The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, April 13, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase

According to which source you look at, Mars will station direct (appear to move forward in the sky once again) sometime between midnight tonight and midnight tomorrow.  So let’s just go with today as the last day that Mars is retrograde, remembering that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct packs a powerful punch.  Today, the Planet of War and Aggression impulses us toward premature action.  We will need to compose ourselves, strategize, and determine the goal before we rush forward with anything.  The tendency or negative expression is to be competitive, over-confident, and far too ambitious.  But we want to be fully prepared and thoughtful before engaging into action.  We need a sure mark before we take aim so that we are sure to hit the target.

The position (degree in the sky) of the Sun today will “blow” possibilities in from the realm of Spirit.  These developments will eventually lead to an abundance that will be self-sustaining.  By all means, take advantage of any out-of-the-ordinary opportunities if one comes your way (just don’t rush in too soon – follow the advice above).  A large sunspot (pictured here, taken by Dennis P in the Netherlands and uploaded to is directly facing Earth and it is growing.  If it releases a flare, it will dramatically enhance the energetic, spiritual effect and instead of “blowing” direct spiritual intervention to us, it will spiritually “inundate” us.  The outside effects of it may be hard to take (because it often causes major “corrections”) but rest assured that it is Divinely directed.  Here’s the thing to remember in all of this: we really do have it all.  We are just in the process of recognizing it.

The Oracle Report

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