FRAGMENTS OF A FAITH FORGOTTEN, April 13, 2012 (This is a wonderful read!)

Source: 2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog and Updates

 *******************BELIEF SYSTEMS*******************

Belief systems are illusions of linguistically structured thought.  They are cages created by words, imprisoning those who view the world through them.  The very attempt to hold on to the truth destroys its living nature.  The same apple cannot be both growing on the tree and preserved in a jar at the same time.  It must be one or the other.  The truth is alive and we know it only as we express it by speaking and relating to others from our own experience, not from what we’ve been taught or told or programmed.  When we relate to people from our own experience and they relate from theirs, we’ve got the basis for mutual cooperation, whereas those who relate from a belief system are far more likely to encounter conflict.

You don’t have to face the truth if you hire a belief system to do it for you.  But belief systems demand a stiff price.  They place a heavy tax on your awareness and soon you’re perceiving only through a filter of their interpretations.  You don’t see reality anymore, and wind up living in a fiction.


Intelligence is the ability to interact creatively with one’s environment.  And that differs for each life form.  Intelligent behavior for a tree would not be intelligent behavior for a bird.  As a species we are finally beginning to recognize intelligence as it exists outside an exclusively human context, we notice angels and things.  We see ourselves in a whole new way.


As for God?  Call it Eternal Being, a larger field of awareness, or whatever you will:  It’s kind of like that joke where the student fish asks the philosopher fish, what is this “ocean” you keep talking about?   It’s everywhere.  It’s intelligent.  And it’s our most precious resource.

It simply doesn’t make sense for us not to explore ways to communicate with it.  It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that we’ll never solve our problems with more of the same kind of thinking that created them.  Well, here’s a whole different kind of thinking, just sitting there, available for problem solving.  And thanks to electronic communication, you don’t have to be a mystic or live some weird lifestyle to tap into it.  People in every walk of life are tapping into it regularly these days.  Their lives are better for it, and their lives are making the world a healthier place.  

I make a distinction between spirit—and beliefs about spirit.  I’m not interested in theology.  I’m interested in the expression of spirit.  When you talk about team spirit or school spirit, you’re not talking about dogmatism, you’re talking about a shared feeling and enthusiasm.  That’s the kind of spirit that interests me.  Any church that helps people open their hearts in greater love for God and Creation is the kind of church I can support—regardless of whether it’s Christian, Muslim, Judaic; whatever.  Our different ways of describing God are of no more eternal significance than the color of the clothes we wear.  The important thing is the experience God, and you can’t do that second hand.  You’ve got to do it for yourself.

A successful church is transitional.  It’s a stepping stone toward consciousness, toward reaching that point where people in the congregation make the decision to make all their future choices from a center in love.  This is different from a conceptually oriented church which basically just worships some human being’s understanding, someone else’s ideas, someone else’s experience of God.  You can’t know God through another’s experience.  To orient our lives around a structure of someone else’s understanding is to worship a false god.

Every child comes into the world with his or her instinctual awareness healthy and intact.  As parents and educators our greatest responsibility is to help them keep that native awareness not only intact, but to provide conditions that will allow it to grow and mature.  We should give them the tools of our culture as we would give paint and canvas to an artist, but never tell them what to paint.

The skills we teach them are to help them express themselves more fully, not to tell them what to think or what to express.  We can and should share with them all the knowledge we care to but above all we must help them preserve their inherent confidence in themselves.  A child’s level of confidence is a major factor in determining his or her future success.  The preservation of a child’s native esteem is far more important than the acquisition of technical skills.


We have always acknowledged the existence of angels.  They are our sisters and brothers beyond time and space who chose not to enter these biological realms as we have.  Basically we’ve gone our separate ways for the most part throughout history, but now, at this time—when our collective human consciousness is about to gel in realization of our fundamental oneness—it’s kind of like our birthday party is coming up, so they’re all gathering around and offering their encouragement.  Only a few of them communicate with people conceptually.  Most of them are here to radiate peace into the emotional field surrounding the earth, to exert a calming influence during these times, and especially during the moment of collective awakening itself.  Most of them are here to minimize any potential disruption that could be caused by so fundamental a transformation.

*******************A POST-HISTORIC WORLD**************

The posthistoric world is here now.  Its geography is the same as the world of historical times.  It’s a new world of perception, a new world of understanding, a world where resources are limited only by our capacity to appreciate, a world where we can understand anything that we can love.  It’s a world where the primary human motivation is love rather than fear as it has been historically.  It’s a world where people do not forget their fundamental oneness with the Great Spirit, the Creator the Universal Being behind all being who manifests all these worlds.  The posthistoric world is a human condition where people are motivated by individual variations of the same motivation that motivates the sun, moon, and stars.  It’s a world where people speak from their experience rather than from what they’ve heard or what they believe, and speaking only from their experience they naturally speak the truth.  It’s a world where people don’t look for validation outside themselves, but experience it within, directly from the source—the source of their life and the source of all life.  The posthistoric world is a world where there is no greater/lesser, no master/servant, no lords or commoners, a world where all human beings are equally immersed in the purpose for our human presence here: the enjoyment, exploration and development of space.

Only you can interpret your surroundings accurately.  Someone else can’t do it for you.  Nothing wrong with the media, but if we give it the authority to define reality for us, we are giving away our birthright, and we end up living out our lives in an artificial landscape described by others.  We were designed with senses to interpret this world for ourselves.  The reality we experience when we do this is a whole lot better than what we see on TV.


If you let go of your ego, does that negate your individuality?  You don’t let go of the ego, you relax it’s grip on your sense of self and reality.  This makes you more individual, not less.  When the ego dominates your sense of self, you experience a caricature of individuality, not the real thing.  True individuality can only be experienced in the context of the larger whole of which we are parts.  The true flowering of individuality doesn’t come until we stop operating out of our past-oriented programming and experience ourselves as biological creatures intimately interwoven into the larger fabric of this earth’s biosphere.  That makes us more unique, not less.

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10 Responses to FRAGMENTS OF A FAITH FORGOTTEN, April 13, 2012 (This is a wonderful read!)

  1. pete says:

    First of all, I just want to thank you jean for your tireless efforts to spread the word and the wisdom and compassion you display. Your actions alone are what we need to understand and assimililate internally. I want you to know how much I appreciate you.
    Thank you Jean

    Secondly, this article is a great find. It really nails it for me. I hope it is useful to others.

    I want everyone in this community to know that I am totally sure of our success in this venture, I have had my moments of doubt and uncertainty but all I need to do now is to look how far we have come and that includes those still unaware of the problem, if you look back to what it was like and the way even the most skeptical of our friends are becoming more able to open up and actually begin to listen and ask questions. I am convinced this is going to end well.

    Bless us all

    • Jean says:

      Pete, this article really, really resonated with me, too. He nailed it for me all the way . . . I also like your positive attitude, Pete. There’s no question in my mind, either. My life in the past 15 years has been nothing short of a miracle, and it’s all been tied into this Ascension. Drunvalo says we’ve made it, but just by the skin of our teeth! Love and hugs, ~Jean

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  3. Zooey says:

    Another great article, Jean! 🙂

    I loved the line: “You don’t have to face the truth if you hire a belief system to do it for you.” Sadly, I know too many people who have turned off there critical thinking capacity once they have accepted “how things are” according to others beliefs.

    I have heard things like, “You cannot stare into the face of God because you would be blinded,” or, “you cannot know the mind of God.” Statements such as these undermine ones own confidence to go through life with simple joy and innocence. I know that a child could look into the face of God and find utter peace and contentment without even blinking. In fact, I could almost see a toddlers hand reaching out and tweaking God’s nose in play.

    It is too bad so many “grownups” have turned off the ability to face a seemingly ever-changing reality and live in such a static world of dogma.

    Ah, well…I’m off to face my day…and to find some noses I can tweak. 🙂

  4. tertiusgaudens says:

    I quote from the beginning:

    “Belief systems are illusions of linguistically structured thought. They are cages created by words, imprisoning those who view the world through them”.

    That sounds sweet. The intellectual challenge is – what are linguistical unstructured thoughts?.

    Since Heidegger`s approach of language being “the house of being” is an attempt of clearance, the sentence above makes me suspicious – what is bad with linguistically structured thoughts?

    Actually, unstructured thoughts are not a solution, for they are utter nonsense. They do not lead us to clearance. The sentences I quoted promise nothing more than confusion – linguistical confusion.

    That the house of being – language – is not always proper in encountering our being in this world is nothing new. No serious thinker will deny it.

    I reckon something different. The author is tired of “belief systems” trying to overcome it by not appearing stupid. But he should saddle the horse from another side. He should have begun the paragraph not with a nonsense notion.

    Instead, he could have mentioned the temporal character of any belief system. Here is the crux – understanding language as time – transcending per se, which is not true.

    I`ll leave it this way. I just wanted to mention it, because I found it a little perturbing…

    • Zooey says:

      I appreciate your thoughts on this article as I feel it is imperative to look at things from as many angles as possible before accepting things as ones new reality. And, in answer to your question: “what is bad with linguistically structured thoughts?” I, personally, can answer it in two ways.

      1) I don’t think the person writing this article is saying that ALL linguistically structured thoughts are bad.

      2) I would have you look at the studies of linguistics professor John Grinder on Neurolinguisitic Programming.

      I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on the source material of point two. However, from my own experience and observations, linear language is primarily a function of the left brain and is therefore incomplete. The right brain has it’s own “language” that is often overlooked; and, as an artist, I can attest that this portion of the brain is hardly structured. It appears to reside in the now and is in constant creation, rearranging things to suit its own realty.

      Finally, building ones belief system based on the written language–or, at least on tenets that are not “the living word of God” but rather set in stone (tablets)–aligns the individual to accept a constant bombardment of religious programming. For better, or worse.

      For example, telling oneself that you are a sinner from birth can have serious health complications later in life. The wear and tear of that demeaning thought structure dis-empowers the total being: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

      I believe this is what the writer was getting at in this article.

      Some would say that is intentional by the Powers-That-Were; I am simply trying to generically reply to your questio

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  6. 1212 says:

    people still do not know the beatitudes, this is basic

  7. Coco says:

    That is really inspiring, I was feeling a bit down today and it has made me feel a lot better…..

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