Being and Becoming – by Andrew Cohen, June 26, 2012


If Enlightenment is the discovery of what IS, then it must embrace the ultimate nature of all things—seen and unseen, known and unknown. And I think the most truly all-embracing and inclusive definition of reality includes both Being and Becoming. Being is that timeless void out of which the cosmos was born, the empty ground from which everything arises and to which everything ultimately returns. Becoming is the something that emerged out of nothing and is still emerging in this moment. Becoming is Eros, the evolutionary impulse, the first cause, that original spark of light and energy that created the entire universe. It is that very same creative spark that awakens in our own hearts and minds as a sense of ecstatic urgency to evolve. This is why I have reenvisioned the very goal of the spiritual path, seeing the purpose of enlightenment as not merely to transcend the world but to transform the world, through becoming an agent of evolution itself. This is the new source of spiritual liberation. It’s not just awakening to timeless Being—it’s awakening to eternal, ecstatic Becoming. Evolutionary Enlightenment calls on us to awaken to both the timeless peace of Being and the relentless passion of the Evolutionary Impulse.

—Andrew Cohen

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3 Responses to Being and Becoming – by Andrew Cohen, June 26, 2012

  1. Lily says:

    Love this man’s thoughts.

  2. BroAsa says:

    It’s interesting to see how the energies that are causing change is manifesting itself. Being on the “fringes” of the movement as a lower level teacher I see the same message I have been teaching for a while in Cohen’s message.

    A debunker would probably say it is simply the effects of such rapid and accessible communication that is causing the shifts in attention and focus. However, that would not be correct as the timing is so that a large enough population of the teachers on the planet shift in subtle ways to make such a premise incorrect. There would be insufficient time to come across the initial writing and then be shifted by it. Some of that also occurs and I am effected in that way on some issues as we are not all tied to the same sources nor do we need or require the information to come in the same manner.

    However, I do see from my own perspective how the changes are occurring and where it seems to be driving the planet. The focus has been for years on preparing individuals to act as the initial catalyst of Light Workers and how it is shifting to having those Light Workers begin the process of global consciousness transformation. That is why virtually all message now are including some form of prep language for the possibility of the Light Worker Corps to take part in non-violent disobedience to “make things happen”. Look for the nuances in the “channeled” messages that are coming through and see if you can pick it out.

  3. enyiah says:

    Ooh resonating with this all the way!

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