Bix Weir: ALERT: Another “Hit” For the Road to Roota!, May 3, 2012

My sense is that Bix may be  picking up David’s news (etc.) on the net as well as his own and making some hay with it. ~J

Source: via email

Ok. It might not be a “huge hit” but even the little hits seem to be coming fast and furious these days…

First, here was an alert I sent out in March…

March 12, 2012

ALERT: “Bad Guy” Henchman Running for the Hills!

by Bix Weir

News just out that Craig Donohue, the CEO of the CME (COMEX) has just retired at the ripe old age of 49!

CME Group CEO to retire at end of 2012

What do you want to bet that he doesn’t make it to December?!

For those who don’t know who this criminal is… he oversaw and orchestrated with the Banksters all the “take downs” of the silver market this decade. Here’s a Friday Road Trip (Private Road members) from last June where I exposed him…

The CEO of the CME Let’s the CAT OUT OF THE BAG on Silver Manipulation

Count this as another piece of evidence that we are WINNING our battle against the “Bad Guys” and that we will FINALLY discover the true Fair Market Value of silver…THIS YEAR!

To Mr. Donohue: Good Luck in retirement…and GOOD RIDDANCE!

May the Road you choose…lead directly to JAIL!

Bix Weir


We’ll we get news out today that my prediction he would split early was spot on!

Donohue leaves CME weeks before annual meeting

Also note this he is leaving “effective May 1st” or the 1 year anniversary of the criminal silver Drive-by-Shooting”. I guess my next prediction is that is that he’ll be seeing the handcuffs before the year’s up!

There is little doubt that the battles are raging and the Good Guys are kicking some serious ASS!

See ya down the Road.


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