Important notice from the Keshe Foundation – (Hope I’ve got this info right, folks. ~J)

With the presidential decree signed into law by President Obama early this week, the use by other governments of the space technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation and others similar has now become a criminal offence.

This means that from this week scientists cannot release their technology to the public or to any governments any more unless it is for use in war and beneficial to Western arms manufacturing nations.

We do not accept such a castration of science and we ask the United States of America’s government for clarification of this decree by the White House.

Is this law to silence the Keshe Foundation and other research organizations, or can American bring pressure so that only their technology can be accepted throughout the world?

This presidential decree is against international scientific freedom for development, research and information sharing and this is a gagging order on scientific organizations like ours.

Please inform your press.

M T Keshe


ghostrider [ 27 Apr 2012, 12:35 ]

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Re: The second international presentation … states-cer

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15 Responses to Important notice from the Keshe Foundation – (Hope I’ve got this info right, folks. ~J)

  1. Dig Woods says:

    This is encouraging in the sense that the powers that pretend to be powers have so exposed their disregard for the well being of humanity, openly showing their conceit for goodness and common decency that their continuing any further is of course an affront to the infinite loving beneficence of the limitless universe. May it come to pass and quickly that the true nature of humanity be revealed and that we take our rightful place in the cosmic order of the universal brotherhood of Life eternal. In love and peace.

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  3. lou says:

    The United States is NOT king of the world, though the puppeteers think it is. The US is actually loosing credibility in other industrialized countries and having anyone think that the US president can stop them from going forward with free energy devices are just not thinking straight. Other countries not under the UN devisiveness are free to do whatever they like. If a country wants to promote free energy technology they will do it whether the US wants them to or not.

    If this “decree” is legit or not makes no difference. If it’s true, it only tells me that the “dark” are terrified and will do or say anything necessary to keep the anger/fear pot stirred. They’re running out of options. They’re cooked and won’t admit it. Keep positive, things are about to change for the better very soon!

  4. Raine says:

    I am with you Mary! Enough is Enough people! These idiots are getting way out of control, and we have got to do something now! Please everyone join in the World Liberation Day meditation, and keep doing it every day…..and God please have Drake and company be the real deal and get these arrests happening….they all need to be fired and taken somewhere where they can do no more harm to this planet!

  5. Contramary says:

    What decree could have been made valid for all nations of the world which want to avail themselves of such blessings like this new technical devices? This is signalling utter arrogance deriving from sheer insanity – either they are blindfolded to what is almost openly ongoing in the dooming financial and economical sectors or they are hard trying to bluff with their last asses! or what they assume that are still asses op their sleeves !
    To me this is signalling how desperate they must be to resort to such ridiculous actions,,,!

    Keep on keeping and visualize on World Liberation Day !!! It is is Time and also visualize an
    interview between all of us and the Source of One and the Angelic Realms and all the Helpers –
    Et and Ed …..

    I should suggest make it a “Grand Assembly” of all of us like a Council and demand our all willingness to act n o w !
    I can’t help it – I am not a true communist – but their international Song just does not go out of my mind these days : ” Wake up – you dammed ones of this earth – let’s go ahead for our last and final fight – InterNational is our range – battling for our human rights…. !

    So let’s go but in a much different way than former 3-D-revolts used to be … let us do it in the Godly Spirit and the Blessings of His Decree and his Teaching via His evolved spirits, Et/Ed
    in the great fluctuation of ascension …… We are MANY and in the Spiritual Realms this has already been fulfilled – it is upon us to manifest it here on Earth !

    Love and the light from everywhere may shine on us in the coming days and make us stronger
    than ever …..

  6. MARZ says:

    i wrote a small peace yesterday about this falling into the wrong hands and i think this is another way for the u,s, government to stop the rest of the world getting hold of this so they can stay in control and take it underground for there own purpus by greating a decree there must be a law to stop the u,s, government doing this, it seems to me that when ever something new comes around they make up new rules to cover there ass and to keep it from the rest off the world,control is the name of this game and the government are still trying to control and this has to be exsposed

  7. Alex says:

    I was reading the keshe website. Something is fishy here. My scam alert is going off. I’m not wasting anymore time on this one.


    • Michael says:

      Alex, I read the Keshe site several weeks ago since energy efficiency is my passion and my business. I came away a little cold too. But, for me, the overwhelming shadow of Big government pushed by both sides is not looming, it is full blown out of control.
      If we don’t have the mass arrests followed by Ascencion, we are in for a load of trouble so anything I can do to discourage the growth of government, I want to make sure my voice against it is clear.

  8. stuart. says:

    Obama and America have no right to dictate what Mr Keshe does or does not do. They dont own the world, they are trying to. (God help us all if they do) as all good tyrants, which is what Obama, the Kenyan muslim is, want to do is hurt and suppress good. Wall street run this waste of space puppet to do their bidding. He is what we call “A smiling Assassin”. (He will smile at America whilst he sticks the knife in her back) Watch out America. Lots of empty F.E.M.A. camps out there, empty at the moment! but places have been reserved for you by this arsehole and the nazi ruling elite.

  9. Alex says:

    I don’t understand… What decree? The link was bad. Can someone confirm this?

  10. Gloria says:

    Why do we all sit back and allow a hand full of people, or even one man, decide what is criminal, when in fact the criminals are them! Their plans involve the murder of billions! We need to come together and take back the world in peace. Stock up your houses and then plan a day to shut down the system! Send them a message. If everyone could only get together to make it happen we could win.
    Come together. ❤

  11. Mike says:

    They want to control our food.
    They want to limit the Net.
    don’t want us to grow our own garden.
    No MMS to cure your own cancer.
    They rape our women at airports.
    They fluoridate our water to control the population.
    And when Keshe has a possible free energy machine for the world…It’s illegal?

  12. DrinkDeep says:

    What is a Presidential Decree?? Sounds an awful lot like something that would come down from royalty, doesn’t it –
    Obama…sheeesh…what a guy

    • Debbie says:

      Obama is a fascist dictator modeling his adminstration after Mao, Stalin, Mussolino and most certainly Hitler………

      it is now a felony to ask him a question when he is in public…another executive order…they go and on……..and the polcie state he has closed down aorund us would make George Orwell say “I told you so”………

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