4/20/2012 — Severe Weather = TX, LA, AR, MS, AL, FL — Pacific storm forming

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Today, this afternoon into evening (April 20, 2012) we see south Texas (near Houston) having hail / damaging winds / strong cell thunderstorms —- heading east northeast — towards Central Louisiana , extending north into Arkansas.

Eventually.. the rest of Arkansas, central Mississippi, and North Alabama might see this hail / damaging wind reach across the current storm watch zone.

After sunset, we shall see if the storms fully die out, or carry northeast.

Also in South / Central Florida .. west of Orlando.. Northeast of Tampa… extending south through the central part of the state into the everglades.

Out west — far west coast extending out into the Pacific Ocean (near hawaii) … a new low pressure system has moved in.. eventually will pass over the west coast .. California, Oregon , Washington State. Most likely this next storm will be our large weather producer in the Midwest USA.

Use the links here to monitor severe weather currently, or to monitor the coming storm:



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One Response to 4/20/2012 — Severe Weather = TX, LA, AR, MS, AL, FL — Pacific storm forming

  1. MARZ says:

    i feel so sorri for you guyz out there in the u,s,,your bad weather is on a plus 10 level,i hope no one is killed

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