Galactic Federation of Light – may have a selfish motive. . .

The blog, Ascension with Earth, is of great interest. I’ve copied one of its articles here in which the blogger suggests that the motives of the Galactic Federation are selfish. After this article, the author gives much of what Sheldan Nidle talks about when he describes the coming times. I have always had trouble with Sheldan’s words, because time and again I see him dictating things that will happen to us. He takes our power to decide for ourselves right out of our hands. This does not seem healthy to me.

Here you can read this author’s take on The Galactic Federation, with much of his information coming directly from Sheldan. When he speaks about the ascended masters, I do not know specifically of whom he speaks, but from my experience, Drunvalo, who I believe is truly an Ascended Master, simply does not fit into the descriptions provided so carefully by this author. I leave you to decide for yourselves whether or not you agree with the author’s concept of the Galactic Federation.  I think he may have a valid point, but it seems that only time will tell. If we are aware of this possibility, at least we can be on guard. It’s an interesting read, and I suggest to you that the entire blog is very special and important. ~J

Source: Ascension with Earth

This page is here to inform you of what the extraterrestrial group calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light, intends to bring to humanity leading up to December 21st 2012.  This E.T. group is currently assisting governments and secret societies around the world to rid of the control structures of the dark cabal also known as the Illuminati.  It is my opinion that this ET group is from the 4th dimension and has selfish interests.
This selfish interest is to assimilate humanity into their Federation and systems of control.  They will show humanity amazing technologies that will advance us hundreds of thousands of years into the future in terms of technological progress.  All financial systems will phase out and people will become 4th dimensional humans living among an enormous galactic community.  All personal needs will be taken care of so people will not need to ‘work’ any more.  

There will also be beings calling themselves the Ascended Masters.  These beings claim to be part of the spiritual hierarchy and are here to assist humanity and the GFL.  In my opinion these beings are also from the 4th dimension and have selfish qualities.  It is my opinion that they are here to keep humanity from ascending with earth and want us to ascend based on their technology and techniques.  

Ascension to me is a natural and organic transformation that humanity undertakes with Mother Earth.  This is different from what the GFL and Ascended Masters have planned for us.  They want us to Ascend using technology chambers called Light Chambers, which transform our DNA.  Ascended Masters will disguise themselves as familiar Avatars that have been ingrained into the human consciousness for thousands of years.  Please be aware of these deceptive groups and beings from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Great White Brotherhood.  

 It is my opinion that humanity does not need help ascending to the higher dimensions of this Universe.  This is a natural and Divine event that unfolds organically and does not need help from external sources.  This Divine spiritual evolution of spirit comes from within each and everyone of us.  Spiritual Power is infinitely stronger than any technology that has ever been or ever will be created.

Many people will be convinced and persuaded to give their Divine power away.  Each individual will have to decided what is best for them during this monumental change in their consciousness. It is up to you whether you believe them to have your highest interest in mind or if you believe that you have your highest interest in mind. Discretion is always recommended when reading GFL and Ascended Master postings. e~

Click Here to read the info from Sheldan Nidle’s blog.

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  1. Mimi Mih says:

    “Galactic Federation of Light” IS NOT The Galactic Federation! They are not one and the same. Be careful about the Galactic Federation of Light!

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  4. Doreen Agostino says:

    I feel the same way Jean.

    My perspective: For too long humans have been played like puppets on a string by globalists, and perhaps others. The natural close of this world age is a ‘rare’ opportunity to ‘know our own truth. 2012 is ‘code’ for peacefully cutting the strings, and stepping up the spiral of evolution as one with our non-physical Soul Light body. Light is a metaphor for the one true Power everywhere, everywhen, everyone, which reveals Itself as eyes that see, ears that hear, hands that touch, and hearts that feel every man, woman, child.

    To smooth transition between worlds, intentionally align with your Soul Light body. Ask Soul for guidance 24/7. Become best friends with your Soul, which is Power. As your whole self, confidently clear dense, low vibratory energy in your energy field from the past, which raises our vibratory frequency so that more Light flows through us, protects us, informs us, EMPOWERS us to bring what we require into physical reality.

    I hosted a radio program specifically to clear our energy field. If interested click here

    Be aware of Project Blue Beam. .

  5. Mike says:

    Hello I’m baffled, This Federation ? well is it safe to say the Federation is also known as Heaven or Gods kingdom? I feel that all people have rights!! unanible rights! under there Governments and under Laws from the Bible to us and from the God of most high granted us by, so that all people and their Personal exsistence of and as beings, because after all Mankind does exsist, so that this Expeirement would not get so out of hand and violate us on individual levels. So as an American and a human I and us, We the people have rights!! This New Technology is so Great that it make’s fiction a New reality and this GFL info is Pretty Wild!! I mean it sound’s very safe. I get the feeling that GFL Messages somehow has been anylized and possibly perfected way beyond anything the world has ever Known for our best interest and Goals. This Light family sounds just and if this is a fact then They have no reason to want or need to violate our rights as beings!! Our World Earth right now is infact clearly going through or is at a moment of Abnormal and or hightened, activity.
    Just watch the News!! Everything just seems to have somehow Finally reached a World wide devine intervention with the knowledge that The Earth has . The Internet, News, Bible, History, Mankind, and Technology is somehow merging at an Alarming rate and its offering mankind an option and or a Free Gift !!! A New Golden Age. Well If this is going to be a World wide thing then mabey it should have a very Clear and “People” approved voteing Process’s that is noncorrupt and will give absolute World wide proof that the World and all of it’s intelligent Creatures Made a unifided Majority rule’s Vote on weather or not this GFL should be allowed to Carry out it’s objectives pertaining to Our situations. If We the People of the world together agreed to allow this option from them for us then we the people of the Earth should have the right to vote on more issues for do’s and don’ts from the GFL. AGREED UPON BY THE WORLD AS A WHOLE OPERATING UNIT, Majority rules votes!!!!! Do we have a better option?? Last but not least I’d like to say thank you GFL I hope one day our Earth the mankind found at our location and GFL would atleast hold a World wide News and Internet Introductory Meeting / Conferrence. Sounds like this stuff is top priority. This Deathwish project must have been a Gut’sy and Courage’s commitment if we volunteered for it even before our Birth. Ha Ha Ha HAAAAAAA!!!! I think the News said that We the U.S.A fired a missle at Iran and then the Missile was shot down possibly by these devine being’s. So close call for Iran!! Then the U.S.A. fired another missile this time at the devine beings, I’m under the impression that the devine being’s Eliminated this missile contact as well. One night I do recall that somehow the star’s were like strangl’y whispering to my eye’s, It was so quiet and increadabile enough I tested for a response so I just everso faintly thought to myself that I wished the star’s would show me a more clear sign so I gently asked the one star I was gazing at to move location’s in a form of a more clear sign then somehow without hearing any sound’s I could feel in my eyball’s that the star agnowledged and granted this request from me and Moved a very clearly and noticeable controlled distance, it was not really like a shooting star, it was more like a sign for my hope, and then I was filled with joy!!!

    Iraq. U.S, A. Veteran RichardsMike

  6. Mike says:

    I don’t know much about Galactic Federation Of Light but I just want to say the person who wrote this blog and the title is crazy,illeterate,religiously selfish person. That person is a religious person. Religious people especially Christians are very selfish. Light is better than darkness. Spirituality is better than religion.

    • Jean says:

      Can we be careful here about saying things like “Christians are selfish”? Nothing is black and white, and I would hope you would understand this by now. There all kinds of shades of gray in between. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Alex says:


      What blog are you talking about? Jean’s blog or the GFL blog?

      If you are talking about Jean’s blog you are are flat out wrong every which way you decided to look at it.

  7. Ivy says:

    Hi… just wanted to add my two cents and hopefully address the concerns raised here.

    I’m actually a member of the GFL, and I can understand where confusion may arise. I work with other human GFL members primarily in the dreamstate, but there are a number of members with whom I also work in the physical.

    Many of our GFL duties are performed most directly in the “astral” or 4th dimension (as it is a higher dimension bordering the 3rd and therefore allows easy and direct access to the collective consciousness). That said… we’re human. Everyone is service-to-self occasionally. STS is not an inherently negative setting! In fact, I would argue that much of the work I do in the astral for GFL to help humanity could be considered STS simply because it’s in my best interest to assist our planet so we all can enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

    Like I said, I’m human, and selfish interests are admittedly a prime motivator for getting this work done! Especially considering the more brutal situations I’ve been in… there’s been a lot of pain involved, some terrifying situations – especially when clearing out the astral realms or battling the roots of some major negative complexes. I’ve seen some ugly things and been through major physical and emotional trauma, which would easy to dismiss because it occurs in the dreamstate until you realize that I’m equally conscious there as I am here, so the pain and fear are equally real (if not moreso – occasionally senses are exponentially heightened). Sometimes it’s fun, and I’ve had some incredible experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world, but it’s REALLY hard work.

    So… just because the GFL as a group and its members have many distinct STS qualities by no means takes away from the fact that the fundamental purpose of the alliance is to always, ALWAYS have the best interests of the collective in mind.

    Additionally, in regard to Ascension with Earth – that IS the goal. However, we Earth-humans are really struggling right now with the task simply because our current infrastructure is so bloated, stagnant, and out of control (think: snowball effect) that even with the best of intentions, we’re a little in over our heads. We do already have the capability for extremely advanced technology and have for years, but the implementation thereof with the current global government? It’s… rough, to say the least. And progress has not been as fast as desired.

    We just want peace and positive development, and Earth is calling (sometimes outright begging) for help. If technological gifts or other ET assistance IS offered (as opposed to us being able to achieve it on our own, which is preferable but pigheaded to insist upon in our current state, where so many are truly suffering, have lost hope, and are ready for this to be over already), we should receive it graciously with the knowledge that we are EQUALS and quite literally receiving it from OURSELVES (like I said, I’m a member of the GFL!). That scenario is far preferable to the violence, upheaval and unrest (police state, abject poverty, or nuclear war, anyone?) that we might see instead. Ascension will still be guaranteed at SOME point, but I don’t know about you guys… I’d really like to see it sooner rather than later.

    The technology, if offered, will be only to help us get to a state where we achieve the peace and harmony necessary to continue ascending with this planet.

    I hope this helps. Discernment is wholly encouraged; distrust because of perceived “STS” or “negative” qualities is just silly. Please, if you have zero selfish interests or negative qualities, let me know! The beings closest to us (ie in the 4th and the astral) are absolutely going to have STS & negative characteristics, because they’re only the next level up from our own – that also means they’re in the best position to help us directly.

    And, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before… I AM one of those beings, and I’m happy to personally assure everyone reading this that I have your best interests in mind as a collective, as well as my own, because we’re ONE. So please, don’t knock the GFL too hard – remember we’re all in this together, and every seemingly selfless deed (STO) can just as easily be traced to an STS motive, like the fact that doing good deeds feels good, or there’s an evolutionary benefit to sacrificing oneself for the whole of the group, or whatnot.

    Also, while I’m thinking of it… spare a thought for those poor Illuminati/NWO/etc. bastards? I come from a long line of reptilians, and it’s not easy being fear/logic-based. At the heart of all is LOVE, and I mean ALL, including the “devil” himself (often known as “the guy on the other side”). That’s how this shindig works.

    While negative characteristics are accepted, negativity is not appreciated (for the record, I agree with not posting Zen Garden anymore… THAT stuff puts manifesting energy towards negative outcomes). So… more unity, more trust, less pointing fingers and internal squabbling amidst light-workers over differences in perception? Please?! 🙂

    • guardianmc says:

      hello Ivy….
      I understand that if we truly love everyone we serve humanity and serve our self at the same time. I wonder how it is that you became a member of the GFL? And how it is that you are human and also come from a long line of reptilians? From what i have gathered over the years the reptilians are a mixed bag…some are working for the light and others are selfish little bastards. (LOL) just wondering

      • Ivy says:

        It’s important to realize that whenever you make a definitive statement, you’re placing it within certain parameters when defining the truth of that statement. If I were to make the appropriate disclaimers every time I made a definitive statement, I’d never be able to say anything specific… I’d sound rather Buddhist, in fact. “It is what it is” and all that.

        “Reptilians”, depending from which level you’re viewing the phenomenon, are characterized by the primary development of the “logic” part of the brainstem rather than the “emotion” part of the brainstem. This leads to our perception of them as ruthless, unfeeling, etc. In reality, they’re more geared towards basic survival… can you really think of a crocodile as “evil”?

        My mother’s family for generations (a few thousand years) was part of what we’ve been referring to as “the 1%”. They perceived themselves as the elite, acted accordingly, and weren’t too far from thinking that ethnic cleansing is a good idea. It’s not that they’re secretly 6 foot tall lizards, it’s that their reptilian brainstem governs their behaviour. Hence the term “reptilian”.

        The resultant amount of personal and familial karma-cleansing I’ve participated in during dreamstate is staggering. When I was first brought lucidly to the family compound in a dreamstate (over a decade ago), I saw a line of statues in front of the main house – crocodiles in various poses. It was then that I understood what “reptilian” really means.

        Everything is layered, which means that subjective/dream often crosses with objective/reality… both are equally valid. Where they meet is what we call “truth”. In reality, all is reality, all is dream, but when we discuss what we consider to be “the metaphysical” we speak both in time (other dimensions) and space (other planets), so it’s difficult to be fully accurate without HUGE lists of qualifiers and disclaimers.

        I hope this helps clarify!

        • guardianmc says:

          IVY….. thanks for answering….. it is interesting to listen to anothers experience at the present moment….. Especially in these times when we are cleansing our self of the bs that foged our vision….. from my place of understanding, learning be love and have gratitude for every situation is key, i also think there are many different worlds within the dimensions…….and that we attract or move towards the one’s we give the most attention. thanks…

      • Ivy says:

        Sorry, I totally forgot to answer how I “became a member of the GFL”.

        It’s not so much that it’s a voluntary membership… I just kind of realized it over time, as I expanded my conscious awareness and gradually put puzzle-pieces together. To be honest with you, I’d be surprised if a number of people on this forum weren’t actually current members of the GFL without their knowledge. I happen to have full recall of my dreams and usually a very high level of lucidity therein (to the extent where I would say that at this point I’ve been fully conscious in “the dreaming” (everything that happens not-here/now, ie “the continuum”) MUCH more than I’ve been fully conscious in this present incarnation), so it’s more that I’m simply aware of my membership.

        Most people who identify themselves as “lightworkers” participate in groups in the dreamstate to accomplish certain “missions”, like working through personal or collective karma, diffusing the root of certain negative complexes, or even working out where the global experience should go next. This, by necessity, must occur on a number of different “levels”. The GFL is simply the name for one of those human/ET/ED collaboratives… that’s what the ET/EDs mean when they say there are many of “them” “among us”, and that they’re “our family”, and that they’re “us”.

        My understanding of our current predicament is that for a while, a small group of people who understood how to manipulate the boundary between dreaming and waking (where I do a lot of work, the “strip” of spacetime where the “astral” meets our physical) did so for their personal gain, and got increasingly more twisted. That’s what happens when your soul doesn’t develop in line with your power… there are SUPPOSED to be safeguards in place, but I guess there wouldn’t be a “game” without them.

        Yes, it is a “game”, from a certain perspective. No, it isn’t funny. I’m still not entirely sure if the ones on the higher levels who begin/began playing the game fully understand/understood the repercussions of their actions, if it was intentional or if things simply got out of hand… I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they just don’t know exactly how brutal it can be to live here. Of course, if you think of it from the point of view of a “learning experience”, a really difficult “school”, I think it helps… especially as I do think there are rewards at the end, when we “graduate”…

        I mean, that’s the LEAST that could be done to repay what people go through here. I’ve seen some absolutely beautiful things, some stunningly gorgeous mind-blowing expressions of love and light, and I’d like to have some of that next, please. For all of us. Yes, the work needs to be done to clean this mess up, but then… vacation please? 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Ivy, somehow I believe you, so thank you for posting.

      That being said, and if you have time, please visit me in the dreamstate and do something about a dark entity that crossed my path about four years ago. It could very well be one of your reptilian cousins (no offense), so you might have more luck eradicating it than I have. It seems to show itself when things start to go well for me, thus I can’t ever seem to get past certain points of progress. I (and the collective) would appreciate any help. Thank you. Love, Tina

      • Ivy says:


        Aren’t they lovely?!

        I remember my first “real” encounter with a “dark entity”, right after I started doing dreamwork… I think of her as “the sorceress”. She followed me through three dark and stormy dreams – I tried to escape her, even woke up and stayed awake for an hour trying to shake her… went back to sleep, and in the third dream she finally “got” me. Confused me, “drugged” me (I was falling down, slurring my words… passed out at her feet, saw her smiling down at me just before I lost consciousness and realized… “DAMMIT!!!”). When I woke up in the dream, it was sunny, and she was gone, taking a major portion of my power with her.

        I’ve had a number of dreams with her since then, and I’ve realized a few things:

        1) She’s intrinsically connected to me;
        2) She’s got tons of different aspects (just as all of us do) and some of them I quite like;
        3) Once I stopped hating and fearing her enough to contemplate the concept, I was able to see her as part of myself, and she became much easier to manage.

        The third part was the hardest. Some really terrifically “evil” entities are just so horrible it’s actually repulsive to try to see any good in them… but at heart, in the center of all, we’re all connected. That’s just how it works. And that connection, at its heart, is LOVE. So… it’s SOMEWHERE in there, even if it’s 99.999% obscured. That’s why I find #2 helpful – trying to see a different, more palatable aspect of that entity might make it easier.

        I had one dream not long ago with “the sorceress” where we were wrestling to the death… she had a knife, and I got the upper hand, realized I couldn’t stab her, the moment of weakness cost me my position… as she raised the knife to kill me I said, “I love you”. I mean, she killed me anyways, and I woke up. But… I said it, and the crazy part is… I meant it. And she’ll never be the same again.

        Don’t ever give away your power to another entity. Yes, sometimes it happens, god knows it’s happened enough to me, and a) it always sucks, and b) it’s not your fault. That said, you always have the ability to protect yourself, and if dark things get through anyways, always you have the ability to call for protection/help from the light, and any light being who hears the call (and there will be LOTS of them, guaranteed) will be there, instantly. Fear makes you submissive by putting you in a defensive position… love protects you no matter what.

        I’m thinking that if this dark entity gets through “when things start to go well for you”, you might be stuck in a karmic self-sabotage cycle that attracts it. Believe me, I am very familiar with the phenomenon! I would suggest sitting with yourself quietly… do NOT call the entity to you or feed its energy in any way… just sit with yourself and really really really try to feel, no judgment, what is preventing you from doing well. For me, it’s usually either because I’m scared of success (as crazy as that sounds), or because I don’t feel worthy of it. If it’s the latter, it usually stems from a sense that I need to be punished in some way for something I really should forgive myself for instead.

        I hope this helps? I wish I could promise a visit in the dreamstate, but I can rarely control things to that extent, and I think you’ll have more success combating this on a personal level, with love.


  8. Steve says:

    I don’t think this is really that bad. I’ve been having trouble with all these channelings about spirituality, etc. I’m a technology/hard science guy.

  9. Contramary says:

    Jean, I am thinking in this language and I love the English tongue. I just blend myself in what I
    love about people thinking and speaking this language – it is for my love to the British Isles
    and their culture and now I have come to learn more about North America and their indigenous
    people so full of wisdom and their white followers and I start loving them also – and it is predominant in my life when Love comes in to it – it makes me write and speak and express myself
    so fluently – I never translate from German into English – I am living in it …
    This is my only explanation for the mode of expression I am utilizing, dear Jean.

    Hugs and delight with your ideas
    Om Shanti

  10. Contramary says:

    Could you enlighten me on what is HD?
    I am German as you know and I do not know the colloquials with abbreviations…

    Hugs from Mary

  11. Contramary says:

    When I came across the ” Flower of Life” (1.Volume) by Drunvalo M. it was a great revelation
    to me – my heart said almost loud after the 1st chapter : “Yes, that’s it ! combining and connecting ascension with the secret and sacred geometry … ! This answered all my questioning already when being a very young child :

    “What is behind all this scenery that makes me so often to a twofold person: one of acting and the other one watching myself interacting with surrounding people ?”

    I know when reading these books of his I was led on a very true trend to ascension and the same goes for the thoughts of Adamu.
    These are traits that my inner heart accepts when growing into a greater and extensive spiritual
    human being – and not being told like a teacher to his student what and why and when i have to
    do this, that, in order to achieve a desired and given result …desired and given by whom?

    This makes me dependant again – while strriving so hard to become independant of the 3-D-Matrix-Teachings ..still this…only in some more subtle plane -shifting hard manifesting matters into some finer subtle spiritual matters which even might be more powerful than the former negative powers of 3-D-Matrix?
    …and thus in context thereto another idea is appearing from my heart:

    “It is being said that when the shift is going on with Gaia and us willing to ascend ..that it will
    ripple through all the dimensions and higher planes ……………………………………………………..
    Logically, if so, this will affect also our extraterrestial helpers – they will ascend also – to some
    higher or better: “superior planes” . ………………
    So what happens to their present issues to be fullfilled and to be achieved ? Are we meant to be their successors minding their present tasks? I think I have read something like this that we are to go on their behalf to other galaxies and PLANETS to do as they are doing now with us….So they are searching for willing successors to them . Has anybody thought in this context that they will have ascended by that stage and that we shall be confronted with their task they will have left for us behind ?”

    It is this all a bit tricky … but what if I want to ascend into a much wider and more immense dimension ? and shall then be stuck with issues the Galactic Fed. has now at this present point?.
    There is no time then ..ZERO. and curiosity of first start what all the galaxies will entail and the beings inhabiting there ..will vanish quick (at least with me) being only variations of the same
    object (like calculating fractures) ..repeating itself over and over again…..I shall be trapped again alike now within 3-D-Matrix as I shall feel responsible for the issues given to me …”
    These were only some brainstorming ideas appearing in my mind since I have seen around me
    so many lightworkers filled with a bit too much awe and adoration to what is preached through
    the majority of channellings of various kind —and there are signals of turning and dispersing
    the community of lightworkers into some sort of sects-alike groups on the brink of a wee bit of fanatism.also.

    All this above is a only a nebulous picture of what is arising from my inner heart and it is good
    and helpful if we combine our inner heart to our mind and third eye —

    Perhaps this will be the next step to achieve for us lightworking people – the combination of these two aspects ?

    Hugs and Love
    from Mary
    Om Shanti

    how we all act on a stage? #

    • Jean says:

      Mary, yours words show such wisdom and insight. I’m sure they will prove helpful to others! I don’t know how you do it – write so well in a language that is not your own! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  12. Kate Street says:

    Mike! THANK YOU so much for recommending Zingdad and Adamu! Watching this tonight has been exactly what I needed ~ it ties together in a neat little bow everything I’ve been learning/researching the past few months. I will be sharing this with others ~ it’s FANTASTIC!
    Here is the link for others (I don’t remember seeing it elsewhere):–the-disclosure-issue.html

    • mike0v says:


      You’re very welcome. I’m glad someone else out there has found the true concern and genuineness of Adamu.

      If anyone ever needs an example of what it means to have a message resonate with them, then Adamu’s video is a perfect choice.

      Be at peace,


  13. Kate Street says:

    All these comments are FANTASTIC and I’m so happy to see a conversation about this, as I’ve been aware of the “false ascension” being promoted by ET’s that don’t have our best interests at heart. BIG red flags started going up when reading the GFL’s channels when promising cool technology (I read a beautiful series of books a couple of years ago ~ Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars Series ~ where she predicts that certain ET’s will try to tempt us with their technology and we should beware). I have noticed an increasing deception agenda amongst channeled messages and steer clear from ANYTHING that promises to rescue us, or tempt us with their technology, or simply offers us distractions. If I were one to give advice I would say STAY AWAY from any channeling that tempts you with technology or asks you to do anything for them (there was one channel from the GFL where they ASKED us to post on Facebook about them! C’mon, really?!) The Ashstar (sp?) Command is among this. I don’t even think Greg Giles knows that he is being a puppet here. It’s troubling.

    I also want to just give my perspective on Drunvalo. (Was it here he was being discussed or another post? I can’t remember!) I don’t see how anyone who has actually studied him or read his material can think he is a fraud. I may not resonate with 100% of EVERYTHING he has said, but I find him to be a reliable, dependable resource.

    I do believe that as the Illuminati/Team Dark/Negative Aliens/Whatever You Want to Call them begins to lose power they will DO ANYTHING to rein us in, in their last-gasp-attempts to control us ~ I don’t think Lightworkers/Channellers are immune to this, in fact they may be the most heavily targeted, so we REALLY have to be careful. Sources that USED to be reliable MAY not be anymore. It’s up to us to listen to our hearts and discern (as so many others have said).

    But Lightworkers DO NEED TO BE AWARE that there is a False Ascension being WIDELY promoted…and we need to not be distracted by this (and since we are all so tired, it is so easy to be tempted). For myself I’m finding that I need to entertain all possibilities, keep an open-mind, and just keep following my heart.

    • Jean says:

      Kate, as I finished reading your rich, full statement, the thought came to me that perhaps this kind of a discussion among us all helps to give us the strength to make our own decisions, rather than follow the crowd. People who have been doing it for a long time understand the pitfalls, and they share. People who are trying to discern with wisdom get a chance to express their feelings about it, and so on. Really, it is all about taken our power back, isn’t it?

      Sometimes for some of us that is scary and tough . . .

      Thanks for your supportive words about Drunvalo. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who feels like I do about who he is. While he is an Ascended Master, he is also totally human with all of a human beings foibles. He has to be in order to be ‘one’ of us.


      • Kate Street says:

        Jean, I’ve read all of Drunvalo’s materials and watched many of his videos. I trust him because I trust myself ~ I don’t believe I would be studying him if it wasn’t important to my journey. I’ve found him inspiring, illuminating, exciting and informative ~ that and his energy seems to resonate with LOVE. And I agree with you that he may have his own fobiles, but overall…. I think he just plain rocks. 😉 (How exciting to hear that you studied with him! Keep on keepin’ on, Jean! You are a treasure!)

  14. mhenrydunn says:

    Go to God. Go directly to God. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 channelers!

    I’ve been trying to picture the morning of December 22nd in my mind, and to read this thread one would almost think we’ll step out our doors to find a line-up of would-be Ascension Helpers bidding for our souls!

    “Step right up for the quick route! Leave the slow ones behind for the Darkies to harvest – don’t want to miss your shot at bliss!”

    “Right this way for the slow and serene path to Dimension Five! Don’t let the GFL seduce you into a 4th Dimensional quagmire!”

    “Don’t get fooled, folks! Last shuttle to your Agarthan hideaway leaves in five minutes! Massive earth changes due at sunset!”

    I only partly jest, here….it gets a bit bewildering!

    So I ask myself…how to keep it simple? I happen to have won through grace and some grit the blessing of an authentic path and a true guide. The only point of which, I have found, is to be in love with the Beloved, to experience Her as a daily reality, to hold Her hand at every moment, and to trust that She will place me where my highest good awaits, as I stagger through my lessons.

    I’m a fairly hard case, so a good day is one on which I’ve actually had two good meditations, and haven’t used too much profanity on the freeways, one on which I haven’t indulged in too much fruitless angst over financial stress, and haven’t glanced too fearfully nor frequently at the ominous web of chemtrails overhead, but have merely sent the power of Her name aloft to burn them away.

    A great day is one on which I feel Her presence continually. And She is the Queen of the Universe, and She is real beyond real, and all the galactic federations and dark cabals of all time evaporate into nothing at the music of Her laughter….

    Yes, Hildegaard, all will indeed be well!….:)


    • Jean says:

      So beautiful are your words – thanks, Michael.


    • mike0v says:


      Your post was like poetry. Well done.

      I’ve seen the end result in three different meditations and each was a triumph for humanity.

      And I’ve been getting a strange nudge lately. She isn’t leaving anybody behind. ALL of us are going. Hope I’m right…


    • Crystal says:

      Agreed…much of what has been created from imagination in the past and brought into existence in any potential frequency space is manipulation and control. It is not necessary to channel these spaces in the dream state or give any of it power, it is just different states of being…having no power unless you give it to them. In that…just beingness…none of the hierarchy really exists, there are no higher spaces…it is all already within us…look within, we are divinity whether we are connecting to that space within us or not…love…the inexplicable, undefineable, space of pure…without the hierarchy. We already have it…at the point of focus, reflection…we are in or out of love at any given point in time…simple….AND I agree with MV, next post…

  15. Alex says:

    My perspective on this is:

    For me to contemplate that the GFoL has alterior motives I would first have to believe that there IS a GFoL. I am not saying there is NOT I am just saying I personally do not know if there is. That being said how would I then continue on the thought process and wonder whether they have alterior motives? The jury for me is still out on the first supposition. A bit like putting the horse before the cart. I am just not going to spend much energy on it.


  16. jo says:

    The desires to be saved is a sign of intellect. The need for external redemption is due to a lack of insight. We are not our bodies. The clamor is deafening. As those who have so abused this earth, and the souls that belong here. Begin to feel the noose of Karmic blow back tighten around their quivering necks.
    It is noteworthy that it is mainly the US populace who are so up in arms (this being the country with the worst karmic record in the known universe). The United States will be sacrificed to save the rest of the world.
    The NWO is not important for those being born or alive at this cycle. Neither are any alien entities of importance to those suffering the pain of incarnation on this muddy little ball we call a world.
    We need no aliens here. As far as I am concerned the ET scum can clear off (Drakes may be from here originally. Therefore having right of abode). They could also do us a favor by taking the Aryans (pig mentally challenged) off world with them.
    A galactic Federation of light. From god knows where channeled by god knows who ? There are some very sad souls out there.

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  18. guardianmc says:

    so much info…. has anyone here read Barbara Hand Clows Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions?
    this is by far the clearest information i have ever read on our place in the universe of Dimensions. no doubt we live in the third which is within the limited vision of our eyes… the fourth is mostly our mental and emotional world… of which the lower level of 4 is very unclear/foggy… this is where we are controled by TV/media etc….. keep the people in the lower 4th and you have them 100% controled…. move on up to the upper 4th and we start to see/think/feel clearly … I believe our true work is to become clear channels for light and love and we do this with a calm mind and loving hearth..(love everyone we meet and think about) if we do that we are on the right path..

    • Jean says:

      Years ago, when I was very little I had the thought that The Bible couldn’t be God’s word. My reasoning, as a small child, was based on the idea that huge numbers of people on the planet can’t read. Would a loving God create that sort of situation? In that same vein, I do not think we need all the intellectual knowledge about dimensions, etc.

      To me, our task here is to learn to live in our hearts, and if some of us need intellectual knowledge to be able to do so, that’s just fine. Many people who are highly intellectual have had doors open to them by first understanding these things intellectually. It’s a kind of sneaking in the backdoor, but I’m all for it: whatever works, as long as it has integrity.

      To me, that is why we cannot/should not judge others or the path, or try to direct their path. We cannot have the knowledge of someone else that we might think we have, and we can head them in the wrong direction by our words. When people start on this past, they often almost without their power and are easily influenced. They don’t need advice; I think they need our support. If they ask our help, then we can give it.

      In the meantime, we can share our own path using “I” statements. This is what “I” think. This is why “I” believe this. . . and so on. In other words, we share our knowledge and experiences, we simply put it out into the Universe, not knowing were it will land. We have, however, I think, put some bits of wisdom out there for those of us who are ready for it.

      I dont’ know about you, but when I read I’m always looking for that special bit that resonates with me. I also know that a lot of things simply pass me by, because I’m not ready to hear them. That seem to me to be the way it works!

      Love and hugs,

      • mc says:

        i was one of those who had to figure it out in my head. i think that was so, because i was always in my head as a kid..(like most males i know who were raised in the 50’s) eventually i started to listen to the females around me who were telling me that i needed to FEEL MORE… what really helped was to do many session of “rebirthing breath work” that really changed everything.. for the first time i could FEEL without Thoughts… in the sessions i would go back in time and witness events in my life that i had refused to feel at the time…. my my most of the men in the world (that i am aware of) are clueless when it comes to feeling or as you say Jean “live in the heart”

        • Jean says:

          MC. I think you’re amazingly lucky to have figured this out. I’ve observed so many men whose minds are totally closed to what you know now to be true. You are truly blessed! Thanks for sharing – and hugs, ~Jean

  19. Jean says:

    Thanks so much for this HD! A bit more info to help us in our discernment. Hugs, ~Jean

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Hello Ivy,

      Such beautiful clear energy and wisdom in your messages, simply and lucidly expressed – thank you! I formed a Jungian dreamwork group long ago, in Chicago, and the goal of “lucid dreaming” – that state wherein we can begin to direct the dream – seemed always just beyond my reach. I have occasionally awakened with the lingering memory of a communication whose purpose was accomplished…but the memory of which I apparently did not need to bring back into my day. Such a tease the Psyche!


  20. Contramary says:

    Zany and Rachel I wholly agree with you – this also is my approach – All the highly elaborated
    discerning theories and links to listen to – are more likely to create some sort of confusion in me and what is left from my intellect of 3-D. –
    I very often said before : I like it simple and practical …. and as I am also an empirical mind I go along the following lines :It all is upon me and no one else can do it for me –

    This all about shift and ascension of Mother Gaia and us – concerns my very own life and being…
    So I have to do it foremost in my way and through my personal filter – as this is unique –
    No use whatever – to take on beliefs of any more advanced being – be it spiritually or educationally – be it terresrtial or extra-terrestrial …………..

    All work to be done, issues to solve, discernment to be made, links to be established to the One Source are in my accountability and responsibility … simply: I have to do it all by myself…..

    So I am working on it daily – hourly – try to hold the link to our all Source – not to feel just one wink separated from it (that is really a heavy task) and I am researching as many paths and routes of my heart to it as possible – I said “paths of MY HEART” and if – it does not make me feel well with it – I drop it and abandon this one – and thus I get to know myself better and better and also which way to go home might be the best for me at last ….

    There are 4 facts that are my guidances:

    1.) I love Gaia and want to ascend with her

    2.) I want to make good what Human Mankind has being done to her, and her many levels stone(Crystalline)-plant(Flora)-animal(Fauna)-man(Human) at least for my small part.

    3.)It is upon me, solely, to find the way – my peculiar individual way how to achieve it and at the same time to find the inner stillness and peace of mind in my inner heart …. and that’s what I am striving for – to start with myself and holding a high frequency of vibrations for all around me to sense it and to awaken also.

    4.)And everything else I leave to “All-There-Is” in Love and Trust to God Almighty.

    These are enough issues to follow – and why should I break my mind what others try to make me believe ? It is is not mine – these are theirs ?

    I love you all – all of you – each one of us following his/her path which feels is the right one to his/her individual ascension.
    …..and when it comes to the context of Sheldon Nidle – something in his messages is a bit on the hard and harsh side to me – I do not feel at ease and peace with all the judgement and also some bitterness in his wordings ….and all the Ascended Masters – I do not know – there is too much adoration around them – they are ascended and why do I have to adore them ?

    I have my very own work to be done ….and all the channellings are growing more and more in numbers and even increasing long and longer – do not tear and feather me – it is not a judgement it is just not my cup of tea – they are all saying the same only in a somewhat diversified wording…… and frankly I am getting a bit bored with them – higher beings or not –
    it is my very own ascension and I have to start it from here at this end …..

    This is what I think and I leave it to your discernment and discretion …my dear little family.
    Hugs from Mary
    Om Shanti

    • Jean says:

      Mary, I’m in total agreement with your special words! Thanks so much for putting these ideas out thee. Sometimes, when people are talking about things that just don’t seem important or don’t resonate, we think something is wrong with us – that old control idea, I think. Your words give us the freedom to walk our own path, and to take from others what feeds us. No force feeding is necessary in order to ascend!

      Love and hugs to you,

    • Lisa says:

      Thank You! I resonate with what YOU say. The path is mine, my relationship with all that is, source, God, or whatever you want to call it, is intimate in the way that we are intimate with a lover, no one understands it, or knows it except for you 2. It is our own individual creation and co creation with the Creator and what we create within that, that binds and bonds us together in our pursuit, and hopefully ascension in to the full spectrum of love and its various levels and meanings. As long as love is the outcome it resonates with all paths from all directions into all directions. Love is a verb….

  21. mike says:

    Peace comes from within it is knowing who you really are (Christ). I have said before no one is going to save you but you.You are well equipped for this under taken.Just look at the division over this subject that should tell you something. Brothers and Sisters this is not difficult WAKE UP.

  22. Rachel says:

    Something has always felt “off” about TGFL to me. Both the blog post and the comments offer interesting details and thoughts. Zany, I loved loved your comment! I think my own course of action will be the KISS method: Follow my intuition/heart and leave it at that. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Now that you’re beginning to experience this peace, when it leaves, I think I can so that you will do everything in your power to bring it back. Usually, when it does leave it is because you’ve hit a bump in the road, and you need to do a bit more personal clearing – figuring it out, etc. Love and hugs to you, ~Jean

  23. mike0v says:

    Jean, fellow lightworkers,

    All of you guys are a hell of a lot smarter about spirituality than I am. Believe me, I’m no pro and I don’t pretend to be one, either. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to be an expert in this stuff; I just want to find peace for myself and our human family.

    What I did to find out about the Galactic Federation of Light was easy, really, and I would suggest it to anyone who’s interested.

    First, read the interview given by James of the WingMakers on Kerry Cassidy’s website. She did the interview in November of 2008. James’ descriptions and explanations are like a beacon of light in a very dark place. Even the most educated, erudite lightworker will find his words informative.

    Second, I asked Inelia Benz if the Galactic Federation of Light was a service-to-self entity. She said yes, publicly on her website. She made sure to make the distinction between the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light. They are not the same. I trust Inelia completely.

    Third, remember the mess with Steve Beckow and the proposed trip to space on board the Neptune? Anybody that’s been paying attention to the spiritual blogs will know what I’m talking about. After the dust settled, Adamu came forward and gave a message to us through Zingdad. He addressed the disclosure issue but so much more was included in his posts. His words are also like a beacon in a dark place.

    That is why I strongly recommend that all lightworkers go to his site and listen for 30 minutes to some of the most reassuring, loving and carefully crafted words I’ve ever heard.

    So, do I know about all the layers of dimensions and chakras and merkabas and halos and Ouija boards and stargates and telepathy and incarnating as a peanut? No, I don’t. And I don’t want to know. I just wanted to share some resources and a conclusion I’ve reached from reliable entities.

    You guys are much farther ahead on the power curve than I am. Believe me, I’m just trying to keep up. But one of the things that has been most enjoyable for me is to see what all my comrades have to say in this ongoing puzzle and to throw my two cents worth in there, from time to time. I’m just trying to help and it warms my heart to know that many of us are seeking the same thing: peace and truth.

    It’s all about the middle ground, I think. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount. Listen to what feels right, ignore what feels wrong and help others.

    Now, go listen to Adamu’s messages!


    • Jean says:

      Mike, your words touch my heart – yet again. I hope everyone reads them and considers them – and, yes, listens to Adamu! You are so right, we can’t be expected to know everything. It’s just not possible. I’ve done enough clearing that I can post info without it’s geting to me. If you can’t read it easily and work through your fears that come up, then that says perhaps you need to do more work on yourself. As Mary has said so eloquently, we are in charge of our own selves, and we need to do what resonates with us.

      Don’t read the info posted here because you think you need to do so. With that attitude, you’re wasting your time, because you’re still doing something because ‘you ought to.’ I mean, says who? Sometimes, when parenting yourself, you have to do such things – like go to bed, because you know you’re tired, even though you don’t want to, but as Mike and Mary have both said, everything is a balance – not too much heart so that your emotions go out of your control, and not too much head, so that you cannot get to your heart. In the new paradigm, the head is best used in service to the heart.

      Mike, your words are so important here!

      Many thanks and hugs,

  24. harondaddy says:

    I am a regular visitor of ascension with earth blog and have come across a commentary from the blogger who runs the website that really touched me personally and made me question what I am being fed by the GFL. The link is below and the bloggers commentary is in response to Greg Giles and Sheldan Nidle ET reports. I have also copied and pasted a portion of the post. I also enjoy jhaines6 blog and always recommend these sites to people who are looking for a place to start their research. All the best everyone!
    Hi Everyone,
    Let me first make this clear that what ever choice you make in the coming months is the CORRECT choice. There is no right or wrong decision. What is taking place is part of the Divine Plan which was co-created by our “Higher Selves”. Again I must repeat, what ever choice is made is exactly what is supposed to happen!
    As you know the theme of this website is “ASCENSION WITH MOTHER EARTH”. This is the point of view that I will be coming from and will play the part of talking from this point of view. I will also be talking from the point of view that represents a philosophy that our Inner Spirit is INFINITE. This means I am presenting MY TRUTH and MY OPINIONS based on all my life experiences that have taken place throughout my life times in other dimensions, planets, galaxies, and this last incarnation here on 3D Earth. It is all coming from my internal Wisdom and for some of you this Wisdom will not resonate with you.
    I am in no way saying that you have to believe me or I am in no way saying that “I am right and this is how you should think”. I am just presenting another way I see Ascension being played out on Earth and it does not require you “to be saved” by something that is external from yourself.
    This channeling by Greg Giles and the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation of Light is going to be highly controversial, as now we are getting to a major decision point in our spiritual journey. When I first read this report I detected a FEAR frequency implanted into this update, which is being used to trigger emotions in the human ego. The ‘ego’ in all of us are so familiar with the programing of “survival”. We have been taught for thousands of years and in many different life times to live in FEAR. The biggest FEAR PROGRAMMING that has been purposefully ingrained into the 3D human psyche, is the FEAR of Death.
    I sense that these beings who are sending this message to humanity are taking advantage of these “survival/fear” emotions. I must ask……. Does a Being that is INFINITE in nature really have to be fearful? Does an INFINITE Being really need to be saved? Do you believe you are an INFINITE Being? Do you believe that the FEAR frequency is a 3rd dimensional energy frequency?
    To me Ascension is the process of transitioning from a 3D ego form to becoming a 5D Being of Light without the aid of technology. To me Ascension is an all natural event that only requires you ‘TO BE’. It is that simple!
    Our 3D light bodies are in complete synergy of our Earth Mother and together we will move up the frequency ladder.
    My understanding is that there are organic energies flowing from the center of the galaxy, flowing from our Sun, flowing from our Earth Mother, and flowing from within each and every living being. This includes all plants, animals, and minerals on 3D earth. All of the frequency codes on 3D earth are transmuting into higher dimensional forms of Light. We are using all of these Light energies which is transforming our ‘junk DNA’ into a new type of energy code that is said to transitioning from a 2 strand DNA structure to becoming a 12 strand light structure. The transformation into our 5D+ Light Body does not require technology. To me technology only exists in the lower dimensions of the Universe which includes all dimensions below the 5th.
    I will try to explain my understanding of the difference between the 4th dimension and 5th dimensional state of being. 5th dimensional beings do not need to use technology. The spiritual power of beings in the higher dimensions do not need space craft to travel in around the cosmos, they do not need technology to heal themselves or others, they do not need technology to make anything that is desired. Spiritual power is INFINITELY stronger than any type of technology that has ever existed or ever will exist. To me this is the best way to know what level of existence a being is coming from. A being may claim to be coming from the 5th dimension or higher but then why is it that they rely on technology to solve problems?
    In this update by the Ashtar Command/GFL they will say that they will protect you from the changes of Mother Earth while she shifts from 3D to 5D. I just do not resonate with this message at all! They will use TECHNOLOGY/4D to “save” us so that we can enter the 5th dimension. My belief is that technology does not exist in the 5th dimension as this frequency of light is not allowed to penetrate the void between the 5th and 4th dimensional boundary. I see that these “safe zones” are created using 4th dimensional energy frequencies and if you are in these safe zones than your light body will not be able to pass into the TRUE 5TH DIMENSIONAL EARTH.
    I find it interesting to see the many different types of Ascension scenarios are presented by the Ashtar Command & Galactic Federation of Light. We have Sheldan Nidle talking about Ascension via technological Light Chambers, we have Billie Woodard talking about Ascending from within Inner Earth, we have Greg Giles channeling messages that now request that you get to technological “safe zones” in order for you to Ascend. There is no clear message presented by this particular group of E.T.s. I also have to ask the questions “Why do they come to show themselves in the last remaining months in 3D time? “Do you think that Mother Earth and Humanity will not ascend without the help of Extraterrestrials?” “Do you believe that your spiritual power is stronger than technology?”
    Many LightWorkers will want to follow the words of the Ashtar Command or Galactic Federation of Light which is just fine. Many other LightWorkers will stand strong in their own Divine Light and transcend to 5D Earth without the aid of technology.
    I know myself as an INFINITE BEING and will Ascend with Mother Earth. I can look into the face of FEAR itself and see that it is only an illusion of the 3D human ego. This FEAR empowers the ego to survive and many will react on this emotion of FEAR when it is presented to you. I know that this FEAR of death has no power over my Higher Self and so this is the understanding I LIVE by.
    In the coming months there will be many more messages with FEAR frequencies to get the human 3D ego to react. All I can say is that it is Your Life and Your Reality so whether it be me, your friends, a family member, Ascended Master, Spiritual Guru, or an extraterrestrial; Just Follow Your Own Heart And It Will Not Fail You.
    I encourage an open discussion of this topic no matter what view point you represent. I respect each and everyone of you as my human brother and sister no matter the difference of opinion. So please feel free to express yourself in the comments section of this posting.
    All the best to you and yours
    ~ enerchi

  25. Zany Mystic says:

    Viewing the varied responses to this post, this is a very important subject to keep an open mind about. I’m largely in accord with Jean, with the post on the false light, and with Mike’s comments. I’ve met Sheldon and his lovely wife, here in Northern California, and he’s a very nice, though slightly befuddled, man. He has flashes of insight, but for the most part, it feels as if he’s connected to a lower source. That’s not difficult to conceive, as there is an entire 4th density which is false, including Ascended “Masters”. If you go back to the Gnostic Gospels with the Archons, and this being a fake version… or even further into the Sumerian tales of the Annunaki, then further still into Atlantis and Lemuria, there are sufficient “tales” to warrant keeping our wits about us. Meher Baba wrote in detail about this being a “false creation”, WITHIN the True Creation. The details are poetically and clearly written in his writing, “The All and Everything”.

    Worship of false gods, demi-gods or demi-urges/entities (such as Jehovah and YVWH) is especially true in regards to slightly higher negative entities who have co-opted the true light, and can only imitate. Their “source” of food is through creating falsity, dazzling with miracles, shows and false light, while feeding off of energy beings who are connected to Source Light, easily confounded and dumbed down. G.I. Gurdjieff, one of my indirect teachers, warned about humanity being “food” for these beings; our negative emotions and worship is literally like caviar. Can you imagine the energy poured out in blind devotion, through various large religious organizations, designed to harvest that adoration and love? Or the energy from wars, with all its testosterone, that of hate and violence… it’s all food for those who are slightly more advanced; as is our DNA. But those beings cannot be spiritually advanced, if they are “stealing” our energy, as we are connected, though dimly, to the Infinite Light. We have simply forgotten ourselves. Unfortunately, the remembering process, if not taken on consciously, requires “shocks” of increasing strength to awaken a sleeping being. We have had thousands of years of being “affected” by those who have stolen our truth, and replaced it with lies. Ultimately, they live much longer and are also being utilized by “the Light”, though my guess is it is not known consciously with awareness.

    I agree that there is a false “confederation of light”, and one of my favorite guests, George Kavassilas, has spoken freely about this at great length to help us learn to discern. This is key and vital to not falling prey to the vast number of “federations” and CON federations, which DO NOT have our best interests in evolution, and who would derail Gaia’s ascension path along with all who would be with her. This link is to George’s free YouTube channel, where he continually makes the distinction between the larger galactic groups and what to be aware of. He encourages the use of Organic Portals, which Gaia/earth herself will open for us, and we should know intuitively what “feels right”. Here is the link:

    I’ve had the good fortune to travel with and get to know Inelia Benz, who lives not far from me in Sacramento. She did a video interview, here in my home, which I haven’t formatted or figured out how to upload yet, but now that I’m mentioning it, I suppose I’ll have to get busy! In it, she talks at length about the dark agenda, and the desire to have a quick resolution to the ascension process. The reason for this is that most or many of the collective do not want to change or shift at this time. By accelerating the “end” process, the dark’s “harvest” is larger. This aligns with the information of friend and host, Carla Rueckert. I’ve read her Law of One books, and also been graced with her presence on the air, and my take on the information now is that there have been “alterations” in the human collective’s directions since the Law of One series was recorded. Though many “light workers” are beyond tired of this horrid (pardon my judgment here) reality, there is a group of us that ALSO wants a rapid “end” to this torture (seen from some eyes). Those who are enduring and able to transcend personal egoic desires, and I’m working on that daily myself, understand that time doesn’t exist. To truly live from a higher frequency of compassion, it is wiser to continue holding our “vibration” so that more can awaken… if we are truly here holding the space or vibration/frequency just in our BEing. Not necessary to “do” something in particular, unless called to. That’s part of the intuitive knowingness we must continually develop and hone; the subtle senses beyond the 5 that the “sheeple” are stuck in. And that is part of the emotional pain of seeing, knowing and having to “simply endure”. We asked for this, and we got it! “Systems Busters”, says Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians…

    I’ve been questioning all of this recently, and have no answers or solutions. A part of me is tired beyond belief, and another part is horrified at the level of negativity the “controllers” are putting humanity through, for their own agenda. And, doubts lower my vibration as well.
    As I see it today, that agenda has to do with absorbing, through advanced chicanery and trickery, the true nature we have been gifted with, as in Atlantis, when we were tricked into taking on bodies which had been genetically modified to devolve. That was the older “civilization” which is very conservative. I see that as stagnation and death, not unlike the wonderful “sci-fi” novels of Isaac Asimov, especially the Galactic Foundation and Robot Series. Since everything repeats itself, we are spiraling through many cycles which have already been and which are to come. In the Eternal Now, in which we also reside as infinite expanded consciousness, these times will not even be a “bad dream” or blip on our screens.

    At least, that is my “hope” and intent. All this blathering could be boiled down to the simple idea that it’s important to question everything – especially those who appear to be solving or REsolving humanity’s problems… the old, “problem, reaction, solution” three step which David Icke warns of. Question Authority. Question any who claim to have THE answers, or THE connection to truth. That cannot be true, so it rings false. The other thing is to hold one’s beliefs loosely, and be able to hold many points of view simultaneously. This allows the duality to collapse in “the mind”, so that we can discern from a multi-dimensional perspective, which sees all different views at the same time, and is not baffled by apparent paradox. In fact, by embracing paradox we move out of confusion, which is a high state… and into abstract realities. I’m feeling and sensing that soon, (whatever that means! ha) we will be called forth to embrace many puzzling and paradoxical realities. If it is true, as some diverse sources claim, that dimensions are merging or “collapsing”, then we may being to “see things” that are highly unusual. Drunvalo’s editor in chief for Spirit of Maat Magazine, Cal Garrison, has written some excellent books on Ascension, and she reflects Drunvalo’s statements in saying that “dimensions may begin to merge during the transition phase (shifting)”. At that time, which may be a period of darkness, it’s important to go inside – literally – and close the blinds and sit still. Do not be afraid, but stay calm in your own heart center, and this period of “re-orientation” will pass.

    Who knows what the next weeks, months or years will bring? I do know that by keeping an open mind, more falls out… but also, more stuff flows through! Now, where did I put my keys?

    • Tina says:

      What he/she said!

      In the refrigerator? 😉

    • mike0v says:

      Man, what a good post! Do you have a blog somewhere?
      Two things, if I may: Kavassilas has been accused of being a reptilian shape-shifter and there are videos to back up this claim. Have you seen them? Has he ever addressed this allegation with you? A You Tube search will easily locate one of these videos.
      And I would very much like to hear your impressions of the James interview of 2008 on Kerry Cassidy’s website. The material covers many pages, but is vital, as far as I’m concerned and his view is clearly truthful. I’m particularly interested to hear what you think of his descriptions of channeled messages and from where they come.
      If you’re too busy, then forget it. (Doesn’t hurt to ask.)

      • Cameron Day says:


        I think James’ interview contains a lot of highly accurate information. While George K may be accurate about the deceptive 4th Density STS beings posing as beings of “light”, his notion of earth turning into a star in 2013 reeks of disinfo to my ears.

        However, “shape shifter” accusations are rubbish most of the time, and the video “evidence” displayed are 99% of the time just video encoding artifacts, NOT some sort of transformation being caught on camera.

        In order to “see” a reptilian energy on a human, you need to be there in person. It is your inner senses that detect the reptilian overlay behind the human form.

        I posted a lengthy article about 7 months ago urging caution when reading channeled materials:

        As for Adamu/Zingdad, try looking for his channelings from 2008. They may have been “scrubbed” from the net due to predictions that didn’t come true, but if you can find them and look at them with detachment, you’ll see some serious irregularities.


        • Jean says:

          Cameron, thanks for this input. I just haven’t time right now to do serious background research – and there is no way I can know everything! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      I can’t believe the help we are receiving with this issue! But then, we have the Universe on our side, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks, Zany. I appreciate your thoughtful, balanced words. Hugs, ~Jean

    • mike0v says:

      Here’s the link to the interview. It’s long but very well worth your time.

      • mike0v says:

        Cameron Day,

        Thank you! I have no knowledge of the reptilian shape shifting stuff, so that’s why I asked about it. Kavassilas has been accused of being one and that’s all I know. I watched the video of him and it looks convincing, but I’m no expert.

        I’ve linked to the James interview because I’ve studied the material in it extensively. Really. I’ve read the interview several times now. For me, it is a highly important piece of information because he details the nuts and bolts of how all this Annunaki crap works.

        But even more vital is his description of channeled messages and where they come from. According to James, ALL channeled messages are a tool of the Annunaki and were recorded long ago to be used against humanity at this time. Even material like the Ra messages and the Urantia Book fall into this category of deception.

        That’s why I feel that James’ interview should be required reading for all lightworkers. His clarity and knowledge cannot be challenged. He knows what the hell he’s talking about.


  26. Vickie says:

    I don’t know if this helps or not but in Stan Deyo’s book The Cosmic Conspracy Final Edition 2010 he states under his chapter on centuries of darkness:
    ” To properly ponder those mysterious, unseen forces which dirrect modern social dynamics, one must look to the past, to the ancient past, to that obscure time when the gods and god-like superman of the classical legend were some form of reality upon Earth. It is the history of those ancient days that the key to understanding lies; for it is from the ancient secret teachings of so-called ‘ enlightened or illuminated’ masters of wisdom that modern mystics draw their blueprint for world peace in the form of a dictatorship”.

    I think there was some UN Agenda 21 overtones in the above artical since it refered to moving people into the cities and returning the rural areas to the wild. Also, it stated the UN would be revised.
    In a world of love, peace and harmony I just don’t think there would be a need for masters in the form of the UN nor being forced into a city dwelling removed from nature.

    Just my thoughts, but since their was a suggestion of a selfish motive and a dictatorship certainly seems to be in my thinking a form of selfishness. The desire to rule others is to seek power for one’s self.

  27. donet2012 says:

    Kauilapele, along with myself, was upset at the post on Greg Giles site from the Arcturians who said they would be relocating people due to impending earth shift activity. The next post of Greg’s clarified that and said this was not an indication that there would be a great number of people to be relocated but in isolated cases only. I read most of the channeled material that Jean posts here, along with some others, but I do not always finish reading them as I can usually tell what resonates with me. I see good things in most all posts, and I see bad things in a lot of posts too. Discernment is called for and I find the more I read all these channelings, the easier it gets for me to decide what applies to me or how something will affect me personally. I feel that there are many paths to ascension and there is nothing set in stone. I don’t care how I get there, just that I DO, LOL!
    Love & hugs,
    Don .

  28. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    I read this post with mild curiosity. The blogger seems to have drawn a conclusion that is similar to Kerry Cassidy’s cautionary allegations that there are charlatans afoot in the Kingdom of God. And, of course, we know that there are; don’t we? This blogger made a statement that set off alarms in my mind about what their intentions just might be. We read in the first paragraph:

    “It is my opinion that this ET group is from the 4th dimension and has selfish interests.”

    There is something amiss here. The concept of “selfishness” (as opposed to the concept of “service-to-self”) is not ascribed to fourth density existence; at least to my knowledge which I will concede is limited. In the Law of One, Ra (a 6th Density Teacher) describes the fourth density in this manner:

    During a session channeled through Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins asks:

    “Questioner: You use the same nomenclature for the fourth-density negative as for the fourth-density positive. Both are called the dimension of love or of understanding. Is this correct?

    Ra answers:

    Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Love and understanding, whether it be of self or of self towards other-self, is one.”

    To understand the concept of “Love,” we’ll have to start with what we know of it from our own 3rd Density experience. The Dictionary explains love as:

    LOVE noun; [luhv].
    1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
    2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

    As Light Workers, we know that whenever we act selfishly love, as an emotional state that bonds a soul to itself or to another soul, cannot be the agent of our actions. Love is a principle of “Good.” This is not what this blogger suggests that our 4th Density brethren have as a motive. However, he couches his assertion as an “opinion” and he is certainly entitled to one.

    He goes on to claim that it is their intention to “…assimilate humanity into their Federation and systems of control.” If they, indeed, are 4th Density beings whose dimensional experience is governed by unconditional love and they too are a part of the ONE, then how are they going to DO that? I mean: how are they going to “assimilate” us into their society to control us? Our 3rd Density experience tells us that people who work to “control” us certainly do NOT love us as Brother Mike’s edifying Video has revealed to us.

    A heretofore concealed element of our experience is devilishly revealed as we drill down into this allegation. Many of our brothers and sisters of the Light who have more advanced psychic ability often refer to the Great Transition and its accompanying “ascension” as a 5th Density event. At first, I thought this was because, as Ra had pointed out in the Law of One, you entered the 4th Density through the doorway of death in the 3rd. Since our teachers were claiming that those who had chosen ascension would not die, we would more naturally skip the 4th Density and move right into the 5th. Then too, we have been told that our Great Mother will be making a transition into the 5th Density taking all that She loves with Her. I accepted this because in sounded reasonable. But, then I read a comment Ra made in the Law of One:

    Again, Don Elkins asks:

    “Questioner: What is the position of this planet with respect to the progression of cycles at this time?

    Whereupon Ra answers:

    Ra: I am Ra. This sphere is at this time in fourth-dimension vibration. Its material is quite confused due to the society memory complexes embedded in its consciousness. It has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. Therefore, it will be fetched with some inconvenience.

    So, we appear to have already begun the process in part the natural progression of which will be what our more mystic Light Workers claim—transition to the 5th Density. There’s no “going back” as it were.

    The blogger goes on to say: “It is my opinion that they are here to keep humanity from ascending with earth and want us to ascend based on their technology and techniques. “

    Again, the blogger uses the phrase “It is my opinion…” which is not to say that opinion is disqualified from consideration. It IS, perhaps, an annoying detail that, for it to be accepted as an indisputable FACT of the human condition (upon which we might formulate a risk-based decision), some empirical evidence might help dispel the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety associated with processing a claim against the ONE made on the basis of such spontaneity.

    More specifically, the blogger uses the word “earth” as opposed to “Earth” or “The Great Mother” or “Gaia.” In the first case, our perception is of an inanimate rock upon which the Universe acts with force and determination. The power is divorced from a consensus of the ONE and the energy required is APPLIED by an external, unseen “presence.” In the second, it is a “logos”—a life form in and of itself; a co-creator capable of its own assent and carrying with it all that it loves and keeps sacred (including us). In the first case the Law of Free Will is apparently violated; in the second case it is upheld through mutual consent. Might there be a subtle revelation that the Law of Confusion is in play here? Alas, we are left perplexed; such things seemed so obvious to many of us in that past.

    The blogger also states: “Ascended Masters will disguise themselves as familiar Avatars that have been ingrained into the human consciousness for thousands of years. Please be aware of these deceptive groups and beings from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Great White Brotherhood.”

    The blogger speaks from some yet undetermined and unexplained authoritative experience. We must assume then that this person is a witness to such chicanery. How can deceit be the foundation of “Love?” And, if it is true that these beings might embark on such a devious and stubborn violation of the Law of Free Will and the Law of Confusion, what might we expect of the ONE? Is there no condition of incorruptibility? Or, is there an aspect of the concept of Love with which we are, as yet, unfamiliar and mysteriously disassociated as would be an abused child? Think on it. What is this blogger suggesting?

    The blogger closes with this paragraph:

    “Many people will be convinced and persuaded to give their Divine power away. Each individual will have to [decided] what is best for them during this monumental change in their consciousness. It is up to you whether you believe them to have your highest interest in mind or if you believe that you have your highest interest in mind. Discretion is always recommended when reading GFL and Ascended Master postings.”

    If, as we are often told, that “power” and more distinctly “Divine power” is an aspect of our existence—an operational characteristic of our consciousness and, it is also true that our consciousness is inseparably joined to the ONE, then how do we “give it away?” It doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to the ONE. How do we give something that belongs to the ONE away? Put it another way, if I were to concede to a 4th Density Space Brother, his suggestion that I join him in his exploration of the Galaxy, well, how would that decision be viewed as a violation of my Free Will? Am I not giving the concession to a 4th Density brother—a being inseparably joined to me through the power of the One Creator/God?

    How can such a divine capacity be lost on one’s self? How can it be abrogated? Perhaps the blogger means to say that this 4th Density being means to SURPRESS my natural inclination toward independent judgment—a propensity to act through Free Will to modify my experience if not my entire reality. But, if indeed this is the case, we’re back to the conundrum created by the blogger’s first supposition in which the assertion conflicts with the wizened explanation offered by Ra whom Don Elkins identified as a sagacious 6th Density being of benevolent intent. Ah! We have a dilemma, don’t we? Whom should we believe? Who can we trust to tell us the truth?

    Again, little family, practice caution as the better part of valor. It may be considered courageous to go charging off into the fray making moot proclamations about the Universe as it appears to function from your detached, isolated, and individual point of view but it cannot be considered wise. In this post, I’ve drawn on common knowledge and information to pose the question: “What does “e” mean to say?” Regardless of Sheldon Nidle’s readings, are we co-creators in Unity with the One Creator/God? Are we bound to our fellows in Love and Light? Are we capable of savoring the Freedom of Choice? Are we intelligent enough to trust our common sense, and pull the veil of uncertainty and fear down from around our eyes? Who are “we?”

    While I’m on that topic, I’d like to make my own suggestion. It might be prudent, when dealing with such admonitions, to consider Miss Jean’s advice to employ our discernment—that is unless you accept the premise that advocates any of you could be persuaded to consider the improbable as an approximation of reality. And, we all know that we can be persuade thusly, don’t we? Otherwise, we’d never have sensed that we were awakening to our true nature—that mystifying, almost tireless capacity to pursue the “Truth.”

    Love and Light,
    SaS 😮

    • mike0v says:

      Now don’t go getting mad, but when someone asks you what time it is, do you build them a watch instead?
      I’ve read many of your posts and come to the conclusion that you’re way smarter about this stuff than I am. That’s why I go over your stuff, even though it can get looooong. You a college professor or something?
      Anyway, if you’re willing to accept a suggestion, I’d like to give one to you. I’d really, really like you to read the James interview of 2008 on Kerry Cassidy’s website. If you go there, it’s easy to find. Her website has easy navigation.
      Now, why, you might ask? Simple. Because you seem to understand this material very well and I’d like to hear your impressions and analysis of what James has to say, particularly about channeled information. It would help me and probably a lot of others.
      So, will you do it?

      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        Dear Brother Mike,

        Just in case you haven’t picked up on my talking points–which often happens because all of us are coming from a starting point in our understanding created by our first impressions–I’m basically saying that we should make a conscious effort to connect to the source and establish causeways for information to flow. That information would help us understand what others seem to be saying: that “there be monsters here.” Hence, I ask all of you to consider several questions.

        Your posts address most of the qualitative information addressing the blogger’s point of view in that you’ve produced verifiable sources and gave citations that others could use to do their own exploring. My point is that we should seize those pathways you’ve established and search diligently for understanding–which would build up the “wisdom” of our collective. We shouldn’t run off in one direction just because someone has a provocative point of view to share. We should understand that point of view thoroughly because it has to do with just how we perceive another living, sentient being. Those of The Galactic Federation are entitled to a human evaluation that is constructed from human self-confidence, a benevolent and impartial consideration of the other, and a well-though-out rationalization that is not based on conjecture. Opinions, dearest brother, while they are important in the dialog, are assumptions based on conjecture. How are we to formulate a risk-based decision of any value if we make such a decision based on conjecture?

        What if their true intentions were to demonstrate just how much “fun” they’re having exploring the Galaxy? So, we’re told that they’re “Hippie, peace-loving, (explicative)” in David’s posts. Why would you want to insult anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to explain themselves (not that David did)?

        It’s not that we should exercise some discretion; it’s that I’m really tired of the fear porn. These people have been visiting this solar system for decades and they haven’t blown up one human community–even though they can! Our own kind have and they’ve been busy with such abominable acts for centuries–so-much-so that its meme is now a part of our human consciousness. I’m using that judgment paradigm taught to me by the words of Jesus. Granted, we have to examine some more specimens of their fruit, but I think it’s premature to start declaring them an enemy of the collective just yet.

        It’s difficult to draw attention to some of the comments that Kerry Cassidy has made around this subject of “outworlders.” She often gets lost in a tirade of suppositions that are rooted in a fear that just cannot be addressed. Yes, there are “bad aliens.” And, yes there are aliens who have expressed alternative agendas to our kind. My question always is: “Okay, what are you saying we should do in response to the information?” She never seems to be able to answer that question.

        I’m not saying that we should acquiesce to their leadership (the Galactics). I’m just saying that we might want to stop reading all of this Illuminati-induced fear porn into our communications with them and our discussion about them. It’s obvious, what CAN we do in response? My answer has always been, lacking the honesty of our ruling elite to behave in a manner that is categorically worse than anything we’ve ever heard the aliens might have done to us, we should use our power of thought to create an appropriate ideal that builds the architecture of a completely new paradigm–one that isn’t rooted in an absence of “Good.”

        And, so it was my intention to address this latest claim as well. I don’t mean to denigrate the blogger’s position or their character. I’m merely couching the argument that, lacking anything more than an opinion, it would be wise for us to pursue the “Truth” with some precision. Which, it would appear, you have done as well as others on this blog. That was the point of my post. I apologize to all of you if my posts are “long” but I pay particular attention to as much detail as I am able to show the rest of you respect–that I value your companionship and think your intellects agile and fluid to engage a discussion of great import. Some reply with long posts of their own as you have done. Others make a point in one phrase. It doesn’t matter; the discussion, once underway, has the ability to clear the air and edify us all.

        A couple of other comments: (1) From my readings of the Law of One, sister Inelia is, indeed, correct. Ra himself made that distinction to Don Elkins decades ago. (2) Nothing you’ve submitted is confrontational or capricious in its value. I’m very glad that you’ve shown such energetic participation! It is the very fact that we’re all DISCUSSING the topic that is important. Our modern age has done everything it can to ruin the “human-to-human” dialog, from the advocacy of the “KISS” method (an adulteration of Occam’s Razor) to the 20-second sound byte, this “quickie dialog” has caused much suffering in that it is rude and uncaring and it communicates nothing of value. You are my brother in the Light, I would rather you take the time to make your thoughts clear to me so that I can enjoy their “visualization” and, in doing so, have my life illuminated by your unique and precious observations and equally exclusive point of view.

        I’ll do as you ask because you have asked me to do it. I’ll notify Jean if I have anything to share.

        Love and light,

    • mike0v says:

      Here’s the link to the interview. It’s long.

      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        Thanks, Mike…I’m going through it and, you’re right, it IS an interesting read and intellectually stimulating.

        Love and Light,
        SaS 😮

  29. Raine says:

    Yes, I just read Greg Giles there too Susan…..I also read articles on the Galactic Free Press page….is this the Galactic Federaction of Light as well? And what about the Ashtar Command….any info on them? They just posted that our Governement is on board to announce disclosure and that President Obama will be doing that in the coming days…..

  30. susan says:

    Kauilapele has Greg Giles channeled info on there today…

    • mike0v says:

      You’re right. Well, maybe Kauilapele is culling the messages from Giles and posting only what feels true. I just thought it was significant that he took a Giles message down because of its negative content.
      I don’t know Giles, but it would be very interesting to hear him address this issue to the lightworker community.

  31. stargirlll says:

    I agree with MV very strongly…and this is sooo important! I realized long ago about Sheldan Nidle’s messages as I saw certain things coming from his being in a video interview I saw of him last year. Secondly, Greg Giles messages, I and another good friend ,saw clearly through his messages as well. GFL and Galactic Federation of Planets are two compelely different groups. Pleiadian and Andromedan/Arcturian are also seperate from GFL. I feel that it is imperative for people to learn this asap and know who they might be dealing with if they are not informed. We have been through enough and it would be a shame to me mislead AGAIN wouldn’t it?

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, stargirlll. We think alike.

      • Nicki Tompkins says:

        I was sent this link awhile back when I questioned the Annunaki/Anunnaki,, however it is spelled, and I have read one of Chris Thomas’ books: The Annunaki Plan or The Human Plan? I intend to get more books from him and have started reading one of the authors he resourced in this book, Zecharia Sitchin. Interesting stuff and I encourage all of us to take a look–can’t hurt, and it looks like I’m not the only one questioning everything we’re being taught. I have written to Susan Leland who channels Ashtar and many others, I’ve written to Colleen, Sheldon’s life partner and I get the same vague answers. No one can or will tell me if the Annunaki are leading the GF. I’ve only read in two places that they are now our friends, since when do treaties hold weight? But nevertheless, if they’re our friends now, why are they hiding and behind who? Kerry Cassidy had a difficult time getting Jelaila to say who she represents, and it just so happens, it’s the Annunaki. I look forward to more responses on this topic because I believe its vital to our well-being. Love y’all! Nicki

  32. kevin says:

    just a comment about Drunvalo….I researched him, he is a the research. I am a light worker recently awakened and find the work and messages of Ben Fulford, Dave Wilcock and the GFL to be liberating….I can only hope that we can rid ourselves of the cabal and that much of what is being offered humanity comes to light.

    • Jean says:

      Kevin, I have studied with Drunvalo, and I can tell you it is my opinion that he is most definitely not a fraud. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. If you are newly awakened as you say, I would suggest, although it is always your choice, that you keep an open mind on these topics. Hugs, ~Jean.

  33. mike0v says:


    This post is so important that it should be given an entire day’s worth of consideration and comment. It is THAT vital.

    For a very long time I was confused about just exactly who is the Galactic Federation and who is the Galactic Federation of Light. The distinction between these two groups needs to be made clear and then announced very loudly on the spiritual blogs.

    The Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light ARE NOT THE SAME ENTITY. This cannot be stressed enough! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

    The spiritual blogs are chock full of messages that have arrived from both of these groups, but the blog owners usually aren’t diligent enough to point out the different origins. That is a huge mistake, in my opinion.

    Inelia Benz and Adamu from the Zingdad website have stated in the past that the Galactic Federation of Light is a service-to-self entity that resides in the duality polarity realm. They exist in the light vs. dark game playing dimension and have said many times that they would like to recruit humans for duty on board some of their ships.

    Kauilapele, from Hawaii, has an excellent blog with many readers and recently discontinued any messages from Greg Giles. Why? Because Greg channels the Galactic Federation of Light and I believe Kauilapele recognized and understood that this group is not acting in the best interests of humanity.

    Adamu on the Zingdad website spells out in perfect detail and magnificent imagery what choices we will have at ascension. I cannot stress and emphasize enough how beneficial it would be for all lightworkers to listen to Adamu’s words.

    Our choices at ascension are as follows:

    1. Remain in 3rd density life
    2. Choose a service-to-others role
    3. Choose a service-to-self role
    4. Ascend with earth into unity consciousness

    It’s that easy and what everyone needs to understand is that the Galactic Federation of Light exists in the STO/STS plane of existence. They do not exist in unity consciousness! And they have admitted to this several times.

    So, the above post is critical and quite important. Earth is jumping from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension with no stop in-between, but the groups that are helping us do not all exist in the 5th dimension. That’s why we have to be careful when we choose to heed advice from any entity.

    I long ago stopped reading anything from the Galactic Federation of Light and I’m not the only lightworker who has done the same.

    Pay attention fellow lightworkers:

    The Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light are NOT THE SAME ENTITY. My advice to any blog owners is to start making this distinction when posting any messages.

    Go to Zingdad’s website and listen to Adamu! Please! His message to all of us is only 30 minutes of your time. It will be one of the best, if not THE best, informational video you’ve ever watched. Its importance cannot be overemphasized.


    • STO/STS (as polarized) exists in 4th, 5th, and 6th density. 4th density corresponds to the heart chakra green ray. If you use the term dimension, you must realize we’re currently in the 4th dimension (3 dimensions of space, 1 of time), but 3rd density. A density is not skipped, as each contains vital lessons for the developing awareness of an entity. Unity consciousness is the lesson of the 6th density, the Law of One. 3rd density exists so that beings can make the choice of polarity that they will follow in their evolution through 4th, 5th, and early 6th. Further, when a negative entity activates their energy centers (chakras), they skip over green straight to blue: 3rd chakra to 5th chakra, 3-5. Positive beings activate them sequentially. This may shed some light on the confusion regarding the densities and dimensions.

    • Jean says:

      Mike, this is really important information! Thank you so much for it. There is only one fact I would like to question and it may be involved with the dimensions/density problem that I cannot keep straight. Drunvalo has said we will touch in the 4th dimension on our way to the 5th. He said the 4th dimension is like a rock in the middle of a stream that jump onto, but where you do not linger – do not want to linger, as you move to the other side of the stream and enter the 5th dimension. Does this fit in with what you are saying about the dimensions?

      If I remember correctly – and I always try to be careful with what I say because a lot of it is from memory – Drunvalo said the lower fourth dimension is something of a mix of the third and fourth dimensions so that we have an opportunity to practice in the higher dimension a bit before actually entering it. Somehow, I think this story is not complete, but I can’t even remember what might be missing! It’s been a long day with too many things going on for me. Can you help me out at all with this?

      Thanks and hugs,

      • mike0v says:

        Did you listen to the Adamu message? Well, did you?
        All of the infinite number of dimensions and where they are and how we pass through them and who’s in charge of each one is absolutely unimportant, in my opinion. I have never tried to sort any of that stuff out. I’ve always just taken a step back and viewed the whole enchilada from far away. We can get buried in all this esoteric detail, or we can say “to heck with it” and forge ahead. I don’t think there’s gonna be a final exam where we have to regurgitate the dimensional architecture of existence. At least, I hope there’s not! I’m staring at a big, fat “F” if there is!
        I would suggest, also, to be careful with Drunvalo. I agree with Kevin, although I wouldn’t use a term as harsh as “fraud” to describe him. Like anything else, take from him what feels right and let go of all else. Personally, I do not agree with Drunvalo and his stuff doesn’t resonate with me.


        • Jean says:

          Michael, I will listen to it asap. I am beyond busy at the moment, but I promise you I will listen. I’m sorry, Michael, I do disagree with you about Drunvalo, but that’s okay, don’t you think? I appreciate your concern, but I’m going to follow my own guidance, even if it doesn’t agree with yours. It’s all about learning lessons, Michael, and we all have them in front of us – constantly popping up. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          Mike, I’ve now listened to Adamu, and I have no problem with his carefully selected words. I can happily tell others to listen, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

  34. susan says:

    I just can barely get into anything “channeled” these days… I skim things but overall, nothing really resonates with me at all… don’t know why but I just accept that that’s where I’m at with it. I have never really resonated with Sheldon’s stuff

    • silentwindofchange says:

      Everyone channels their higher self everyday. It’s all very natural. By all means trust your inner guidance. You know when a good idea just “pops” into your head? That’s your higher self speaking. Likewise when you type out something and it uses words you never use and is much better than what you are used to seeing from yourself (automatic writing), here you are also channeling your higher self. Don’t be against all channeling. Listen to all the messages no matter the messenger and use your own inner discernment to develop your own truth.

      • Jean says:

        I like your words and your idea. It all makes sense. I’m listening every day – and discerning as I am able. Many thanks for this. Hugs, ~Jean

  35. Well, this reminds me of the moment when Satan or the devil, tried to convince Jesus by giving him everything he may want… if in change he would worship him instead of God.
    And; … I always say that things like these are like giving candies to kids so they would drink their ugly medicine. Blah!

  36. I don’t particularly love Mr. Nidle’s stuff either, but I think it is obvious that this fellow is working totally from his reasoning mind. There is nothing wrong with reason, per se, but it receives no input at all from the greater part of one’s being. He shows no evidence of having experienced, or at least of having recognized yet, that part of himself. He is trying, but I believe his caution is misplaced. I prefer to live in a world where there is something still to be trusted. Having said my piece, I will now don my flak jacket and get under the coffee table.

  37. lovenlight says:

    To all the Light Workers

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