Important Stories from RSN, April 13, 2012

Bernie Sanders | Stop the Nuclear Industry Welfare Program

Bernie Sanders and Ryan Alexander, Reader Supported News
Excerpt: “After 60 years, the taxpayer should not continue to subsidise multibillion-dollar corporations in the nuclear energy sector.”

Juan Cole | Washington’s Dangerous Blockade of Iran
Juan Cole,
Cole writes: “The United States is already effectively embroiled in an economic war against Iran. The Obama administration has subjected the Islamic Republic to the most crippling economic sanctions applied to any country since Iraq was reduced to fourth-world status in the 1990s.”

Fox Mole in Legal Hole as Gawker Raises Gossip Stakes
Brian Braiker, Guardian UK
Braiker writes: “News Corp lawyers threaten site with legal action after firing an employee who leaked embarrassing material over two days.”

An Ugly Foreclosure Story, Starring Bank of America
Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times
Holland writes: “Dirma Rodriguez had five minutes to gather her things and vacate the West Adams house she and her severely disabled daughter had lived in for more than 25 years.”

Argentinian Farmers Suing Monsanto for ‘Poisoning’
Anne Sewell, Digital Journal
Sewell reports: “Monsanto is once again in the news. This time they and other corporations are being sued for allegedly ‘knowingly poisoning farmers’ in Argentina.”

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