4/20/2012 — 6.1 magnitude in Sumatra — large Pacific ring earthquake swarm continues

Published on Apr 20, 2012 by 

Full website post here with the links you can use to monitor these ongoing developments:


This most recent 6.1 magnitude earthquake is a sign that the Pacific 6.0M+ earthquake swarm is not yet over.

Overall , when looking at the past two weeks of large earthquakes…… it is indeed a large amount of movement to see occur around the Pacific ring of fire —- be aware and alert if you live anywhere around the ring of fire that is ABSENT large earthquakes over the past week, and also any of these current “swarm” spots, such as Sumatra, or Iran/Iraq border region.

I edited in the correct pronunciation of Vanuatu…just a fyi . .. sorry for the rough edit.. no “smooth” way to fit in VanuAHHHtu.. :^)


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