ETs/EDs Take Major Action Against Huge Chinese Underground Arsenal

ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!

Posted on April 17, 2012 by John Kettler

ETs/EDS Raid China

ETs/EDs Pillage China’s Underground Arsenal!

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) raided China this past weekend, taking a full 20% of China’s nuclear inventory, reported by the ETs/EDs and others at some 5000 warheads, a number deemed “possible” by sensitive terrestrial sources.  China got this most unpleasant visit for several reasons, some military and others regarding exopolitics: a) harboring and working with the Reptoids, enemies of the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces; b) using Reptoid technology to conduct large scale holographically cloaked teleporter visits to the northern and southern borders of the U.S. (seen and reported in both areas but gone by the time we had eyeballs on scene) and c) carrying forward the ETs/EDs’ policy of denuclearization. When the Reptoid base in China was obliterated 1-2 months ago, the transporter device was also retrieved, removing a very serious strategic threat.

This is a preview of ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!.

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15 Responses to ETs/EDs Take Major Action Against Huge Chinese Underground Arsenal

  1. Debbie says:

    It;s funny what you believe and what you don’t….the channeling on Jean’s blog makes my BS meter go through the roof, and I am sure SaLuSa is working for the dark ones………….but Kettler……I find credible! Ancient Aliens on the History Channel did a piece and said that many, many people saw many UFOs hovering aorund Fukushima right after the quake/tsunami, I have had people I highly respect telling me for the lasat 25 years that there are ETs here helping to move our technology forward………..I believe that there has been a royal battle between the good ETs and the bad grey reptilians……………JohnKettler rocks…..I totally believe him….and if his site is down he must be pissing the dark cabal off……it’s a good site!
    And Jean —she rocks!! I love what she does….her theme…is….. what is the truth? FUN stuff…

    • Ben says:

      This post made my BS meter go through the roof. Jean is a victim of ‘there is no truth’ ‘your truth is as good as mine’. Jesus: “I am the truth”. 99% of scholars (including skeptics): the resurrection of Jesus happened. If you want the truth, turn to Jesus rather than deceiving spirits (demons) posing as ETs.

      • Finefeather says:

        It is NOT Jesus who you need to turn to but the Christ Spirit in Jesus. Jesus was a man like us all, get your facts right and stop waffling on about something which has long time ago been known. Christians believe Jesus is God because he said so, and that.. he IS, and that is also what we all are, even you!. We are all the one life which is God if you want to call it that! Many people on earth now have the Christ Spirit in them, that is our goal. If Christians just do exactly what Jesus preached they would also all have the Christ Spirit in them. The truth shall set you free.
        Jean is giving you something to chew on and as you, a Christian, are reading these blogs she must be doing something right, and that is to get your mind working and out of the rut that many Christians find themselves in these dark days. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in. We all love you no matter who or what you are.
        Jean is doing a great job. 3 cheers for Jean.! ! !
        Dwell not in dark places
        Seek the Light

    John can still be found on facebook with this China story is there. Emma

  3. OOPS Kettler’s Website has been taken down. oh my.

  4. By the way, none of these links work. They all lead to that Dead End Street where they are taken when there is no recieving address to take them. (smile) Emma

  5. I sure hope you are wrong folks, but Kettler is no more off then all the Channlers who are deceiving many and perhaps along with themselves. But there are many who listen to Kettler as well as Drake. But they could all be deceiving us. And the New World Order is using them to blaze the way so they can take over. Time will tell but don’t put your all your eggs in the same basket, and give Jean some space as she takes her work here very seriously and is very careful with her material. Kettler is accepted by many. So is Drake. Time will tell. Emma

    • Jean says:

      Emma and LOL, I do take my work seriously, and thank you for recognizing it. It is not my job, however, to tell you folks what the ‘real’ truth is. I can only give you information and then let you decide for yourselves. Rather than constantly deciding one way or the other, I really wish you all could sit back and simply watch the news going by. In my reality, it really doesn’t matter what the news is, because as far as I am concerned, the shift is happening and I know it will continue to happen. How? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Not to me, it doesn’t. I’m just watching the soap opera with delight! Love and hugs to all, ~Jean

    • LoverofLife says:

      “But they could all be deceiving us. And the New World Order is using them to blaze the way so they can take over.”

      Emma, I believe you have hit the nail straight on dear.

      People that read these feel good posts, don’t have the capacity to understand I believe, just how powerful the handful of people that own it all truly are. The did not get to this point quickly, nor easily. They have all the time in the world. All of this was supposed to happen many times before, the last time being 2000! One just need to go back to forums, and blogs of that time to see the EXACT same talking points being discussed as it is to day. Do people not think that they did not cover every aspect and point possible? These are the master manipulators, and master magicians. Masters such as Freud, Jung, Bernays et al! They invented psychology! That is all these posts are, is psychology being used on us.

      They own the internet like they own the media. Controlled opposition. IE: RT news, Al Jazeer. Media fakery. They do it ALL. They do it all the time on msm, what makes you think that it’s not all over the internet? They own hollyweird, and the people in it. People have no idea how far these geniuses go to decieve the entire populations into accepting what they want them to. None whatsoever. There is a reason for every idea out there. I think if you don’t understand, you need to go back and watch the video that Jean posted awhile ago called Travistock. That is the very top umbrella of it all and if you haven’t seen it, or didn’t understand it, then please go watch it again.

      It is imparative at this point that if you’re going to actually become aware, to become aware of ALL of it or else nothing is going to change and will get worse just like THEIR stupid documentaries have told us it will do.

      On another note, have a wonderful trip Jean, and all have a great weekend. I just hope nothing sinister happens tomorrow, it is a HUGE anniversary date of many things. 🙂

  6. LoverofLife says:

    There isn’t much real truth out there. As I’ve said before, I believe in only about 4 people out there trying to get the truth out. I don’t know if Jean is decieved or a deciever and only say this due to all the places she puts her posts from.

    If you ever really want the “real” truth, it’s out there and being exposed big time now. And it surely isn’t by the deceivers such as Kettler, Wilcock, Fulford, and many others here. They’re mind stealers for sure. Most people know this.

    Enjoy it, as it just keeps repeating itself in case you haven’t noticed by now.

  7. stefanova says:

    is this from that nutcase kettler?

  8. Finefeather says:

    Exactly 1000 hey ! hmmmmmmm
    Are you quite sure you hav’nt missed your medication ?
    If you hav’nt then I would suggest a stronger dose!

  9. Chris says:

    Also in the news – though not yet widely reported – ET raided dozens of the Hershey Corp.’s warehouses and made off with several hundred thousand pounds of Reese’s Pieces.

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