Trance-Formation (Full Film) – thanks to Mike for this! I’m going to start watching it now. . . ~J

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The latest film by Max Igan, one of the greatest humans to ever walk this planet. This man deserves his rightful place in the history books, right next to the greatest minds of all time.
Mex Igan’s YouTube Channel:


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12 Responses to Trance-Formation (Full Film) – thanks to Mike for this! I’m going to start watching it now. . . ~J

  1. What is this film about, Jean?
    Biggest Fear-Porn? Worst Truth? Anybody knows what Nano-Science is up to? Anyone knows and fills me in on this, please? I am just a nano-analphabetic, Thanks, Tim

    • Jean says:

      Tim, I really haven’t got time now to give you a personal lecture on this film. Sorry, but maybe someone else will feel like doing it. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dear Jean, I don’t need a lecture, I will get that by a friend who knows nanotechno. Anyway, what I thaught: when this is real, it makes Dr. Mengele and all the SS expirements look like a small boys club!! And if it is not real it is the most bizarre fear porn out there.

        • Jean says:

          Tim, I have just now gotten around to looking at your comment and backtracking to see what I said. It sounded kind of bad, and I’m sorry for that. At the time, I just didn’t have the time to try to explain it to you . . . and I was sorry. I meant what I said, but the word lecture was probably a bad choice – except that I felt you asked me a question that would take some serious answering . . .can we let it go? I’m sorry. Hugs, ~Jean

          • can we let it go?
            Dear Jean, there is nothing to let go, because there is no-one upset. And definetly not for the word “lecture”. But honestly: what is happening with the nano-soldiers? You have a clue or link to get more info? because the idea of transhumans is so sick that so far I didn’t grasp it. would be great to get more inputs on what is possible. thanks + love TIM

  2. Emily says:

    Jean, so many people are so ill just now. I learned of a healer who is beyond Reiki and other remote healers–he has remarkable ability to heal, through his God given connection to Source. He healed my daughter of injury after a boy fell on her neck and back–causing back spasms and vertebra compacting. She had another ankle tendon tear from ankle to knee, an old injury which never healed–which he healed. His website is Multiple videos of testimonials from multiple people he has healed of so many problems. Alfred Webre interviewed him and his story is available from a google search. He is in Phoenix, Arizona, and give long demonstrations of his healing abilities to an often incredulous public. I personally feel a center should be started where people can come, instead of him having to travel to publicize his abilities. I feel the world is so in need of extraordinary help in this time, here he is and some many don’t know his remarkable abilities. Perhpas you site can help.

    More on Reiki energy healing

  3. mike says:

    You don’t have to agree with everything that Max says but the thing he has been saying all a long is peaceful non compliance. This is the only way we are going to stop the madness. This is left up to us Folks. If you listen to Max he will tell you that the dark cabal is in their heart of hearts deep down inside is Christ but the one who reigns and who is perpetrating all this kayos is antichrist (EGO) . I never have said we need to hate this people or pass judgment on them. All I have ever said was know them by as SaS puts it by their fruit. I am very much in agreement with SaS I also so put a biblical perspective on God and the truths that are in the Bible. Not saying that Christianity is right. I was in that religion for 35 years and one day woke up to Lies and manipulation and now wouldn’t give you a plug nickle for it. But you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The book tells you who you are. Jesus tells you who you are and so dose Paul. Not all of the bible is wrong. I know I seem a little harsh sometimes and I apologize for that but it comes from over 15 years of research into the cabal and this puppet Gooberment. And I done this before I started waking up. Many of you think I hate Obama but that’s not true I pray for his wakening and I would suggest you do the same thing but we cannot create his reality we can send our Love and prayers to the Father (Universe) on his behalf. Jean thank you for posting this. Max is very knowledgeable and wise and is well worth listening to.

    • Jean says:

      Mike, I’m in agreement with your words, and I thank you for them. I started watching last evening and will do my best to continue today. So far, people who have watched are giving a very good report. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Brother Mike,

      You wonderful human being! I have to disagree with you in a fundamental way: WE MUST agree with everything that Max says because everything that Max says is the Truth and when we have the Truth in our possession, we are empowered to ordain a completely new paradigm as you have relentlessly declared to us–praise be to the ONE! Thank you for your tireless insistence. I hope that all of us are beginning to see the “mechanism” of change for what it really is.

      I was like you once a long, long time ago, dearest brother! I was a devoted Christian because I loved Jesus Christ and his Wisdom of life. Jesus chose to die on the cross of transformation–an act of unparalleled love without Wisdom. It was without Wisdom because he chose to terminate his life thereby terminating the opportunity to experience Agape’. This does not make his action any less powerful or benevolent only that, in consummating his history in an act of sacrifice, billions of souls were deprived of his presence. The world might have been a different place had he lived out the remainder of his years. Wouldn’t you agree? But, that is water under the bridge. We were given all of the information necessary to make the choices that would propel us forward toward ascension and, by the tenor of your thoughts made apparent to us, you are well on your way, dearest brother.

      The Illuminati will fail and soon, beloved family. Not because they are “Evil” but because they are ignorant. Their ignorance comes from their choice to explore the wisdom of separation. It cannot be changed by any means in that they have made it for themselves and believe it. That is why I have always said that we should just step aside and let them pass on by into oblivion. We have no right to interfere–the Law of Free Will shall not be broken by those who serve the Light of the One Creator/God! We will forget them and everything that they’ve ever done to destroy our joy. Their most precious desires and greatest achievements in the service to self have come to nothing.

      I cannot agree with those of us who claim that the present paradigm can be salvaged and modified to serve the good of mankind. It cannot because its root is in the absence of “Good.” It has no principles. Our only hope is to follow our own acknowledgement as a people of the Light and to formulate a new beginning–to use the power of the one Creator/God (that would be US) to implement a completely new paradigm. However detailed your personal ideal, I’m sure that its nuance will fit perfectly with mine. I look forward to meeting you and all of the others in this wonderful, loving, and harmonious little family. We haven’t much time to plan our celebrations.

      There will be such wonderful holidays in those future times! We will enjoy each other’s company and rejoice in our companionship! Happiness and purpose will dominate our awareness and the Light of the ONE–our Unity will be with us forever and ever!

      All of you–and I say this with all the love a soul can muster–get to work. Build that fantastic architecture! Realize those dreams that have, for so long, eluded you. Again, thank you for this message, brother Mike. Power, wealth, health, and love be ordained upon you in portions that may overwhelm you and those you love!

      Love and light,
      Your brother…SaS 😮

  4. ExtrovertedOne says:

    I watched the full film, and the majority of the things that Max Igan said I agree with. However, that whole the cabal wants to turn us all into a bunch of borgs to serve them thing is nonsense to me. That would be too much work for the cabal, meaning them trying to keep an entire planet of slaves under control. It’s much easier for them to wipe out 90 percent of the Earth’s population and have 10 percent of us serve as slaves. That won’t happen, though…enough people are awake now that timeline 1 (as Bill Wood has mentioned) is an inevitability.

    • Stunned at Sunset says:


      I have the same opinion as you do when it comes to evaluating the scientific observations made of the cabal–rationalizing their behavior using reason and logic. However, I’d like to point out that it isn’t they’ll be able to turn us into “Borg;” it is that they are so profoundly ignorant of reality and the complexion of the One Creator/God that they embark on hapless campaigns that would seem to empower them but, as you allude, do not. Poor creatures.

      Remember that they have chosen a negative polarity in the service to self. This is an exploration of the “wisdom” (with a small “w”) of separation. Wisdom, it is said, is the combination of information and experience that combines to produce knowledge. They have neither–I am compelled to agree with you. However, as they are “separated” from us, they cannot gain access to the “Truth” (with a capital “T”) as the Truth resides with the One (the Source). Therefore, they follow their own illusion, thinking that they can turn us into slaves through mechanical means as it has become so difficult a task to accomplish psychologically. Our Great Mother has a “Jolt” of a surprise in store for them!

      You are correct EO; this won’t happen. Already they are suffering defeat at the hands of the Universal Mind who has decreed that their innocuous scheming be subverted and concluded in preparation for the Great Transition. Those who choose to continue in “service-to-self” will be left behind–an enigmatic explanation of the mystic story of “The Rapture.” Yes, Bill Wood and others have stumbled on to the same Truth. The time lines–the space time continuum converges at one point–ascension. But this doesn’t mean that the service-to-self crown won’t engage in the kind of tomfoolery that can be scientifically observed in their ridiculous program of “Climate Remediation.”

      To think that they can alter the direction of the space/time continuum and modify the Mind of the One Creator/God is the modern disclosure of the ignorance of that 5th Density “Super Being” we have always know as Lucifer. He declared that he would not serve, never understanding that, in service to self–apart and separated from the love of the ONE–you would be COMPELLED to serve without choice.

      I salute your confidence because it is grounded in the Truth and cannot be assailed or defeated. March on! Change is coming!

      Love and Light
      SaS 😮

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