The 3 Coming False Flags – Don’t miss this. ~J

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8 Responses to The 3 Coming False Flags – Don’t miss this. ~J

  1. Rachel says:

    I have been coming to your site for several months now and I have never commented until now. First, thank you for this blog. It is wonderful and has been very informative and heartening for me.

    Now, as for this video, I think it’s very good and done with an eye for educating rather than terrifying. I didn’t get a fear reaction from it. Also, it effectively brings into clarity the importance of people speaking the truth to each other and gently bringing new information to anyone who can handle it. It is a sleeping population that allows these things to happen.

    What if they held a false flag and an increasingly aware populace debunked it in less than 48 hours and demanded a different course of action? What if they tried to hold a war and people just laughed and said “NO”? What if they offered us fake “comfort” (more laws, global currency, less freedom) and we refused to take it because we knew better?

    Knowing enough and having courage enough to say “no” is our greatest power right now. I hope that we use it when the time comes. No matter who else is helping us, it’s up to us to help ourselves. No one can do this for us. We’re going to have to start saying “NO” to these people, and “YES” to anything that makes our lives and this world genuinely better.

    I have come to believe that soon we will be tested, as a group, and that our reaction will dictate how our timeline progresses. The nature and severity of the test will likely be tailored to whatever level we are all on (as a group) and the more progressed we are, the gentler the test can be to nudge us “over the hump.” I personally am very heartened by the level of awareness in the people around me and how open people are becoming about questioning The Officially Received Reality. I think we have an excellent chance of experiencing a reality that no longer includes the rapacious idiocy outlined in this video.

    • Jean says:

      Rachel, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are clear and to the point. I appreciate them – and you. I know we will be tested: as the dimensions begin to bleed together, we will see some strange beings, beings that are already being captured on digital cameras. They may well look fearful. If we go into fear, we lose our chance to Ascend and will go back into a lower vibration. When I suggest people need to do their emotional clearing, I’m not playing games with it. I’m very serious. It seems, however, that many people are not yet ready to hear my words. Perhaps in time . . .


  2. Hi all. Lou, its interesting that although first I read your comment and was almost ready to delete the mail, I saw the video and had no fear reaction. I am glad for all the info coming out, it makes me hopeful and at peace. Warm regards, R

  3. lou says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that a “new” war will be allowed to go forward. I believe the dollar will die and along with it the power elite will go as well. IMO there will be a certain amount of chaos among those that will see the end of the old paradym and familiarity falling apart (which has already begun), but the powers-that-were are already dead they just haven’t fallen over yet and they will not be allowed to do anything destructive again.

    The goodness of light and love will prevail and thinking anything less will draw negetive events to anyone thinking this video is fact. This video, to me, is just more example of opinion and speculation from one person. When a video like this is made you must know in your heart that good and loving light is hitting a raw nerve with the “elite”. The “elite” are currently scared to death of what lies ahead. They are pulling out all the stops. If this video has created fear it’s doing its job….the dark must keep the fear-pot stirred to create their desired result of continuing down the path they’ve always been on.

    Maybe this is what Delores Cannon meant when she said there will be two different earths: those that are tired of the old paradym and live and think with their hearts will be dimensionally separated from those of the dark control. Those that wish to keep their current familiar lives in 3D will remain on a dark, controlled Earth, while the rest of us move on to our new lives in the Golden Age.

  4. john says:

    Very interesting video.

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