False Flag Alert: American Ambassador to Kabul Claims al Qaeda Planning 9/11 Style Attacks in Afghanistan

Source: The Intel Hub
March 31, 2012

The American ambassador to Kabul has told a UK newspaper that al Qaeda is currently planning 9/11 style attacks in Afghanistan to be carried out in the United States.

Ryan Crocker, clearly pushing a propaganda, fear driven agenda, went on to claim that if the US and NATO leaves Afghanistan terror attacks were sure to happen.

“Al-Qaeda is still present in Afghanistan. If the West decides that 10 years in Afghanistan is too long then they will be back, and the next time it will not be New York or Washington, it will be another big Western city,” Crocker told the Daily Telegraph.

Crocker went on to make such a ludicrous statement that if this situation wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

“We have killed all the slow and stupid ones. But that means the ones that are left are totally dedicated, he said. We think we’ve won a campaign before our adversaries have even started to fight. They have patience, and they know that we are short on that.”

This direct claim by an American ambassador could signal some sort of coming rogue operation within the United States to be blamed on al Qaeda. The use of false flag terror is now a documented fact and the possibility of another attack on American soil may have just increased

Last week we reported on a little read government study that essentially pushed the fear of a nuclear attack in Washington DC while at the same time downplaying the dangers of such an attack.

A little read government study published in November 2011 downplays the dangers of a potential nuclear blast in Washington DC.

In a move that seems almost off the script for the powers that be, the corporate media is reporting that this study was supposed to be for official use only and shows that an attack in Washington DC wouldn’t be all that devastating.


A report from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on the government study fear mongered about an attack on DC, complete with a long ago debunked lie about the Oklahoma City Bombing and a demonstration of how little uranium is needed for a 10 kiloton bomb.

We must remain vigilant and not succumb to fear as the military industrial complex pushes for more wars and more power through any means necessary.

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