King Tut’s DNA Results

I was looking for Montague Keen’s message today, and at Veronica’s site, I found this video, which I think is quite interesting. Enjoy and thanks to Veronica and her wonderful efforts on our behalf. ~J

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7 Responses to King Tut’s DNA Results

  1. Sir David says:

    Nefertiti, just doesn’t have an African face. Her features are clearly European.

    • Taina says:

      why does his face look mix

    • paris says:

      Ok first off not all African have African features. Look at we Nubian Egyptian better yet look at the soilmas they have no African features but they are pure Africans.. African come difference colors and shares every races has features but the Africans have more

  2. Jean says:

    Such comments as you have made, expressed with such little respect, have no place here. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Suzy says:

    I have to say that I read about these enlonged heads a long while back and it was because they binded them up quite tightly but I forgot where I read it from ( they were human apparentley). Not sure if it was meant to be a thing of beauty. If I could find the info it would shed light but unfortunately I can’t remember now off hand. I keep a lot of interesting stuff that I have read but to keep it all would be hard going. The ET and Alien agenda is being pushed very strongly ( for years and years) but no doubt I don’t discount that their could be other lifeforms or dimensions here or on other worlds but they are plain manipulating people big time!. Just a matter of being aware of the possibilty of being tricked and I want to very much be informed but not tricked into all tptb’s agenda!

    • susan says:

      He did talk about head binding as well and showed mummies where it looked quite apparent that they were head binded (the heads were somewhat flattened in the front). Some of the heiroglyphics also revealed quite large people with very large heads. Those heads had very large craniums, especially at the back. He showed many slides of skulls that looked like this. To think it was all head binding doesn’t seem correct either. As usual, wait and see!

  4. susan says:

    David W talked a lot about King Tut at his conference…. in other words, look at that HEAD! No human head that I know of!!!

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