New York Times Clueless Why Ron Paul Keeps Campaigning

Kurt Nimmo

April 10, 2012

The New York Times has chided Ron Paul for staying in the race and not dropping out in deference to the establishment’s handpicked candidate, Mitt Romney.

“Of course, at this stage Mr. Paul is little more than a distraction to Mr. Romney, and the two candidates are said to be quite fond of each other. Until now, Mr. Santorum had also been pinning some of his hopes on Texas, which, with its 155 delegates, has the most delegates of any contest to date,” writes Gerry Mullany.

The Times can’t understand it. Why would Paul continue to run when there is no way the establishment will nominate him and its corporate media has all but stop reporting on him?

Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton made it clear why Ron Paul continues to run. He released the following statement earlier today when it was announced Rick Santorum was cashing in his chips:

“Congratulations to Senator Santorum on running such a spirited campaign.  Dr. Paul is now the last – and real – conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  We plan to continue running hard, secure delegates, and press the fight for limited, constitutional government in Tampa.”

It should be obvious by now what Ron Paul’s strategy is. Benton alluded to it – to “press the fight for limited, constitutional government’ all the way to the convention floor in Tampa.

“Ron Paul may not get the GOP nomination for president in 2012, but whoever does will be leading a party much different from the one that exists today. It will include delegates to the national convention, activists, and party officials who support a non-interventionist foreign policy, sound money, and civil liberties. You talk about a nightmare for the party oligarchs!” Kenn Jacobine wrote last month.

The New York Times and the Republican establishment, of course, do not want to hear this. And they don’t want you to hear it, either – that’s why they no longer report on Ron Paul and only do so when they want him to fade away into the sunset.

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3 Responses to New York Times Clueless Why Ron Paul Keeps Campaigning

  1. Raine says:

    I am with you Alex!

    • Alex says:

      It always makes me laugh whenever the Washington Post or Politico or some such new releases an internet article on Ron Paul marginalizing him and his supporters as a non-factor. If you scroll down to the comments section of the articles the good American people who are awake always rise to the occasion and see right through the BS. More people are waking up everyday. I promise you it will not be long before the protests begin again and we start taking back control as sovereign beings. Anyways… one of the posts on a recent article by a young man in the military helped sum it up so I am re-posting it here:

      The candidate who can be trusted to do as he says, is consistent and offers with the only plans to:restore our economy and rights.

      He has never taken a government junket.
      He does not participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension Program.
      He returns a portion of his annual Congressional Office Budget every year.
      He has never voted to raise taxes.
      He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
      He has never voted to restrict gun ownership.
      He has never voted to raise Congressional Pay.
      He never voted to increase Executive Branch Power.
      He will Reinstate The Constitution and Save The Republic
      He will END the unconstitutional FED.
      He will secure the borders
      He will limit Big Government in your private affairs
      He will stop Illegal immigration and no amnesty.
      He voted against regulating the Internet
      He voted against the Iraq War and warned us against going forward with an undeclared war.
      He voted against the rights destroying misnamed “Patriot” Act, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and every other bill assaulting our Constitutional rights.
      He supports a non-interventionist foreign policy yet a strong military (and our active troops support him with more donations than any other candidate- give them the Commander in Chief they trust and support).
      He will end the inflation tax
      He is a true Constitutional Conservative

      “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberty and wealth are in jeopardy.”
      Ron Paul July 10th, 2003

  2. Alex says:

    Here is a real person. One who is obviously vehemently abhorred by the cabal and what it represents. You all look to Ben Fulford and the like to see what is coming that may save you from the Cabal. Whether Fulford is telling the truth and a noble man or not, may I suggest that Ron Paul is a flesh and blood supporter of all things ant-cabal. He is standing here and now before us fighting for us. he has endured years of ridicule for his so called radical ideas such as:

    Sound Gold backed currency.
    An end to the corrupt Federal Reserve Banking cabal.
    An end to an IRS and income tax imposed on us by the cabal.
    An end to all illegal wars and occupation of countries and murdering.
    A free market society with fair business practices that keep corporations out of government.
    A return to the original constitution of the united states of america.

    Can I ask that we get behind this man instead of worrying about what Ben Fulford and Japan (God bless Ben for doing his part in his own way) are going to do for us and we begin to envision from our hearts what our world could really be with the right incorruptible leadership?

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