GOLDMAN HEIR SPEAKS: Greg Smith Was Right, They Ruined My Great-Grandfather’s Company

Rob Wile | Mar. 15, 2012, 5:52 PM 


marcus goldman sachs

Wikimedia Commons

Marcus Goldman

Henry Goldman III, the great-grandson of Goldman Sachs founder Marcus Goldman, says he agreed with Greg Smith’s New York Times op-ed criticizing the firm’s predatory culture.”I thought it was spot on,” Goldman told Business Insider in an exclusive interview.

Now a semi-retired financial professional currently residing in Colorado Springs, Goldman said the culture had changed “for the worse” since the days when his family maintained direct control over the company.

He added that Smith’s views on Wall Street could be applied beyond Goldman.

“I thought the article was a reflection of Wall Street in general and ‘let buyer beware,'” he said.

And this is not just a topic he’s thinking about now. On the ‘predatory’ behavior of Wall Street, Goldman added: “It’s certainly something friends of mine have discussed ad infinitum.”

Goldman said he has no investments with the firm.


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2 Responses to GOLDMAN HEIR SPEAKS: Greg Smith Was Right, They Ruined My Great-Grandfather’s Company

  1. ALi says:

    It will be 4 years in September since Goldman Sachs openly robbed the American Public of $ Billions in
    our very livingroom. Everyone in the world witnessed this & it turns out it actually was $ TRILLIONS.
    What does it take for humans to wise up ? Would a club over the head do more efficiently? They killed us
    we are suffering daily from it, our kids the most. We are getting poisoned to death slowly. Now even with
    smart meters forcing us to turn our very home into a gas chamber.
    It should be crystal clear & obvious to anyone as the criminals loose all cover, showing their real face,
    like NY Times & FOX. We need to abolish, render useless. Stop participating with them.

  2. wow, this is big! And very helpful for Greg smith, now they cannot dismiss him so easily or go after him after this comment from Henry Goldman III. Things are changing big time. lots of love, R

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