A brief and I think important note from ~Jean, June 18, 2012

I need to make a statement about Drake and some of the criticism of him personally that I have read. It sounds to me like you are thinking of him as a game-show host who isn’t living up to your expectations. To me, it shows some of the brainwashing we have experienced in all its subtle forms. Your casual judgments here seem to me to miss the entire point.

As I see it, there aren’t a heck of a lot of people out there who are aware like Drake is – even if his spoken language is parochial, who have good contacts with ETs and also with the military upon whom the military could have called. I shudder for my country if people’s judgments of him are based on parochial things like his local language and his ability to run a talk show for three hours. Guys, let’s get real about this! 

This is not a talk show, folks. This is the life of the entire planet we are talking about, and Drake has stepped forward – when the U.S. Military will not because of how brainwashed we are! He is doing a yeoman’s job, and he isn’t anyone with special training in speaking in public. No one is writing his lines. He’s just a local guy, someone who might be our neighbor, but someone who has some special skills that the military thought might be helpful. 

Apparently, they have been very helpful indeed. He’s managed to get the militias around the country ready, and now he’s speaking truth to power to our military and telling them, “We’ve done our job, now you do yours!” Does this count for nothing? Are you not aware of the seriousness of our plight here on planet earth? Lastly, do my words create any awareness at all of the depth of even our – here on this blog – brainwashing?

Your words of judgment go out around the entire planet for all to read, and you send a clear message to them with your constant critiquing of him and others like him. Can we all get ‘real’ about what is going on? Can we come together and support this man one hundred percent instead of sniping? If you were Drake and had just endured what he had to go through for that very long show and you read those comments, what might that do to you? Some of you, I am sure, would simply throw in the towel and walk away.

I wish, instead, I’d heard lots of you saying you were sending this information out to your own mailing list – but I think not one of you mentioned that, and suggested that others do so, as well!

Please, consider my thoughts, because we are at war and we are battling for our very lives, both personally and as a species. It’s the middle of the night here, and I’m going to try to get some more sleep before the sun rises – and it’s beginning to get light here even now at four a.m.  

Love you all,

PS Someone has made the following request. If you can be of any help, please respond by leaving a Comment below:

Hi, I am in a situation in the UK where the bank will be trying to take my house. I will be counter claiming against the bank for frustration of contract as it was their behavior that created the housing crash and therefore they are responsible not me. I have done nothing wrong.
I would therefore appreciate any information relating to making a counter claim against a bank in the UK and perhaps we can get the revolution going here. Any Human Rights law etc would be helpful.
Or if there is a barrister out there willing to take this on even better.


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50 Responses to A brief and I think important note from ~Jean, June 18, 2012

  1. Genene says:

    With regards to Drake, Fulford and Wilcock – David Icke has a good piece about them ….someone who ‘knows’
    With regards about the house….
    A woman in Australia is suing the Banks saying they should NOT have lent money to people especially when the banks knew they could NOT pay it back (based on their income)
    She has won twice and it was going to the High court…
    I have yet to hear what happened…

  2. Terri says:

    This is alllll very interesting, and here’s some help for the fellow in the UK. This group is aware and working against big money control. http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/

  3. Dear Roberto, you have summarized it brilliantly and from the heart. And as you say, this information should be share- I wonder if anyone of you would be willing to write a document- between 1 and 5 pages, that would synthesize Drakes insights, findings, proposals, et all, for all of us to propagate. I am not offering myself because I truly don’t have the time, I haven´t followed the hours of interviews etc. these are such exciting times. Than you to each one of you who have contributed with your comments, criticism, skepticism and enthusiasm. with love, respect and gratitude, Rosa

    • Jessie says:

      To the one who is going thru home default* Check to see if the bank owned mortgage has more than ONE Insurance company signed onto it, also. The banks cut their friends in on $ thru your interest payments

  4. ickytwerp39 says:

    Drake is impressive. Despite being what some of you think of as a country redneck he entertains the idea of aliens and even speaks of souls being taken to the sun and eradicated. I am more impressed by someone like him stating this than I would be by someone with a house full of crystals and dream catchers, who I would suspect would accept the notion out of general principles. I don’t think Drake is the one being the hick here.

  5. Sorry folks, I listen to you, and have now listened for two hours and regret to say i am not convinced this is genuine, but an excellent effort at keeping peoples mind away from what is happening to us at a soul level.

    I might add that I too have been into this for many years and my discernment when ignored has always been a case of regret that I did not listen to the gut reaction to the dialogue

    Hey I thought that Cobra was the man of the moment???

  6. Gisela Rispoli says:

    Dear Jane, I can’t understand how people ignore what Drake has to say????? The y must be really brainwashed and have no idea what is a head of them??? Drake is giving everthing he has and puts his own life on edge for us, can’t people see what is the reality today?
    We are so close of instinction of mankind, we have to stop this war they are planing wrongfully in Syria, like all others lies and lies and lies again!! America hasn’t had a war in the counrty, do not know how it feels when the bombs fall and everything around them is dead and gone! New York is nothing what happened there, I do not want to go thru anything anymore, lets heal the earth, she had enough or she will kill us in the end.
    Please everyone, wake up and support Drake who sticks his neck out for us, he has been in Viet Nam, he kows what he is talking about, please, listen do him and let us all work together, each one of us in our own country, but together before it is to late!!!!!!!
    Welcome the E.T.’s and believe me out of my own experience, they are here only to helpt us, but only when we welcome them. They can read our minds, they are in our hearts, all we have to do and it is so simple, “Look up at the Sky” and ask, if you come from the higher source, welcome to help us and do come, please!!!
    We live in a special time, let us be proud that we are chosen to be here to help our mother Earth!!
    We need to get rid of the financial crown who ruined everything and they need to feel, what they have put thru so many people in eons…
    Love you all and work togehter, please it is time…… no more playing around and listen to Drake..

  7. Roberto says:

    Drake went out on a limb. He didn’t have to do this, but his background and training suited him for this job. He needed good military contacts, a burning desire to uncover the truth for himself and a stable contact with ETs, all of which he has. So I salute his genius in putting all his gifts together along with a fabulous amount of courage. Listen to his latest interview, if you have any more doubts. You and I did not come up with this solution. Let us support the one who did!
    Let us help prepare the way by educating people that there are benevolent ETs and there are regressive ETs. The regressive element have been running the show on Terra for far too long. We need to be grateful to our space brothers/sisters for their assistance. Without them we would not have made it. Some of them may not look like we do, although most of them will. But we have common DNA because we are related.
    Welcome them when they arrive, as some of them already have made contact with those of us who have conquered our judgmental nature. Once the members of the cabal are arrested, we do not need to slaughter, torture, or string them up upside down like Mussolini. They are beings as we, who consider ourselves honest and truthful, are. They had their tests and couldn’t resist the temptation to abuse power. Their arrogance and self absorption is born of fear. We each have our own skeletons. We need to cease the cycle of endless revenge. When we no longer think about punishment and revenge, we will move on to the next dimension. If we don’t conquer ourselves, we will incarnate back into the same situation, until we do. A sensible solution is to lock them up, isolate them and then let them have a life review where they get to experience first hand the anguish they have caused. Let the ETs who have the technology do this.
    We need to focus on the future, not on revenging a past. As Observers in the quantum field, we will create what we keep visualizing. “When you control the inner universe, you control the outer universe because it is merely a reflection of the inner universe.” Swami Vivekananda.
    We have a great opportunity here. So let us pull together “Gungho”, and leave our bad dreams behind us. Go out at night and look at the stars and welcome contact. It will come and then you will be able to help with this transition. Ask what you can do to help. Bless us all in this most momentous time.

  8. from nowhere says:

    For this one that is about to have his house taken by the bank…. ask for the ORIGINAL… very important ..ORIGINAL promissory note. the bank do not have it anymore because it has been sold on the market …. insist: The ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE .. do not accept anything else than the ORIGINAL .. Banks had to give back millions of dollars in america for the house they seised because it was proved that they were not having the original promissory note anymore make your research on the web…If they do not have it, it means that they have no contract with you at all…..My mother thong is not english.. excuse my english

    • Jean says:

      I know this is true! Thank you! The banks took them, cut them up in ‘tranches’, sold them overseas, knew the stock would collapse, and took insurance on what they sold. The worst of the worst . . . You are right. The original promissory note – they cannot provide it. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  9. James Wall says:

    For the person with the foreclosure situation. First of all the last thing you want is a lawyer or Barrister as you call them. They all work for the corporation that has purpertrated this fraud upon You, and yes 99% of all foreclosures are fraudulent. The best way to approach this situation until the cabal has been removed is. #1 Do not appear in court. #2 Never hire an attorney. Any documents they send You, throw them in the wood burning stove, It’s nothing but heresay! If they try to serve paper work or any kind of notice to appear, simply say what evidence do you have that anyone by that name lives here …period. Say no more they cannot serve you if you do not Claim the name or Your corporate fictional name, ie birth name. Do not take the paper work or summons, they will leave. This will continue to buy You time, and will frustrate them to the point of not bothering you. This sends them the message that You know that what they are doing is fraud. Never Claim the name in any situation and they will not mess with You. I have done it even in courtrooms in front of a so called judge. They simply dismiss the charges and get me out of the room as fast as they can. Lastly I would contact Winston Strout who was interviewed on David Wilcocks site Divinecosmos.com. You can attend lectures or purchase CDS that will teach You how to stop them in their tracks. This information is what the new Justice system will be based on , so You might as well get started now. If I can be of any other assistance, email me back. Love and Peace James

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, James, I’ll try to make sure the person who asked the question sees all these comments. Much appreciated. Hugs, ~Jean

  10. sharir27 says:

    I think Drake is trying his hardest. I guess I thought his answers were long and drawn out. What I did not realize is the new listeners he does get every week. I am so sorry Drake for thinking that way. You are a good guy, and l do listen to all of your shows. Keep up the good work, and I am sorry for being selfish. It isn’t all about me, its all about us, the WORLD in which we live.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t worry about the negative people out there…they are just tired and you are a faceless target to their frustrations. (MYSELF INCLUDED)

    Love and Hugs


  11. Chris (Holland) says:

    Wish we had a `Drake` in Europe….keep on going Drake! Go, Go Go!

    Well said, Jean! Thank you.

    With love and thanks,
    Chris (Holland)

    • Jean says:

      Chris, the discussion around my comment has been important, too. Many people are thinking their own thoughts now, and you can see how varied and different they are – something for everyone is to be found there. Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Laura Tyco says:

    Will re blog this on Indy love!! thank u! hugs. L

    • Lana says:

      that was such good insight regarding the commentor thinking of Drake as a game show host. That’s exactly right and they cannot see that they are completely brainwashed.

  13. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for expressing how I have felt. And I also appreciate all the comments here, many have made some very good points. Yes we all are in our own “place” of awakening and we all have such different perspectives, but I think we can all agree not only are changes needed; and drastic ones at that….and change is always hard, but also inevitable!

    I do hope everyone one remembers we are all in this together and we really do need to step up to this “singular moment in History” as Tolec said in his conversation with Mark Kimmel and help everyone and everything transform to a higher level!

    So do we want to do this the Easy way or the Hard way?

  14. Merry Hempster says:

    re: the pending foreclosure, i would direct this person to http://www.thehomeownersrevolt.com. re: your letter – look, we have to “see through duality” – that is our job here. there are the information givers, those who have privileged information – and then there are the armchair revolutionaries, and the armchair critics. the armchair critics try to find fault with the information givers, and the armchair revolutionaries try to support the information givers. which side of the fence you are on depends on your belief system, your level of spiritual development, and your karma. i say, see yourself as the information giver, the armchair revolutionary, and the armchair critic, and resolve those dualities. speak and act from that place, as the witness, not (just) as the experiencer. namaste – g

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Merry! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Alice says:

      No offense Merry, but this sounds like a money making scam to me with dozens of high charges for things people can do for free :

      from : http://www.thehomeownersrevolt.com/?page_id=37

      The “90 Day Take Back Program”
      This program shows you step-by-step how to “Take Your Property Back Free & Clear in 90 days”, by legally reconveying the title of the property back into the homeowners name. Instantly stops the foreclosure, as the bank is no longer the owner of your mortgage, and you no longer make any mortgage payments!
      Price: Only $1,495.00

  15. BroAsa says:

    Please, please, can’t we all take what Jean is showing us and “take it to heart”. Isn’t that what the shift is about, weighing things in our heart to see how the scale tips? I do have my own “belief” problems with Drake but I also have enough spiritual maturity to know that even if I have credibility problems with some of the things he says that he is still a piece of the puzzle that is needed at this time.

    Every source, every piece of information, all have a purpose for someone, somewhere who needs it to help them either make the choice or to at least be given the fullest opportunity to see what they need to do to cleanse the karma. Even though I might have a problem with Drake doesn’t mean Drake is valuable nor that what he says he has done isn’t the facts. His declaration is no different than the declaration that was announced some few days back that was given to the Catholic Church from the Irish group. If it was sent blindly to some general at the Pentagon will it be ignored as sometimes sent from a crackpot or at the most sent to the FBI for investigation, probably. Does it matter, no, it is simply one more sign of the shift in progress.

    I don’t like working through beliefs because I teach that within every belief is a lie, even pointing out the physical reality of that statement–beLIEf. Then I go on to explain that beliefs are simply constructs of our own egos usually to either bolster or deny that which the ego sees as good for it or bad for it. My questioning of the credibility of certain aspects of Drake’s story isn’t based on beliefs but based on knowledge gained from personal experience instead.

    BTW, within every truth that you embrace lies a rut–tRUTh. If you hold too religiously to that truth then you will not be able to “see” or “hear” that which tells you that your truth isn’t really a truth after all. Is that why the sacred writings repeats that the words are for those that have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”?

    I am beginning to see that what all of it adds up to is to the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. Every disappointment, every outside of us desired savior, every reliance on others to do what only we can do for ourselves, is all adding up to the point where we, even Light Workers, will have to realize that if we want change we must be a part of making that change happen in physical reality.

  16. Lana says:

    Jean, kudos for writing this. It expressed my feelings entirely. I am intuitive as well and i have listened to every recorded interview with this man Drake and he is true as true can be. In fact, I would not be surprised if he were the reincarnation of one of our heroic founders. It is shocks me at how someone could listen to a few minutes of the radio show and come up with such difinitive opinions. Those are not educated opinions and they are not from people who actually contribute anything positive in return for their shallow opinions. Thank you for what you do. I admire you greatly.

    • BroAsa says:

      Judging others gets us no where! Each is at a different place on the path, some have traveled further than others but that does not make them any better than someone who has not. We should not be critical of perceptions of another, especially here among this family, simply because they lack having traveled as far as we have.

      The statements I see being made with a critical tone about how another perceives differently hits home; as looking back over the path I have traveled I see the parts where I too had similar perceptions. Because I now have traveled further and through growth and becoming perceive differently, does that grant me the privilege of judging another’s perception as being wrong?

  17. Alice says:

    I, too, have only listened to one of Drake’s broadcasts and was not attracted to it at all….and I have no attraction at all for Drunvalo either. We are electromagnetic beings and we magnetically attract to us what we need to experience in our lives. Those with similar energy will be attracted. There is not just one path…..we each have our own to follow……. eventually they all lead to higher realms.

    Instead of judging and condemning others for having different beliefs why can’t we allow everyone to have their own. We’ve each had our own unique life path in order to learn about the world..

    Yesterday I watched the most interesting “Ted Talks” program. It was very short …maybe 16-17 minutes long but it was mind blowing. It was called something like shared inter-disciplinary information – Facilitating connections between people and cultures in order to inform evolutionary leaps in consciousness. Promoting and exploring indigenous wisdom, technological innovations, creative expressions.

    Evolutionary leaps in consciousness come from being open to new thoughts. Maybe the hardest part of a puzzle for you is the easiest part for someone else….and the hardest part for them is shared by someone else. We each have a piece to share. Let’s share.

    • Jean says:

      Alice, TedTalks are terrific – and are known for being no more than 16-17 minutes. Can you share the link to this one with us? It’s sounds great! Hugs and thanks, ~Jean

      • Alice says:

        If we can at least allow another to have a different point of view we can get a glimpse of another’s angle and possibly widen our own view……..But Forcing ones beliefs onto another only meets with resistance. Sharing with no demands can be much more fruitful.

        Below are only two of the Ted Talks I listened to yesterday that really left an impression on me:

        Michelle Borkin: Can astronomers help doctors? Michelle Borkin of Harvard University combines astronomy and medical imaging to advance both fields and proves that interdisciplinary collaboration helps people develop great ideas otherwise undiscovered .

        and another one that expands the idea of sharing our knowledge :

        Chris Anderson: How web videos power global innovation

  18. donet2012 says:

    Tony, I hear what you are saying about Drake and when I heard the comment about gettin’ a gun, it really turned me off. But then I went ahead and listened to the whole show. He constantly preaches to get out an know your neighbors and be aware of what is going on in your own community. This may not sit well with city-dwellers, but it speaks to rural and small-town America which is his background. It is also mine: I came from a small east Texas town, went off to the big city life for decades, now I am back where I started. I see who he is talking to and yes, some of it is fear-mongering, but he is appealing to the masses of non city dwellers and to get them off the couch and pay attention. He also is ex-military with a lot of connections and most of them come from small town America where there a no jobs and the military is the most viable option. I know that his parochial (or as we say here, good ol’ boy) persona is off-putting to a lot of people, especially some of the ones who post here, but if you listen to the whole message the guy is trying to get something done and also to keep the rural crazies from going out shooting first and ask questions later. I come from this background and that has always been my greatest concern. Also, if our galactic family does land here, what’s to keep the beer-drinking rednecks from shooting them? He does this whole routine to appeal to them. I thought it was brave and brilliant that he finally introduced the ET/angel concept to the masses too. He’s not talking to the intellectuals, he’s talking to most Americans. If it shakes and bakes them and wakes them up, more power to him. And if you listen to his whole message he constantly advocates not losing your cool and start shooting. Just my humble country 2-cents worth. Peace, Don

    • Jean says:

      I am so glad to read all the responses from everyone! They are reasonable, shed light, and I hope will be helpful to everyone reading them. We are probably going to get many new readers who aren’t yet on the same page with us, and all your words I hope will probe helpful to them. Hugs, ~Jean

  19. ExtrovertedOne says:

    Tony Dickinson:

    I would highly suggest that you that you listen to MORE than just one of Drake’s broadcasts so as to give yourself a more informed opinion of Drake. I also wonder just how you “understand” that Drake told people “to have a gun to hand”. I NEVER miss a Drake interview, and NEVER, ONCE, has he EVER advocated the use of firearms in a violent way.
    He has said that people MIGHT want to have a gun, ONLY IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL SAFER, BUT IT’S NOT NECESSARY. As Jean said, Your words of judgment go out around the entire planet for all to read, and you send a clear message to them. You really need to cut Drake some slack. He isn’t a young man, anymore, and he is actually doing these interviews for his progeny.
    He wants a better world for them, as well as for all of us. He isn’t getting any money for his interviews either, and he is also getting a lot of negativity directed at him because he is giving us this information. It’s not his fault that the Pentagon and the military won’t play ball exactly on our schedule. As Jean also said, Drake is now telling them “We’ve done our job, now you do yours!” It would be greatly appreciated that you would not base your opinions in fear, but rather base what you think in FACTS and RESEARCH, instead of speculation and rumors.

  20. Drake specifically asked us to call the Defense Department. If you don’t want to call, here is the link to their contact form:


    Give them the link to Drake’s letter and ask them to read it.

  21. Dan says:

    I believe in drake but not sure about minuteman.http://4umf.com/rick-light-militia-informant/ jean ,whats your opinion?

  22. Jean,

    I always value your opinion, however I have only listened to one of his broadcasts and decided within two minutes that my intuition was telling me a big NO NO. I understand he told people recently to have a gun to hand, that sounds ominous to me. Just more of the same disinfo as far as I am concerned. I personally believe that this type of thing does far more harm than good, and is there for a purpose – to distract us from ourselves and to rely on energies outside of us rather than realise our own potential by going within. Remember what will be will be.

    The parochial aspect is not important.


    • Jody says:

      As with anything you must take what resonates with you. Drake is a brave man doing what few would do, he is putting himself out there for the sake of all of us.

    • Lance says:

      In other words, you know absolutely nothing about this other than by your infallible intuition — and within two minutes, and count him out.

      That’s dumb.

      Why would Drake put himself through this?

      To create a spectacle that won’t last?

      To come on and talk 6 hours a week, every week since March, and for the last two months feeling the people who asked for his help have let him down?

      He wants it over. He doesn’t want a ‘show.’

      He is now trying to goad the military into action.

      If you think he is here, to entertain, it won’t last, because either we will soon get them, that is, arrest or destroy them, or there will be a civil war.

      Then, you might wish you had a gun.

      I have been following Drake from the beginning, and have done some analysis of what he is saying and concluded it is real. If you go to my website and click on the Drake category you will find it.

      Unlike yours, my intuition isn’t infallible but it has generally been pretty good. And unlike you, I try to do some thinking to see if it coincides.

      • Tina says:

        Lance, the way I see it, it’s attitudes like yours (i.e. I know more than you, therefore you must be an idiot kind of thing) that is more harmful to this whole situation than anything concerning Drake! Doesn’t it say somewhere that we shouldn’t be so locked in to our beliefs?

        I don’t have a gun, nor am I going to go out and buy one. Why should I do that? I’m also not going to go rent the movie “2012” as Drake suggested either. Why would that be helpful to any of this here? It appears to be fearmongering. I listened to the entire show yesterday, and I will say it again…not once did he mention what we should do exactly…except not sit on the couch and drink beer. And I suppose we are to take it on face value that he has militia standing by…or who exactly this woman is…lets just splatter her face all over the internet and say it’s not important who she is, just listen to her.” Okay, I listened…now what?

        Jean, you know I hold you in high regard, but forgive me if I’m still in the “extreme discernment” stage where Tony above is, but I have no conclusive evidence to send to anyone or to speak about Drake. I don’t see any brainwashing going on here, and I also don’t see any casual judgements…except from Lance toward Tony.

        My choice is to go to work everyday and do all that I know to do and keep up with this mess and hold space until the moment my Higher Self says “AHA”. And if the Rocky Mountains slide over to the Appalachian range and back in the meantime, then, that apparently was the divine plan. Nothing I could have done!

        • Jean says:

          Tina, I hear you, and you are entitled to your opinion. Let me say, though, that Tony’s extreme discernment lasted all of two minutes. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Meshell says:

      Hi Tony,
      I’d like to mention that it might be best for you to go back to the beginning where “Drake” first started talking and follow it forward, hearing the entire message to date.

      This reminds me of an AMC TV series that I have been watching over that last 4 years. I’ve heard a few folks say they saw an episode or two and “don’t get into that sort of thing”, however were it followed from the very first show as it came forward it makes a lot more sense and tells an unfolding story with a message that is quite different than just seeing later single episodes. —-

      I find Drake hard to listen to as well, and I get anxious at times with pieces of what he has to say – but I have the advantage of tracking with his message and have watched him “develop” (for a lack of better terms) with the unfolding drama of what is happening. In other words, I could see where HE might feel folks should have a gun nearby for a tad of time with the scene he felt would unfold – however, given the “ET” help and intervention he was originally not aware of, I suppose that helped to change some of his viewpoint.

      So in conclusion, even though what you say makes good sense, my opinion is for folks to not take bits and pieces from a very important and unfolding message from Drake and consider one knows what it’s all about. – Especially allow that he is NOT a professional speaker, thank god. I’m tired of professional “speakers” speaking messages in front of large groups of people and making a living on it wherein I have to consider what they say against how they make their living.

      With Love,

      • Jean says:

        Well said, and thank you. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Meshell,

        Thank you for your very kind and loving comments which are really appreciated.

        Each and every one of us has the right to decide what it is that we listen to or read. By deciding for whatever reason that its not for us does not mean anything negative or anything derisory aimed at an individual.

        As far as Drake is concerned, I have absolutely no doubt that he is a genuine and loving soul that indeed does put himself at some risk.

        Perhaps I have been around too long as I am more interested in results rather than words, and whether it is Wilcock, Fullford or Drake, I am not interested to know what is about to happen until it does happen here and right now. I am not interested in the good guys versus the bad guys as I am emotionally fatigued by the disappointments that we have experienced by putting our faith and indeed energy into what others tell us. While the atrocities continue against humanity, and the so called bad boys are still free to do their own thing. I feel for Bradley Manning, so why are the good guys not having any impact to help him? The 9/11 attack on the Pentagon was a missile, so I have no faith in those guys, they just do not have the balls.

        i have seen what was done in Iraq, and Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya in the name of crony capitalism, they have these great plans and leave others to do the washing up. I remember in the early years of the second world war the US did little more than provide food to Europe until the japanese had other ideas. Further more I am ashamed that the British were lead into the Iraq conflict by being pressured by the Bushes and by Rupert Murdoch when the majority of the people did not agree with it.

        I appreciate that in the US you have been used less subtly than has been done elsewhere and your grievances are likely greater, this is understandable.

        I wish all those who profess to have insider information just get on with it and tell us of their successes when they happen, rather then tell us in advance what is about to happen before the event. So my own reaction is to treat Drake’s words like the others until I know he is really making a difference.

        If my views are different, it is because of the failures and disappointments that make me believe that there is something far greater at work than the material issues that we read about here, which are no more than distractions to keep us from realising why we are here.

        God Bless you – your messages always contain lovely energy


    • Jean says:

      Tony, two minutes at a time like this is far too little! I’ve spent years studying, and while I know well that other can’t do that, two minutes in my opinion is really almost silly – to make the kind of decision about our life our species that you have made. Hugs, ~Jean

  23. nicholas fowler says:

    you’ve said it as it us Jean. what is so alarming is the video he mentions to be found on his website, under spirituality. the lady speaking , send chills down the spine if one takes in what she is saying. we only have one chance now, either we do it the easy way, and lessen the pain or we do it the hard way, and the Et’s will do out dirty work for us. and if Gaia decides to shrug us of, God help us, I believe we have as little as two years for this process of cleansing and such to take place, it s for us to choose how we do it. If Tolec is right we wil be transfoming to the fourth density, we had best get our act together.

    • Glory B. says:

      Well said, Jean! I find it absolutely perfect that the video is under a heading of “spirituality” – not, alarming! To the homeowner in England, here in the US – lenders committed securities fraud when they turned a mortgage into fractional stock shares (argument is made who owns my house then?) so lawsuits are being brought against banks in record numbers here. All things considered, I really wouldn’t give this any thought until July!

  24. Ann Magoon says:

    Thank you Jean, so well said and timely.!

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