4/12/2012 — TWO LARGE QUAKES = 6.9M and 6.2M strike southern California / Baja Mexico

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full website post with stat links, screenshots, and earthquake monitoring links: http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/4122012-two-large-quakes-6-9m-and-…

To say we are currently under a global state of unrest is putting things MILDLY

This is the time to be on HIGH preparedness alert ! Two large 6.9M and 6.2M earthquake have now struck southern california…

That is on TOP of the 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 6.0M in sumatra.. on TOP of the 7.0M in Mexico.. on TOP of the 6.0M off the coast of Oregon… on TOP of the 6.1M in Japan… on TOP of the 4.5 off the EAST COAST new england.. on TOP of the 4.8 in south Utah… all in less than 24 hours !

Not counting tornadoes in Puerto Rico, or FOUR FEET OF HAIL in texas !

needless to say.. be on the watch and be prepared… food, water, shelter, transportation, communications, and self defense — these basic needs MUST be met in order for anyone to survive for longer than a few days.


don’t be scared — BE PREPARED ! know the facts, share the information.. let loved ones know .


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