Matthew’s Message, June 3, 2012 – A readers says: It reads like a “Light Worker’s Field Guide to Conduct During the Great Transition.”

From Steve Beckow  – and including Steve’s commentary. (

Matthew’s welcome monthly message explains so much that we’ve all been wondering about. He tells us, for instance, that we are indeed correct in thinking that nothing conclusive has yet occurred and that matters will be somewhat rushed in the unfoldment of the rest of the year.

He reassures us that we are correct in believing that the Illuminati still retain some power to work harm, that the galactics are helping us with Fukushima, and that they’re neutralizing the remaining chemtrails.

He reveals that the Vatican is a “cesspool of darkness” and the heart of Satan worship, which must be shocking to many people to hear and may be one of the disturbing things that SaLuSa told us we’d learn. He informs us that that Vatican is also a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures. Added to the Vatican’s dismal history of not protecting young people from sexual predation, these revelations will dismay a lot of people.

He tells us that many news commentators who’ll be exposing the ills of the global elite are advanced wayshowers from other civilizations, who now will act as whistleblowers. He reveals why it is that we’ve had such a quiet time recently: the galactics are jamming the Illuminati’s weather-warfare weapons. And he reminds us that what we call “global warming” is simply a return to Gaia’s original moderate climate worldwide.

Where else could we learn information like this? Combine this with the triweekly news broadcasts from SaLuSa, since these are in effect what they are, and the weekly counsel from Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff and monthly counsel from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman and Celia Fenn and from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele. What you have is what’s been a round of news and advice on the events leading up to Dec. 21, 2012 that has defined our lives for years now and reassured us that we’ll emerge from under the dark thumb of the cabal and into the sunlight of the Golden Age.

These stalwarts are being joined by new voices who’ve taken us through the worst years of the cabal’s depradations and revealed to us how they’ve been or are being defeated on every front.

Their plan to bring the world’s population down from billions to just 500 million, which they planned to enslave, through nuclear world war, pandemics, natural disasters and false-flag operations has been utterly stopped in its tracks. What looked like certain disaster for Planet Earth and her inhabitants has been turned around in just a matter of years, thanks to the efforts of advanced civilizations from many galaxies and dimensions and Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy.

This “Company of Light” has kept us informed at every turn of what’s been occurring behind the scenes, whether it was the raising of our own vibrational frequency or the pincer movement closing in on the cabal. And many, many people have risked their lives to see the cabal’s financial empire fall and its members be rounded up, tried, and taken from the Earth.

Matthew’s message is one of the best sources of information we have and my only regret is that it only comes out once a month. He and Hatonn have given us the most detailed picture of what the Golden Age’s master planners, the galactics, and Earth allies have been up to as they beat back the cabal on every side and release us and Gaia from the elite’s dark hand.

And he tells us now, as SaLuSa has as well, that soon we’ll be speeding along towards the final denouement of entry into a higher dimension.

Well, as Stephen Cook said, I’m ready to buckle up and go along for the ride. I’m sure you are as well. And much work will fall to us to explain to those around us what in the world is going on and whether we should be afraid or not (answer: not). In the last week I’ve had two very rewarding conversations with people eager to know what 2012 is all about.

And I’d imagine that you’re having conversations as well or perhaps putting out a blog or a radio show or a meet-up. Not so gradually, our time to take up the work will soon come and before we know it we’ll be looking at year’s end and the culmination of this remarkable year.

The show will start when it does but it promises to be a rollercoaster ride as soon as it begins. In the meantime we’ve had the wonderful month of May, the Mother’s month, to bask in the rising energies, to expand, to gear up, and we have the Venus transit in the next few days, and who knows what awaits us energetically in June. What a time to be alive. What a wonderful event to participate in. And what marvels await us as we pass the halfway mark of the year and head towards Ascension.


Matthew Message 6-3-12

Light’s progress: evidence delayed in some areas, obvious in others; Earth on target to enter fourth density; media reporting; reforms and revelations will be rushed; telepathic communication precautions; resolution of differing beliefs; psychiatric patients; some changes early in the Golden Age; information references

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Not only is our love for you boundless, so is our respect and admiration. Your steadfastness in the light has remained strong even though nearly midway into this world-transformational year, nothing that you would consider conclusive evidence has occurred. It is logical to expect that by now the thousands of spacecraft in your skies would be visible to all; crews would have landed in great numbers and been officially welcomed; and turmoil, warring and other violence would have decreased significantly.

2. We have been awaiting these developments along with you, and we have what you could call “bittersweet” feelings about the delay. We know that millions still are winding up third density karma; divine grace is granting to millions more amended soul contracts to transition early with full karmic completion credit; and still more millions are evolving at an accelerated pace by sharing others’ karmic burdens. Yet it is sad for us, just as for you, that the topmost dark ones still have enough influence to cause widespread suffering.

3. However, please do not think for a moment that Earth may not make it to the celestial window in time to enter fourth density, where darkness cannot exist. Absolutely everything that needs to precede that momentous happening will! However, instead of coming one by one for society’s easier assimilation and adjustment, profound revelations and changes will be rushing far more swiftly and in larger doses than the Golden Age master planners had anticipated.

4. It is immensely heartening that most of you are seeing the positive perspective of situations that the media are reporting with bleak overtones, such as potential economic meltdown in the “Eurozone” and the global boomerang effect, upheaval in several governments creating national instability, and citizens protesting intolerable circumstances in one country after another. You see those and other tumultuous situations for what they are: essential steps toward initiating systems that are based in fairness and honesty and having leaders with moral and spiritual integrity.

5. Because the dissemination of accurate information is crucial, another good indicator of the light’s progress is that mainstream media censorship clearly is on the decline. For instance, even though the Vatican is one of the kingpins under the Illuminati umbrella, it now is public knowledge that investigation into the Vatican’s financial affairs is underway. Ultimately this will lead to uncovering the cesspool of darkness in that tiny sovereign state, including that it is the international headquarters of satanic worship and a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures. Read more…

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12 Responses to Matthew’s Message, June 3, 2012 – A readers says: It reads like a “Light Worker’s Field Guide to Conduct During the Great Transition.”

  1. Julian says:

    The notion that all channeling is little more than demon possession would be worth considering if the author of that opinion had anything better to offer than our “inner silence” as remedy for a planet on the verge of complete systems collapse. Even if most of the channeled messages are bogus, than that means most of the info in them is as well and if that’s so then we’re doomed. I don’t think we’re doomed–call me a cock-eyed optimist (ironic considering what a cynic I can be!) but I truly believe in a loving and just Creator who wants us to thrive, sees us as Himself, and is helping us as much as He can. ‘Nuff said.

    • Another Lightworker says:

      I agree with you Julian. I didn’t resonate with the comment that ‘channeling = demon possession’ or disinfo. That reminds me of christian/evangelical paranoia where we live in a universe of darkness and evil. My reality is that we live in a wonderful universe of light and love, and that we are not alone in the universe. We are just as much a part of the universe as other sentient beings, and there are other higher and lower dimensions and sentient beings that inhabit those dimensions. Most are of the light and actively help other beings in line with divine will, but there are a small minority of lower vibrational beings that do not. Obviously light is much more powerful than any dark force. But rather than write off all extradimensional communications as ‘demon possession’ is an extreme view to take. I choose to believe that our divine creator or source can and does communicate with us, even through benevolent beings from higher dimensions. I don’t focus on the fear of communications from lower dimensions or that energy. I am not plugged into lower dimensional energy though some people (dark cabal) may choose to connect with that lower density/vibrational dimension. Many avatars from the Buddha to enlightened teachers from around the world teach us that we are not alone, and there are higher dimensional beings that can and do communicate with us and help us. And ancient teachings/prophecies tell us that the world as we know it will change to something much, much better. I read some channeled messages but take them with a grain of salt, and there are some ‘channelers’ that I refuse to read altogether. It’s kind of like reading your tabloid horoscope or Benjamin Fulford (lol). But that’s just my discernment and opinion.

  2. susan says:

    I don’t really read many channelings but the Matthew messages have always resonated with me. Thanks for posting. Jean, the news IS really moving fast. My sense is that this month is just huge!

  3. mike0v says:


    I’d like to bring something to the attention of you and your readers and I do so with humility and in a quest for the truth. In no way do I wish to be confrontational.

    Channeled messages bewildered and confounded me to the point that I spent a great deal of time researching their origins.

    Finding the truth about these messages wasn’t very difficult and it can be somewhat saddening to learn that the vast majority of them are automated, canned material.

    One excellent reference that I find to be very trustworthy is below.

    In November 2008, James of the WingMakers website was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Later, the written transcript was archived on her site.

    This interview is lengthy but so comprehensive that I think all lightworkers should read it. From the interview I’ve pulled a Q&A and posted it. The subject is channeled messages.

    Question 11 from Project Camelot:

    Please address the role of channeling vs. the information received by remote viewers and the role of prophecy in our movement into the future. Please also address the role of Mayan, Hopi and other First Nation (e.g. Aboriginal) prophecies and how accurate or pertinent they may be in revealing or informing the future.

    Answer 11 from James: Channeling is a sub-component of the God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC), and therefore the Human Mind System. The origins of channeling arise from Anu’s attempt to automate his persona into the human domain because he realized that the access between the dimensions and the manifest environment of humanity would close. The GSSC was his automation system that embodied his presence within the world of man.

    Channeling was originally the equivalent of demon possession where interdimensional entities would temporarily infuse themselves within the human instrument and read a script prepared for them, usually an operative of the GSSC who was intent on bringing hope, love, truth, wisdom, and cosmological indoctrinations to humanity through the spiritual and, to a lesser extent, religious systems of the human family.

    In more recent times channeling has become more automated, using pre-programmed scripts, voice tonalities, gestures, and accents which are implanted in the HMS of the individual channeler, and quite literally “broadcast” for later publication and dissemination among those who have a resonance to GSSC and seek enlightenment therein.

    The channeled materials, owning to their extensive crafting, were cosmological wunderkinds that generated awe and near-instant faith in their readers. Works like The Urantia Book, Conversations with God, Seth, Agartha, Alice Bailey, and countless others were all prepared texts for humanity, written by dimensional entities under the direction of the GSSC and distributed for human consumption to ensure that humans remained satiated with division and deception – though under the guise of spiritual and cosmological truth.

    If you carefully examine channeling you will see that it does not mention the Sovereign Integral, the silence that is you. They discuss the heavens, God, angelic beings, extraterrestrial intelligences, the service orientation of ascended being, ascension process of soul, morality, practical living, alignment to God, life after death, and the complex teacher-student ordering of the universe. It is all designed to instill separation and satisfy the seeker that truth exists on the material plane, thus, they do not have to leave the prison to find it; they simply need to read or listen with their mind.

    • Jean says:

      Mike, thanks for this thoughtful, well-researched info. We all have to reach our own conclusion about this, and this will certainly help. I don’t take too much stock in it, if you are considering specific facts. I like the feeling I get when I read most of it – not all. Right now, I don’t have too much time to spend on it – any of it. The news is now moving very fast.

      Thanks and hugs,

      • mike0v says:


        As a longtime student of the channeled message phenomena, I’m only trying to share what I’ve learned in an effort to help others.

        Channeled messages are a tool of the dark. They share many truths, but with enough deceit included to confuse lightworkers. They rob us of our energy and this is their purpose.

        This is well-known in spiritual circles and I’d just like others to benefit from it.

        After December 21, the truth about this method of control will be shown and it will be a pleasure to leave it behind.


        • Jean says:

          Mike, I’ve tried to make it clear in the past that I don’t put much store in channelling. It’s all about us, not others. I’m hoping that over time as people grow, they will realize this – or not. It really doesn’t matter in the sense that it’s all good. I appreciate your efforts, and I thank you for them. I’ve been down this road many times on my blog, but we are now getting a lot of new folks here – a fact which delights me, and they, too, have the right to learn – and to reach their own conclusions.

          Sometimes, it’s a process we need to go through, and it’s better that we understand things from our own experience than if someone tells us that this is so. We’ve all lived lifetimes in a false matrix by listening to others . , .

          Thanks and hugs,

    • Finefeather says:

      I think the general message of the Wingmakers is nice and well thought out but did you know that this has all been a front for a movie and is actually not real?
      The guy who made all this up was Mark Hempel. You need to read this entire article and visit all the links provided to get your mind around this ingenious scam. There was never a ‘James’ he, Mark Hempel, was James. This article you have posted here has many errors on it despite the fact that it reads easy and brings a warm feeling. Some of the articles written by the ‘Wingmakers’ are actually very good and would stand any one in good stead but the details are just another Star Wars movie. Anyway, you do your own deciding.
      Here is the Original Wingmakers site, the new one is different!
      Here is the investigation into it done by Marshall Barnes:

      • mike0v says:


        Thanks for the references, but I’ve already seen them numerous times. I’ve been studying the WingMakers website and the controversy surrounding it since 1999.

        The problem with the whole story is trying to determine who is telling the truth and who is throwing a wrench in the works to discredit others.

        Hard evidence is difficult to come by in this case, so to come to a conclusion about what’s going on, a person has to read volumes of information from both sides and then make a choice.

        It has become very clear to me that a government agency or black ops group got involved in this mess.

        As a result of all my studying, I don’t trust either side in this case, but I lean toward the WingMakers material as containing very deep and meaningful truths.

        In addition, what James claims about channeled messages is also known amongst highly revered spiritual sources, which is that the messages are prepared and canned.

        Find “Revelations of an Elite Family Insider” on the web and read about the prepared texts used on humanity. Also, the Hidden Hand interview discusses this subject. Both are excellent.

        Ultimately a person has to decide if Marshall Barnes is indeed a respected investigator or just another disinfo agent employed to keep us in the dark.

        For me, it’s very easy. Read Barnes’ articles and then read the WingMakers philosophy.

        Who speaks of love, of truth, of returning to who we really are, of practicing living from the heart?

        I can assure you that Marshall Barnes does not.

      • Finefeather says:

        @mikeov, I have read every file on the Wingmakers website and have them all downloaded. I agree with you 100% about SOME channellers, but not all are dark and controlled. As I said I think there are some very beautiful articles written by the Wingmakers but I know that in some cases the details are not in accordance with the many works of wisdom out there and beyond. The important thing is to use whatever you find lifts your life out of darkness. There are many works of fiction that have had profound effects on people. This is exactly what the Wingmakers say themselves, their story is in the form of a myth. I do not see any problem with determining what is the truth or not, the
        information comes from ‘Citizens Against UFO Secrecy’ who are a well respected group in UFO circles.
        The choice is always your, but you cannot just make a blank sweeping statement that all channelling is controlled by someone out there that wants to deceive and control you. Only die hard Christians think this way except if you speak in tongues….that is.
        If you are unsure stay away from it and by the way the WIngmakers is also ‘channelled’ information. ‘James’ is the ‘Channeller’

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