[Possible?] False Flag, 4 August 2012, London Olympics

I have willingly made every effort to expose the possibilities of any false flag attacks, and this well-researched article that came via email to me from several source seems like it needs careful attention – particularly if you have been following the history of the occult, satanic cult we are now facing down for control of this planet. While I believe they have already lost, I also believe if we can prevent tragedy and loss of life at the end of this time, than we have the responsibility to do so. I urge everyone to spend time with this article, because, quite simply, your knowledge of it alone may help to prevent such an event from taking place . . . ~J


2000 Sydney “Share the SPIRIT”

2004 Athens “In the SPIRIT of the Games”

2008 Beijing ”One World One Dream”

2012 London “Inspire a Generation”

Slogans over this last 12 years read like a NWO manifesto!

I wonder what kind of Inspiration they will be subjected to!

Part One

A few months ago I was discussing with another researcher (Bessie Totten) the possibility of a false flag at the London 2012 Olympics. She reckoned that the 4th of August was the most likely date if they were to pull anything, given that she has spent many years studying the occult practices of the Satanic elite, and their most revered sacrifice dates, I had no reason to doubt her word when she explained how she had singled out the 4th August. 

We both began looking into the 4th of August we conferred regularly with our findings. She examined certain aspects, and I examined others until we established a clear picture of what we thought might happen. (link to her blog at the bottom of this blog).

We thought long and hard about how to present this information, or even if we should present it, we felt we were dammed if we published it, but we would be more dammed if we did not. If they are planning a major event for August 4, our only way to stop it was to publish it, as they would be forced to call it off if someone were to publish their plans in advance. If they call off any plans they had, this would make us look like we had un-necessarily been fear mongering, but I would rather be accused of that, than sitting on this information, and doing nothing. I will now present as best I can the information we have gathered so far. If anyone has studied in detail other “false flag” events such as 9/11, the following information will be more easily understood, as you will already understand how they use numerology to give impetus to their objectives.

This excellent LINK details how many times the number eleven was used in the 9/11 False flag.

They attach huge significance to the power of these numbers.

Based on years of study of past false flags and other sacrifices they have made, we understand how they operate, how they plan these events and how they carry them out, we are presenting an hypotheses of what they may be planning.

If we are correct, they will have to call it off after this information is posted, if we are wrong, we will never know.

* * * * * * *

Rik Clay – August 5 1982-August 26 2008

After hearing an interview on Red Ice Radio some years ago with the late great Rik Clay, I figured that the 2012 London Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and Prince William would somehow be tied into the grand scheme of how 2012 would play out.

The Satanic EL(Elohim)ite that control this planet and near all its inhabitants have been preparing for 2012 for hundreds of years. They are control freaks, and they leave nothing to chance, they create the Gods and Goddess that the masses worship, in the past they harnessed the energy of the masses through their invented religions, these days they prefer to use Hollywood, sport and the music industry. When they call Beyonce a pop Goddess, David Beckham an Icon or Michael Jackson the King Of Pop, this is no accident.

(Credit to Ian R Crane who first noticed the Olympic logo could be re-arranged into “Zion”, just weeks after it was unveiled in 2007, also to Matthew Delooze, it was from his work that I first understood the nature of energy vampire-ism.)

LINK Ian R Crane’s website

LINK Matthew Delooze’s blog

The following blog is the result of months of research, and since I began Whitney Houston has sadly died under very mysterious circumstances, in every news report her name and age was reported, given I have been researching the 4th of August which translates to her age 48, I cant help but think it’s connected. Plus near all the reports referred to her as “The Queen of Pop”….The Queen is dead….”Long Live The Queen”, and the British Queen embarks on a year of festivities to mark her Diamond jubilee.

Target O2 Dome in Greenwich

We feel there may be various targets, but the primary target will be the O2 Dome in Greenwich. The dome is built on the most contaminated piece of land in Europe; trees around the Dome had to be planted in containers as the soil around the Dome was so toxic it would have killed them, gas monitoring systems were built into the Dome floor. The limited clean up cost £150 million, and they did not scratch the surface in decontaminating the 3 acre site .LINK

It was primarily British Gas who contaminated the site, but it was the tax payer who paid for the clean up. Their primary solution was to put a thin layer of concrete over the contaminated soil, which goes down 14 metres in areas. Any form of explosion on this site would be catastrophic, the Thames would be contaminated and the gases contained within the foundations of the Dome would be released, and would travel as far as the wind takes them. The Southbound Blackwall tunnel runs under the Dome, and metres of contaminated soil, much of it combustive, ie Benzene and nitrogen dioxide, lie between the tunnel and Dome.

. Link Government web site detailing the contamination

LINK My Blog on the highly toxic and volatile foundations of the O2 Dome.

The Twin Towers contained so much asbestos that demolition was not an option, replacing the asbestos would have cost billions, but a solution was thought up, as we are now all painfully aware, and Larry Silverstein made billions from the False Flag that was perpetuated that day LINK. When the O2 Dome was opened on 1/1/200, it was widely reported that it only had a 25 year life expectancy, 12 of those years have now passed, I have not been able to establish its insurance value, but I would hazard a guess it is many millions. They will have to demolish it anyway at some stage within the next 13 years, this would cost them, should there be a fire or terrorist attack, the owners (AEG) will of course pocket millions. The roof of the Dome is made of Teflon, should there be an explosion or fire, this would act like a chemical weapon, and the fumes would travel as far as the wind carried them. Teflon when heated kills birds instantly as their respiratory tract inflames and starts haemorrhaging, I cannot even start to access the human cost.

On August 4 there is only one event at the Dome, the ladies trampoline, the Dome is the one and only feminine symbol in the this area, the large phallic towers of Canary Wharf surround it, and they chose to build this very feminine womb shaped building on a toxic dump! Destruction of this site would represent the death of the last vestige of the sacred feminine, and the power and war energy associated with all the male phallic symbols would reign supreme. The Dome is situated close to the Greenwich Observatory, and it lies on the Prime Zero Meridian, time literally begins on that spot, paradoxidly destroying the Dome would end time, and they are keen that this age ends, and their designed “New Age” and “New World Order” begins.

More details on the Dome throughout the blog..

12/05/2012 was the Final of Britain’s Got Talent. This was a guest appearance by Diversity the 2009 winners. Watch the Dome behind them, lightening, fire, smoke, it would be a blog on its own to cover the symbolism during this performance. (Thanks to Bessie for pointing this one out to me)

Numerology of NEW WORLD ORDER (Chaldean method)

N=5 E=5=W=6 W=6 O=7 R=2 L=3 D=4 0=7 R=2 D=4 E=5 R=2

5+5+6+ 6+7+2+3+4+7+2+4+5+2= 58 5+8=13 1+3=4

The Official opening ceremony of the London Olympics is Friday 27 July 2012 at 7.30pm

Date: 2+7+7+2+1+2=21 Time: 7+3=10 21+10=31=4 

27 on its own has great significance, I have linked my blog about the numbers 27 and 9. The ceremony is on the 27th, the centrepiece is a 27 ton bell, the whole ritual will cost 27 million quid (probably much more, but they wanted to add as many 27′s as they could) Plus 8 new bells have been commissioned for the Queen’s Jubilee, so that makes 9 new bells in total coming to London this Summer. (2+7=9)

In the Church of Satan the beginning of every ceremony begins with a bell being rang 9 times to summons the demonic entity, the ceremony also ends with a bell being rang 9 times. The 8 bells that have been commissioned for the Jubilee will travel on a specially made barge during the Jubilee flotilla along the Thames on SUNday 3rd June. The route this flotilla travels From Wands-worth to Green-Witch, passing Auld-Wych, weaves around the straight line on the map between Hyde Park and the O2 (OZ) Dome. The flotilla is 54 days before the opening of the Olympics, (27 days in June+27 days in July). I will be adding another blog to this series examining the importance of the flotilla and the possible false flag.

The very word “bell” comes from Baal the God from antiquity that demanded human sacrifices, namely young children. June 3 also just happens to be the feast day of Bell-ona, the female counterpart of the War God Mars! It will also be the 15 year anniversary of Princess Diana’s last official engagement, which was to a production of Swan Lake would you believe! It certainly turned out to be her Swan Song within 3 months she was dead.

Excerpt from my blog which ties in the church of St James in Garlickhythe, where the 8 bells are going, shells and the Santiago Compostela, oddly they are all tied into the Olympics and Prince William:

“In the novel by Sayers “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, the title was taken from a custom which was in place before telephones and instant communications. In days gone by church bells were used to notify the parish, and surrounding Parishes of a death in the community. If a man died the bell would toll 9 times, followed by a pause then a stroke of each year of the persons life. If a female died there would be 6 tolls, again followed by the age. The number nine is the number of death, 6 of course is a nine inverted.”Link

The Whitechapel foundry where the bells are being made, is on the Whitechapel Road, which in Roman times was called “Viginal Way”, and either side of the road was flanked by Roman burial grounds. As Bell is a variation of the God Baal who demanded human sacrifices, mainly virgin females, this would seem the perfect site for them to have these bells made. Also the Church of St James in Garlickhythe is on the site of an earlier Roman Temple. (Maps etc all in the above linked blog).

The numerical value of the date on its own is 3, the most sacred number to Free Masons. The date can also be broken down, 27/7/2012, take the two 27′s out, and you are left with 1+2=3.

A few other notable anniversaries this year:

August 4, 70AD The temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.

August 4, 585/586BC (there is dispute about the year, not the date), the first Temple of Solomon was destroyed. The date in Hebrew is 9 ab. (Ab is the Sumerian word for water and semen!)
This year will be the 1942 anniversary of the destruction of the Temple. 1+9+4+2=16 1+6=7, 7 is another number they use for the God number.
The Jews believe their Messiah will not come until the third temple is built, currently the Muslim Dome on the Rock sits on the site.
Coincidently, construction on the Roman Coliseum also started 70 AD! It could be said that one Temple was destroyed so that spiritual power and control could be moved from Jerusalem to Rome. Where it has remained since!
When 4th August 2012 is converted to from the Gregorian Calendar to the Hebrew, it is 16 Av, 5777.
In Chaldean numerology A=1, V=6 1+6=7
The day 1+6=7
The 5+2=7, (from the year) 77777
The Hebrews associated 7 with Saturn, as it was the seventh planet that could be seen with the naked eye.
Link to converter table (Thanks to Jacqueline for pointing this info out to me)

August 4 1964, The False Flag Bay of Tonkin incident occurred, this led the US into the Vietnam war.

This year is the 48 year anniversary of the Gulf Tonkin incident. 4/8 4 August!

August 4, 1914, Germany invaded Belgium. At 7pm huge crowds gathered at Buckingham Palace and King George V declared that Britain was formerly at war with Germany. And so began WW1!

This year will be the 98th anniversary, 9+8=17, another 8!

April 15, the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic

July 26 (Eve of the Olympic opening ceremony), Eva Peron the iconic Argentine first Lady died aged 33 in 1952, this year marks the 60 anniversary of her death. The Queen was crowned 54 days previous (27+27) June 2, 1952!

August 5 (Day after the possible FF) Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, age 36, this years will be the 50th anniversary of her death.

August 5 2012 would be Rik Clays 30th birthday had he not died so tragically.

4 in Chaldean numerology is represented by “M”.

The planet Mars is the forth planet, and so can be represented by a 4, Mars is the God of war, which may give us another clue as to the frequency of the Number 4 being used.

Also the Anunnaki God Enki is known by the number 4. There are 4 cardinal directions, 4 seasons, 4 elements. 4 Represents so many things which are good, but when used in the negative, as with Mars the God of war, then it is a very powerful number.

Meaning of the letter “M”, which translates to a 4 in Chaldean numerology.

If you seen Madonna’s Half Time Satanic ritual at the Super Bowl, you will have noticed that “M” was highlighted throughout.

This LINK is an analyses of Madonna’s half time ritual at the Super Bowl, by Master symbolist James Bomar, believe me, this all ties in, her ritual, Whitney’s death, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics. They have become blatant with their rituals and symbols.

My Blog on the importance of the number 4

In the USA when they write the date, they put the month first, followed by the day, then the year. The UK does it the other way around, day first, month second. So September 11, 2001 is known as 9/11/2001 in the USA, in the UK it would be written 11/9/2001. Often when they plan false flags and other tragedies, they also line something up for the reverse date as well. The reverse of September 11 2001, was November 9 2001.

On November 9th 2001 they released the Video footage of the fake Osama Bin Laden admitting to 9/11.

On the 8/4 (Reverse of 4/8), the press released Whitney’s autopsy report, there was a cut on her temple, the bridge of her nose, bruises on various areas including her shoulders. Her legs side and upper arm all had burns, and she was apparently found face down in the bath. Incredibly they are still sticking with the “No foul play is suspected”! Link
So Whitney died aged 48, and her autopsy was published 8/4. Her room was on the 4th floor and her room number was 434, 444. three fours! and another 4/8.

The security firm in charge of the London Olympics is G4S
In Pythagorean numerology G=7 S=1 7+1=8 another 4/8!

Telephone Number for the O20 84 48 560202
Link to O2

This years academy Awards was the 84th



The Olympic Flame

According to Greek Myth Promethus stole fire of the God Zeus, and gifted it to mankind, thus fire became sacred to the Ancient Greeks, and would have been very important in their rituals and ceremonies.

As the entire games were viewed as a ceremony to honour Zeus, the fire was kept lit throughout the games on the altars of Hera (wife of Zeus) and Zeus at their respective Temples. The concept of a fire burning throughout the games was re-introduced at the 1928 games in Amsterdam. The modern convention of moving the flame from Olympia to the games was introduced by the Nazis at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, under the guidance of Joseph Goebbels. It has been well documented that the Nazis studied the occult and arcane knowledge, and used it to mind control the masses amongst many other things.

The flame was lit in Olympia, and carried over 3,187 km by 3,331 runners.

3+1+8+7=19 1+9=10=1


11 the master number used for success in endeavours, whether they be negative or positive.

It was Hitler’s hope for these games that the superiority the of Aryan race would be demonstrated, so all his 11′s failed him, as the Black American Jesse Owens excelled in all his events,he was labelled the hero of the games after winning 4 gold medals. In fact Black athletes excelled in every event. Hitler was pretty pissed about that!

In today’s Olympics the torch is lit many months in advance at the original Olympic site. It is lit by 11 women representing the 11 vestal virgins by the light of the sun, using a parabolic mirror.

Please note the female children, it would be essential to have female virgins at this ceremony.

This year’s Olympic flame will be lit in Greece, on 10 May. 1+5+2+1+2=11, at an hour long ceremony.

It will then be carried around Greece for 8 days before being put into a specially made lantern, and transported to the Uk.

After its 8 day trip around its “spiritual” home, it will be handed over to a London 2012 Olympic representative in another ceremony at the Panatheniac Stadium in Athens. It will then be flown to England in a GOLD liveried airplane! After arriving at The Royal navy air station in Cornwall it will be taken to Lands End. On May 18 it begins its 70 day journey around the UK. Organisers have promised that it will pass by within 10 miles of at least 95% of the UK population!

May 18 2012 1+8+5+2+1+2=10=1 The number of beginnings!

Olympics secretary Jeremy Hunt says “It will spread Olympic Fever everywhere it goes”! Lets hope the fever does not cause an epidemic!

NOTE TO JEREMY…..This dam thing will pass by near my home, I did not want to be part of your ritual, but like everyone else I had no say in it!

Oddly they have released the flight number of this golden plane! It is BA 2012.

B=2 A=1 21212= 8! Again! I can now near guess in advance what the sum total will be!

This also equates to 11 222

RNAS Culdrose where the plane lands sits on the Lizard Peninsula, how apt! Famous for the “Jack The Giant Killer” myths, which later became known as “Jack and the beanstalk”. The children of the Fallen Angels and the earth women, were the giants of old, the bible calls them the Nelphim. Various parts of the world have these giant myths, and it is thought they all refer to the children of “The Gods”. The name Jack comes from the Hebrew name Jacob. Nearby Tintagel is said to be the birth place of the legendary King Arthur.

It is said that the seed of the serpent entered the human race through this alien/human hybrid, so The Lizard Peninsular was aptly named.

The Biblical Jacob later became known as “Israel”, and he fathered the sons that became the twelve tribes of Israel. He was known as being a liar, schemer and manipulator! The UK flag is the Union Jack. the Union of the Jacobite’s….more connections to ZION. James, as in St James Church where the bell are going, is the English for Jacob, Ya’kov in Hebrew.The Father of all Israel.

LINK On the 10 May 2012 the Olympic flame was lit, right after being lit, it blew out! To the rest of us, this would be no big deal, to “them” this will be a huge deal! They will take this as a really bad omen, that flame represents to them, their God, their power and themselves, its going out will be an omen to them that they are going to lose everything, well, that’s my reading of it. At Prince William’s Christening a candle almost blew out, his Godfather Sir Lauren Van de Post recanted the story in an Australian interview. Van de Post was a friend of Prince Charles and Carl Jung, he said that Jung once had a dream about a candle flickering in the wind, when he woke up he was very relieved that the candle did not blow out, as it would have been an omen of his imminent death! When asked if Prince Charles would have understood the significance of the candle flickering and almost blowing out at Williams Christening, Van de Post replied, “Of course, he understands these things”! Van de Post said that the candle represented William and the Monarchy, and if it had blown out it would have been an omen that both William and the monarchy would die, and they take these omens very seriously! My Blog on William LINK

Numerology of Coca Cola. c=3 o=7 c=3 a=1 c=3 o=7 l=3 a=1

3+7+3+1+3+3+7+3+1=27, 27 is such an import number to them, that I have written a blog just about the number 27. It of course also adds up to 9, the number they use for death!

We are surrounded by these dam symbols, which reflect their objectives, BOYCOTT is my own solution. Coca Cola will be the main sponsor in the Olympic Arena!

The flame reaches the Olympic Stadium for the opening Ceremony on July 27. The games commence when it ignites the cauldron in the Stadium. 2+7+7+2+1+2=21=3 The masons most sacred number.

Whoever is chosen to carry the flame on this last leg is considered very honoured, their identity is usually kept secret until they appear, and it is usually a sports “STAR” from the host country.

Given that we think a target may be the O2 (OZ) Dome, I wondered was their a British sports star called Dorothy, and would you believe it, a quick Google search and I found that the favourite tipped to light the cauldron is a Dorothy Tyler, who won a silver medal in the 1948 London Olympics, and another 4 years later! LINK I would put money on Dorothy carrying it on its last leg!

It remains lit throughout the games, and is extinguished at the closing ceremony which this year is Sunday 12 August 2012

Luciferians know Lucifer as the Light bearer, and the symbol they most commonly use to represent him is the lighted Torch, with the eyes of the world watching, Lucifer’s torch will arrive at the stadium, having made its way from Olympia, the home of the Olympics, and the Olympian Gods. Lucifer is the name that the Romans gave to the Greek God Hesperus, “The Light Bearer”, Christian’s then morphed this person into Satan. I do not believe in any of these Gods, but I do believe that the Universe is full of positive and negative energy and entities, the people who worship these negative entities call them by many names, but Satan/Lucifer and Lilith would be the names they give their main two negative entities, which is basically the most negative evil aspects of the male and female. The torch is also the symbol for Bellona, the Goddess of war.

Incidentally, Whitney Houston’s middle name was Elizabeth, which is a variation of Lilith.

Some of the 2012 Olympic Sponsors

I will give you one example of their fanaticism, I know a man who works for a company who make large metal shutters and gates, and they were commissioned to make large gates and shutters for the Olympic arena. They were ordered not to put their company logo anywhere on the shutters. They buy their hinges from another company who have their company logo embedded on the hinges. When the shutters and gates are in place the hinges are not visible, yet the company had to make hinges minus their company logo at the insistence of the Olympic committee! This will give you some idea of the importance they put on symbols.

Please believe me, everything about the Olympic Games is ritualistic and there are hidden meanings in just about every emblem and event. I felt it important to highlight that before we proceed. Coca Cola will of course be all over the place! (No Mohammed, No Mecca)

Pepsi is also one of the London Olympics official sponsors, the above New Year advertising poster gives us a clue as to what expectations Pepsi have for 2012!

The red and white and blue circle is a symbol designed exclusively for Pepsi, and it represents “The New Generation”. So we have HELL, New Generation 2012!

Pepsi originally used the symbol with “PEPSI” through the middle of it, Pepsi back ways spells “is ded”. The glass in the poster has two splashes of Pepsi coming out either side which look like the horns of Balphomet/Satan, and there appears to be ghoulish faces in the glass, which look like either devils or people drowning!

(EL=Abreviation for Elohim)

I have been reading up on the London 2012 Olympics this last year, and the official sites are awash with words that usually refer to ceremonies and rituals, birth off, death off, christened etc.

For a sport to be recognised by the Olympic Committee, and be included in the Olympic games, usually takes many years of lobbying, in 2000 two new events were added to the Olympic games, one the Trampoline, which is a relatively new “sport”, and I am sure there are many who had no clue it was a sport! In recent years trampolines have been appearing in gardens all over the UK, and it’s a pastime enjoyed mainly by young girls.

This years Olympic Trampoline event takes place in the O2 Arena, formerly known as the Millennium Dome in GREENwich. Don’t you think O2 looks just like OZ? And please note the GREEN highlighted, as Green will be cropping up a lot during this blog! Anyone familiar with the MK Ultra programming of mind controlled slaves, will understand the importance of this. The film the Wizard of OZ was used for many years to help programme MK Ultra victims. This film of course features a GREEN WITCH and the Emerald City. The MK Ultra programme was developed and implemented by a Dr Green, thought to be Joseph Mengle who was spirited out of Nazi Germany under Operation Paperclip just before the end of WW2. OZ is IN OZ…ZION!

The FEMALE Trampoline event takes place on AUGUST 4, it begins at 2am and ends at 4.15am, the womb shaped dome filled with young girls should create an abundance of feminine energy! Plus this event will attract an audience of young girls, the energy vampires that organise these things easily manipulate people and events so they can harness the most energy. The energy of the virgin feminine is of the utmost importance to them, so what better event to harness that energy!

The other event that entered the Olympics at the Sydney 2000 Olympics was the triathlon, I believe that the ritualistic nature of this event, would suggest it will be the mega ritual before the sacrifice.

TRIATHLON, the ritual before the sacrifice.

I have made this video to accompany this blog, the video examines the route of the 2012 Triathlon, the symbology in Hyde Park and the occult meanings of the setting and ritual. I have just uploaded the video, and to my complete astonishment one of the pictures at the end is missing! I have been posting vids on You Tube for a year and a half, this has never happened before! The missing picture should be on the black screen at the end.

To understand this ritual it is imperative that the vid also be watched.




This is the picture that You Tube removed from the vid!

(click on image to enlarge)

No one seems to know where exactly this event started, but the first recorded race was in San Diego* in 1974, it can be held over different distances, but the Olympic Triathlon consists of:

(San Diego translates to St James, also known as Santiago, as in Santiago Compostela Which also ties in with the Jubilee, Olympics and Prince William. Blog ”the Bells the Shells and the Santiago Compostela)”

Update 24/07/2012 San Diego is also the birth place of James Holmes, who is the shooter from the Aurora massacre.

A 1500 metre swim A 40 KM cycle and a 10KM run



This year’s triathlon will also be held on Saturday (Saturn) August 4 at Hyde Park in London, again like the trampoline event at the dome, this is an all female event. The men’s triathlon is on the following Tuesday.

This is day 8 of the Olympics 4+4 = M M

8 is also the numerical value of Syria

S=3 R=1 R=2 I=1 A=1 31211=8. Also please note that the number 112 is within Syria’s numerology, as 112 also crops up repeatedly throughout this blog.

Numerology of Libya L=3 I=1 B=2 Y=1 A=1 3+1+2+1+1=8 and another 112!

The Northbound Blackwell tunnel is the A102, A in Chaldean numerology is 1, which gives you 112.The BlacKwell Tunnel runs underground just to the side of the O2 Dome.

Also the dome opened on the 1st January 2000, another 112.


If the Queen Mother was still alive August 4 this year would be her 112 birthday.


Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 86th birthday this year on the 21st April, as this is a leap year, it will be the 112th day of the year.

Whitney Houston died on 11/2, 112 days later takes you to June 2nd, which is the Queen’s Diamond jubilee.

April 15 is the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, 112 days later is August 4th!

The Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic was launched on the 02/10/10 another 112.

Also on April 15 there are two very strong astrological alignments, one involving Sun-Earth-Saturn, and the other Mars-Earth-Neptune. Again 4/8 is 112 days later.

In the acts of the Apostles 12v1(another 112) James the disciple of Jesus is executed by Herod. The 8 bells for the Queens Jubilee will go to St James Church at Garlickhythe. James also very much ties in with the whole grand scheme of things. Link

The emergency telephone number which can be used in all EU countries is 112.

1 Sun, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 112. 1 Messiah, 12 disciples, 112

The 11th book of the Bible is 1Kings, and chapter 2 records the death of King David and King Solomon becomes King. Solomon’s reign is known as Israel’s Golden Age! Link 

It was Solomon who built the first Temple in Jerusalem, destroyed on August 4 585/586. The two pillars in Masonery which form an “11″, one is Jachin and represents David, the other is Boaz and represents Solomon.


Whitney Houston died 11/2



Olympic logo travelled from London Bridge to Green-Witch 29 February 2+9=11 11/2

On October 1, 2007 this 5 tonne golden Anubis was floated from the O2 Dome, up the Thames, and then positioned in Trafalgar Square, to advertise the O2’s first exhibition. It was at a later date then brought back to the Dome. The Anubis was placed outside the Dome for the duration of the exhibition, which ran from 15 November 2007 to 30 August 2008.

In Ancient Egypt, the Anubis was known as the God of the dead, who would guide them in the after life, and judge their sins! The fact that this 25 foot replica of an Anubis was taken from London’s most feminine symbol (the Dome), to Londons most phallic male symbol, Nelson’s Column, is very significant.

The exhibition was called “Tutankhamun And The Golden Age of The Pharaohs.

The fact that this Egyptian God of the Dead, stood outside the O2 for 9 months, their death number, is just too spooky! A blog on its own I think!



This number has cropped up again and again in our study. 112 of course adds up to 4, and we believe the 4th August is the most likely date for a FF.

This image taken from Google earth shows a straight line from Prince Williams new house, through the centre of the London Eye, and over to the O2 (OZ) Arena! the 4th August also celebrates the 30 year anniversary of his Baptism at Buckingham Palace, whatever this whole ritual is about, its something to do with him, or his controllers. The Jubilee Flotilla on June 3 will of course weave its way around the red line. It also passes Big Ben which has been sub-siding on one side, since the Jubilee Tube line was tunnelled under it. The Jubilee Line goes to Green-Witch. The Illuminati Playing card which many believe suggests a FF at the London Olympics, features Big Ben, and people wearing clothes the colours of the Olympic rings. Blog ”Combined Disasters, Big Ben”

This has already been dubbed “Super Saturday”, as a total of 25 golden medals will be dished out. 2+5=7, the male God number.

Saturday, named after the planet Saturn. The most revered day for those who follow the Cult Of Saturnalia

Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, sacrifices were made on the Sabbath, traditionally on the altar in the temple. Today temples have been replaced by arenas, stadiums and other venues where “STARS” perform. The altar is now the stage on which they perform.

£400,000 for this! ZION!

The London Olympics are over 16 days, no other day has been dubbed with a title.

Whitney died on SATURDAY 11th February, and was buried SATURDAY 18th February

Died 11/02/2012 1+1+2+2+1+2=9 the number of completion and death

Buried 18/02/2012 1+8+2+2+1+2=7 The God number, depending on what God you worship, “The Beast” of Revelations had 7 heads.

“Super Saturday” was named because 25 Gold medals will be given out that day. 2+5=7. In Chaldean numerology, which is the system they use the number 7 is represented by O & Z.

7 is another number that repeats throughout our research

She had a Golden casket, a golden hearse and was buried wearing golden slippers and $500,000 worth of jewellery! It had to be diamonds and gold jewellery to amount to that much. The Queens diamond Jubilee, and Super Saturday because of all the gold medals!

On the 8/4 (Reverse of 4/8), the press released Whitney’s autopsy report.

Tickets went on sale on the 15 March 2011 1+5+3+2+1+1=4 (M)

6.6 Million Tickets were available for sale, across 645 sessions.

6+4+5=15 1+5=6 666 again!

55 men and 55 women will compete in this event 110, another 11

The event starts off with 1500m swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park 5+1=6

55 female sports “STARS” from all over the world will be depositing their energy in this very symbolic stretch of water in Hyde Park. Dating back to ancient Sumaria their word for water was “Ab”, their word for semen was also “Ab”. Water is the semen of the Gods without it nothing would be fertile and nothing would grow. Near all ceremonies include fire water or both. In baptisms and initiations the water is symbolic of the semen of the Gods. The British Royals are baptised with water from the Holy River Jordan, which flows from Mount Hermonin Northern Israel, and was where the book of Enoch says the fallen Angles fell to Earth. It is said that the seed of the serpent entered the human race through the Fallen Angles, so its fitting the British Royals get Baptised in water that springs from Mt. Hermon.

The women get out of the water, and straight onto

their bicycles, in their very wet swim-suits!

The source of the water symbolises the semen of whatever God that water is connected to. The water these female athletes will be swimming in is called the Serpentine, so it’s the semen of the serpent God they will be bathed in before the ritual starts proper. This initiation will literally mean they have been emerged in the semen of the serpent God, and been enveloped/impregnated with the energy associated with that God.

This will be followed by 7 laps of a double pyramid route, which takes them to Buckingham Palace.

The pyramid is symbolic of the male penis and masculine energy.

They cycle 7 times around the Serpentine, out of Hyde Park and up Constitution Hill (the birthing channel) and out in front of Buckingham Palace where they preform a double pyramid shape.

Then its 4 (10KM) laps running around the Serpents head! Ten, the number of completion, this part of the ceremony ends!

In all that is 7 laps around the serpents head cycling, and 4 on foot


There will of course be huge crowds cheering the women on, and subconsciously giving their energy to the entire ritual.

Organisers say the whole event will take precisely 1 Hour and 50 mins

Starting at 9am finishing at 11.40

That is 60mins+50mins=11


At 2pm the women’s trampoline event begins at the O2 Arena

That is exactly 2 hours and 10 mins later.

60mins+60mins+10=130 min=4 (M)

The Trampoline starts at 2pm and finishes at 4.15

60mins+60mins+15=135 1+3+5=9!!!!! The number of completion and death! (Meaning of 9)

9 also happens to be the numerical value of Iran!

I=1 R=2 A=1 N=5 1215=9 (note there is a 112 within Iran’s numerology).

This year will mark the 12th year that the Triathlon and Trampoline have been events at the Olympics, which can add up to 3 the most sacred number in Masonry, or 4+4+4 MMM

It will be the 4th (M) Olympics that it has been an event.

Big Ben is another possible target on 4/8 Link



The Serpentine is home to a large number of Swans, the Queen of England owns them, and it is illegal to kill them. The only person allowed to kill them (or order them killed) is the Queen of England. In Mayan and other ancient civilizations the swan is a symbol of the feathered (winged) serpent God. The swan can rise of the water, and fly away, symbolic of the spirit leaving the earthly plane and soaring into the heavens. It floats above the waters of the abyss, its harmony and beauty are thought to bring harmony to the chaos of the earthly plane. The French swan dragon unites the birds head with a dragon’s tail. Princess Diana’s last official engagement was the 3rd June 1997, and it was to a production of Swan Lake, 4 Black swans circle her grave.

On 7 September 2009 the ISIS statue was unveiled in Hyde Park. Isis is the primary Egyptian Goddess, it was said she could turn into a bird, and in this statue she is depicted as a bird. It has been situated close to the Princess Diana memorial fountain. Diana only had one official perfume, it was called ISIS! I am currently researching her murder/sacrifice, so a more detailed blog on that in the future. It is said that the mysteries of the Goddess Isis cannot be unveiled by mortal man, so when the press reported the “unveiling” of the statue it signified an awful lot more than pulling a sheet of a big bird!

Off topic, but Diana’s inquest reported that 6 pearls were found in the Mercedes, she was not wearing pearls that night, and no one anywhere has picked up on the mystery of the 6 pearls, I have a few theories as to why they planted 6 pearls in the Mercedes, but I would be keen to hear other peoples opinions on the subject.

Diana was buried 6 September 1997; the statue was unveiled 12 years and one day after her funeral! 112 again

ISIS statue beside Diana memorial Fountain Hyde Park. The straight line from William’s house to the Dome passes through the memorial fountain.

4 August

August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus, Link who defeated Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. It was formerly known as Sextillus (sex=six!) He was famed for increasing the Roman Empire substantially and was a blood thirsty power hungry tyrant. He was awarded the honour of having a month named after him because of various victories. Not only did the Senate name a month after him, they added a day to it in his honour, which had to then be deducted from February and the entire calendar had to be readjusted!

History records that the Roman Empire fell, it did not, it just changed shape and through the Roman Catholic religion they gained power globally. It was the Emperor Constantine who came up with the ingenious plan to use a new invented religion to control the people of the Roman Empire. (He remained a Pagan). They already had the Roman laws governing the countries they controlled, but that was not enough, they knew that the spiritual being was more of a threat to their Empire, so they devised a religion that would disconnect people from their spiritual truth. It was enforced with military precision, and dissenters were killed, they set up a system whereby threats to their rule were called heretics, blasphemers or witches, and through the inquisition millions were murdered for these apparent crimes.

The Music Room Buckingham Palace.

A curious think happened at his christening, it

was a clear bright day, during the baptism the

sky clouded over and went grey, a huge gust of

wind blew through the window, and almost blew

out a candle being used in the ritual.

Prince William was christened on the 4 August 1982, in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace.

4th day, 8th month(4+4), 444

Coincidently, the great researcher Rik Clay, (RIP) whose research into the Olympics and Prince William set me off on this trail, was born the day after Williams christening! On August 5, 1982!

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was born on the 4th of August 1900

4+8+1+9 =22 2+2=4

4 the number of the Goddess! What a coincidence!

William’s christening was her 83rd birthday. 8+3=11

On the 21st of June this year William turns 30, historically the Messiah characters begin their ministry age 30.

(Link is to my “Preparing the way for the Messiah” blog about Prince William)

The 4th of August 2012 will be the 30 year anniversary of his baptism.

4+8+2+1+2=17 1+7=8 4+4=8 Double God number again.

On the 4th August 2000 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, El (Elohim) Liza(Lizard) Beth(Lilith, the demonic Goddess), celebrated her 100th Birthday, at Buckingham palace. She appeared on the balcony with the other inbreeds to wave at her adoring sheeple. It may seem incredulous to some, but dates and anniversaries are of the utmost importance to the inbreeds, her birthday will be celebrated again this year, and their idea of a “celebration” is not cake and a bottle of Cava!

Forward….FOR WAR! The “O” and the “D” are in a different type set, the “O” of course looks like an Ariel shot of the O2 Dome. In Chaldean numerology D=4, The God number.

“O” in Chaldean numerology is 7, which is the other God number, we also have the very obvious sun God symbolism! The 4 is echoed again by the number of fingers on display.

This poster says way more than what appears on the surface. Credit to “Merovee, the Blog of unreason” for the observation. Link to Merovee site

On the 4 August 1961 at 7.24 pm, Barry Soetoro, also known as Barrack Hussein Obama was born.

4+8+1+9+6+1=29 2+9=11


Geez all these 11’s!!!!!!

On the 4th of August 2012 he will celebrate his 51st Birthday! 5+1=6

Last year was his 50th birthday, to most of us that would mean a celebration, but to these people an age that has the numerical value of 6 is a much more important milestone.

On the 4 August 1830 the plans for Chicago were first laid out. Chigaco is where the Obamas call Home, and Barack taught in the University of Chicago which was built in Hyde Park!

With this year being the Queen’s diamond Jubilee, celebrations have been planned to mark her 60th year on the throne….another 6!

I wonder have they anything special lined up, say for instance the outbreak of WW3!

On 4 August 2002 Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman, both 10 years old disappeared. They were tragically later found dead, the case became known as “The Soham Murders”. I know another researcher who is looking at the double murder of these two lovely young girls, and there is an awful lot about that case which does not add up, and deviates from the official version of events.

4 august 2002 in numerology translates to 4444 (MMMM)

1578, Moroccans defeated the Portuguese in the battle of Al Kasr Kebir. The battle lasted 4 hours and 9000 died, including King Sebastian of Portugal.

1769 Prince Edward Island comes into being.

1769 Napoleon leads the French to victory at the battle of Leon. The Austrian fatalities numbered over 5,000 and the French 2,000.

1902 The Greenwich foot tunnel, which runs under the river Thames was opened.

1914 Germany invaded Belgium. At 7 pm huge crowds gathered at Buckingham Palace and King George V declared that Britain was formerly at war. Canada also declared they were at war.

1944 Anne Frank, the Jewish diarist was captured by the Nazis in Amsterdam.

1964 The False Flag, Gulf of Tonkin Incident. USS destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy reported coming under fire on the 3 and 4 August. It transpired that it was the US who opened fire on Vietnamese boats on the 3rd, and nothing had happened on the 4th August, all reports were fictitious, the result of the false flag was that the US declared it was at war with North Vietnam.

1989 Licence to Kill, the James Bond film is released in the UK

Vitoria-Gasteiz, a Basque community in Northern Spain, every 4 August have the “Fiestas de la Virgen Blanca”. A Festival celebrating their Patron saint. Coincidently Vitoria-Gasteiz is 2012’s European Green Capital, and it is on the Pilgrims route to Santiago Compostela.

4th August is also the feast day of Saint Sithney, the Patron Saint of mad dogs!

In Arkansas 4th August is Johnny Cash day!

There is such a long list of Royals, Popes and other dignitaries who were either born or died on August 4, that I wont document them, Wikipedia list Link of Births, deaths and events for 4 August.

The Northbound Blackwall Tunnel


The Northbound Tunnel is 4430 feet. 4+4+3=11

Coordinates 51%30’16 N 00011 W

Road name A102 A=1, 112 again!

Should they stage a false flag at the Olympics, we feel that the O2 Millennium dome is the most likely target, although it is very likely it may be just one of their targets.

The Northbound Tunnel was opened by The Prince of Wales on 22 May 1897. Seven people died during its construction. It has a few sharp bends and it is believed this was to avoid tunnelling through a Black Death graveyard. As the O2 Dome sits on ground where the bends are, presumably it was built on the graveyard. For some bizarre reason they like to build on Graveyards, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abby, St Peters Basilica, they are all built on graveyards. When work commenced on the Northbound Tunnel it is reported that at the Greenwich site 600 houses were demolished, including one reputedly once owned by Sir Walter Raleigh.

The North and South bound tunnels link the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Greenwich. The prime Zero Meridian runs through the west (left) of the dome and the 2 tunnels. An attack here would reverberate around the globe on this very powerful meridian.

Anyone who has studied 9/11 will be well aware that previous to the attacks there was a major “refurbishment” taking place in the towers. Whole floors of workers were relocated during this so called “Refurbishment”. Since 2010 “refurbishment” has also been going on in the Northbound Tunnel. The completion date set for the end of the “refurbishment” was December 2012, but they completed way ahead of schedule and the work is apparently now finished.

“ The works included the refurbishment of the four main ventilation shafts and the installation of new lighting and CCTV, ventilation fans and communications systems throughout the tunnel.”Link

This link says that the tunnel is over 112 years old, it is actually 115 years old, had they no calculator, or did they just see an opportunity to slip in a “112″! Its an odd number to just pick out of the hat!

For almost 2 years while they worked on the tunnel it was closed near every night between the hours of 21:00 and 05:00. The fact that they finished ahead of schedule is suspicious, as any road or building works in the UK are never ahead of schedule, and notoriously run over schedule!

The Southbound Blackwall Tunnel runs right underneath the Dome, in fact its air shaft goes through the dome and out the dome roof, while examining the possibility of a FF at the dome the South bound tunnel seemed the obvious choice if say explosives, gases or the likes were planted, however we were more drawn to the Northbound Tunnel which runs underground along side the dome. Both tunnels also run under the Thames.

On 9/11 the North Tower was hit first, which is another reason we feel the Northbound Tunnel is in some way tied in. The bible says that the Throne of God is in the North (Isaiah 14:13), and in Masonery the North of their Temples is an area of darkness, devoid of decoration or symbols. According to Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, p 592, “To all Masons, the North has immemorially been the place of darkness; of the great lights of the lodge, none is in the North”.

I really have no idea how these tunnels may be used in a possible FF, but the fact that one is under the dome, and one along side under the dome, and the fact that they both run through the Prime zero meridian, I feel they will in some way be tied in.

This is London’s primary financial district, it is full of towers and pyramids, all male control symbols which mimic the male penis. Should the Dome be destroyed, it would mean the death of the one and only feminine symbol in the area. The sacred feminine represents peace, nurturing and love, the male war, power and dominance. An imbalance with the sacred male and female energies has given us a world full of war, power and control by dark forces. One of the main reasons we feel the dome may be attacked, is because to them the destruction of this one and only feminine symbol, in this area would be symbolic of the last vestiges of the sacred female “peace” energies being destroyed.
The Aurora building to the left which over looks the O2 and is built on top of the Blackwell Tunnel.
I think this is a very disturbing picture! These 2 pictures appear along side each other on this site Link. The dome represents the female womb, the red could be the menstrual blood that flows from the womb, or it could be hinting at a sacrifice at the O2 Dome, with the classic pillars of Solomon’s Temple either side. The picture on the left is the Northbound Blackwall tunnel which echoes the male phallus. They love to leave us little clues, and here we have the North bound Blackwall tunnel, a Dome, red and 11! I used to teach Feng Shui, and red carpet on stairs was a real big Feng Shui No No, as it was symbolic of blood running down and death.



Update 24/07/2012. A building called “Aurora” sits on top of the Blackwell Tunnel on the Tower Hamlets side, it over looks the O2. This is just one of many things that ties the 20th July Aurora Killings to the Olympics and the O2. I will hopefully be making a vid on this over the next few days, This LINK is my blog on the Aurora shootings and the ties to the Olympics.



The O2 Dome in Moonlight, the lights on top of the Dome forming a pyramid shape with the Moon.

The Moon was the feminine from ancient times, the Domes shape echoes the female womb and the Moon. There is only three buildings on earth which can be seen from outer space, the Pyramids, the great wall of China and the O2 Dome!


Pan was the God of Flora and fauna, so Green is the colour he is associated with. The 2012 UK Olympic team will be wearing “Green” (as in recycled) clothes. Satanists say that Green is Satan’s colour. The second depiction of Pan above is a statue in Kensington Gardens, which runs into Hyde Park. The earliest “Green Man” was the Egyptian God of the Underworld Osiris.

There are a few things that just seem to crop up everywhere in our research so far, so please look out for the numbers 11, 112, 4, 6 and 8, the colour GREEN and Pan the Roman half man half goat God. Incidentally, Kensington Gardens which runs into Hyde Park has a very famous statue of Peter Pan. Being half goat, and often depicted with an erection they cannot really put big statues of him all over the place, so they diluted him down to the lovable Peter Pan, that way he can be honoured and his image can be glorified. Michael Jackson was one of the main vehicles in recent times that they used to promote Pan. Cliff Richard the “Peter Pan of Pop” was used before that.


It has also been noted that there has been a great deal about the opening ceremony reported in the British press, there has hardly been a mention about the closing ceremony!

Also worth mentioning, BBC breakfast TV has moved from London to the town of Lowry in Manchester, given near all their guests are London based, and now have to be interviewed via satellite, this is rather an odd move! Link

One last point of interest, the demonic entity Lilith, feared from ancient Babylon and beyond, was often depicted as an owl. When sacrifices to Lilth are made, a statue of an owl is placed at the sacrifice site before the sacrifice.

During the Olympics Monty Python star Terry Jones will be staging a floating opera of the Owl and The Pussycat! This farce will be sailed around London Canals! So we will have a giant owl sailing around the canal system, and no doubt posters everywhere advertising it! Details such as times and places have not yet been announced, but I am very interested to know when this big owl is to be paraded around London! Link

LINK This link is the work of my co-researcher Bessie Totten. It is an epic just full of information, which all points to a False Flag on 4th August 2012, at the O2 Dome. She examines years of signs and signals all leading to this FF. “The Wizard of Oz and the Olympics”. It was Bessie who pointed me in the direction of the 4/8 FF date, she pin pointed this date from years of study of their Satanic sacrifice rituals and dates. It was also Bessie who chose the O2 Dome as the most likely target, we discussed various would be targets, and we both feel there may be numerous targets, but we both put our efforts into researching the Dome as we felt it was the most likely target. It was also Bessie who made the O2/OZ connection, much of my research in this blog has been to collaborate her research and findings.

LINK to part 2 ”The History of The Triathlon”

Link This blog takes a detailed look at the significance of the 8 bells which have been commissioned for the Jubilee, and the 1 bell for the Olympics opening ceremony. The significance of St James and Shells all tied in. Odd mix of dots joined, but believe me they are all connected, from St James in London, via Toulouse in France and the recent Massacrer, to Santiago in Northern Spain. 3 Shells feature on the Spencer Coat of Arms, William had shells added to his arms, the shell is the motive for St James in London and Santiago Compostela.

Link Great blog by Richie at Lawful Rebellion on the significance of the Wenlock and Mandeville Olympic characters.

Link In this blog I examine the ZION theme, and what exactly Zion means to them.

Link Many people believe that Big Ben could be a possible target based on the “Combined Disasters” card, taken from the 1995 Illuminati card game. In this blog I have weighed up all the clues that would suggest Big Ben could well be a target.
Link The site where the Dome sits was formerly owned by British Gas, and the soil was so contaminated it could not be moved off site, they instead kept all the contaminated earth there and built on top of it! there is no record of any of it being de-contaminated.

Blog History of the Dome.

Opening ceremony of the Dome 1/1/2000, The Queen, Prince Philip and Tony Blair join Hands to sing Auld Lang Syne. Note the Queen wearing Orange, this woman dont change her knickers unless instructed what colour to wear, Orange is the colour of the naval chakra, which represents creation and the point of creation, the female womb and ovaries. Princess Anne is in green, the colour of Pan, Mars, Osiris and Satan! Also noteworthy, the Queen and Philip are not crossing their arms like everyone else in the picture. Philip is wearing a black tie and black coat, the Queen a black hat! Odd colour to wear for the celebration to welcome in the new millennium!



The Dome’s original purpose was to stage an exhibition welcoming the New Millennium. This Video was released at the time to advertise the “Millennium Experience”. In 2000 most of us would not have had a clue what all these symbols meant! It starts off with a female with the Crescent, womb shape over her head, part of her head is missing, in her left hand she is holding up the 8 pointed star of Isis, they boast about their plans for the “New Age”, a whole section is devoted to money, another section you can see what you would look like if you were to change your sex, race or skin colour!

It has NLP and other hypnotic triggers, and Tescos sponsored the education of the future section, the imagery also has pyramids, a scull and cross bow and hundreds of their other NWO symbols! At the time I would have watched this, and not really given any of it a second thought, today it all takes on a whole new meaning.



Peter Gabriel wrote and sang the sound track for the opening of the Millennium Dome on 1/1/2000, Peter must be a prophet as his songs were all about death destruction and “The Tower that eats People”, this was one year and 9 ,months before 9/11! MyBLOG about the show and the prophetic lyrics!


In this article from the Telegraph, dated September 2000, they scratch the surface and no more, examining the highly toxic site on which the Dome was built. I am further investigating this area, as it would seem the Dome sits on 30 foot deep of highly toxic waste. Link

(16/07/2012) LINK Excellent article by Richy at Lawful Rebellion on the Olympics. Please note the section on the Ley Lines and the Holy Wells, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman went missing on August 4 2002!

Sandra Barr

Update 3 June 2012. Yesterday (2 June) was the actual anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, a crop circle appeared at Manton Grove near Marlborough. It is thought to be a clock/calendar, and the date it predicts is the 4th August 2012! LINK

Update 14/06/2012 They have just announced details of the Olympics opening ceremony,

Incredibly they are going with the “England’s Green and Pleasant Land” theme! Rik Clay in

2008 predicted that the London Olympics, Prince William and Zion/Sion would all tie in,

and he quoted the William Blake poem that I posted at the top of this blog, “And we will

build Jerusalem, in England’s Green and pleasant land”. This is absolutely staggering news!

They will be recreating Glastonbury, and a total of 121 (112) animals will be brought in!

I will hopefully get a blog written on the significance of this in the next week.

Artists impression of what the opening ceremony will look like, complete with a replica of Glastonbury Tor.

LINK to Telegraph report.



Update 07/07/2012


This is Eliphas Levi’s depiction of the seven seals of The Apocalypse. The word apocalypse is Greek, and the English translation is Revelation.

The bottom left seal is a circle, with twelve dots around its perimeter.

The translation of the Hebrew writing is “Jerusalem”. This depiction is taken from his dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie(page 364) LINK






4.8 Million! A very precise guesstimate!








Important information has been brought to my attention. Up until very recently the O2 was owned by Quintain Estates, they recently off-loaded it to Trinity College Cambridge. The meaning of the word “Quintain” is “KNIGHT’S TARGET”!

On the 19th of July, the day before the Aurora shootings, they off-loaded a further stake of their monopoly of the Green-Witch Peninsula, and sold a £300 million stake to the Hong Kong Company, KNIGHTS DRAGON!

The dark Knight has ROSE in Aurora, the target was passed to the Knight, and the target is the O2 Dome!

Link Trinity College acquire O2 Arena

LInk Knights Dragon purchase stake in Greenwich Peninsula

Quintain Estates Development’s stock ticker is “QED”. In Latin QED is an abbreviation for “Quod erat demonstrandum”, translation, “Which was to be demonstrated”.



This card is from the now infamous “Illuminati card game”, released by Steve Jackson Games in 1995. Which have predicted with spooky accuracy many tragic event since 1995.

I have added this lesser known card as a reminder that their plans can go astray, and at this time many of their plans are back firing, we all have the power to counter act their plans, and this card reminds us of the “Earth Magic”, which will scupper their plans.

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    «FBI BOLO seeks arrest of this missing FBI agent whistleblower


    A bizarre Foreign Ministry report circulating in the Kremlin today states that this Friday past (11 May) Russian Envoy Vladimir Vinokurov, the Consulate General of San Francisco, was approached near his hotel room during a visit to Los Angles by an agent of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indentifying himself as Stephen Ivens [photo top left] who warned that he and a former FBI agent named Donald Sachtleben had uncovered evidence of an impending terror attack on US soil stating that those behind the attack were “all insane.”

    Before Ivens was able to finish his “message,” this report says, the three American Diplomatic Security (DS) agents, who trail all Russian diplomats in the US, began to “surge” towards Ivens causing him to flee.According to US news sources, Special Agent Ivens, after leaving downtown Los Angeles, returned to his home in Burbank whereupon he then fled into the rugged Verdugo Mountains after which a massive manhunt for him ensued involving 100 FBI agents, 40 sheriff’s department rescuers and a dozen local police officers.FBI officials stated to the local media that Ivens was “distraught” and “might be suicidal” adding that they believed he had in his possession his service weapon. At no time, however, did anyone ever state as to why Ivens would be in such a state.

    According to other US news sources, Special Agent Ivens graduated from Braintree High School in Massachusetts 18 years ago and was selected by his fellow students as “shyest” in his class. He was further described by FBI colleagues as well liked, a devoted agent with no history of disciplinary action on the job, and according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller “Married with a one-year-old child, he has been working for the FBI for the past three years in the national security area. Prior to that, he worked as a Los Angeles police officer for eight years.”

    Late yesterday, after the massive manhunt failed to find any trace of Ivens, his wife Thea Ivens issued an urgent public appeal stating:“Steve, if you are out there listening right now, your wife wants to let you know, ‘Babe, we are in this together for better or for worse. I love you, no matter what happens.’ Your child wants you to know, ‘Daddy’s work? Daddy home?’”

    Even more bizarre about this case, this report continues, is that the retired FBI agent named Donald Sachtleben mentioned by Ivens, who also knew about this impending “plot,” was arrested within hours of Ivens disappearing and charged with trading child pornography.

    Most important to note about Sachtleben was, aside from his being an over 25-year veteran of the FBI, he was a special agent bomb technician before retiring in 2008 who specialized in counterterrorism and bombing investigations and whose most important case was the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York City.

    Donald Sachtleben left the bureau in 2008 after a 25-year career as an explosives specialist and bomb scene investigator. Special Agent Sachtleben had worked on a number of high-profile cases including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in 2000, and the crash of Flight 93 in central Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. He also led the team that processed unabomber Ted Kacznski’s Lincoln, Montana cabin where the schizophrenic manufactured his package bombs. After leaving the FBI, Sachtleben became a visiting professor and Director of Training at the Oklahoma State University for Improvised Explosives Research and Training Center.

    On May 11, 2012, the day Stephen Ivens left his house in Burbank never to be seen again, FBI agents and officers with the Indiana State Police showed up at Sachtleben’s house with a federal warrant to search his computers. The former agent had just returned home from the Indianapolis airport.

    According to US news reports about Sachtleben’s arrest, this most knowledgeable of FBI agents openly traded child porn using the e-mail address ‘pedodave69@yahoo.com’ in an act so stupid for one of the United States most highly trained intelligence agents it defies belief.

    The practice of US intelligence services charging their most feared dissidents with child pornography and/or sex charges is well known, with the most celebrated case being against the former UN weapons inspector William Scott Ritter, Jr. who warned about the lies being told to the American people in the run-up to the Iraq War only to find himself sent to prison on trumped up charges involving a minor girl.

    To exactly what kind of false flag plot Agents Ivens and Sachtleben had uncovered this report doesn’t say, other than to note that the credibility of this information should not be dismissed due to how fast and hard US intelligence agencies are acting to cover their tracks should any additional information come forth.

    Grimly to be noted is the use of false flag operations by the United States and their political elite classes are well known and well documented, the most famous of them being Operation Northwoods.

    Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated in 1962 within the United States government, and which the Kennedy administration rejected. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro. One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.”

    Operation Northwoods proposals included hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated: “The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.”

    Several other proposals were included within Operation Northwoods, including real or simulated actions against various U.S. military and civilian targets. The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. Although part of the U.S. government’s Cuban Project anti-communist initiative, Operation Northwoods was never officially accepted; it was authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy.

    As the events of Oklahoma City and 9/11 prove, however, the appetite for false flag operations against the American people by their own government is far from sated, with the next one, undoubtedly, being the worst of them all.

    May 16, 2012





    1 month later…still missing.

    http://jimfishertruecrime.blogspot.com/2012/06/missing-fbi-agent-stephen-ivens-and.html »

  5. Dan says:

    Amazing informative site – Well done to you and it really is good to know that “brilliant, caring, highly intelligent, human beings” put this kind of effort in for their fellow humans….

    Whether it happens or not, and one would hope it does not – thank you very much for the hard work…..


  6. Frank says:

    4th August is also Obama’s Birthday which is exactly 216 days from the beginning of the year. 216 = 6x6x6.

  7. nothing says:

    The inside job they will do on August 11,
    On day 27, opening of the games, sounded the bells (bells dead) at 8:12
    This number is coded date: 1) 12/8 is the last day of the games
    8 is August. The time: 8 +1 +2 = 11, day 11
    Since the London bombings of 2005, (2 +0 +0 +5 = 7) 2005 +7 = 2012; the days that pass from 7/7/2005 to 11/8/2012 are 2592 days: 25 92 , 2 +5 = 7, 2 +9 = 11 (11S-II nuclear)
    Uranium atomic number 92
    And ¡¡¡ 6x6x6x6x2 = 2592 ; 2 +5 +9 +2 = 6 +6 +6 ; 11/8/2012 ( 11+8+2+0+1+2 =24 = 6+6+6+6)

  8. ismeedee says:

    Wow! So much here! This is great! Also, did you realise the 26 foot Aunubis that was in London was also in Denver, Colorado not so long ago, and not so far from Aurora? You might like to check out my lens on Squidoo.com where I posted my analysis of a film and discuss the possibility of August 5th as the date rather than August 4th. I just noticed as you pointed out, Rik Clay died on Aug 5th…

  9. indigodaffodil says:

    I had a dream two nights(?) ago that I was driving my car across a bridge (I don’t know what bridge, although it felt familiar in my dream). There was a single tall high rise building in the distance, billowing smoke from the top quarter or so of the building that engulfed the whole top of the building. I was reminded of 911, only this was just one building. Today I watched the video in the above article, and at 3:04 they show a building that I immediately recognized as the same building I saw in my dream(or very close)!!! I don’t know the significance, if any, but it made me sit up in my chair. Interesting! Hmm.

  10. WHEW.

    Okay, my eyes are crossing, and I only read what I think is the first third.

    It’s compelling stuff. What I have seen and read about the cabal/Illuminati/etc. symbolism and this Olympics has kinda ruined it for me, lol. I used to think the Queen et al were cool. Not anymore, and I’m just creeped out. A lot of the symbolism makes much sense.

    I did not watch the opening ceremonies. So I checked to see who lit the flame in the stadium — not someone named Dorothy, but get this! “The Olympic flame was lit to the largest harmonically-tuned bell in the world by seven young athletes, who were nominated for the honor by British sporting greats.” (from this link: http://www.rt.com/sport/olympics-opening-ceremony-london2012-queen-elizabeth-beckham-mccartney-273/) YEEPERS!! There’s another seven! Okay, I am kind of creeped out now, lol.

    Well, I, for one positive move, have been doing this meditation here (well, I did it once. I intend to do more): http://youtu.be/zZOgRJVI2zM

    It’s from the Gridkeeper, whose video I think you linked in a few days ago, the one about “Vortex Energy part 29 – 2012 Olympics, Crop Circles, The Olympians and the Consciousness of Humanity.”

    It’s a really good meditation and way to focus love and light over the entire Olympics!

    I personally feel a little bit of resonance with the possibility that something will go on with this Olympics. But I’m hesitant to fully jump on board with that idea. I figure it can’t hurt to do a meditation, though, to counteract what really does seem to be a lot of cabal influence over so many symbols involved with this Olympic Games.

    I wish I could just kick back and enjoy like I used to, but my eyes are too wide open at this point to really enjoy! I might still check things out just to see if there are any more signs and links to this kind of info.

    Thanks Jean.

  11. Phil says:

    You mention “On 4 August 2002 Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman, both 10 years old disappeared. They were tragically later found dead, the case became known as “The Soham Murders””. Joe Vialls did a lot of work on this and it may well still be on the net.

  12. Sue Lawrence says:

    Check out this link regarding a crop circle stating the date of August 4, 2012. When I saw this several months ago, I kept the date in mind. Maybe it is connected in some way.

  13. Jelena says:

    A Powerful Opportunity – The Olympic Games
    by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


    August 2012

    The Olympic Games will begin tomorrow which will provide all of us with a powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the world. For millennia the Company of Heaven has been waiting for Humanity to awaken enough to remember that we are Sons and Daughters of God, and that we are on Earth during this auspicious moment to transmute our human miscreations and reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace. We have ALL made a heart commitment to help Humanity reclaim the Path of Divine Love that was our natural state of Being prior to our fall into separation and duality. This is true whether we are currently aware of that covenant with God or not.

    It is important to understand that the Beings of Light cannot do this for us. They can only amplify our efforts once we invoke their Divine Intervention. Humanity created the negative situations that have resulted in all of the pain and suffering on Earth. We did this, often inadvertently, through our free-will choices and the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling. Consequently, we alone are responsible for invoking the Light of God that will transmute our human miscreations, thus reclaiming the Divine Plan for the Sons and Daughters of God and Mother Earth.

    With this knowing a plan has been set into motion that will take advantage of the powerful celestial alignments and solar flares that are flooding the Earth during this awesome Summer of 2012. This plan requires that people around the world create a collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Light of God will flow to transmute the surfacing negativity and pave the way for the birthing of a New Renaissance of Divine Love.
    The only positive event that has the potential of drawing the global focus of Humanity’s attention in the numbers necessary to transmute the amount of negativity being pushed to the surface all over the world is the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are truly a global event, and they draw the attention of an estimated 4,500,000,000 people during the 17-days of competition. The Olympic Games signify the Family of Humanity setting aside our differences so we can come together to attain our highest level of excellence. This is the perfect thoughtform and intention needed for the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness. Together we will magnetize enough Light to transmute our human miscreations.

    The Olympic Games will begin with the Opening Ceremonies on July 27th and build in momentum through the Closing Ceremonies on August 12th. Because we are One and there is no separation, we have the ability to set the Divine Intention for the energy, vibration, and consciousness that will be released by the people focusing on the Olympic Games. All we have to do is invoke the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child and ask that the thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs associated with the Olympic Games be purified by the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame and utilized to transmute our human miscreations cause, core, effect, record, and memory back to Humanity’s initial fall from Grace. The Company of Heaven has been given permission to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. That means that every call we make will be the same as 1,000,000 people invoking the same thing. Just imagine what a powerful difference it will make when hundreds of thousands of us are making these invocations!

    This is a Cosmic Moment!. Please DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by. This moment in time is going to be an adventure. We have all been preparing for lifetimes to fulfill our unique facet of this unfolding Divine Plan. Every moment we are being given the chance to add to the Light of the World and to improve the quality of life for ourselves and all Humanity. That may sound grandiose, but we are powerful beyond our knowing, and the time for us to utilize our Divine Power is NOW!

    Even though there is a lot of confusing information about what will happen in 2012, the Company of Heaven has assured us that the end result of the events that will take place this year will move the Earth and all Life evolving upon her into higher frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection. This will result in very positive changes for each of us individually and for all of us collectively.

    I know that many Lightworkers are feeling overwhelmed, but regardless of outer appearances know within the deepest recesses of your heart that we are going to be God Victorious in this holy endeavor. Everything we need to serve the Light on behalf of our fellow Human Beings and all Life on this planet is already within us. When we join our hearts and minds together we are invincible. This is the level of heart commitment that we are being asked to reach at this time. The Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousand fold.
    At this very moment our I AM Presences are increasing the frequency of vibration within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies the maximum we can endure in every 24-hour period. This may feel a little bit stressful, but it is enabling us to receive higher frequencies of Light than we have ever experienced. Remember, Light is infinitely more powerful than the fragmented, fear-based miscreations of our human egos which are surfacing to be healed. The more Light we can project into this surfacing negativity the faster it will be transmuted and the sooner the patterns of perfection for our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love will tangibly manifest in our lives. The Olympic Games are providing an opportunity to catapult this process forward at warp speed.

    After decades of tenacious work by millions of Lightworkers in every conceivable location on Earth, we have reached a critical mass, a tipping point, that will allow the patterns of perfection for our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love to begin physically manifesting. Pay attention to the positive things that are being brought to your awareness and you will confirm this for yourself. Do not focus on the bombardment of negativity that is designed to polarize people and to perpetuate fear and separation. Focus instead on the evidence of positive changes that are happening everywhere. Remember, where your attention is, there YOU are. Empower only what you want to create in your life, not the things that you do not want.

    Throughout the Olympic Games let’s join our hearts and minds with the hearts and minds of our Father-Mother God, the entire Company of Heaven, and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. Together we will cocreate the matrix that will form the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness during the Olympic Games. Let’s invoke the new 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection and clear the surfacing negativity that is overwhelming so many people. Let’s also invoke the Light of God to assist all of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity to lift their heads above the chaos and confusion, so they will remember who they are and why they have volunteered to be on Earth during this Cosmic Moment.

    The following invocation has been given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. As you invoke this activity of Light with deep feeling, know that you are joining in consciousness with Lightworkers around the world who are invoking the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame with you.

    This invocation is stated in the first person, so we will experience this activity of Light individually and tangibly. But remember WE ARE ONE, so as we invoke this Solar Violet Flame for ourselves, we are also serving as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity.

    Now through the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, we set the Divine Intention for the energy, vibration, and consciousness that will be expressed by every single person who turns his or her attention to the Olympic Games during the seventeen days of competition.
    5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame Invocation

    I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. I AM also One with my Father-Mother God and with the entire Company of Heaven. Beloved Ones, as One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Breath, and One Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy that is expressed in any way during the Olympic Games. Purify that energy with the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, and Transmute into Light every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief associated with the Olympic Games. Utilize that Light to transmute Humanity’s surfacing human miscreations cause, core, effect, record, and memory, through all time frames and dimensions, back to our initial fall from Grace. Beloved Company of Heaven, I ask that you amplify this invocation a thousand times a thousandfold. I accept with deep appreciation and gratitude that with your assistance every invocation I make will be intensified with the power of 1,000,000 people.

    I now invoke Saint Germain and the Legions of Light associated with the new frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame. Blessed Ones, come now, and blaze the most powerful cleansing activity of the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment.

    I open the Stargate of my Heart, and I AM instantly the Open Door for the most powerful 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection the Earth has ever experienced.

    This Solar Violet Flame pulsates through my Heart Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns. It blazes in, through, and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness, and all obstructions of the Light that any person, place, condition, or thing has ever placed in the pathway of Life’s perfection.

    Through the Power of God’s Infinite Perfection, the Solar Violet Flame Transmutes this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory NOW and FOREVER.

    The Silent Watchers over every country, state, city, town, village, and hamlet on the planet now reach out their great loving arms and raise up a limitless number of people in every location who are willing to participate in the faithful use of the Solar Violet Flame. Each person understands the full importance of this sacred gift now being offered by our Father-Mother God to help free Humanity from all human distresses. The conscious use of this mighty power from the Heart of God will cause to be established within every one of these places great forcefields of the Violet Flame, which will continually bathe every person in each vicinity.

    Now, through the unified Clarion Call of the I AM Presence within ALL Humanity and the Legions of Light throughout infinity, the Solar Violet Flame begins to expand and expand. This Sacred Fire merges with the Divinity pulsating in every person’s heart and explodes into a tremendous Starburst of Light. On the Holy Breath this influx of the Solar Violet Flame increases to the intensity of a thousand Suns.

    Now I ask Saint Germain and the Legions of Light associated with the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection to…

    a) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs of every man, woman, and child evolving on Earth until every person individually acknowledges and accepts the Oneness of ALL Life, and every expression reflects a deep Reverence for ALL Life.

    b) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all incoming babies, the children, their parents, and guardians until ALL youth are raised up in energy, vibration, and consciousness to carry out the directives of their I AM Presence.

    c) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all youth centers and activities; all schools, colleges and universities; all leaders, teachers, instructors, and professors in every line of endeavor until the Flame of God Illumination and Enlightenment is manifest and eternally sustained.

    d) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all religious and spiritual teachings, so that Divine Love, Truth, Tolerance, and Universal Sisterhood and Brotherhood will quickly manifest.

    e) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all doctors, nurses, healers, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and every institution associated with healing of any kind until Divine Mercy, Compassion, Integrity, and Healing are tangible realities for every evolving soul.

    f) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all banking and financial institutions, all economic systems, all money, and the people associated with monetary interactions of any kind until every person on Earth is openly demonstrating true integrity, honesty, generosity, fairness, abundance, and the God supply of all good things.

    g) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all places of incarceration and all employed there, through every correctional institution and every judge, jury, and court of law until Divine Justice is manifest and eternally sustained.

    h) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all space activities throughout the world until every nation unites in cooperative service, so that God’s Will may be manifest with our sisters and brothers throughout the Universe.

    i) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Humanity until all disease and human miscreation, its cause and core, is dissolved and transmuted into purity, vibrant health, and physical perfection.

    j) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the food and water industries and through all of the food and water used for human consumption until every particle of food and every molecule of water is filled with Light. Empower this Elemental substance to raise the vibratory action of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies until physical perfection becomes a sustained manifest reality for every Human Being.

    k) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every remaining electron of precious Life energy until the Immaculate Concept of the New Earth and our Planetary Cause of Divine Love is manifest, and all Life evolving here is wholly Ascended and FREE.

    Beloved I AM Presence, Beloved Legions of Light throughout Infinity, I accept that this activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as I call, to be increased daily and hourly, moment to moment, with every breath I take.

    And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

    Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
    a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

  14. tony lane says:

    it is never easy to do nothing even when you think that people in the know only talk and never anything and sometimes they just contradict each other,but what we all should see what is obvious and that these olympics was a long time in the planning,first the site the olympic stadium is built on you could not buy for any money and it has been that way for over sixty years and maybe a lot longer,second most obvious thing that worries me is that when the olympic bidding was made 72 per cent of the people did not want the olympics but more than 80 per cent of the french people did want it,so why in the hell did we not give it to them,answer never,you may ask yourselves between SEB COE and TONY BLAIR which one was the prostitute and which one was the pimp,but it goes much deeper than that as they are only it’s willing tools for those faceless demons,there may or may not be a false flag event,so it will be a good idea to be vigilant during these times,i really dont know maybe this is meant to be a distractionfor another bad event to happen on the other side of the world,these olympics have always been used politically if has never been the peoples games, the countries that are warmongers like to spread their propaganda and tell the rest of the world that they are the best and are therefore entitled to lord it over the rest of the world, many of the coaches are told to get their athletes to win by any means possible need i say more,to be honest i do have a bad feel about it but just hope that it’s me being much too paranoid,yours sincerely.TONY LANE

  15. DrinkDeep says:

    The one part of this that doesn’t make sense to me (not the above article, but the false flag concept in general) is that everything is broadcast on a tape delay…so it would swarm the internet before the ‘broadcasts’ had a chance to show it. I often hear references to ‘billions of eyes’ watching the Olympics, but they are watching the delayed broadcast – if we think of 911, it would be hard to accept anything with credibility if the internet got to it first. Much like the Aurora shooting, these guys just don’t have the wherewithal to out-report the alternative news. Then again, how many people are aware of all the discrepancies in that shooting?

    I find the best thing these days is to just unplug (haha…like the old days of Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out) – every time I look at the net, I see another thing where I wish “they” would just hurry up and get it over with, and let us move on to a life of love and peace.

    • Jean says:

      DD, it’s a tough call – to post some of this. I hear what you are saying, and I personally don’t think anything is going to happen. I’d rather be safe than sorry, though, and I hope folks will at least be aware of the possibilities. That could be quite enough . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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