Charter for Compassion

This video is not new, but its message is always timely. My thanks to my friend, Michael, at Archangel Michael Conversations for bringing this to my attention. ~J

Uploaded by  on Oct 2, 2009

There is an urgent need for a new focus on compassion.

Bringing together voices from all cultures and religions, the Charter seeks to remind the world we already share the core principles of compassion.

On November 12, thousands of people across the globe will listen together.

Participate and engage with the Charter now at

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4 Responses to Charter for Compassion

  1. Contramary says:

    Try to unsubscribe via WordPress -I think I saw something of the kind there …..
    and have a very nice time in the Caribbean – I envy you a bit for this splendid time and the sun
    Hugs from Mary
    Om Shanti

  2. Coco says:

    Usually at the end of the email updates it asks if you with to” Unsubscribe or change your email settings” and you can do this at Manage Subscriptions.

  3. arunja says:

    Can you please unsubscribe me ( sorry, i do not know how else to do this!) we are going to the Carribean for a few weeks and i am not sure of the internet facitities out there and want to prevent my inbox from overflowing.
    I will miss the daily reading fare but on the other hand being without all of these ‘ reminders’ might be a blessing as well….
    Be well,


    • Jean says:

      Arunja, I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to unsubscribe you. Perhaps someone else can help with this? I would really like to know because others have asked from time to time. . . I’m sure there is something that comes with your sign-up message that helps with this. Hopefully, someone else will step to the line and help with this . . . Have a wonderful holiday; enjoy the sun and fun! Love and hugs, ~Jean

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