Libra Full Moon, April 6, 2012


Hi Everyone from hot and steamy Flagler Beach, Florida,

Summer is here already!!!

Watching this awesome Full Moon as it rises over the ocean, will be spectacular indeed! Do hope that you all are able to see it in all its splendor.

With Love and Light,


Libra Full Moon ….. April 6, 2012

This is the first of five SuperMoons this year. When the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth at a New or Full Moon, it is termed a SuperMoon. The SuperMoon brings the Full Moon to peak prominence in the sky, appearing about one sixteenth larger than an ordinary Full Moon. It rises huge in the east as the Sun sets in the west, filling our field of vision so that it dominates and illuminates the whole night sky.

Full Moons are always energizing and SuperMoons function like laser beams, focalizing streams of electromagnetic particles into coherent channels of energy. The Sun and Moon, at  opposite sides of the Earth, precipitate stronger gravitational pulls on coastal tides, tectonic plates, as well as the human psyche. Our emotions shift and our viewpoints change, as new avenues of understanding are opened up. We can more easily make those changes we wish to make, based upon our heart-felt values and principles.

All Full Moons call upon us to balance two opposing signs. This one highlights the archetypes of Aries, sign of the Free Spirit and Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice. Aries is ruled by Mars and Libra by Venus, reminding us that we are evolving from a dominator consciousness to one that is heart centered, that we are all in this together.

“One finger cannot lift a pebble.” Hopi Indian proverb

The zodiac (the ‘wheel of life’ in Greek) begins with Aries. We emerge from the collective, celestial realm of Pisces to begin a new journey. The spark of God (the first cause), the love within each human heart (Aries) is the ‘law’ (Libra), which guides each one of us on our evolutionary journey. All law (Libra) exists first and foremost within ourselves (Aries), the supreme law being the Law of Love.

The Sun in Aries highlights our true identity, the spirit within us that demands expression; it is the “ I AM”, the universal consciousness of existence, the divine spark within each one of us. The Moon in Libra highlights our interconnectedness, the importance of taking into account the needs of others. We express our Libra energy in our respect for that same divine spark within everyone. Thus Libra, is the turning point in the evolutionary process, the ‘I’ consciousness being in balance with the ‘We’ consciousness, in the spirit of brotherhood and love.

“We are all caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one affects all…”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Where the Sun at 18 degrees Aries falls in our charts, we are striving to develop inner strength, to manifest our spiritual essence; we are learning to be love in action as we work through our challenges.

Where the Moon at 18 degrees Libra falls in our charts we are learning to co-operate and work together, to act with thoughtfulness for others. We are striving to create harmony where there is discord and to always consider the implications of our actions. Our Libra gift is the ability to find the point of balance, so often referred to in Eastern philosophy as the ‘middle way’ and reflected in the universal Law of Equilibrium.

“Be true, sincere and loving in your human relationships.” White Eagle

Learning to be true to our inner light (Aries) we can raise our minds above all conflict and find in our hearts that point of balance (Libra), the center of light and strength where we know our unity with all people and with all life. It is our Libra energy that can envision, evaluate, and radiate the love, beauty and harmony necessary to build a global family.  It is the mystic rising from the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid, who has seen the vision and now beholds his destined path of service to humanity, to create Heaven on Earth.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 18 degrees Libra: “Two men placed under arrest.”

This suggests the importance of being true to our spirit within and of living in harmony with universal law.

            “Impart as much as you can of your spiritual being to those who are on the road of life with you, and accept as something precious what comes back to you from them.” Albert Schweitzer

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 18 degrees Aries: “An empty hammock stretched between two trees.”

            This symbol speaks to a growing awareness that it is time to make changes in our lives, personally and globally. The hammock is empty and waiting, suggesting the static moment, the point of balance within, that is so important before a decision is made. What commitment can each of us make, what action can we take to bring harmony and peace to our beautiful Garden Planet Earth and her children?

 “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” Aesop

Heather Threlfall … April 2012 …..

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One Response to Libra Full Moon, April 6, 2012

  1. Perianne says:

    A wonderfully inspired post. I love your perspective. I should have recognised that it was a supermoon. It has been so huge in the landscape. Yesterday I read an article at National Geographic where they were proposing that the Titanic was sunk as a result of the pull a supermoon bringing the icebergs more south than normal.

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