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This is a listing of  featured radio shows at After listening to Drake and Deatra’s interview from yesterday – on, I got a bit more serious about learning what Drake and his colleagues are up to. Perhaps you will be interested in one or more of these programs. I’ve decided I very much want to hear Drake’s address to ALL military. ~Jean

Their Show Schedule is Thurs from 1 to 3 pm Eastern and on Sunday from 6 to 9 pm. Our Guest Schedule remains very flexible  so we can bring breaking news in the progress of our endeavors as they happen so it is not easy for us post an actual guest schedule.

Relocalization (SMART Meters, IPMC)

With Drake, Anita and Chris


Listen Here

Clearing up misconceptions and setting the record straight

with Drake as our featured guest 3/22/2012

Address to ALL Military, Sun, Mar 18, 2012

This show was primarily designed for our active and retired military, co-hosted by well known Freedomizer – Jo Anne Moretti.  Our primary guest was Drake – and our belovd Teri helped fill in a few gaps in this presentation.    Sometime in the near future, contingents of federal marshals will be serving papers on – and arresting – a number of people.  They will be backed up by active military troops.  Once again, this is not a military coup.  Drake – our man with more connections than I can imagine – brought forth a straight-forward set of instructions to remind our military about the proper manner to refuse an unconstitutional order.    This was followed by a set of free-wheeling calls.  If there was ever a show to bring to the attention of your local sheriffs, mayors, police chiefs – and any military you know – this is it.  It’s an edge-of-the-seat presentation – and an all-out effort to keep peace in trying and troubling times.


A Message For AMERICANS 3/15/2012

Please tune in.

Destroying the Family Unit Through CPS Corruption

Listen Here

Pastor Butch Paugh

 Listen Here

 RuSA Exposed

Integration Committee  click to ListenTexas Issue click to Listen
The Truth of the Origins of TRAP/RuSA click to Listen
The Truth of the Origins of TRAP/RuSA part 2 click to Listen

NWO Vs The Family Unit

 Click to Listen .

NWO and the Education of our children

Click to Listen

Debt Collectors/Debt Elimination

 Click to Listen

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12 Responses to Freedom – Featured programs

  1. …. okay… so here it is 05/03/14 …. and WHAT has been happening since the 2012 posting ??? Yes, I’m a little late on the ” power curve ” … but WHERE is all the news on how the ” PLAN ” is working out ???

    • Jean says:

      Daniel, you’re supposed to do some of your own investigating, reading, and deciding for yourself what is going on . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Teresa Greer says:

    I was just wondering about Russian soldiers being brought in starting May 21,2012. They speak perfect English and will b wearing US uniforms. CIA reports that they are hear to control US citizens for socialistic purposes. Could you clear up this matter for me?

  3. Phillip Evans says:

    Obviously, since I am very new to this news, I take it with a grain of salt.

    Still, I’ve always wondered what was meant by the method in which the “raiser of taxes” is removed.

    Dan 11:20 Then stands in his post out of his root a royal sprout who has an exactor to pass among the honorable of the kingdom. Yet in some days he will be broken, NOT IN ANGER AND NOT IN BATTLE.

  4. donet2012 says:

    I agree with Mike in not taking up arms. Let the military or whoever is supposed to enforce the arrests handle these things. However, there are going to be some gun-toting crazies out there and this is my greatest concern. I have said all along that if the Galactics disclose themselves and show up, what is to prevent them being shot at by someone who believes all the lies in the movies the cabal has promoted about hostile aliens. I would like some day that all guns and weapons be destroyed and peace to reign.

  5. mike says:

    This is a post I left on taking up arms I don’t think anybody read it.

  6. mike says:

    It is never the time to take up arms Blood begat’s blood.Its time to wake up and realize who we are and the power we have this police state can not stand with an enlightened population. Unconditional Love is the most powerful force in the universe. All this is; is fear on steroids and I am sure Mr Duff is well meaning but he is dead wrong about the solution to the problem.I have said over and over again we have to fix this ourselves and not wait and pray for someone else to do it for us. Stop complying with them stop giving them all of your energy these people feed on your fear.

  7. donet2012 says:

    Jean, the lady’s name is Deatra.
    I have listened to many of these interviews and find Drake to be a credible and intelligent source of information. Whether this all plays out remains to be seen. I do like the fact that he is warning everyone not to start shooting and to support the military. Since he sounds like a good ol’ boy from Texas, I am hoping it appeals to all those other ones out here in the southern US who have lots of guns and shoot first and ask questions later. He does advocate viligance and cool-headedness and to “not do anything stupid.” Well said!
    Don in East Texas

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