David Wilcock’s audio interview with Drake is related to the recent video that occasioned so much discussion on my blog. . .

Today has been one busy day for me, and so I’m just now getting to these two Comments from The Maine Patriot. I’d like to ask you to read them, but before you do, I would like to share that this man, whose name I have now learned is David Robinson, is associated in Maine with the same idea which Drake is espousing as I’m listening right now to David Wilcock’s audio interview. 

Initially, David Robinson posted the first article you will read, and as a result I emailed him privately to ask him if he is connected with the group, RAP – Restore America Plan.  His response follows as a second Comment, and the basic answer is ‘NO’. I’m asking you to read this carefully, because I think this along with the audio that David presented today may well be the ‘real deal’.

If this concept of taking our country back is the ‘real deal’ – and I think it is – then I want to do everything I can here on my blog to support their efforts. The sooner we come to a good understanding of this – if we can – and join and support these efforts, the sooner the changes will begin. Please read on . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

Here are the two Comments from The Maine Patriot. Please read them carefully:

We are in a time of great change. America’s Currency was captured in 1913. America’s Government was captured in 1933. This explains why petitioning our government for grievances has been to no meaningful avail.
The Corporations that masquerade as our lawful government today, have almost destroyed America! Top people in our government — including our military — know this. They have been waiting for the “right time” to help take America back to our lawful government.
In the very near future, we can expect a major constructive change in our banking and currency system. We can expect to see contingents of Federal Marshals acting in the major seats of power — backed up by our Military.
These Military people are NOT any part of a military coup. They are backing up the Civilian re-establishment of our lost, lawful, government.
We can expect to see minor inter-ruptions in our normal way of life.
This Transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital services in our economy — to minimize hardship.
This Transition will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream media. What we do not want is for people to become alarmed.
Our so-called “president” has been informed that he is no longer the Commander in Chief of our Military!
This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations — those nations that are not part of the G20 — will re-establish solid currencies.
There will be additional announce-ments to come — designed to slowly awaken the masses; to reduce panic.
Civil authority has been restored to the people. The Military who exist only through Civil authority will be ready to assist the People whom they are sworn to protect in the effort to restore this nation to the Constitutional Republic it was created to be.
International Law has been unlawfully in effect in America since 1933. And rescinding this law, has been on the table since the 1950s.
We the People have regained Civilian Authority, in order to use the Military Services to support the ongoing effort to bring us back to true government “of, for and by the people”.
Do not misread what is going on — they are NOT coming for the People. The Cabal’s time is up!
Please prepare for “good” changes to come. Please share this information with others. The foundation has been laid. All that is needed now is YOU! — regular, everyday people will be needed for their insight, opinions and voice.

Just before the end of last year, Pennsylvania — as a state — removed itself from the RuSA organization. After they did this, they put together a Declaration of Notice to the World stating that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had returned itself and its people back under its de jur Constitution, of the 1700s, and declared the People of Pennsylvania, Free! — no longer recognizing unlawful corporate govern-ment within their state.
They did this legally and properly. They did not ask for permission, they simply went ahead and did it. And they received their receipt back from the Office of Private International Law at the Hague.
And shortly after that, an informed contact — who had been in touch with the various groups who had come forward in the beginning, concerning funding for RuSA and Rap, before changes were made and they withdrew their support —was contacted and given a simple message, and that message was this:
“It has come to our attention, what Pennsylvania has done. How long would it take you to put together a simple majority of states to duplicate what Pennsylvania has done, for at such a time there could be monetary and military support?”
They asked for a copy of the original documentation that Pennsylvania had submitted to the Office of Private International Law at the Hague, so they could see who had been involved.
Our contact had no problem with that, and neither did Pennsylvania. So they forwarded on the documentation that Pennsylvania had submitted. The answer was “Yes! we’ll just see how fast we can get that done!”
So they sent out emails to everyone across the country that they knew, and had worked with all this time, that they knew to be capable, honorable, and honest Patriots, who would roll up their sleeves and actually get the job done, once they were told what had to be done.
And by the following day, at least one contact in 20-22 states had stepped up and volunteered to be a lead person in their state, to get it done!
The goal was for at least a simple majority — meaning 26 or more states to duplicate exactly what Pennsylvania had done.
It was later decided by those involved, to add more strength to the action by making the Declaration of Notice to the World, collectively as a united effort, so that the world will know we are not just free people in the various free states, but a Free People, united as we were meant to be.
We need no permission, recognition or opinion from foreign bodies or corporations to be what we are — Americans who claim our rightful heritage that was given to us by our founders in 1776.
This action should be seen as a Declaration; not just a notification — this is primary.
This action is interim; and we can’t emphasize that enough.
A small group of elite people, have already screwed things up — and in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, all of the temporary aspects of this will be in writing.
After a period of about 120 days, free elections will be held. Paper ballots only; machines can be played with; paper ballots are a lot more difficult.
We’ve been told that old money people from before the Revolutionary War have been in contact with our military, and that some 80-90% of the military agree with the ideology found in our founding documents.
Everything we do is based on the principles in our 1787 Constitution and the Bill of Rights — including the original 13th Amendment that prohibits any foreign association, title of nobility, etc. — and the Oath of Service that everybody must take to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
The U.S. Military has indicated to the financial people that they are willing to back us and that we have their recognition and support.
This gives the Military — probably for the first time — power to be used as a backup to federal Marshals who will take into custody all of the crooks and “fun-and-games people” on Wall Street, and so forth. There is going to be a tremen-dous house-cleaning.
The reorganizational portions of the government itself should be concluded in about 120 days. This 120 day period will begin with a formal announcement from the press-room of the White House.
This will give every reporter a clean shot at broadcasting the transition.
So these measures — in terms of what the military wants — they want to be the good guys. They’re tired of being the bad guys. They would much rather be invited into a foreign country as a friend, and an assistant.
You need some help? What do you need? Manpower? Bull-dozers? Food? We can come in and help you out.
Yes! we’re the United States Military! but we’re the new one. We’re the good guys. BINGO!
We think this new approach will work quite well.
We are not putting together any interim government. We are not trying to overthrow anything. We are trying to revert back to law and order, and create the smallest amount of chaos, in the most peaceful fashion that we can.
Our military cannot do this on their own for the simple reason that under the current structure, Obama is considered to be the President — we all know that he is not — he is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a Corporation called THE UNITED STATES.
The majority of the American people do not understand this.
So as long as the American people recognize a criminal corporation in Washington D.C. as having jurisdiction over them — and they do not stand up and say otherwise — our military’s hands are somewhat tied. They have been taking orders from a fake Commander in Chief.
As far as the financial people are concerned, they will never bring forth the money that’s been intended for this country, these many years, until Washington is cleaned out, because if they did, it would disappear down the black hole of theft, almost immediately.
If the military are to once again take their orders from we the people, we have to be ready with a list of what we require it to do.
As pointed out above, this is temporary, and what gives the people the power and the authority and the standing to do this is simply that a majority of states filed the same paperwork that Pennsylvania filed, putting the world on Notice that they have gone back under their de jur Constitution.
They have reclaimed the Articles of Confederation, which have never been rescinded.
The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are the basis of our freedom.
These arrests will mean the removal of the final obstacles that will allow for the implementation of the new abundance systems that are ready to free humanity from the current economy and its falsely imposed conditions of poverty and debt.
There are many men and women dedicated to this cause who have been working diligently in secret for years to bring us to this moment, who are eager to present to humanity the new system that will redistribute abundance to all, and release humanity from the mundane life it has known.
Freedom is being returned to the people.
The release of withheld technologies and other suppressed elements will follow to assist this transition.
The news of these mass arrests will come sudden and come hard, and many who are unprepared with an understand-ing as to why, may feel shocked and confused to see so many people taken into custody.
These people , how ever, have served to perpetuate our enslavement, and all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people.
Certain big media groups have agreed to cover these events and assist in the disclosure timeline.
These arrests will be televised and fully shared with you, for it is owed to the people of the world that they witness the very moments and actions taken that will mean our release from the control of these people who have for so long worked to exploit and control humanity.
This manipulation will end and all humanity will enter into a new life.

True freedom is to be soon returned to you.

This is the link to a video posted on the Internet titled, MAKE THIS VIRAL! Freedom Reigns – Mass Arrests for the Cabal.

. . . and here is the second Comment, a response to my question about RAP, Restore America. ~J

Dear Jean,

Our Maine group (Maine Republic Free State) joined RuSA (RAP’s offshoot called “Republic for the united States of America more than a year ago, toward the end of 2010.

After establishing interim state officers for Maine, and working with RuSA for those many months, we got tired of the infighting and “who shall be greatest” of the Republic’s administration. When one of our friends from another state told us about what Pennsylvania had done, and what they were duplicating, we as a Maine group decided to resign from RuSA and follow her invitation to become a part of this new endeavor to declare our FREE STATUS to the world; without trying to set-up a separate Republic, along side of the corporate United States.

The Organic Republic was founded by our founding fathers on the basis of the Declaration of Independence of 1776.

We hope that many of the leaders of the corporate United States will align themselves with the restored Organic Republic. We don’t have to establish a duplicate administration parallel to the one we already have.

We simply established a Civilian Authority that can lawfully monitor and control the actions of the United States Armed Forces, in lieu of the CEO of the Corporate United States.

Without such a Civilian Authority — based on the United States Constitution of 1787 and the Bill of Rights of 1791 — any action of the Military, in opposition to the CEO of the United States, would constitute an illegal COUP, which would be wrong.

The Elite of the Corporate United States and the World is coming down. Many people throughout America, and the World, have said “enough; We’re not going to take it anymore!” And the Declaration of Independence Orders us, whenever our government has gotten out of hand, to “throw off such government, and…provide new guards for [our] future security.”

The Good News of what we have done is being quietly presented to the world in such a way as to, hopefully, allay fears and avoid a misunderstanding that this might be some sort of NEW WORLD ORDER taking over. The OLD WORLD ORDER is simply being “thrown off” so that all American “Oaths of Office” and our U.S. Constitution [up to and including the original 13 The Amendment regarding titles of nobility] can be honored and obeyed once again.

All of our State Constitutions, and the Constitution of the United States of America, as well, are amendable, but only lawfully, according to the will of the People. The original 13th Amendment is to be honored in this regard: anyone holding a title of nobility will loose his citizenship in the constitutional United States of America — and the corporate United States Cabal will be no more.

This is not the result of some Whim. This plan has been planned and thought-out for way more than twenty years. There are several different funding programs involved,

For more information see NESARA I & NESARA II: National Economic Security and Reformation Act. This information is being withheld from the populace by the fraudulent United States Worldwide Cabal.

I am one of the signers for the Maine Free State in this currently ongoing Revolution.

David Robinson

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68 Responses to David Wilcock’s audio interview with Drake is related to the recent video that occasioned so much discussion on my blog. . .

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  3. Sneakers says:

    Too many secrets…

  4. 4GRAMA says:

    RS,you must be reading my mind on the toilet paper issue as I thought the same thing.It makes me wonder is they dont have some stocks in toilet paper.The other issue you brought up about the web site being inconsistant also leaves me suspect that something is not right.

  5. JS says:

    English is not a matter of opinion. Nor does knowing the difference between ‘is’ and ‘are’ a matter of intellectualism; it is basic literacy. Secondly, the Pentagon IS the military. Thirdly, there is obviously a problem with the integrity of Freedom Reigns when their own site publishes information ‘recruiting’ help for oath keepers, then disowns it, saying it was not authorized. (The page is now changed and the disclaimer has been removed). Where are the judgements? And how do you know that my heart/right brain lags behind? How do you know I have not first considered ‘it’ ? Is that not judging on your part?

    I listened painfully to hours of Deana and Drake talking about a shortage of toilet paper. Whatever it is that’s coming in 2012, the least of our concerns is a shortage of toilet paper. If that is the worst they think is going to happen, they have gravely underestimated the situation, their own capabilities, and the resourcefulness of the Cabal to lull the people into complacency.

    My opinion is simply this: these people have no credibility. If they don’t have the brains to communicate intelligently, what in the world have they to offer in terms of managerial skills and discernment of truth from lies? They have no chance whatsoever of pulling off a peaceful revolution/transition. They will only attract the most gullible to get on board, with disastrous results.

    • Rikki says:

      I’m not replying to dispute your opinion of the situation. You are entitled to feel however it is that you feel in regards to it and I respect that. However, I take issue with your statements that people who may not speak properly, are not credible nor are they intelligent. I know a great number of people who do not use the english language in it’s proper context but, they are very intelligent and even more importantly, they have common sense (which seems to be lacking in great deal these days). Proper use of the english language does not make a person intelligent/smart. I am friends with a college professor that is knowledgable but lacks any bit of common sense. Some people have the common sense (street smarts) to survive while others have the intellectual ability (or book sense, if you will) to make a lot of money. I think it unwise to underestimate either group of people and quite personally, I would rather surround myself with those who have common sense as opposed to book sense and excellent language skills. (People who utilize common sense tend to be survivors.) Then again, I live in Texas and most everyone here talks ‘funny’ anyhow. 🙂

      • Jean says:

        Thank you, Rikki! I’m in total agreement with you. I know a lot of people who are highly educated and quite literate, but they don’t have a clue about anything practical. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Your right when someone starts to talk about the way others talk they have lost their ability to see things as they really are. I have said many times people can get lost thinking they have it together better than others. As for these great arrests, I don’t think so. But I hope… If a person so talk about others this way then the ego has gotten involved… To bad.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, you might say that I was judging – or that I was offering my opinion. I do agree that literacy is the issue, not intellect. I clearly made a mistake. My experience has been that people who are literate are generally also more intellectual. I think we are both entitled to our opinions. Would you agree? Hugs, ~Jean

      • You got it.To many secrets. Where the proof. People need that now. I’m fine but giving the masses false hopes is something they are use to because of politicians. I have heard from some very top level people that this is not going to happen as far as the arrests. To bad indeed. I like David but I feel something not right here.

        • Jean says:

          When you make an assertion such as you have just made, we would appreciate it if you could back it up with some facts. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

          • Exactly where’s the facts. And also like I said I want to believe this is the truth in every wa. But time will tell.

          • Jean says:

            I think these are presented as facts, but we don’t have any real proof. That’s why we keep saying to use discernment. I, too, hope it’s all true, and my gut sense is that a huge portion of it is true! Hugs, ~Jean

          • I hear you my friend. This is why I understand that many top level people are already on the chopping block as we say. I do know that many are going down within the next two years. I hope that the rest ill be brought down as well. Man kind deserves to break free of the things that have been controlling them for much to long now. During my time in the intelligence services we knew things were getting ready to fall apart for many at the top levels. It was obvious to us doing the work… Peace be to all. I love your posts… Keep them up. Times are getting close.

      • I totally agree with you… 🙂

  6. 4GRAMA says:

    I have been wondering what Kerry Cassidy thouhgt of all this so here it is. http://projectcamelotproductions.com/blog-hp.html

    • Christina says:

      Thank you GRAMA for this link. What an interesting read and yes it confirms what Robinson says. So good times are coming!

  7. JS says:

    On http://www.freedomreigns.us/ALERTS.html

    “There is (sic) currently preparations, logistics and planning in the works with the US military and pentagon…” bla bla bla,

    These people at freedomizer radio (Deatra Loomer) don’t even have a basic command of the English language. Moreover, according to this page, this statement is attributed to Freedom Reigns without authorization.

    I would never believe anything put out by such ignoramuses, let alone follow their ‘lead.’ Think, people!

    • Jean says:

      This is, of course, your opinion. It is full of judgments, is it not? Sadly, intellectuals have a huge problem with living from the heart. If they would get on board, maybe we wouldn’t have so much misspelling. As it is, my experience has been that intellectuals think we are all a little bit crazy and want nothing to do with us. Thier left brain is highly developed and their right brain lags behind. Maybe one day you will be able to get past judging – without first considering it. I can tell you it’s a tough path to walk. I’m there now, and it’s really hard! Every day I struggle with it. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Mario Raso says:

    Something will happen, when I don’t know, but I think we can all intuitively feel it. We are getting divine intervention from our elder brothers and sisters but as Jean says we just have to use discernment in everything we see and hear and just allow for it to happen better than we could ever imagine. We must strive to keep loving life with appreciation and gratitude every day to keep bringing more Life, Love, Joy & light into our beloved Gia.

    We are now hearing that our military is involved in the mass arrests. Again stay in a state of love for everyone, no exceptions. I am ex-military also and I am aware that the military industrial complex uses a form of mind control on everyone inducted into the military called nationalism to create a false reality of separation and superiority over other people and nations. Otherwise, how could the military elite make human beings kill other human beings? We must remember that we are all connected and that we are all One and not just here in the United States. I support our planet and all it;s inhabitants. We are evolving into divine humans and must remember that this country and planet is of the people, by the people and for the people with love for everyone and everything. We are now breaking out of corporate control and must not let ourselves fall into military control.

    I know that there are military and other people with good hearts and they want to help. We must respect them for their willingness to help but not depend on them entirely as our saviors. We must say awake, aware, and fully conscious and strive to educate and awaken others, although, we cannot force others to awaken against their free will.

    Love & Joy to all, In Lak’ech Ala K’in.

  9. 4GRAMA says:

    The claim is for (mass arrests) in APRIL.Today is April 1 2012.The way time has been flying by we will all know shortly if any of this has a foundation.Dates have been thrown out there before and everything continues as usual.This is not the first time weve been told to stock up on food and now Drake encourages up to stock up on toilet paper.This is the second time he’s mentioned TP,cant help but wonder if he has stock in toilet paper.If nothing/no arrests happens in April which is what I suspect then we can come to no other conclusion than we are all being scammed.Ya, its a good story for sure but for me it will be time to move on.

  10. Susan says:

    I feel so fortunate right now. Especially after David’s recent blog and interview. I am sitting in an Austin hotel awaiting this weekend with David. I am hoping he has some follow up to this powerful interview!

  11. Everything takes time and those who take their time usually make the right decisions even when the truth of things has been hidden by those trying to control. Our nation is a nation and always has been of individuals trying to seek truth where ever we might find it and create a freedom bases society that would benefit everyone. No body is perfect but everyone learns from their mistakes (most of the time)… Giving such a declaration to the world is the way to do it. And being ex military I never took a vow to follow blindly the president or anyone else. It was to defend our country against both domestic and foreign adversary’s and to reestablish and defend the constitution of the United States. What I seen now is people waking up to the fact that our ways of life have been high jacked by the few to control the many. But the many has woke up and no knows what to do to take back our ways of life. And but doing what Pennsylvania has done is a great step in this direction. Being spiritual in nature is something that opens the eyes of the masses since it isn’t hid behind any type of religious structure. which has helped control to people for much to long.

  12. Steph says:

    “Get your speeches ready”
    — Poofness

  13. 4GRAMA says:

    The bible and Jesus are all based on astrotheological myth.see http://www.truthbeknown.com

  14. Raine says:

    I grew up Christian, but through the years through life exerience and opening my mind to other teachings, the isolation of who gets to go to heaven and who doesn’t if they aren’t saved by Jesus of that which they teach just did not ring true the older I got…I just had an older gentleman the other day deep into his Biblical teachings lecture me on how “God has prepared a place for those who do not accept the Lord, and who keeps making horrible mistakes in their lives…and that is HELL”…..I looked at him in a way like wow, people still believe that story! Anyway, we have a road ahead of us in assisting in waking people up like that…..but I believe in Universal Law, and the Law of One, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect are about to create a beautiful society for our country and the world….and it has to happen with the removal of our current government (or most of them), and like Drake says these ridiculous Executive Orders Obama is signing like a maniac, that is stripping us of everything…..we can do it……with the Power of Love and Unity, we will get through this…..how exciting to be alive during these times?!! There are days I get frustrated like many because things are taking their time to happen, and I sometimes post comments in that mood…..but this recording has given me much hope…..Namaste everyone!

  15. LoverofLife says:

    I heard a good comment the other day which went something like, just because there were/are people that use the book for sinister reasons, does not make the book the sinister thing that so many are portraying the book to be.

    Does that make sense?

    • Jean says:

      LOL – and everyone – there is much good in the Bible, but there is also much that causes trouble for people. The way I came to a place of peace within myself is when I understood that the Bible is a record of our understanding of God at that time. This concept gave me lots of room to grow, to make my own decisions about how I feel about God and the Bible, which as I look back and consider my own path seems to be what our evolution is all about.

      We are not supposed to swallow anything anymore hook-line-and-sinker anymore, but to consider, probe, research, and do whatever it takes to make our own decisions. As we heal ourselves we begin to open a more clear pathway to our hearts, which I believe is where the ‘real’ truth resides. Opening that pathway is the tough part, it seems to me. Most people would rather die than go to the painful places in their beings, but I think it is still a necessary requirement of those who want to ascend. Does this make any sense to you? It did to me, but I seem to have moved beyond it now to a place where I don’t much consider it anymore.


  16. LoverofLife says:

    The part about the US put into lockdown, so none of the elite can escape.

    Now, do people think that the elite don’t have access to the internet (I’m sure they have their people watching it all) that if they saw the first signs of this really going to happen that they wouldn’t of already left the country? red flag indeed.

    I have also read that it is not the constitution the people of the US need to get back to but the Declaration of Independance that is the all important document to reinstate for lack of a better word, and the Bill of Rights. The constitution was written by these people supposedly. I don’t know if this is true or not, just saying what I have read. I would have to go and read or listen to the video to see if there are anymore red flags for myself. The other thing is what someone above stated also is, who makes them the judge to be able to kill anyone else without a judge and jury? To many questions for me perhaps.

    Have a wonderful day everyone, chillaxe and enjoy the day. Spring is a wonderful time of year 🙂

    • Rikki says:

      Hi LoverofLife. In regards to your comment about the elite knowing what is coming their way due to the internet… I have been told that many of these people are already under arrest. While they are not physically jailed, they have Federal Marshalls with them at all times right now so that they are not able to leave the country. Why they haven’t been thrown in jail yet I do not know, unless they are waiting until it can be broadcast.

      I also agree with you that it is not just the Constitution that we need to reinstate, but rather all of our countries founding documents that were meant to protect us and our freedom.

      • LoverofLife says:

        Well, I don’t know if I believe that one Rikki. Why would they even bother and not just put them in jail.

        If that is true, then why would they have to lock down the US borders? People hear that, and the word FEMA it is going to be riot city you can bet money on that. Hmm, I wouldn’t doubt that you can bet on that in Vegas 😉

      • Rikki says:

        There wasn’t a ‘reply’ link for your comment Love but, I wondered this exact thing as well. Why wouldn’t they have just jailed them if they are already in custody? Since I really don’t ask any detailed questions from my friend, (I figure the less I know, the better) I don’t have a solid answer. I can only speculate that maybe this investigation is on-going or maybe they are waiting until they are able to broadcast the actual arrests. It’s important to remember that these are extremely powerful people in very high places.
        Like I said, I don’t ask a lot of questions but, I do pay close attention to what little bit of info I am told. I personally know my source therefore I feel confident in trusting him completely. You do not know him nor do you know me, which is why I stated earlier that people need to rely on their instincts about this whole situation. I definitely don’t want to be in a position of spreading false hope. Did I believe in all of the things that I was being told starting a few yrs ago? No. Do I personally believe that the things that Drake is stating are true now? Absolutely! But, I am not telling anyone to follow my lead blindly. Like Drake states, do your own research into this matter.

        What I can tell you is that there are people working on the things that Drake claims are taking place and they have been trying to get it all in order for some time now. It’s completely up to each and every person to believe what they feel is correct, in their hearts.

      • LoverofLife says:

        I hope you are right Rikki!

  17. Rikki says:

    I have a friend (state law enforcement) that is involved in these plans to some extent. He has been a family friend for many years and I can attest that he is a deeply religious man. If there were anything within these plans that felt ‘unchristian’ to him, for lack of a better word, I am very confident that he would have backed out of anything to do with this. The main focus here is to free the American people from tyrrany and to reinstate the Constitution, in its original form. While I cannot claim to have much insider information, I do keep in touch with him and about a week ago, he informed me simply that, “Things are finally coming together for the good of the country and the American people”.

    Although I do not know this Drake gentleman nor have I ever heard of him prior to a radio interview he recently gave, I do believe that much of what he says is the truth. Many of these things my friend and I have vaguely discussed over the past several years.

    I haven’t listened to this particular interview yet so I am not familiar with the US borders being shut so that the Elitists cannot escape capture. This does however, make sense to me. While these people are a global problem, I feel that the American people should be allowed to deal with the American citizen Elitists however we see fit. We are a nation of laws, so let’s be allowed to hear the whole story and then put that system to use. I think a trial is important so that the American people who do not understand this situation will be able to comprehend exactly how they have been taken advantage of and abused. Then, we can decide what to do with these criminals.

    As far as the US becoming a hermit nation, I do not see this taking place. If anything, I believe that this is going to lead to better international relationships as well as more opportunities. I base this not just on the discussions that I’ve had with my friend but, on the information that Drake has provided above. “So these measures — in terms of what the military wants — they want to be the good guys. They’re tired of being the bad guys. They would much rather be invited into a foreign country as a friend, and an assistant.”

    I have also been following Mr.Fulford and Mr.Wilcock. Where this Galactic Federation of Light comes into play, I do not know, unless this is being discussed on a global level whereas Drake is speaking only on terms of a national level. I am not sure what to think in regards to ‘help from ET interventionists’ as this is something that has never been mentioned by my friend. (On a side note, I will admit that I’ve recently read that the GFL wish to house us in “safe zones” for a period of a few weeks to months, while the earth goes through some sort of rebirthing process. I do NOT like this idea at all!)

    That said, I agree with most everyone else here… we all have instincts and it is best if you pay close attention to what they are trying to tell you, regardless of what anyone has to say about this matter. I have learned that my instincts are correct more often than not.

    Best wishes all!

    • Raine says:

      That is good news of verifying what your State Law Enforcement friend said…even more verification this is the real deal!

      • Rikki says:

        I will admit that even though I trust this friend with my life and even that of my children… this was a difficult pill for me to swallow at first. Everything just seemed so far fetched and unbelievable, almost like the plot of a B grade movie. Throughout the past few years, I have done a lot of my own research for verification and have found that he speaks the truth. I was so blind to many things at one point in my life. It seems as though much of what I grew up believing have been nothing but lies. One day, I will have to apologize to him for secretly doubting his claims.

  18. Gloria says:

    “Most lack the spiritual and intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from “un-natural” predators that want to seduce you and pillage you, dumb you down to the lowest common denominator like the corporate statutory government of the U.S. and their agents”

    You mean like Christianity? Take a little closer look back at the untolerant, murderous passed of this orginized religion. The Native Americans and what was done to them in the name of Christianity is a good example. I am not belittling you for your beliefs, but please forget everything you were taught and take a closer look at what you follow. Remember, nothing we have been taught or told is as it seems. I truly urge you to do some research. The Bible is words of men, not of God.
    Peace, love and light-

    • Debbie says:

      Gloria……….I agree with you 100%………many have called the The Bible The Jewish Book of Fairy Tales………….from the very start religion has been used to control and brainwash people, we do not need the bible…………..BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD………………

      • Raine says:

        Amen Gloria and Debbie….the Native Americans knew the truth of our Creator, and more and more of us have been waking up through the years…..how God could even be put in a box to be explained by the different religions just amazes me now…..

  19. DrinkDeep says:

    It actually took me a while to find the information he was talking about, but it’s on the blog:

    • LoverofLife says:

      Oh my gosh DD, I just had my memory jogged by a friend about Internet 2.0! I had completely forgotten about that nasty agenda. I now believe that IF the anonymous takes down the internet this weekend, that it will be to bring in Internet 2.0. Have you done any research into that or anyone else here?

      Joy of joys. What “they” won’t stoop to. Gosh, this was said to happen last year, and I don’t believe they were ready at that time yet. Hmmm.

  20. ethaos says:

    went south and twas a bust…
    west was slavery..
    came back east and twas imprisoned…
    Set my sight on the heavens and kicked in the afterburners…

    • ethaos says:

      “Do a search for the word Jesus or God”

      If I recall correctly Paulus aka Saulas was the roman torturer who saw the light and joined the cause… then proceeded to usurp the freedom of women and slaves etc…

      If you can’t beat them join them…

      So here is a rip by a nippon band (scuse me if I am incorrect politically with my asian association…) of one of my favorite teen songs!!!

      and the dARKNEST=

      To listen drugged out at age 13 tween giant speakers just to shut out reality twas darker…

      Voldemort is dead, Sauron defeated, when Melkor’s song is played will you yield or choose to fight?

      I will always choose FREEWILL!!!

      This post is dedicated to Brian H. and Beth N. tis better to give than to recieve!

  21. ethaos says:

    Underwater Basketweaving…

    The .us gives me pause and then a feeling of positivity more than Ben Fulford’s recent fear porn


  22. Kaya says:

    My heart feels relief and I have greater faith in our potential with each moment….

  23. Slein Nesnej says:

    Relax and go with the flow, it is out of our hands !

  24. Ken says:

    Hello folks, I would say that we have a heavyweight in David Wilcock vouching for this guy Drake but David is human as well. My concern is that we are drawing borders in this repatriation process that is to take place. In the interview Drake stated that the process would include closing U.S. borders and cutting off communications to the outside world. Drake stated it was for the purpose of rounding up and preventing the cabal from absconding with money and their freedom. I think the players that are adversely affecting humanity as a whole are spread around the world.

    The provisions in the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, and the recent National Resource Preparedness Act would authorize the activities and processes Drake is stating the freedom patriots (Federal Marshals and Military) would use in restoring our constitution (red flag). He mentioned that the people rounded up would be moved to FEMA camps and that some should be executed (red flag). Although he did say that these people would be the malevolent cabal. Who exactly is going to be the judge and jury for this process? Didn’t the galactics state through their channels that when the underground bunkers were destroyed that no harm came to the people that were there or to the pilots who pursued them and had their planes shot down that no harm was done to the pilots?

    As I understand the various prophecies (Hindu, Islamic, Mayan, etc) Gaia and all her inhabitants are to be involved in Ascension and the “Golden Age”. The channelings indicate that the process of abundance programs for all is an interim step that is to ultimately lead to Ascension. In Drake’s scenario the United States is to be quarantined. Is he planning that the United States secede from the International community and would then mandate to the rest of the world since we have a large military? That hasn’t worked in the past.

    In any event I don’t know how this would work without intervention from our galactic brothers and sisters. Perhaps they are part of this process. I hope that if the tide of freedom and enlightenment comes in that all boats on our planet are raised. As Jean advises, I think it would be wise as usual to use discernment.

  25. tinmaddog says:

    Reblogged this on tinmaddog and commented:
    This is what Shift looks like. So many people are awakening to the truth. Freedom from a manipulated reality could be such a beautiful thing.

  26. Gloria says:

    Hmmm? Our “founding fathers” were not themselves such “great men”? I believe the fix was in from the start so I am not right now, knowing what to believe. I’ll keep my eyes, ears and heart open and listen to my inner voice. We must have hope, but we must not be fools.
    Something about this just isn’t sitting right with me?

  27. Pingback: Time for Change 20120329 David Wilcock’s audio interview with Drake is related to the recent video that occasioned so much discussion on my blog. | Despertando.me

  28. DrinkDeep says:

    and…I wonder now if the March 31st internet ‘takedown’ has anything to do with blocking monetary transfers? hmmm…this might be an interesting weekend =)

  29. DrinkDeep says:

    I think so too, Jean…cool beans!

  30. stefanova says:

    have you ever wondered how such thing can be discussed openly and wilcock can travel around with no fear?

    • ethaos says:

      The answer to your query IMHO is Duncan O’Finian… I could be in error.

      The audio of the Drake interview is on youtube-

      • Paulus says:

        Do a search for the word Jesus or God on this web page and you will not find it, without which there cannot be any “real Truth” but instead 1984 style double speak. It continues to amaze me how gullible people are. Most lack the spiritual and intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from “un-natural” predators that want to seduce you and pillage you, dumb you down to the lowest common denominator like the corporate statutory government of the U.S. and their agents, have captured the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government, the corporations, the compulsory education (propaganda) system, the medical system, the media, all controlled on behalf of the Anti-Christ system with the whore in the Vatican, the Pope on the leash of the Jesuit Secretary General and their Federal Reserve papal bankers. Wake up people as the Bible makes it very clear why we are in the situation, repent and accept Jesus. As a Christian country we have allowed every other so-called religion and the evolutionary atheists to run our government and our lives and are taking us down a very dark path. path

        • Jean says:

          Paulus, there is one thing you need to learn, in my opinion: this country is NOT a christian country! It was never meant to be! Sorry that you have misunderstood that, because everything that follows from your mistaken belief is then false. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Suz says:

        Paulus: It’s widely known the vision for America was indeed esoteric, and most certainly not Christian.

        “Throughout his life, Francis Bacon’s fondest hope was the creation of a utopia across the Atlantic, the realization of his “New Atlantis” in the form of a society of free men, governed by sages and scientists, in which his Freemasonic and Rosicrucian principles would govern the social, political and economic life of the new world.” – Raymond Bernard

        “Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world. Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics and Rosicrucians were the incisive instruments of Bacon’s plan. Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places.” – Manly P. Hall

    • Debbie says:


      • ethaos says:

        Thanks Debbie for allowing me to respond to Paulus…

        I miss the Deb, I wished to be my BFF, know her for what she was and, yet regret she is childless for she would and should have beena great mother.

        WASP= White Anglo Saxon Protestant! That is was what I was taught in High School ruled the USA…

        Never met a Protestant yet… Lot’s of Lutherans but nobody was protesting…

        They hijacked Jesus… whatever name you know him by! They stole the golden rule and made it into a falisy/pharisee,,, ?(Sorry Jean could’na but help me selv’as butta sayin liken tis?) $%^&? The one true god of their era wasa phallus/snake! The times before the previous technological age crashed had a feminine deity. Yo wanna bow down and worship/warship sumptin boy?

        You want a confrontation? Go offend Ben Fulford’s 200,000 ninjas and his “Celestial Master” or seek out Svali and find her Bossess Assasins. Yup they killed em and made sure he couldn’at rise again. Sent it to the pit!

        & yet beyond all hope the son of man will always rise again dear child of mine…

      • Ken says:

        Hello Paulus, I believe that there is no one correct answer to a persons spiritual quest. There are many paths that lead to the same place and different things resonate with different people. I think that a wise person would gather as much information as they can and keep what resonates with them. The Bible is a book, if you put it in the Library of Congress it is one of many books no better no worse. If one could absorb all the knowledge and wisdom of all the books in the library I believe it would make a person wiser and better armed than relying on just one book. Please go easy on judging anyone especially yourself, we all are one and part of the fabric of life.

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Ken. I too often go ballistic when someone says that this is the way something is – when I know the facts to be different. Hugs, ~Jean

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