America’s Murdoch Weakness

I’m taking the liberty of putting the conclusion at the beginning, and if you like you can read to find out exactly how and why this conclusion is reached. ~J


America can never be free until it rescinds Murdoch’s citizenship, strips Murdoch of his holdings in the US, puts him on the “no fly list” and begins criminal investigations for his varied activities, every single one, along with full scale investigations of all his political “contacts” in the US.

Few have done more to make America more endangered, more unlivable, more divided and less free than Rupert Murdoch, the citizen “by act of congress,” his “thralls.”

Espionage and Bribery on the Surface, What is Beneath?


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Veterans Today

Murdoch and Unnamed Job Seeker

Years ago, we were the first to report that Rupert Murdoch was tied to Israeli intelligence.  Who would have guessed that the Weizman Institute of Israel, “doing good works” was owned by Murdoch and the Mossad and into corporate espionage and dirty tricks, according to a Haaretz article below.

Prior to that, to Americans at least, his network, Fox News and so much more, few were aware he owned much of the world’s media, was seen as biased, fanatical, war mongering and racist.

What is kept from America is that the parent company, NewsCorp, is assailed around the world for using their “Operations” section, a professional spy organization which includes a specific group of trained assassins, to undermine the free governments of the world.

When politicians begin to look “too hard” at Murdoch, and if Britain’s mainstream news says this, what can the real truth be?

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5 Responses to America’s Murdoch Weakness

  1. chicago dreamer says:

    SO glad to see you posted this!!!! I think it’s his best article ever! <3<3<3

  2. ickytwerp39 says:

    KLIF am 570 in Dallas is dropping the Rush-Clone radio format in favor of a “News and Information” station.

    • Jean says:

      Good news! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • ickytwerp39 says:

        Hope your better. I have been leaving you alone while you were under the weather.
        I noticed a military convoy poised outside the city a few weekends ago. It was too small a convoy to disrupt traffic, but i’m wondering if that new stance by the Dallas fed is related to some arrests that may have taken place.

  3. LoverofLife says:

    I watched Frontline this week, it was about Murdoch and how one small lawsuit by fluke opened this case wide open. This could be the legal ticket to bring the whole shibang down. I hope it goes deeper soon. They said Murdoch agreed to be questioned lol, again in April. I am sure he won’t be talking tho, but hope I am wrong. I can’t wait!

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