Two new entries from Just Wondering – by Zen Gardner

Next Megaquake Looking for a Weak Spot?

Next Megaquake Looking for a Weak Spot?

by Zen Gardner

Following the quakes around the ring of fire you start to see patterns, thanks to people like Dutchsinse who diligently follow earth changes and weather phenomena and make a real effort to educate as well as serve as the warning system the mainstream generally fails to be due to their collusion […]

Sailing the Uncharted Cosmic Sea

Sailing the Uncharted Cosmic Sea

by Zen Gardner

It struck me today how learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations coming our way. I’m […]

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4 Responses to Two new entries from Just Wondering – by Zen Gardner

  1. Suzy says:

    ALi, I like your idea sounds good. It’s hard to know what to do about money as they say invest in Gold and then they manipulate that! Many years ago I heard people invested in Gold ( in the US?) and then the government made it valueless so that’s why we need a better idea. I heard about a country somewhere where people were using their own system but yet again I forget where, worked really well!

  2. ALi says:

    Just wondering ….
    1. I like to point out how simple it is for us to become FREE. It is the FIat Money that is enslaving us, trying to surveill us with every move. Yet it is
    totally fictitious money, those Federal Reserve guys are counter fitters, no
    value whatsoever. But giving us ‘ Convenience ‘ with printing faux BS.
    We deserve to be punished for believing in this ridiculous, illogical non-
    sense. Stop being lazy & use coins, those valuable old silver coins from b4
    1965 dimes, quarters, Morgan $ etc. They are available & easy to get, just

    google junk silver they call it (to confuse us) its 90% silver & always holds
    its value. ALso demand such old coins for payments, when you sell anything
    personally. You will be doing your friends a great value, just explain it to them, they can get these coins also just as easy. Pay your regular bills, like
    power, water, tel.,pc with the debt paper, as they are in that phoney game.
    But personally start trading with value wherever you can, like local business
    men, friends etc. from person to person. That way also in the near future,
    if the debt fiat dollar will fall, all of you who were awake have in your hands
    real value, silver. It never looses its value. Stop hoarding your coins as a
    investment, hoping the silver will go higher, get it instead into circulation so
    we all can live free & with dignity. We deserve to be punished with slavery
    if we are dumber than kids, who would know logically, how come you accept
    this idiotic phoney, fictitious pieces of paper in exchange for your very
    valuable time or item. Simplicity rules.
    What i am trying to point out is, because we are lazy & want convenience
    & even think lazy, forgotten logic, they are abusing us, enslaving us, its
    that simple. Get with it & take to action. We don’t need OWS, occupy wall st
    all we have to do is refuse counter fit phoney money, not worth 4 toilet, in
    fact covered with stupid woo doo garbage design. How stupid can we get.
    Honor JFK, we did love him.
    you go to any coin dealer locally & buy those old coins, then when exhausted
    their supplies, they will order more via internet, where you can only get them by the
    sacks of $1,000 minimum or such. Ebay sux, but sellers are mostly still honest.

    • Katie says:

      ALi, if you’re interested, look up Bill Still videos on youtube. He gives quite an education on money and economics. His videos are long — but worth every minute, IMO. Blessings.

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