American Slaves, Our Real Destiny – by Gordon Duff

Sunday, April 15th, 2012
Posted by Source: Veterans Today 

Nothing Biblical About It, It is Forced Breeding of Slaves

[Editors Note: We have an excellent slavery resource list at the end of this article, with a download link for the classic They Were White and They Were Slaves, by John Cobden..1854.]

Servitude for Life

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Americans can’t talk about race, not without making total asses of themselves.  Europeans are worse. 

Most “whites” came to America as slaves, not “indentured” as we are taught.  They stayed slaves for life with only a few being freed. 

America was built on “the enlightenment,” the move in Europe against Christianity, toward science and learning, this is who all the founding fathers were.

Individual colonies were Catholic or Quaker but America was never meant to be white, only free of religion in government.

There isn’t a single word in the constitution about race but lots about religion.  We didn’t want any part of it.  We had seen it destroy the world for 1700 years, and it has gotten only worse since.

There were things we didn’t see.  We ignored slavery, white, black, all of it, because ignoring problems was the only way we could get states to ratify the constitution.

As most voters had either slaves or servants, none were poor, all were land owners or businessmen, bankers, it took us until 1863 to pretend to address slavery and until the Civil Rights Act of 1965 to put teeth behind emancipation.

America began with an addiction to aristocracy, rule by men of learning and accomplishment, when they were the few and it was believed that, with talent, came wealth and authority.

Yes People – White Folks Were Sold Right Down at the Docks

[Editors Note: Only the ‘best quality’ were sold on the docks. The leftovers, the ‘dregs’ as they were called, were marched inland to be sold at town fairs, with the price dropping as everyone knew the least desirable were the only ones left.

When labor shortages became bad, petty criminals, prostitutes and street urchins where sent over to empty English jails of what they called ‘our excess poor’.]

We have certainly proven that theory worthless.  America was aristocracy and slavery until the settlement of the west led to a reassessment of European values.  A Bowie knife and a Kentucky rifle, in the right hands, was worth more than a dozen European titles.

This is where the idea of real America began, guns, freedom, mistakes, chaos and theories about politics, government, order, all based on the total rejection of Europe, what it meant, its religions, its kings, all things that the central government empowered by a highly flawed constitution would work hard to perpetuate.

Fought to Save the Union – of Free the Slaves?

Did we fight a civil war to end slavery?  Who were the slaves, the Africans stolen to work on plantations or the white citizens bled dry through taxes, wage starvation, currency scams and the exact same politics we see today.

Slavery began to end then, with the war, the questions of the value of each human being.  If an African slave could be freed, so could a wage slave in a mill or a bank slave on a farm.

This is the war we are still fighting today.

We still have it, mind you.  You don’t see it.  When a governor tries to fight “unions” or someone opposes “Obamacare,” they are talking slavery.  They want a country of poor and sick.

When a politician talks about abortion or birth control, in reality they are defunding cancer screening for women.

First of all, the slavery fight has never ended.  That’s what the 99% is all about.  When a governor signs an order ending equal pay for women, he is returning the US to slavery.

Why do you think we have 40 million illegal aliens?  They were brought in as slaves, walked right across a border we could have closed in 24 hours, brought in to break unions, to replace “black” slaves, clean swimming pools, mow lawns, work in slaughter houses and be sent back before they earn their unemployment or social security benefits.

Many American companies, big ones, do this as a regular part of businesses, all republicans.  They bring in illegal workers, pay them nothing, keep them as

Duff House, Oddly One of Many in the Family…the Good Old Days

sweatshop slaves, then call “immigration” when they have a new group coming in.

This has been going on for years.

Then we hear about Europe?  Paris and London were built on the backs of slave labor, Africa, Asia.

Ninety percent of the money that paid for Victorian England was the result of slavery in India.

Funny thing, British love seeing the things built by slave labor, paid for, those things the Germans didn’t blow up, but tend to forget it was all built with stolen money.

Every major home, palace, estate in Britain was, for the most part built by slavery.

Gordon – the ‘Blue Scott’

Our family was different, we sold whiskey, salmon and stole cattle.  Check out Duff House in Banff.  We, at one time, had 384,000 acres, pretty good for people who painted themselves blue and beat people to death with rocks.

That’s who we always were, what made us “racially superior.”

Our European brothers now complain that Muslims are “breeding Europe brown.”  Did they forget their two world wars?  Did they forget the centuries of wars before that?

Did they forget over a thousand years of religious rule where science was illegal, no improvements in medicine, no vaccines, no bathing, no public sanitation?

The Muslims had those things but the Catholic Church made them illegal, instead burned 60 thousand old women to death as witches.

In 1572 as many as 30,000 French Calvinists were murdered in one day, the St. Bart’s Day Massacre, a Catholic celebration of religious freedom… 30,000 dead in one city in one day.

Want to talk about the crusades?  They killed more Christians than Muslims.  Crusaders burned the worlds Christian capitol, Constantinople. Remember, Rome was a backwater, destroyed in the 5th century and not rebuilt until the Renaissance.

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  3. I hope this guy knows the difference between advertizing for “servants” and advertizing for “slaves.” Big difference. And that big difference is highlighted by the fact that those servants in that ad (I mean, slaves) also came to America with skills in specific trades. Quite a lot of time and money invested into mere “slaves” (which would defeat the whole purpose of the money saving benefits of slavery).

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