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What to Know, What to Do, and What Not to Do
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  1. pinksapphire1313 says:

    sorry to send everyone on the wrong track by pointing out the spelling mistake. I was trying to be subtle but it did not work. So, I suppose stating the obvious is necessary here. What I meant was that perhaps the misspelling was deliberate. Deliberate to make it look like it’s a home grown patriot source. The source is mining for the email addresses and comments of interested parties, perhaps? It’s one very easy way to identify and profile dissenters… I was putting out a warning to be a little bit skeptical…and I come by that attitude based on the Fifth Agreement by Ruiz. Please do not assume that everyone who points out a misspelled word is just being critical. There is a lot more going on than people may know. Thank you for considering what I am suggesting. It does not hurt to be careful in these times IMHO. Love from me to you all. The pink sapphire

  2. A wonderful comments section today. Beautiful people with great thoughts to share. Some with words that make us stop and think. If we look inside we are capable of thoughts that come from each and every post here. What each have said are deep within ourselves at some time or another with each day. We are all guilty of some thoughts that are condeming and we are all ‘guilty’ of beautiful thoughts that uplift. They are all on this board and is nourishment for my soul as I read. Perhaps this is why I spend so much time just reading the comments. And I tell others when I send them links to this blog to be sure and read all the comments as they usually are more educational than the contents of the blog. Thank you Jean for having an open door for this. Emma

  3. I agree with Michael ;p

  4. Oh and the fact that replies need to be “moderated” here? What does that say about standing for freedom? Just saying… is hard for me to believe something when there is absolutely no independent corroborating evidence whatsoever. Not that I don’t agree that there are some very greedy “leaders” on the planet who need to be taken down, and that “the masses” have been mislead about a lot of things. What I find interesting is that many of “the masses” have known this for a long time and simply choose to go about their own lives and ignore all the crap. There are many of us who had a spiritual “agenda” and see this life as just a passage. Nothing anyone can do to us can damage our souls. We are eternal beings, this is a temporary situation that the One is experiencing to experience duality so We can learn about compassion and “darkness.” Even the “dark cabal” are part of the One, and their state of not knowing what they do is also temporary. This too shall pass.

    • Jean says:

      Carol, my replies automatically go up for moderation. Sometimes the system works and sometimes it doesn’t, but technically everything should go to moderation first. It’s the way the program works.Question: Are you new to these ideas? I ask because there is tons and tons of information out there to validate to a very large degree what is now happening on the physical plane. Hugs, ~Jean

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Yes, this world is transient, and we are passing through. Yes, even the darkest members of the cabal are part of the One. And there comes a time when each soul must determine whether it is their dharma, their “righteous duty” to witness to truth, and to oppose wrongdoing and cruelty. If this world is merely a school through which we are passing, we still have a duty to pass it on to our children as a place of beauty and freedom. The attitude you espouse, if this were 1861, would have left slavery in place. If this were 1939, the Nazis would have proceeded unopposed. If this were 1963, those who espouse this laissez-faire concept might have wished Dr. King would just go away. In twenty, thirty, or fifty years, I believe we will want to be able to tell our grandchildren that we stood with those who fought to restore the ideals on which America was founded, and who opposed possibly the darkest evil our planet has seen.


    • So Grateful dear Freedom Reigns and beloved Drake… If we truly care for misspelling word more than a message, than you have to ask self dear Carol: Do you truly know what freedom means for you?…

      Is it freedom for you to judge souls from which you are receiving most beautiful and uplifting message?… or simply let them stand tall in their knowing, and willingness to share the light with others?…

      Is it freedom for you to start doubting what ever you read, is it CNN war mongering or these true freedom messages?… or is it easier to let go of asking for proof and simply live life in knowing that God gave US all freedom of choice?…

      Is it freedom for you to let other ‘the masses’ as you call US, in lie and deception that we lived, and even slapping another judgment that it was our choice to live in darkness?… Is this approach of your a bit ‘looking down on masses’ kind of scenario?…

      Is it freedom for you when Drake and FreedomReign group simply informing US what is to come, and that all the truth will be available for us to hear and decide by our own discernment how free we want to be?…

      Is it freedom for you dear Carol to start spreading fear of yours that same source who talks only about truth, calmness, awareness, non reaction you call so bluntly “fear mongering site”?… wow.. you even overdid the MSmedia manipulators for these last 60 years or so…

      I can simply tell you, that You, dear Carol do not need to have fear and accept what has been done to others and self, knowing that truth will set us Free… Deceived and Deceiver…

      Please, determine what is freedom for you, and than start living it, by standing next to brave souls like Drake and David and Jean…

      And, please do not be afraid for your own arrests, as truth is that these are times where we all will carry our own crosses, and not be able to hide behind other peoples decisions… These are times where we all will take our own responsibilities in our own hands… Responsibility of choice… To be Free or to continue giving freedom in other peoples hands… [second option will expire very soon, as these individuals will be no more…]

      As by going in rhetoric’s and misspellings, you definitely will not find any tangible proof that this is happening until it is done… but even then, you can stand tall in your truth, and state openly with others how do you see what freedom is…

      This is all that Drake is exercising: Standing tall in his true and Freedom of choice… You can stand next to him, but you cant stand against him, because truth have no other side any longer… There will be no more lies… No more dichotomy or duality…

      So, act as your heart is leading you… not your analytical and judgmental mind…

      We will not have your truth or mine truth, but we will be TRUTH by our own actions…

      With Love and Truth, Predrag/Martin Luther King/Saint Germain

  5. Yes misspelled words do leave me wondering. As well as the fact that former “predictions” have not materialized? While the fear mongering from this source has been rather intense? Hmmmmm……

    • Jean says:

      Carol, these people are not doing this because they spell correctly. I think we are going to have to get over that idea. Our education system has dumbed everyone down. Nevertheless, these people are stepping to the line for us, and I think we need to be grateful and supportive of them. In the same way, people picked on Ben Fulford’s looks, but I think we got past that. This is a similar situation, I do believe. We aren’t in a world anymore where we are going to get a slick Disney (read corporate) production. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. chicago dreamer says:

    I’m SO ready for this! ~ Friends have sent me this image, but I didn’t know from whence it came. Thanks, Jean. <3<3<3

  7. pinksapphire1313 says:

    I have noted something in the far left column, number 3. It’s misspelled: The term is martial (law) not marshal. This error will make a lot of people wonder if this organization knows the difference between the two. Of course this organization knows the difference, but at first glance some people could be turned off. They may not stick around to listen to interviews. What do you think, jhaines?

    • Jean says:

      I understand your point. I’ve found that the word Imminent is misspelled, as well. I’m not sure I want to be the one to call them on it. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  8. mhenrydunn says:

    I’m beginning to think this is for real. We only need calmness, balance, willingness to speak out, and careful preparation…..may God bless all the brave men and women who have risked their lives to help make this happen.

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