An eagle, a fox and my cat all getting along fine on my porch – thanks to L : )

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11 Responses to An eagle, a fox and my cat all getting along fine on my porch – thanks to L : )

  1. Contramary says:

    This is the beginning of the change in the kingdom of animals ….. disclosing first of all – ahead
    of mankind …. and my cat loving veges “cucumbers mainly” and less meat belongs to all these
    facts of animal disclosure …….
    Halleluja …let’s celebrate this !

    Om Shanti

  2. Tina says:

    A couple of days ago, I left the house and got about a 1/2 mile down my road (a back road of sorts). I noticed something up ahead in the curve, and as I approached, “it” broke up. Turns out it was a mama ground hog and about 6 babies crossing the road. I slowed, and you could tell the mama was trying to rush the babies but not leave them…start, stop, start, stop…They got across the road and I thought, what a cute thing! But then when I passed, I looked in my rearview mirror, and 3 of the babies started galloping down the road after my car! It was so funny…like you could see the joy ( and no fear in them). I almost heard them going…ha ha ha ahahahahha…

    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Sisters Debbie, Nicki, and Tina,

      The three of you are confirming the manifestation of the All Mind, the One Creator/God, Unity, the ONE. Isn’t this a marvelous revelation? Doesn’t its disclosure empower all of you with self-confidence and bathe everything around you in the Light of wisdom and truth? Sisters, you WERE hoping for “disclosure” weren’t you? Yes, I thought so. Well, now you all have witnessed its beginnings.

      Our Great Mother KNOWS those who love Her and She loves them back with Light Fantastic!

      God bless,
      SaS 😮

  3. Nicki Tompkins says:

    I was watching Paradise or Oblivion earlier today and Jacque had 4 raccoons following him right on the porch where a 5th joined. We’ve had many rabbits playing in our yard and they don’t even seem bothered by the truck when we drive in. Things are changing.

  4. Darn. The video won’t work for me.

  5. Stunned at Sunset says:

    Sister Lily et al.,

    To me this is evidence of “the quickening”–an acceleration toward the new paradigm–a peaceful and tranquil Earth; a Golden Age of the not-too-distant future where the “Lion shall lie down with the lamb.” This is a sacred message to us from the ONE. All is not lost and our animal friends can sense it.

    Love and Light,
    SaS 😮

    • Debbie says:

      Sunset……………..whatever it is………….it’s sure is wonderful……….!
      I have many animals and I have noticed that they seem to be communicating with me a little differently….much more openly….I used to say they had selective understanding…now they seem to acknowledge they understand just about everything….
      Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Lily says:

    Much love to them too!

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