A brief note from ~Jean

Tomorrow, I will be in Bellingham, WA on business. Is there anyone on my blog who knows Bellingham? I very much would appreciate hearing from you via the Comments section in this post.

I intend to do my very best to continue to keep you all informed, but I think you all are going to have to do some of the posting or linking of articles that you find on,  preferably, the “Sharing – an open forum for discussion” Page. 

Please, everyone, be sure to check the Comments, because some of our most interesting info derives from there. I will appreciate anything and everything you can do to help me at this time. My sense is that things are not quite ready to pop, and so I should be back on my blog in a most serious way before they do. I believe David still has another article to come out, and Drake recently has asked for volunteers to look out for the safety of various installations like bridges and power structures, and putting that kind of network together can’t be done in a week or two.

Finally, I will ask, please, that you all hold me in the light! I was delighted to read on the astrology reports for May that between the 5th and the 23rd there is an opening for positive synchronicity, so I hope I have the good fortune to experience some.


PS Please make sure not to miss this valuable Comment called A Comment from a reader that sheds light on the discussion on the Liens and their validity – my thanks for sharing!

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2 Responses to A brief note from ~Jean

  1. thomas says:

    Hi Jean I don’t know if you received my two replies. Always wanted to meet to you. Love what you are doing on your website also we have what you are looking for! V and T

    • Jean says:

      V and T, I sent you two emails. Didn’t you get them at the address you supplied? Do I need another email address? Hugs, ~Jean

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