Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Made Racist Remarks At Work (LISTEN)

The Huffington Post
Posted: 05/18/2012 4:46 pm

Trayvon Martin Case Evidence

Within a collection of evidence officially released by the State Attorney’s Office on Thursday, was an audio recording of a 15-minute interview with George Zimmerman’s former co-worker. During the interview, the man, whose name was not given, says that Zimmerman racially targeted him and bullied him at work, reports.

According to the witness, Zimmerman singled him out because he was Middle Eastern, calling him a “fucking moron” and mocking him with the voice of “Achmed the terrorist.” He said Zimmerman would also tell stories and make jokes about “bombing” and other “Middle Eastern stuff.”

Editor’s Note: Some readers may find the language in this audio offensive.

Click Here to listen and to continue reading:

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6 Responses to Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Made Racist Remarks At Work (LISTEN)

  1. BroAsa says:

    It is so sad what we, as Americans, have failed to do. Here we have a young African-American who most likely was raised in a household where European-Americans were referred to as Whitey, Cracker, or Honkie. At least from the evidence it would appear that his peer group more than likely harbored anger and resentment against European-Americans and voiced that resentment in the form of racist and bigoted terms. He could have even been exposed to the likes of Rev. Wright who preached racism under the guise of religion even being recorded saying not God bless American but God damn White America and getting amens and halleuahs out of the congregation. It has been nearly 50 years and yes there is still some racism to be found among European-Americans but not to the extent that racism is prominently displayed by African-Americans. For nearly fifty years this country has given preferential treatment to what was considered the minority segment and all it has done is created more and greater racism.

    I watched the “lynch mob” form in Florida after this incident started and it scared the hell out of me. I was born and raised in the South during the 1950’s and 60’s. I saw the same then as now. At that time it was what would have been called in polite company a Colored Person who would be the perpetrator and the victim would have been a White Person. In came those who rallied the resentment based on racism then just as now. Ask yourself isn’t what Sharpton, Jackson, and Jealous does simply racism.

    They only show up when “the victim” is African-American and the “perpetrator” is not African-American–they immediately begin to shout racism before the evidence is even gathered demanding in this day and age because of the news coverage that the person be arrested and charged whether they committed a crime or not. In the 1950’s in the days of simply local newspapers, it sometimes involved into more than a simply demand for arrest and result in the mob taking matters into their own hands.

    Where has the parents of Trayvon, Sharpton, Jackson, and Jealous been to denounced the hate and racist based crimes that have occurred because of their speeches and appearances. Several individuals now have been seriously beaten when their only crime was to be European-American in the wrong place at the wrong time. Truly, non-racist based living would call for these individuals to be the leaders that they claim to be and publicly and loudly denounce this violence based on hate.

    We have allowed a festering cancer to grow within our society that must be addressed. Racism cannot be tolerated from anyone of any race, color, creed or in any form. It must be rooted out of our cultures and out of our homes. We must begin to see others as simply the same as we are–the admonition to do unto others as you would have them do unto you is simply a statement that we must rise above these petty egotistic driven dark side tendencies.

  2. DrinkDeep says:

    Jean, why do you buy into (and promote by posting) this LameStream drama? This is all hearsay – it is Not “evidence”. For openers, why would the State Attorney’s office be hunting down an unnamed, “former co-worker” of Zimmerman? Doesn’t it sound more likely that this victim contacted the SA’s office offering to be a character witness?? Do you know anyone who has no issue with blacks, yet finds offense with people from the middle east? Lord knows the govt. has been training people to dislike the latter for over a decade –

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, and hope I don’t upset you – but I recall your saying something once about how you were brought up to see blacks as less than equal (and I apologize if that’s not correct, but I don’t know if I could locate the archive post anymore?). In short, me thinkst thou protesteth too much where black people are concerned…your unending defense of Obama (which was the source of the post I’m referring to), and now your numerous posts about Trayvon. None of us was there…how can you talk about the media’s constant omissions and lies and then post these manipulative “reports” that are so obviously agenda driven? ThinkProgress? come on –

    Perhaps I don’t understand your intent – but I do know that the only hope for true justice here lies in the media pulling out of this circus, allowing a jury to decide.

    • Jean says:

      DD, I understand where you are coming from – and I don’t disagree with you, but I do have others ideas about this that I will try to share. I want to ‘know’ what they are saying and doing. I don’t want to miss anything that happens during this most special time. I want people to learn to look at this and NOT NECESSARILY BUY INTO WHAT THEY ARE BEING TOLD. I want them to learn to respond civilly to something like this, BUT NOT OUT OF FEAR. I have already learned a great deal about this case from the comments of various people, yours included. Sticking our heads in the sand because we don’t want to look at something that we sense is rotten to the core – even though we don’t know exactly what the ‘real’ truth is, can become an exercise in exercise in using our judgment. Do we buy into these ideas? Or, do we not? Sticking our heads in the sand means we do not know. Period. That’s it. If we’re hit on our blindside by a subject like this, we cannot respond with any kind of knowledge and more importantly, wisdom, for the simple reason that we do not know enough about the subject to present any rational ideas to anyone else. Is that the role we want to play? Maybe, but I for one would rather be in the know, and hopefully be in a place if I were asked to shed ‘real’ clarity on the situation.

      When people respond via the comment section, we get to exercise our discernment and judgment once more. Do we blindly agree with someone who rants? Do we even recognize ranting? Do we disagree? If we do, then why do we agree/disagree? I have observed, believe it or not, that ranting usually occurs when someone needs to do some emotional clearing that may have nothing visibly to do with the subject.

      These are all questions I think we need to be learning to handle – particularly because as I have alluded just tonight in another comment/response, I think many on this blog will be called upon to lead the way into the future, and I think these are skills that will be very important at that time.

      DD, you made a serious, thoughtful comment, and I hope I have responded in kind – your comment deserved it!

      Many thanks and hugs,

      • DrinkDeep says:

        Thank you, Jean – I’m glad you heard me. I guess my perspective is that leadership begins at home, and in my/our own community where we actually Can impact things. This sort of thing – these Accidents (and I Do believe it was an accident on Both men’s part…if they’d taken the time to Respond to the situation instead of Reacting, I’m sure both would have chosen a different course) – there are HORRIBLE things that go on every single day, but few of them rise to more than a 2″ blurb in the paper or a one-minute callout on the TV or radio. This persistent national coverage just seems to be an effort to keep people riled up about something they can’t change…I don’t see any good can come of it.

        It’s worth noting that I just returned from a 5 week trip caring for my mom, who pretty much has the television on all day. There wasn’t a single national “news” program that didn’t cause me to spout out “They’re LYING” story after story. It’s unreal – I don’t watch television at home, so I’m somewhat removed from the ‘sheeple’ aspect that’s referred to so often. It was downright frightening to see what passes for ‘news’ these days – whether it’s the local station spending 3 hours watching a dolphin rescue or Diane Sawyer on World News Tonight (LOL – there’s a misnomer) where her Top story was the fact that Obama showed up on the set of The View, and her Only interview was with Barbara Walters, discussing that appearance. Jeeeeez – the world is falling apart, and all they can do is cross-promote their own programming? Unreal –

        When I lived in Georgia, my kids were amazed by the racism displayed by the black community (which was 84% of the county population). I told them that it was understandable, as when these people got together for holiday dinners Grandma could still recall the days before Rosa Parks – the days when segregation was in full force. At the same time, I told them to be hopeful because those feelings of being treated like a lesser person would likely fade off once enough generations had passed (it hasn’t been that long in terms of the big picture – the whole Civil Rights movement took place during my lifetime but as I grew up in CA it wasn’t really an issue. Not until Rodney King, that is). Now I’m not so sure – when I realize that the bitterness and resentment is being taught so younger generations Won’t forget, I start thinking that the South will Never come out of it. And that’s part of the bigger issue – for those who’ve never lived in the South, it’s Impossible to understand how deep-seated their racism is. Having grown up on the beaches of southern California, my kids were totally blindsided by the concept of mistrusting or hating someone just because of their skin color. Even my Obama kid – the half and half one – couldn’t get through a single day without being called Cracker.

        I understand now that you’re not ‘feeding the monster’…and if I don’t like something you post, it’s my perogative to ignore it, right? Haha – even I am already tired of the latest Breitbart “Obama was born in Kenya” line…none of that is New, so why did they wait until six months before the end of his 1st term to go public? Just another game…and if you want to see something really scary, read some of the comments on Any Breitbart article – just an endless war on words between the so-called right and left, and not kind words at that. I have to laugh when people talk about the deep Christian values of the right – you sure wouldn’t know it from their comments!

        btw, if you like progressive views, have you ever checked out They have some great reporting, and they’ve stood by Bradley Manning all down the road (visited him in jail, and they now have a campaign going on to make the trial public )

        boy, I need to get out of the house for a while 🙂

        hugs back,

        p.s. It’s funny, I read another article this morning (can’t recall where) discussing the ‘evidence’ in the Trayvon case, and they Also mentioned that a woman had called the State Atty’s office saying that SHE knew Zimmerman was a racist. She wouldn’t give her name, and had no actual ‘report’ to make, but it’s so Obvious that the efforts to start a race war are far from over.

        • Jean says:

          DD, it sounds to me like you have been almost totally immersed in 3D living for too long a period. I think I would go crazy, but maybe not – if it were my mom. Anyway, I hear all that you are saying, and that stuff about Obama I’m also by-passing now. Ot’s just more of the same ‘ol same ‘ol. The Trayvon case is something different, and I like to hope that people really will start asking some tough, lucid questions about what is really going on here – as you are doing. That’s why I’ve posted it. It seems to me the press is trying to get a ‘gut’ response frm everyone, when I have to agree with you – almost – that it was an accident.

          I think this ‘accident’ was set up by our consciousness. There doesn’t need to be the law – can’t remember what it’s called – where we can shoot if threatened. Trayvon was set up by years of discrimination and fear – what if he has a gun. Zimmerman was permitted to carry a gun. . . all those things to my mind are the result of GREAT FEAR which we have been sold over and over again my the MSM. It all makes me sick . . . these two people are, in a sense, the victim of that selling campaign. Add to that the fact that we have been so dumbed down that most people can’t think logically and respond from their gut . . . and what you really have is an accident – just waiting to happen.

          I’ll check firedoglake. I’ve used their stuff, but not regularly. However, when a person such as yourself recommends it, I take more than a casual look.


  3. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Yes, it certainly does suggest that our fellow here was a bigot. But the Trayvon Martin Case is a “felony” indictment against Mr. Zimmerman. What he did to someone else, in another place, at another time has no bearing on the evidence in this specific case. The jury will be instructed to suppress gossip, innuendo, and hearsay and focus strictly on the admissible evidence presented ONLY by the defense and the prosecution.

    Suggesting that Mr. Zimmerman be convicted because there is a “preponderance of evidence” that he was an unqualified bigot and racist has no bearing on this case or the charges that he is facing. The court will only want to know about what, specifically, did he do to Trayvon Martin and WHY he did it. In this case, there are no other victims except Trayvon Martin. Nothing else matters. That is how criminal law works in the United States.

    Kind regards,

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