Drunvalo has been working to set up a network of teachers all around the planet. If you are interested, please read the following . . . ~J

First, please note this point about channeling that Cobra made in his recent interview, which you can read in full here: GallacticConnection.com

– A: Now you see a massive amount of channelings coming through people right now.  I am just curious. Do you feel that a lot of the times that we are channeling that we are actually speaking to our future selves?

C: No I don’t think so.  Most of the channeling is coming from the astral plane.  The astral plane is a plane of much illusion.  This is a plane of existence  where we have our unexpressed desires, wishes, hopes, aspirations.  Most people are channeling this.  They are channeling their own self-conscious ideas.  Very few people have a real connection with positive extraterrestrial races.  Information coming from those people is always something fresh and something that has value.  But there are not many of them.

Okay, now you’ve read this from Cobra. Permit me to say, then, that in my opinion the person who is giving us valuable information that is really going to help us with the practical side of the Shift is Drunvalo Melchizedek. I would like to point you to his most recent interview on Red Ice Radio, which is chock full of what I believe to be ‘real’ information based in scientific fact and his years of study of human consciousness. 

At Drunvalo.net there is an extensive teacher list for much of the planet so that you can learn the essential merkaba. If you are really interested in Ascension, then I suggest that you check the list out here and make your plans: Awakening the Illuminated Heart .

Why is the merkaba necessary?

It provides us safety and protection for our brain/memories when the earth shuts down magnetically as she prepares to shift poles. We are connected to the earth like she is a mainframe computer, and without the protection of our merkaba, our brains – our own hardrives – will simply crash when she shuts down her magnetic fields. Without our merkaba, when the shift is over, we won’t even remember how to start a fire.

I can only ask that you consider my words. I hope, however, that you will realize this is an extremely serious subject that I’m bringing up here.

I’ve also asked if you noted anything we are doing here on this blog that seems to fit with some of Drunvalo’s ideas. He is suggesting Bashar (spelling?), someone back now to help fix things, is saying the Shift will be a lot easier if we simply live happier lives, and I think that’s for sure one thing that is going on with us here, don’t you? We’ve had enough of the fear, the anxiety, and we’re moving on. I’m even wondering if we might be establishing the beginnings of a higher dimensional community, one that lives from the heart! Could ours be a community – virtual or not, it seems maybe that wouldn’t matter – in which we will already be living when the third dimension disappears? I’m just wondering, but I think it could be likely! 


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28 Responses to Drunvalo has been working to set up a network of teachers all around the planet. If you are interested, please read the following . . . ~J

  1. Colleen Campbell says:

    To Rosa, I did the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop a few months ago, incredible experience. I couldn’t make it to one of Dru’s workshop, so I did it with Tessie McCabe, as she is one of his certified teachers for the that class. She lives in Flagstaff, however she came out to San Diego to do the workshop. She and her husband own a business called Sacred Sites, and you can reach her there. Good Luck, Colleen

  2. Finefeather says:

    We are already in our light bodies, we always have been, but the great material illusion has blinded us to it, and we now urgently need to remove the many layers of false teaching and indoctrination from our beautiful being.
    We need to wake up and smell the roses.
    Love to All

  3. Contramary says:

    ‘Ten times ten time, times the Light of a thousand suns, I AM.’

    How beautifully said …I am delighted …that’s exactly what I wanted to express above in the very
    essence of it …. thank you Doreen for doing it for us all – thank you again and blessings..

  4. Another view.

    Years ago close personal friends and I greeted the early morning sun atop Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. Haleakala means house of the sun.

    At that time Kamala received a message about Earth changes.The message suggested that a Merkaba would be available to take us from Earth safely. We would know it was time to leave because we would begin to lose equilibrium, at which point we were guided to say this,

    ‘Ten times ten time, times the Light of a thousand suns, I AM.’

  5. Contramary says:

    I read the 2 volumes of the Flowers of Life …long ago … to practise the Merkaba-meditation is fully described in there but …….
    I didn’t do it ….why ?
    or me too complicated and too much work (left brain) I am very lazy and believe in inner guidance
    I do not need some sort of double assurance to ascend – I try try to do it by devoting my whole life to ascension and if this proves not being enough for my Creator — I will accept his decision and will follow his will in sequence ,,,just as easy at it is ….
    I shall and will stay away from any measures and methods (depriving my little budget even more)
    to which I have to adhere (according to some others’ opinion) in order to safeguard my ascension.
    I shall not undergo by free will such learnings as these truly still belong to the 3-D-Matrix and constitute to me as something as if I should enrol to some sort of assurance/insurance organisation in a double trick of mine to enure myself of being worthy for ascension, That I do not need … I leave it to my very best friend and love : to God ALMIGHTY and not to anybody else or human method however sage and wise these are !

    I am laughing a bit as I always repeat like a parrot my belief here. he he he

    Love to all of you

  6. pete spencer says:

    I suddenly feel the need to share.

    Something very odd happened to me, I won’t go into all the details, suffice to say, I believe i was conscious at the moment of my shift. I saw my demise literally milliseconds before the impact. Yet there was none.

    In that moment it occurred to me that this was the the closing of one door and the opening of another. Nothing or no one has changed, but life continues to become sweeter and less problematic. Intentions seem to manifest more easily and I am gaining more confidence in this improved experience.

    It would also be fair to say that my intuitive sense and my understanding is becoming more heart based. I have followed events closely using your wonderful web site over the past 18 months and I must thank you for your tireless efforts in this respect, but the need to follow and be aware of every piece of news has become less relevant as it is my heartfelt understanding that this process is well under way and that this is going to happen with the least amount of disruption.

    Any how, there is no fear because we understand that this plane of experience is an illusion, so I die or appear to die to everyone else, the fact is my personal experience shows me that we simply continue along our path, our individual plane of existence.

    My knowing tells me there is nothing for any of us to worry about now, when Inelia Benz said in her second interview with Bill Ryan, that “everything was assured and to simply live the life you want”, this feels so correct and I completely resonate with this understanding.

    No more fear, look for joy in your lives and spread it around.

    Once again Many thanks Jean for your hard work and wisdom.

    • Jean says:

      Pete, this is a beautiful story. It seems this sort of thing is happening more and more often. I hope others will read it! This is the kind of story I hope folks will want to read and to contemplate. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jena

  7. Zany Mystic says:

    It is possible that some of us, perhaps “all” of us, have already been through this shift; if not, we have been through many others. We contain literally everything within us. This tells me, as does nature and the vast information fields of the vacuum in which this hologram is projected, that nothing is missing “as is”. We are like “placeholders in time”… time being the illusion which is adjusted from our “now”, our future and past… all malleable. There is nothing to DO but BE (HAPPY!), as Meher Baba says, who is here now with us! ( All the Avatars throughout the Ages are also here with us… so relax into a nice, hot bath… or a peaceful moment and breath )


    As Drunvalo says, “relax… we all make it just fine.” I enjoyed hearing him mention Darryl Anka (BASHAR), who is one of my favorite future gray hybrids! He says all we need do is follow our joy in each given moment! If our hearts are pure, like a little child, then we are all Neo’s in the Matrix breaking through the ones and zeroes. I have a “future gay hybrid” within me!

    Laughter, joy and playfulness,

    • Jean says:

      Zany, we’re told we’ve all been through this before. Each person must decide how they want to make the shift. Ascension os only one of three possibilities, and there is more than one way to ascend. I have studied the merkaba, understand its power, and think it has value, so I am comfortable speaking about its value. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Richard Dana says:

    You are the cat’s meow.
    Your efforts are appreciated so much in this time.

    Much Love

  9. I went to Drunvalo’s site and all his classes are full- I did not find alternatives, except to read the 3 books. You have studied under him- can you teach us what you’ve learnt? Maybe thru a Skype teleconference? Big hug, R

  10. Resistance and Infinite Possibilities – as I understand when Earth changes become intense we will already be in our Light bodies and can handle anything.

    Gillian MacBeth-Louthan suggests we re Moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky… You are asked to experience a new level of self and soul that you are not familiar with nor comfortable with. Like meeting new people all you can do is observe until it is safe to act.

    There is a thin ethereal membrane that keeps the new soul light/ intact. This thin ethereal membrane is like a protective sac around a newborn baby. It keeps it safe from the harsh outer world until it is ready to be birthed then the membrane weakens and tears. The new soul light that has been activated in all of Humanity will not be fully felt until the time of Easter when the soul membrane is ready to be dissolved in the higher light of achieved Ascension Full post at http://wp.me/pWDrY-1cX

    • Jean says:

      Doreen, I’m not pushing my ideas on anyone. It is up to each person to decide what is right for him/her. If I don’t put the info out there, and it is what I believe from my own personal experience, after all, then no one has the opportunity to say yea or nay. As Drunvalo says, there are others with other ways that work, as well. People do not need to ascend, if they find that idea uncomfortable. There are other routes to the new earth, two of which he describes. If I remember correctly, some people will spontaneously create their own merkaba. I wouldn’t want to take the chance.

      We are told, though, over and over again that everything for each person will be perfect, that when the shift is over each person will find their self in exactly the right place for their continued spiritual growth. That gives me a great degree of comfort!


  11. willowfeather says:

    I guess the free stuff comes in 5-D. $444 really?

    • Jean says:

      Some perspective: Ron has to live; he has to pay for his travel and right now that means going all over the world; he has to rent a venue. The course if 4-days long. In this day and age, is a little over $100 a day too much? Hugs, ~Jean

  12. In the divine plan, I don’t believe “protection” is needed.
    What feeds fear, is not Divine.

    My personal point of view!

    • Rah nam says:

      I enjoy J’s blogs, yet the part titled: Why is the merkaba necessary?
      is in my view and that of my people highly incorrect.
      We, who facilitate the shift, are certain, all memories will be intact, once the shift is complete. I will not comment on the value of the merkaba, it is everyone’s choice to create one or not. The focus alone, it takes to create one is more then valuable.

      Rah nam

      • Jean says:

        Rah nam, I would like to know, please who your people are? That would be helpful to us all, I think. What you choose to believe is clearly your choice. I only offer what I know from my own experience.

        And eventually, the merkaba becomes permanent!


    • Jean says:

      This is your choice. I am not trying to convince anyone. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint. Have you listened to Drunvalo’s 2-hour interview to inform yourself – as part of your decision-making process? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Rah nam says:

        We, those around me are of angelic origin, and wanderers.
        “Without our merkaba, when the shift is over, we won’t even remember how to start a fire.”
        This is what I disagree with mostly.
        I enjoyed many Drunvalo interviews, and it was him who I heard first describing a Soul
        merger very clearly.
        And of cause we all need to discern for our self.

      • Richard says:

        The problem I see, is not that most people do not want to know how to develop their Merkaba, for preparation of the Ascension, it’s just many of us don’t have 3 or 400.00 dollars to go to the desert and take a workshop class, But, there is our lord and Master!!

        • Jean says:

          Richard, these workshops are no longer given by Drunvalo. He has developed a network of teachers all over the planet. Have a look for yourself. I think calling him ‘lord and master’ is rather a large misnomer, and with such a thought you perhaps cut yourself off from the help of the universe. Hugs, ~Jean

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