A Collapsing Mythology: The Death of The 9/11 Myth And War on Terror Consensus

“The question of morality lies at the heart of American foreign policy. Is America the benevolent giant, or is it history’s most evil empire? After the false flag 9/11 attacks and the criminal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, most people would say the latter. But even an evil empire needs to feel good about being evil.

The mythology of 9/11 has enabled Washington, London, and Tel Aviv to exercise the power of gods while pretending to be victims of terrorism. There are no words for deception of this scale. It is simply incredible. America’s hegemony over the mind of man is even greater than that of Christianity and Islam. America is God of Earth.

Satan has America by the throat. And America has the world by the throat.”

Saman Mohammadi
April 22, 2012

“Power positions do not yield to arguments, however rationally and morally valid, but only to superior power.” – Hans J. Morgenthau.

“History is the long, difficult and confused dream of Mankind.” – Arthur Schopenhauer.

“Didn’t I tell you
not to be satisfied with the veil of this world?” – Rumi.

“For historical myths are now commonly perceived as “foundational narratives,” as stories that purport to explain the present in terms of some momentous event that occurred in the past. Stories like these are in many ways historical—though rarely, if ever, do they refer to an actual past. Rather, they refer to a virtual past, to the fact that historical communities, like religions or nations, consist in the beliefs that their members have about them—more concretely, in the stories they tell about them.” – Joseph Mali. (1).

The period of 1992 to 2012 saw the god-like propaganda power of the American empire on full display. Washington’s unbelievable power to distort reality and shape the minds of its global mental subjects was used during this period to sell an aggressive global war on innocent countries. Historians will remember this war as the most evil war in humankind’s history.

Washington, and its allies in Israel and England, conquered the global mind by waging the most sophisticated psychological war against humanity, with the focal point of the war being the 9/11 events. No future superpower will ever rival America in its psychological domination of the planet. It is the first and last empire to even be able to attempt such a grand enterprise.

But all dreams must come to an end at some point – that’s history. The question is, how many innocent people will suffer and die before the myth of 9/11 is completely done away with? Will it be ten million, or twenty? Genocidal-type figures are not out the question. Based on the logic of U.S. and Israeli war propaganda, the American empire has already wiped Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria off the map. Of course, this is an exaggeration.

But if America can kill one million people, why not ten? What’s to stop it? Washington is not governed by a moral conscience, so it literally can kill millions of people and justify its mass murder to the world as an act of liberation. Also, if Israel is allowed to ethnically cleanse Palestinians in broad daylight, then who will stop it from mass murdering other people in the future?

These actions beg the question: Are America and Israel genocidal states?

While Iran is falsely accused of wanting to “wipe Israel off the map,” by U.S. and Israeli propagandists, the U.S. and Israel are actually wiping regimes and nations off the map. Their publicly stated goal is to remake the map of the Middle East, which means reducing the territory of several big states, including Iran, and murdering millions of innocent people.

II. The Use of Mythology To Mobilize Public Support for America’s Foreign Policy

The biggest factor in whether or not America decides to go to war is the American people, which is why they had to be neutralized with the false flag September 11 events. Since the American people are peaceful, moral, and humanitarian, only the perception that they are under attack from foreigners can activate their war spirit, and that perception was provided by the 9/11 fraud.

Without fear, without state terror, without mass media manipulation, the American people would not support America’s conquest of the Middle East. This quixotic project only benefits the private transnational Banksters, fascist multinational corporations, the National Security State, and Israel, all of which have no interest in the survival of America and her liberties.

In the 2002 book, “The Revolution in Military Affairs: Implications for Canada and NATO,” author Elinor C. Sloan, a defence analyst with the Directorate of Strategic Analysis at Canada’s National Defence Headquarters, wrote about the unwillingness of the American people to support big wars. Sloan said:

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