What is this new chance for America? – from Notice-Recipient. com

 Even if you have no intention of buying into this – and I think we are all wise to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, I do think you will be happy if you take time to read these postings. They deal with specific items I think we will definitely need to address as a nation as we go forward. Hugs, ~Jean

By removing your Good Faith & Credit from the grasp of the mighty War Machine you open the door to personal and global debt forgiveness, abundance and prosperity leaving the old ways of perpetual terrorism, violence and war behind.

By removing your Good Faith & Credit from the grasp of the mighty War Machine you begin to starve the Military Industrial Complex removing the profit from the perpetual Wars for Profit.

You are leaving behind:

Post 14th Amendment Funded by The American People

Military Industrial Complex The War Machine

Perpetual war for profit cost over 100 million lives lost

Declaration of War on the people who fund them.

Trading With The Enemy Act

War Against Drugs
Results – 1000 fold increase in drug use

ABC Agency importation protection

Black Budgets & Black Ops

War Against Crime
Results – Dramatic increase in crime

War Against Terrorism
Results   –   Dramatic Increase in Terrorism

U.S. Leadership via Terrorism

Prisons For Profit
Results – Largest prison population /capita

Numerous ABC Agencies with Black Budgets promoting war and instability around the world

Federal Reserve Banking System
Waged economic war against the people leveraging OUR Good Faith & Credit
Foreclosure Gate
Over 20 million homes stolen by the banks and destruction of Housing Industry                                                    Toxic Derivatives Untold $trillions
IRS Private Collect Agency

Legislation for sale
In Original Jurisdiction

Pre 14th Amendment Original Jurisdiction

In original jurisdiction we have an opportunity to start anew and create a nation that best reflects the beliefs and morals of the American people. The decisions which effect We the People are made on the local level to better reflect the needs of the local  people. No more will the power be wielded from above like a weapon against the people.

In original jurisdiction the Officials, agents and employees are true public servants, serving the Beneficiaries of the Divine Estate Trust.

Office of the Postmaster General NA
Firmly planted in Original Jurisdiction
Declaration of Peace
Positive Law
You are a True American Freeholder
No more wars of aggression
Ends all wars against the people
Rather than warring against

We will move toward
a drug free society
a crime free society
a terrorist free society
a debt free society

Discharge of Debt & Currency of Value                                                                                              All Mechanics already in place

No Income Tax       No IRS Sales       Tax Only

Fed Reserve already under control of Treasury of U.S.

Release of Buried Technology [Free energy/ green energy]

Common law legal system
Must be a victim
Courts already altering decisions to reflect this

Prisons used to separate & re-educate the perpetrators

Provost Marshals & Coast Guard protect your private rights from encroachment by any legal fiction

No BAR Association or Titles of Nobility

Notice-Recipient.com is the communications arm of the Office of the Postmaster General NA.

At Notice-Recipient.com we are establishing a communications network with Chat Rooms, interactive blog where you can post questions and comments, a Bulletin Board listing events such as conference calls, webinars, seminars, classes and lectures as well as the regular updates by E-mail.

Legal-Registries.com is the legal arm, Official Repository and Registry of the Office of the Postmaster General NA

Authenticated and/or special edition copies of The Universal Postal Treaty for the Americas 2010 and related documents are available online at Legal-Registries.com.

Empower Yourself at  Notice-Recipient.com

Remember, Knowledge Is Power!

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9 Responses to What is this new chance for America? – from Notice-Recipient. com

  1. netace says:

    With Alex and Ken, I feel the hackles rise on this… It does NOT give a good feeling, but rather like someone who’s trying to profit from anticipated events. Beware!

  2. Ken says:

    Hello folks, be careful. I did a little research on James Thomas McBride Postmaster for Restore America Treaty and found a couple of sites where people have actually paid 1,500 dollars in 2010 to him for the paperwork and are not happy. I will post them below for people to do their own research.



    • Jean says:

      Ken, thanks again for this. I do believe no matter what we feel, we need to take our time with it. I feel the need to report it, however, because it is a part of the picture right now. We must keep our eyes open and our options open, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

    • dale says:

      1500 $ in2010 ??? And now only 20 bucks?? does that really make sense…go do more research…..there is no cure-all out there but the documents i got were/are solid and serve their purpose……in any relationship you must know who you are first then determine the nature of the other party(s)…most of the documents dealt with stating your status which needs to be done first and foremost.

  3. I think I missed some of the posts here. I have now listened to all of it and done some reading and this is the real thing. They are starting out here among the people for the purpose of getting them clued in. Its a long road to our goal but it is happening. Thanks Jean for being so patient with everyone. You are a jewell. My love to all. Emma

    • Jean says:

      Emma, I tend to agree with you, but this is only the beginning. I think they are trying to get the word out gradually and easily. Perhaps they are watching our responses to see how they can be helpful to us, but this I don’t really know. We have been lied to for so long, people simply can’t trust immediately – and they really shouldn’t either. We will have time to consider this deeply – and we should. I suggest we all take time to visit the sites mentioned, study them, consider their words, and so on. Sooner or later, we will know the truth of it all – and thanks for your support.

      I have believed for so long that Obama is ‘real’, but now I do have to question it. I am only glad that I don’t have any ego involved, because I might be devastated.


    • Alex says:

      I would like to weigh in again on this. Keep in mind this is only my “Opinion” please do not take offense if I disagree. I do not think this is what we are looking for, my gut tells me it is a scam. We are relaying whatever rights we are supposing to get back through a trustee account handled by McBride. On top of that whatever certification we get back is from McBride. Also his website is a .com not a .gov. I understand that we must look at everything and not jump to conclusions and I respect and appreciate all Jean posts, this post notwithstanding, but I however with my gut do not like how any of this is worded and it sounds off the alarms inside me. I trust my truth and this does not sit well with me at all. In time we will see. Let’s keep an eye on this one.

      • Jean says:

        Alex and All, I suggest you read my comment at the top of the post called UNITED STATES has DECLARED PEACE (I believe this is from Notice Recipient.com) – and I think I understand this situation now. ~J

      • dale says:

        .Com and not a .gov ????…. I can say w/o a doubt that your beloved .gov is actually a foreign controlled corporation….a corp. Is owned by a being or another corp. So knowing that, is your .gov …….a…….gov for the people and by the people?….no its not…….i have received multiple documents from notice recip….all of which are priceless and personalized to my needs and it only took 20bucks….i get more documents almost daily for free….ask yourself is he in it for the money or to free his fellow countrymen?

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