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Genocide-Endorsing Climate Alarmist Calls For Global Tax on Carbon Emissions

Paul Joseph Watson | NASA’s James Hansen previously advocated environmental terrorism.

Study: EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain

Natural News | A new study out of Purdue University in Indiana has not only confirmed, once again, that clothianidin is killing off bees, but also that clothianidin’s toxicity is systemic throughout the entire food chain.

REPORT: 100,000+ active-duty Army troops on meds

Los Angeles Times | More than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year took antidepressants, sedatives and other prescription medications. Some see a link to aberrant behavior.

Israel ‘would not be able to destroy Iran’s nuclear programme with pre-emptive air strike’

London Telegraph | Israel would not be able to destroy Iran’s nuclear programme in a pre-emptive air strike with its current airforce, forcing its leadership to look for alternative means of attack, an influential defence report has concluded.

Mental health disorders mean high-profit business for prescription drug cartel

Natural News | Based on a new study, it seems as though the American Psychiatric Association (APA) may need a little refresher course in ethics.

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