RT: Smear & Loathing: Assange show FSB-filmed Putin propaganda

Published: 18 April, 2012, 17:43
Edited: 18 April, 2012, 21:19

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Watched Julian Assange’s show on RT and dying to express your outrage? The World Tomorrow host compiled a list of hateful notions he encourages journalists and public figures to use.

Julian Assange’s interview with Hezbollah leader Sayyid Nasrallah sparked a wave of media reaction and saw Twitter trends soar.

While the general public expressed their interest in what Nasrallah had to say in his first interview since 2006, the media pounced on Assange accusing him of…  Actually Assange beat them to the punch, saying it all before the show was even launched.

RT’s interview with Assange from April, 16:

“[They will say] there’s Julian Assange, enemy combatant, traitor, getting into bed with the Kremlin and interviewing terrible radicals from around the world,” he told RT. “But I think it’s a pretty trivial kind of attack on character.”

In order to avoid subjecting them to trivialities, Assange decided to lend a “helping hand to the overworked hacks in the anti-Assange ‘smearsphere’ by indulging in a pre-emptive bout of self-hating WikiLeaks-bashing.”

“Corporate media and regime propaganda machines alike excel in the mass production of sensationalist smears against individuals and organisations they perceive to be social, political or economic competition. Fortunately WikiLeaks is all three,” his statement reads.

Since he is tired of “the lack of imagination and poor sense of humor evinced by journalists and public figures,” Assange decided “to hold out an olive-branch to our overworked detractors, by writing higher quality smears for them.”

Here are just a few: 

#2.1 Assange is a Kremlin patsy, employed by the Kremlin, the show is propaganda, editorially controlled by Putin and filmed by the FSB!

#2.4 Assange is desperate, marginalized pariah, rightly rejected by the Western media. The only people who will work with him are US-hating Russians!

#2.6 Assange is only interested in money – the Kremlin must have paid him big bucks!

#5.8 Assange can’t hold a conversation for more than 26 minutes!

#5.9 Assange won’t shut up for the entire 26 minutes!

Although this was clearly a joke, it seems like Assange was not far off the mark. Reading the actual reviews of The World Tomorrow, one cannot help but notice the exact same sentiments being expressed. No joke this time.

“RT, first known as Russia Today, is an English-language news network created by the Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin in 2005 to promote the Kremlin line abroad. It’s like the Voice of America, only with more money and a zesty anti-American slant,” writes Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times.

Russia Today – now styled RT – is state-owned and Kremlin-controlled. It is remarkable for how little reporting it devotes to what is going on inside Russia today,” opines The Guardian’s Luke Harding. “The mystery is why Assange should agree to become a pawn in the Kremlin’s global information war. Perhaps he needs the money.”

American former television host Glenn Beck went into an all-out hysterical 10 minute rant about the show.

“The fact that this guy has been hired by Russia is amazing!” he exclaimed. “The implication is Assange is a Russian agent whose anti-American mission is now out in the open for all to see.” 

Whatever the conclusions Western media drew from the Assange show’s premiere, they are definitely not in tune with their readers. Most of them lashed out right back at the journalists in the comments sections.

“Ooh, you really have a problem with Mr. Assange don’t you?” reads a comment on The Guardian website. “I notice you don’t bother with the shortcomings of the Western press of which you are a part. Do you really suppose that you bother with the uncomfortable truths either?”

“Russia Today might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however it does provide a platform for honest journalists and commentators.”

“Calling RT a ‘Kremlin propaganda channel’ putting a bit strongly. My guess is calling the BBC ‘Westminster propaganda channel’ would be nearer the truth.”

“RT is often propaganda, yes, but it happens to be right about half the time. It is an appropriate counterpoint to Western propaganda, which is about as likely to come from the pages of The Guardian, responsible for selectively censoring numerous WikiLeaks cables in accordance with the interests of the UK government and corporations.”

“I’m glad to hear what Hassan Nasrallah, too bad we don’t get to hear it from US reporters,” a reader comments on the New York Times article.

“This report is not up to the usual NYT standards…Stanley sounds a bit vindictive.”

“[Assange] did an excellent job and gave viewers an opportunity to hear the point of view of someone that no American media (including NYT) would ever do.”

“At RT, Mr. Assange has joined a team of journalists extraordinaire. These journalists take meaningful events of the day, separate the wheat from the chaff, and report the news.”

Anti-war activist and journalist Don Debar told RT the media storm caused by Assange’s show is predictable. Debar argues whistle-blowers and alternative sources of media present a major problem to the US “information management paradigm.”

“In the United States, since the 1950s, and famously in April of 1961 when John F. Kennedy called on the media to consider their stories against the issue of national security, you have a very, very narrow band of opinion that gets broadcast, discussed, and a very narrow set of facts that are presented.”

As the information age has brought international news outlets to American audiences that are not “bound by censorship,” DeBar maintains the fact the US communication industry “is beating up on Assange on the one hand and RT on the other isn’t surprising.”

RT and Assange explained prior to the premiere that the purpose of the show is to bring alternative opinions to viewers around the world and stimulate debate of issues the mainstream shuns. The controversy over the first episode is proof positive that the goal has been achieved.

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6 Responses to RT: Smear & Loathing: Assange show FSB-filmed Putin propaganda

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  3. Henry says:

    No need to apologise! A refreshing, inspiring, accurate critique and an eloquent, skilful rant against the “Lame Stream Media”. Give me ass-kicking indignation any day over the benign impotence, which so much of the Love and Light brigade saturates the internet with in these enduring times.

  4. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Well now…did any of us really expect stateside and European pundits to fathom the details discussed that have made apparent to the rest of us just why the Middle East is not a peaceful place? Can any of them really fathom the real reasons why the Middle East has become a slaughter house under the sun? It’s too Gestalt an issue for them, I would assume.

    Let this be a lesson in a particular Orwellian methodology used repeatedly by the “Lame Stream Media” and our dysfunctional governments: it’s called “redirection.” In this particular activity, you make every attempt to “redirect” the viewer’s attention OFF of the core argument of any particular discussion and ON to a topic of diminished importance if not complete irrelevance.

    FOR EXAMPLE: (Expressed to the media pundits and not to my beloved little family)

    Redirection point (1): Assange is a Kremlin patsy, employed by the Kremlin, the show is propaganda, editorially controlled by Putin and filmed by the FSB!

    Who gives a damn? Despite the best efforts of the Western interlopers to interfere in Russia’s election process, Putin is the duly elected Prime Minister so piss off! What you are calling “propaganda” is a side of the story of the Middle East that has not been heard in Western Media! Now, why is that? MAYBE it’s because Western media is so crammed full of ZIONIST propaganda that THE WHOLE WORLD has been engaged in continuous and debilitating warfare for over 65 years now! What do you expect people to do when you roll over the top of them with tanks and kill their families? You want them to give you a kiss, blow in your ear, and thank you for an agonizing death by deprivation? Communism is dead in Russia but it’s alive and quite robust in Corporate America. Haven’t any of you mindless wonders noticed? There is a new motto in Wester corporate and financial ethos: From each according to their ability; to each according to their need! Bankers have lots of needs, don’t they? BIG ONES TOO! That must be why they’re continually getting my government to pick my pocket every time they loose their shirts at “venture capitalism” (More appropriately known as GAMBLING!). Oh, and by the way, did any of you listen to what Nasrallah had to say, you belligerent bastards?

    Redirection point (2): Assange is desperate, marginalized pariah, rightly rejected by the Western media. The only people who will work with him are US-hating Russians!

    First of all, if you consider the death and destruction your ceaseless pandering has recklessly promulgated in your endless “wars” of attrition fought merely to secure the public assets of foreign nations, it becomes apparent to us that JESUS CHRIST has been rejected by Western media! So, what the hell are YOU trying to say? Again, what does Assange’s current disposition or the attitude of the Russian people have to do with Nasrallah’s commentary? I find the declaration FOX NEWS to be an oxymoron and its pundits to be slightly to the right of Adolf Hitler. I don’t make that FACT the foundation of my entire human capacity to think logically and I don’t let it interfere with an aptitude for understanding the TRUTH.

    Redirection point (3): Assange is only interested in money – the Kremlin must have paid him big bucks!

    What’s a matter with you guys? I thought that you people just got done telling all of us that greed is good? What, the people in Monsanto aren’t interested in money? Jamie Dimon isn’t interested in Money? Blythe Masters isn’t interested in money? Try to remember all of the moralistic bull shit that THOSE people have been pumping into your presses for the past 40 years! Don’t you practice your own religion anymore?

    Redirection point (4): Assange can’t hold a conversation for more than 26 minutes!

    He seems to have maintained the devoted attention of the U.S. and U.K. security services for well over 500 days now. He ALSO seems to have captured your attention just as well.

    Redirection point (5): Assange won’t shut up for the entire 26 minutes!

    He’s not supposed to, stupid, he’s the moderator. What, Bill Riley can interrupt everyone but Assange can’t engage his host in a revealing discussion that explores the other side of the Middle East story?

    So, all of you “Lame Stream Media” moguls are all upset that, once again, Julian Assange has “let the cat out of the bag.” That irritates you doesn’t it? I can sense, by the tenor of your antiquated, irrelevant, myopic, cold-war-era, ineffectual ranting that all of you wish that the “Old McCarthy Days” would return. Well, despite your best efforts they WON’T return! We’re all heading into a new era, a new paradigm, and a new Earth! And, do you want to know why? It’s because we WANT it that way–yeah–we’re thinking it through.

    You guys don’t THINK. You guys just mimic your masters and become embroiled in vignettes carefully crafted by dimwits who fancy themselves ruling elite. None of us are even remotely interested in that distorted, dysfunctional, corrupt, and revolting tableau anymore–you bloated, self-indulgent, lazy, worthless crossbreeds!

    Go on home, now, imbeciles. Go finish exploring the “wisdom” of separation. The rest of us will clean up your mess once and for all this time.

    Good GOD! These blockheads are becoming TIRESOME! I can’t wait until the 4th quarter! Ahyeee!

    Sorry, little family.

    Love and light,

    • Finefeather says:

      Well done SaS, an absolutely brilliant reply to a bunch of misguided souls.
      What many don’t realise is that, even if the Russians were the ‘bad guys’, and I’m not saying they are, they have enough intelligence and insight to use our own stupidity and predicament against us with very good effect. Many people know that Assange is actually very aware of the plight of the world and is just looking for a platform (as he has stated) to expose the mess the world is in. So why deny him a place to expose it. Maybe he is the Lamb in the Lions den.
      Love to you Brother of light.

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