Quick note from ~Jean

1) Some of your Comments are winding up in SPAM. I simply disgard my SPAM, because I get hundreds of them. If you don’t see a Comment show up within a reasonable time, please tell me in the Comments section. That should work . . . it has already . . . 

2) In seven minutes – 3:00 pm Pacific time, Drake will be on the radio here:

I’m going to try to listen . . . and you might want to as well . . . 

3) This Sunday I am going home and won’t be back until Wednesday. Obviously, my blog will take a beating. I would like to suggest that you publish things in the Comments section, and I will hope and pray that I will be able to make sure they can be seen by everyone.


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5 Responses to Quick note from ~Jean

  1. Contramary says:

    Have some nice days with not to many hidden past issues cropping up suddenly ..,
    try to protect yourself …you know the big pink bubble and in you go and close the
    zip from inside ,,,,,
    Love and hugs Jean
    from Mary

  2. Brigitte Mueller says:

    Hi dear Jean, wish you will have a lovely – not just stressful – time back home. You will be missed much, so hurry up!

  3. Yvette says:

    or just go to the site & put in drake comm, etc It was a fantastic interview so TYTYTYTY!!!

  4. lou says:

    Sorry Jean, this link doesn’t seem to work…do you have a better one so we can listen?

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