FAIL: The North Korea Missile Reportedly Fell Apart After 60 Seconds

Adam Taylor
Apr. 12, 2012, 6:59 PM
Source: Business Insider 

South Korean State TV says that North Korea has launched their rocket, Reuters tweets.

NBC news has reportedly confirmed the launch with the US government.

UPDATE 7:06pm ET — It now appears to have been confirmed from both the US government and South Korean government that the rocket was launched.

North Korean has claimed that the rocket is harmless is only being used to launch a satellite, but the US, Japan and South Korea don’t buy it and have all threatened to shoot the missile from the sky.

UPDATE: 7:11 pm ET — Here’s the planned flight path, via Zero Hedge, created by Lew Franklin and Dick Donald from Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation.

North Korea Missile Flight Path

Yonhap quotes a South Korean official who says “we are now on the flight path”.

UPDATE 7:15pm EST — We’re seeing reports that the rocket has failed after 90 seconds, cited to ABC News.

UPDATE 7:17pm EST — CNN cites a US official who says the launch appears to have failed.

UPDATE 7:31pm EST — The rocket was launched at 7:39am local time. Still no official confirmation that the rocket has definitely failed.

UPDATE 7:37pm EST — CNN says missile apparently didn’t break atmosphere.

Meanwhile, response is brewing. South Korea is reportedly planning an emergency meeting of defense related ministers, Yonhap reports. A White House response is expected soon, and the UN Security Council is meeting tomorrow.

UPDATE 7:46pm EST — CNN says governments of US, South Korea and Japan have all said the rocket seems to have failed, with Japan saying it appears to have fallen apart after a minute.

Meanwhile, this is what the televisions in North Korea are showing.

UPDATE 8:29pm EST — If nothing else, looks like this launch may have ruined that food aid deal the US had set up with North Korea.

UPDATE 8.55pm EST — North Korean press and TV have not mentioned the rocket yet. North Korean Space Agency officials tell Reuters that they have no information, @Mpoppel tweets.

UPDATE 9:03 EST — Full white house statement below:

Statement by the Press Secretary on North Korea’s Missile Launch 

Despite the failure of its attempted missile launch, North Korea’s provocative action threatens regional security, violates international law and contravenes its own recent commitments. While this action is not surprising given North Korea’s pattern of aggressive behavior, any missile activity by North Korea is of concern to the international community. The United States remains vigilant in the face of North Korean provocations, and is fully committed to the security our allies in the region. 

The President has been clear that he is prepared to engage constructively with North Korea. However, he has also insisted that North Korea live up to its own commitments, adhere to its international obligations and deal peacefully with its neighbors. 

North Korea is only further isolating itself by engaging in provocative acts, and is wasting its money on weapons and propaganda displays while the North Korean people go hungry. North Korea’s long-standing development of missiles and pursuit of nuclear weapons have not brought it security – and never will. North Korea will only show strength and find security by abiding by international law, living up to its obligations, and by working to feed its citizens, to educate its children, and to win the trust of its neighbors.

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6 Responses to FAIL: The North Korea Missile Reportedly Fell Apart After 60 Seconds

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  2. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Someone explain to me how these NEWS pundits can claim North Korea to have threatened regional security when their latest “toy” disintegrates 60 seconds…that’s one (1) minute, little family…after it’s launched. They’re acting like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, for crying out loud! I’m reminded of the Black Night guarding the bridge in the now famous Monty Python movie, Holy Grail! We’re supposed to be living in fear of these “Keystone Koreans?”

    I agree with you, sisters Brigitte and Shelly, the Galactic Theater Commander is definitely exercising his prerogative, isn’t he? Yes, it would seem so. And, who might have given him that authority? Why, the ONE of course (that’s us folks).


    • Tina says:

      ….”Dunno”, says Korean Rocket Scientist, Sum Ting Wong! 🙂

      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        LOL! What a threat to “Regional Stability!” Hey, sister Tina, I’m gonna’ go an get a cup of coffee now and mull over some of the features of the New Earth and our Ascension…more important things to do.


  3. Brigitte Mueller says:

    Hail to our space bretheren…. any doubts?!

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