MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks – by David Wilcock

Written by David Wilcock

Friday, 13 April 2012 18:18

The next major milestone for Mass Arrests of the cabal has now arrived. Liens have now been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks. A Cease and Desist Order has also been filed — to prevent the world’s wealth from continuing to be stolen.


If you have been following this and certain other websites, then you have already heard the eyewitness testimony suggesting that thousands of conspirators in finance, media, defense, military, corporations and government are about to be arrested.

The mass resignations of CEOs, worldwide — now numbering well over 450 in the last few months alone — is a tangible sign that a major event is anticipated within the insider community.

Let’s be clear, again, that this is NOT a coup, NOT martial law, and NOT a takeover of the government in any way.


Our financial system, media complex, defense industry, corporate world and government has already been taken over.

It is not being run for the people and by the people. It has been systematically manipulated by a secretive, occult Cabal.

We cannot sit back and wait for their next attempt to generate mass chaos and destruction, and say “let’s just leave everything the way it is,” simply because this group has been so circumspect in revealing its true intentions.

This system threatens the welfare of everyone on Earth. In their plan to secure global control, they have repeatedly attempted to create mass casualties — by a variety of different means — and significantly reduce population.

Many, if not most of these efforts have been thwarted. Much of this is thanks to the will of the people; great heroes who take a stand. This includes countless hundreds of millions of people doing their best to spread the word — and inform others.

More recently there appears to be Divine Intervention, for lack of a better term — which is utterly destroying the Cabal’s ability to do any further harm on a mass level.

That does not, in any way, reduce or eliminate our need to act. For now, we focus on the practical, tangible, on-the-ground steps we must take to free our planet from Financial Tyranny — within this very opportune set of circumstances.


The plan for mass arrests appears to have been in development since the 1960s, as my interview with a new insider named Drake revealed.

Drake was asked by the “good guys” in the Pentagon to provide a public voice for a plan that, up until then, had almost entirely been disclosed by Benjamin Fulford, since 2007, and myself since November 2011 — when I was personally briefed on it.

This plan requires the will of the people to succeed. Otherwise, our supporters within the military and the justice system do not have the legal precedent to perform such actions.

After many years, the public outrage is now sufficiently high that the will of the people has become more than sufficient to take these steps. Elements within our civilian and military sectors alike have had enough — and are taking a stand.

US marshals from the Department of Justice and peace officers will carry out the arrests, with the assistance of military personnel — in the event of any unforeseen disturbances.

By assisting a legal civilian operation in this manner, the military personnel are following their Oath of Enlistment — to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Again, to reiterate, the mass arrests will generate a situation from which there is no turning back for the Cabal.

Once the truth is exposed, there will be no further walls of secrecy for them to hide behind.

Every genuine fact you’ve ever read on the Internet about this problem will quickly become common knowledge. The “learning curve” is steep, but this is what everyone will be talking about.

The rules of logic are absolute in a case like this. Full disclosure of this group guarantees that no such actions will ever be tolerated again by the public. It is a full-stop Game Over for the cabal.

That is why they are so terrified right now.

There are plenty of headlines showing this — such as Muppetgate, the public divorce of JP Morgan and the Vatican, the mass resignations of over 450 CEOs, and the passing of ridiculous and tyrannical executive orders.

This cannot and will not be a “cleaning out of middle management” only. The upper levels will be clearly exposed. These people’s lives will never be the same. No one will tolerate the continuation of their plans.

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8 Responses to MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks – by David Wilcock

  1. Jan says:

    Here’s another disappointment from over 2 years ago.

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  4. Maggie says:

    Hats off to you Gloria! What an awesome response!

  5. Gloria says:

    So, I like that he says it will take the will of the people to make this succeed. It has been our willingness to go along with the system that allowed them to take over in the first place. We must now ban together and demand that change take place. No “white knights” are going to fix
    everything for us. We must demand change ourselves and stop being slaves to the system. It is
    time to take back our power and stop doing what we are told for the betterment of a hand full of
    men vs. the world. Turn off the control box called the TV and look around at the natural world. It
    cries out for help, right along with us. If we can all stop following “their” rules, they have no power over us. The time has come to make a stand and believe in each other. Stand up for what is
    right, help your fellow man. We the people need to rise up and tell them to take their “system” and
    shove it. We need to take our ball and go home. If we all stop playing the game, the game will then
    truly be over.
    Peace, love and happiness to all.

  6. susan says:

    love you DW

  7. Alex says:

    Great hopefully unlike (supposed) the Keenan Dragon family lawsuit there will actually be some teeth to this. We will see.

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