ANONYMOUS Call for Overthrowing US Government – I believe this is a second posting . . . ~J

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6 Responses to ANONYMOUS Call for Overthrowing US Government – I believe this is a second posting . . . ~J

  1. 4GRAMA says:

    Emma, I believe the youtube video you speak on was made in 2009 and is nothing more than fear mongering on someones part so I wouldnt believe it.

  2. Shelly says:

    No one has to overthrow anything……’s dead. Let the chips fall where they may. The game is up.

  3. mhenrydunn says:

    Hello Jean,

    We ought to be careful, I think, in using words like “overthrow.” Nowhere in that video did I see a call to “overthrow” the U.S. government. They called the government corrupt and illegitimate, and stated that by peaceful means they intend to restore legitimate democracy to this country – Anonymous, of course, defines “peaceful means” to include hacking….and that’s OK with me. But to use incendiary terms like “overthrow” is to play into the hands of the cabal, which will no doubt try to paint Anonymous as violent revolutionaries, much like Mubarak did when he infiltrated violent thugs into the peaceful revolutionary crowds in Tahrir Square, to give him the excuse he required for a violent crackdown.


    • I have to agree with you Michael. Words misplaced via good intentions can lead to nation wide problems. After all they do have their plans as to what to do with the American people and would use any excuse to put that into action. Here in California, according to one YouTube video that I saw, there are roadblock checks for the purpose of forcing people to get vacinations that they have in hand and if they refuse they have orders to take them to a concentration camp. I do not know if the YouTube video was telling the truth but the speaker on the tube seemed quite upset as he was the roadside person doing the checks and he ‘had to notify the public.’ I hope he was a product of disinformation but could be he was telling the truth. Emma

    • Jean says:

      I did not choose those words – although I agree with you. Hugs, ~Jean

      • I realize that Jean and know that it would not be like you to do so. I noticed that caption to the video in other places before here and knew it had already been implied. I should have mentioned that as I can see that it sounded like I perhaps implied you. I did not. I have been watching long enough (8 months) to know it was not something you would interject. Thanks Emma

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