Iran’s nuclear announcement…is it free energy?

This would explain why the almost crazy obsessiveness of the West with taking Iran down completely. 

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FEBRUARY 11, 2012

I have a weird speculation, call it a hunch, that the admittedly “very big” announcement by Iran’s Ahmadenijad might be some type of free energy device.  The west is obviously superhyping the most dastardly evil Iranians for enriching Uranium, just look at the blatant charge thrown into the article:

The West suspects Iran’s nuclear program is aimed at producing atomic weapons, a charge Tehran denies.

But could they be using it to develop free energy devices?  According to Bill Wood, one of the black swans that could completely rock the world in incredibly short order is the emergence of free energy technology in a country such as Iran.  Bill specifically mentioned the Keshe Foundation, an Iranian lead nonprofit working to produce free energy devices which seems possible given the research we know that has been suppressed.  If you’re new to this subject, watch Thrive.

CBS NEWS Iran’s very big nuclear announcement.

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7 Responses to Iran’s nuclear announcement…is it free energy?

  1. rnlopez59 says:

    The west is so greedy. An honest American

  2. Chris says:

    I have a question for anyone that feels like chiming in. All the recent talks of an Israel led bombing or invasion of Iran, that was before Feb 11th, right? I know that there have been problems for quite some time, but I was curious if the drums of war started beating more feverishly after this announcement was made.

    Also, it’s closing in on three months since that announcement was made. Have I maybe missed what Ahmadenijad was referring to, or has it not been announced yet? I was following this all very closely for a bit, but constantly trying to figure out the hows and whys of the next war breaking out was bad for my nerves and I had to get away from it. That said, I certainly don’t want to bury my head in the sand. If anyone has any answers, or even strong hunches, I would like to read them. I would *LOVE* it if this was about free energy, but their main export is oil so I am not sure why they would want to do that.

    • Gradimir says:

      Chris, if there is one thing that you can do and this one thing may change mankind forever for good, wouldn’t you do it?

      By the way all this pressure on Iran and the conflict between Israel and Iran, it all make so much sense now after what happened in Bourgas, Bulgaria. The way the Israel prime minister reacted only an hour after the explosion accusing Iran is just ridiculous. There were no clues, it was not yet clear as to what had happened, people were still clearing the remains, it was not clear it was an explosion or a fire and there he goes – Iran did it. It’s just ridiculous.

  3. Jordan says:

    Now, the only question I still have is that Ben Fulford has said before that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad is a Rothschild troll, so why would Iran trying and disclose free energy? Although, this must be why the Keshe center is now located in Belgium. I can say I am definitely surprised the center hasn’t been sabotaged and blown to smithereens by now. Any other speculations on this? This is all just questions and thoughts coming from my head

    • ickytwerp39 says:

      Free energy research (cold fusion?) is probably going on in Russia , China, and India, as well as Iran. I think I figured out the West’s unhealthy fascination with the middle east. It is the crossroads for the entire old world. One can travel from any one continent to either of the other two without going on the water.

  4. Rev. Joe C says:

    i watched the Kesha video in full and think he has re – discovered the the free energy technology discovered by Nicoli Tesla early in the 20 th century . His work was stolen from him by big oil and banksters.
    It would be fitting for Persia to give the world free energy and promote world peace .

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