From Inelia Benz: THANK YOU!, July 7, 2012

Dear Jean,

If you joined for a few minutes, or all day, on our silent mediation on July 2nd 2012, THANK YOU!

The energy was extremely powerful and globally transformative.

I have received many emails and communications asking me what I perceived during the meditation.  For me personally, it was one of those experiences where I stepped out of the way and simply became a conduit for Source energy to come through. As a result, the day went very, very quickly.

Other individuals who took part also mentioned that it was “easier” than expected. Even individuals who had never meditated, or sat in silence, ever before, were able to sit or lie down for the entire day without many problems at all.

Immense Source power, love, light and stability did come in, and because there were so many of us around the world joined in intention, it made a huge impression in the human collective.  The path is now in place, and everyone now has access to it.

It also very much felt like “cleaning house” at a local and global scale.

If you took part, you may be feeling the need to spend more time in silence to integrate the energies and new vibrational level reached by our physical and subtle bodies.

If you couldn’t take part that day, do remember that we are holding a weekly meditation/silence hour every Wednesday at 8:30am PST, when you can sit in silence, meditation, or do nothing. And if you feel inspired, you can also add an intention of being a conduit for Light/Love Source energy during this hour.  This meditation, although it has a time/space allocation in  linear time, can be joined at any time, from any location.  Remember, the more of us that join in, the more transformative an experience this can become to each individual as well as the human collective. So mark your calendar!

Again, thank you for partaking in the July 2nd 2012 day, and also for your continuous work to raise the vibrational level of our human collective.

Inelia Benz

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3 Responses to From Inelia Benz: THANK YOU!, July 7, 2012

  1. Jean, just so you know, something is wrong with the pentagon message. It shut down my internet explorer when I opened it up. I ran a scan on my computer afterwards to see if I contacted a virus and I didn’t but you should see if anyone else has had this problem with opening it. I would have loved to have been able to read it.

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