fearful. We need to be able to control our fears if we want to get passed these little fellows. Until we can control our fears, we cannot move to the higher dimensions. Everyone, please consider my words; I share them in love.


      • kate says:

        Hi Jean, you are so kind and genuine and your love is evident. I’m sure I’m not alone in my gratitude for all you do here! (and knowing it’s not easy…) I completely agree that we must be able to face our fears and move forward regardless of fear.

        However, I wasn’t actually writing about feeling fear when I read this stuff. Instead I giggle. But not everyone does. And I feel that some of this stuff, like this particular article, is written by those who *want* to induce fear (even subconsciously), or are so used to feeding on fear/drama that they post these stories that have the “fear” signature (something can be of a fear frequency without provoking actual fear in people — what i mean is, I can identify something as fearmongering without feeling fear myself, and it is that fearmongering I was commenting about).

        I think what strikes me about some news is that it is a sort of drama, and so much drama is a clue that fear is present. It’s of a particular sort that I have difficulty describing, but it resonates at a certain frequency and feeds something besides our higher self. Eckhart Tolle does a brilliant job discussing this in his book A New Earth. It’s been a few years since I read it so I can’t refer you to “chapter and verse” but it’s in there and he explains it in a really life-changing way.

        When I see that drama-signature (most of us do it to some degree, or we at least catch our egos wanting to hype the scary bits), I long for us all to have the sort of bliss that simply removes all the worry people express when they predict or think something might happen. It’s all okay. We not only have won the battle, but beyond it we are eternal, powerful beings of light. I think this play we’re in at this specific time is to help us remember that and begin to tap into it again. I like to try to start (as best I can, and it’s not always easy with these pressures on us all right now) by “changing the channel” to envision what my world *is* … this beautiful we are ushering into our experience. That vision doesn’t coexist well vibrationally with expressing the drama-fear stuff, so it’s a perfect win-win for returning us to our true selves (away from fear) while also helping raise the vibe and bring in the new.

        I appreciate your work, and thank you for sharing your wisdom about fear. I think it’s great advice.

        • Jean says:

          I read The New Earth, as well, but it has also been a while ago. What I remember more than anything from Tolle’s work is his admonishment about activism: we must be careful about our anger, that we don’t displace it. I’ve stayed away from that sort of activism, because I saw so many people who I felt were finding friends, a sense of family in their common cause, but were also ducking their own issues. Anyway, for what it is worth, Eckhart Tolle is pretty super. I think I’ll post an old video of his that just takes me into that special space. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • kate says:

            Oh cool, I can’t wait to watch the video! (I have it queued now) 🙂 I agree about the activism and anger as well, and am with you on having to stay away from that sort of work. Those warriors who can do it with open, quiet hearts are truly gifted. Thanks again for the Tolle. . . going there now! Hugs back, Kate

  9. This is a prime example of where we need to be using our discernment.

    So many of the posts we are reading here and elsewhere are just disinformation and it is in every bodies interest to just stand back and take action by not doing anything. Rather instead visualizing where we want to see ourselves in the future and bringing in our full soul into our beings.

    Such rubbish is only produced to promote fear for those that need it to live off that energy.

    Che sera sera.

  10. Beth says:

    ha, ha. what a joke.

  11. Walt says:

    The black hats must be getting desperate to fake white hats

  12. nancy silva says:

    wonder why he is a FORMER White Hat?…..hmmmm

  13. Michael Dunn says:

    And so much for Mr. FWH’s claim that the Anonymous video predicted by Ben Fulford didn’t make it online because of cabal assassinations. The youtube is here:
    and it more than lives up to Ben’s revolutionary billing.


  14. Michael Dunn says:

    I must have missed something – Mr. FWH “went to L.A. and did something there, then he got out of there, and posted something here?” Well, me too. I woke up in L.A., took a shower, went to Pasadena, and then posted something here. Do I get an Internet-wide audience now too? 🙂


  15. ALi says:

    OK, so that’s what a blog is all about, everyone’s opinion, ideas, fantasies etc. No need to fight, but humor
    always welcome to help in reflection & i am not talking about nasty ridicule, but sweet humor would be so
    fine. After all, aren’t we all thrill seekers, so now is our time finally to play games to the max. I always say
    ‘kill ’em with kindness’ you can never go wrong with that.
    You got to admit, kudos where they are due. This former white hat guy actually went to LA & did some-
    thing, then he got out of there & then he posted here. So give him kudos.
    You right, a rehash of other alternative news, combining all the most horror scenes into our fantasies. So
    now we are wise to it, lets not imagine wild pictures of horror, as they would want us to do, so they can
    feed on our fear, just smile & envision your own game of events unfolding playfully, exactly as you wish,
    say hello to freedom, abundance & joy, where have you been all my life, i missed you so much, welcome
    my love. Now is the time when it counts, do not take any fear mongering serious, let go & know you al-
    ready won.

  16. One Who Knows says:

    Finally, someone crazier than Benjamin Fulford!!!

    And I though it couldn’t happen.

  17. mike0v says:

    This is pure fiction.
    You’re not under mind control, are you?

  18. Kim Rega says:

    Michael, thanks for your assessment. It resonated. I think that discernment is a skill that needs practice and so I am grateful to Jean for the post. Still slappin my knee over the Fulford is a clone thing – been there, done that. Give it up boys and girls.

  19. Jasmine says:

    It’s actually good to see where these posts originate from so we know not to waste our time with them. I very distinctly remember the last White Hats report saying to us NOT to believe anything coming from anybody who say they are the White Hats unless it is on their official website. I just checked and none of this info was on their website …. not that I wouldn’t have questioned it without looking …

  20. Raine says:

    This came out of left field, definately feel like it is Cabal run…..isn’t it past time to round these criminals up?

  21. Kaya says:

    I have to agree with others here…. I couldn’t read the whole thing due to the fear-mongering. Some out there do this and that is not the message I believe, as co-creators, that is important. I did read the last line though to find the comments section and I noticed it ended, likewise, with the thoughts of “fear” and “anger.” Be very careful…. I know you want to report fullness and truth but do be careful in that regard, Jean. Much love and light to you and all of us from my heart….

  22. Susanna says:

    Please use more discernment when posting…this is just plain BS and a very transparent attempt to sow confusion. Why lower your blog quality?

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with you….this is just junk, would Obama suspend the Constitution to save his fraudulent butt? I don’t doubt that he would like to……….but that would cause a civil war in this country, no doubt about that…..
      if we believe at all in better days ahead, and I do…..I think there is no place for White Hats or SaLuSA ominous tales of mass deaths & destruction…….they are either crackheads or working for the dark ones………I haven’t completely lost faith in Ben Fulford………….hopefully we’ll hear from him soon………

  23. Michael Dunn says:

    This breezy assessment by “Former White Hat” (FWH) is very dubious to my eyes. Its net effect, if taken at face value, would be to exponentially increase the fear and anger that he blithely advised us to “deprogram” in his closing, fanning these emotions through the vague sense of dispersed and unstoppable terror his scattershot updates provide – hence, his posts feed the energy of the cabal, for whom he may be rightly suspected to work. So let’s see: Chinese troops massing on the U.S./Mexican border, getting ready to invade after an EMP bomb…credibility level: below zero. Fulford “clone” said to be “missing” from Tokyo – right, as said clone must no doubt usually leave a forwarding address with FWH’s contacts when leaving his apartment. The idea that Fulford may need to go somewhere unobserved is not addressed….credibility level: scant to zilch. “Obama scandal,” where he will “block impeachment,” “suspend the Constitution,” and arrest Sheriff Arpaio, who will then be disposed of in a nuclear conflagration? I will not even grace such idiocy with the dignity of a credibility rating.

    I could easily call myself a FHW and write a tension-filled, global upheaval narrative like this, merely using material freely available on alternative media. Somebody should call this guy on his cow-pie “intel”, and start declining to post it (though actually I appreciate Jean allowing us to evaluate these clumsly propaganda efforts).


  24. Alex says:

    Oh… Fulford is a clone now? LOL… Thanks for posting this drivel Jean we should hear it all. Some of it is good for making you want to slap your knee really hard. 🙂

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