Ben Fulford: Why the West is Now under Nazi Rule and Why the Elite are in Denial, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

A visit to Canada and long conversations with bankers, newspaper editors and others still living inside the “mainstream” story about world events has exposed a deliberate state of factual denial about what is really happening in the Western terrorist states. The editor of a major North American newspaper, for example, made it clear to this writer that he needed to believe the official story about 911 and everything else the Western terrorist governments were saying because the alternative would be to radically restructure a world view he created over a lifetime. The bankers and other “elite” also fervently pushed the truth about things like “global warming based on CO2″ but immediately stopped the discussion and changed the subject when evidence was presented showing it was a fraud. The head of a major medical research laboratory, for his part, made it clear that openly researching subjects like bio-weapons (HIV, SARS, “bird flu” etc.) being spread by the cabalists would mean and end to his research institute’s grants and unemployment for him and his colleagues.

What these highly intelligent and thoroughly indoctrinated Westerners all share in common is a financial interest (jobs, salaries and high social status), a family to support and a fear that openly discussing the fascist coup d’etat that took place in the West would lead to unemployment, poverty and ostracism. However, when certain key words and phrases are avoided (for example by discussing “oligarchs” instead of “cabalists”) it is clear their world view is beginning to fall apart despite their deep personal need to cling to the “official” Western story. They are like loyal lifetime card bearing communists speaking in wavering voices of their loyalty to communism just before the fall of the Soviet Union.

The coming autumn chaos will force people like this to finally confront reality.

The newspaper editor, for example, was, after much discussion, willing to agree that 911 might have been an inside job but that he had trouble conceiving such a massive conspiracy as being possible. However, when he was given the detailed financial historical background (Green Hilton Memorial, the BIS, the lawsuits against the Federal Reserve Board, the fact the Patriot act is nearly identical to the Nazi constitution etc.), he expressed a willingness to start exposing this stuff in his newspaper. This writer has agreed to provide the paper with fact-checkable articles that will expose the cabal. If all goes well, systematic exposure of the financial fraud behind the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank etc. will begin being published by this paper starting in September. At that time, the paper will be named and links to the articles will be sent to readers. However, the editor of the paper may find that “pressure from above” may force him to back-pedal on his offer to help expose what is really happening.

The head of the medical research team, for his part, promised to discreetly check from a scientific standpoint, if it was really true that SARS and other recent diseases were man made bio weapons. However, he may find that too much diligent research will lead to a visit from alphabet agency heavies or from the people controlling his grants. We shall see. This award winning researcher and his team were one of many who had their funding cut off in recent years until they agreed to stop further research into life extension. Instead he is now being forced (by fear of losing financing) to do research into diseases that will require expensive drug therapy to “treat.” If his team can find alternative funding he says they will go back to life extension research.

The bankers were a harder case to deal with but they did admit that rampant greed and incompetence has thoroughly imperilzaed the entire banking system. They also expressed surprize that mass arrests of prominent bankers had not begun. Until that happens, they said they will continue to “follow the money.”

One thing that all these highly educated and intelligent “elitists” showed is that as soon as the ultimate source of money in the West changes, people with a strong financial interest in the status quo will change their stripes overnight. In other words, they will change their worldview or at least their public worldview to suit whoever controls their paychecks.

That is why the current ruling cabal is doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent the control of the creation and distribution of Euros and dollars to be taken away from them. They know that as soon as that happens, the entire house of cards they have built up will collapse. They will continue to fight, kicking and screaming, to preserve the status quo until the very last.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, denial is not a river in Africa and the unavoidable fact remains that the historical rights to most of the world’s gold (the ultimate basis of the BIS and central banking in the West) do not belong to the cabalists who have been using them. Even if the Western central banks say they are no longer on a gold standard, they still do not have money because the Western countries as a whole have been borrowing from the rest of the world for the past 30 years. The line of credit that made this possible is now drying up and many Western countries have come to the realization they no longer make very much actual “stuff,” they can use to trade with the rest of the world.

In other words, the vast majority of the world’s money that is backed by physical reality (real estate, factories, commodities, manufactured goods) is no longer under their control and that their fraudulent derivative money is being shunned. The 150 nation BRICS alliance is holding almost all the cards now.

The best available intelligence at this point still indicates that this autumn will be a time of major change. The entire Western financial system may be held together with duct tape and rubber bands until the regime changes expected in China and the US in November. However, there is a big September financial deadline that may force changes sooner than then.

Next week this writer will be back in Asia and will be meeting with Chinese and North Korean officials and will report on these meetings. The Chinese have already said that new North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was “getting too big for his boots.”

There will also be detailed discussion on the nature and history of the Japanese secret society known as “yatagarasu” or the three legged crow based on information obtained during discussions with members of this group in Tokyo and Kyoto.

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32 Responses to Ben Fulford: Why the West is Now under Nazi Rule and Why the Elite are in Denial, July 31, 2012

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  3. NK says:

    So how about that autumn chaos?

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  5. FREE! says:

    North American newspapers are a joke and have no guts to talk about the 9/11 scam!

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  10. Misty says:

    BF can go to NK, yet the borders are closed off. Okay BF, must be funny to be you. Lots of denial, don’t you know it mister Ben! To funny.

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  13. beonguyen says:

    google: Jah truth the only way to defeat the NWO

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  17. John says:

    the author Christopher Story was a 50 year long prof. investigator & journalist, distributing documents of
    most revealing insider info worldwide monthly for 50 years.I read his weekly journals on his own website
    for several years, he was always right on everything. He had a huge sponsorship of untold countries. He
    was a compassionate person & Wanta managed to make Christopher Story bail Wanta’s ass out of jail,
    so Christopher Story paid $16,000 in 2007 for it, which Wanta NEVER repaid. Wanta is a big time crook
    of worldwide caliber, working with the criminal cabal & on his own, too. Christopher Story lived in London
    all his life & travelled around all over for his info connections, collections. His last visit was to New York,
    where he attended a huge political convention at which dinner he gotten poisoned from the food, then a week later he dropped dead at home. The CIA or FBI did it. Christopher Story was always 10 steps
    ahead of the atrocities planned by the criminal cabal & warned all his readers of it for almost 50 years
    worldwide. He must have had protection by an angel (ET) of high caliber. The only mystery that gets me,
    is that he never said one single bad word about the Queen (close-by) which in my book & research is
    the number one Reptilian blue blood shape shifter creature from hell, owning & hoarding 90% assets of
    planet earth & poisoning it.

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  19. gregorylent says:

    off about north korea’s new leader … he is opening the door into a higher order of functioning

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  21. Debbie says:


    I stumbled across this article from a European website that was written in January 2010….it dove tails with so much that is going on today and what Fulford has been saying…it is well worth the read and I’d love to hear you and others comment on it. I was so excited when I finished the article that I went to the website provided to see how the story was progressing and found it had been taken down, then I googled the author and my heart fell, 9 months after releasing this information he was hit with a fast acting cancer and died….you might see a pattern in the “fast acting cancer” stories….happens to a lot of truth tellers.

    This is a good one!

  22. Stunned at Sunset says:


    Your observations do you credit but miss the point of our effort to understand them. We are all ONE, Unified, contiguous, integrated consciousness. The “ETs” are part of that consciousness; WE are part of the consciousness. There are those of us who have chosen to “explore the path of separation.” In this they have willfully severed the communications with the Source Field and rely on their own “group mind” to affect reality. This explains your observations of their imminent failure. Having nothing to consider that has any efficacy and misunderstanding the way that the Universe works as your observations correctly explain, they will always fail because their motives are incongruent and their methods superficial.

    But, there WILL be “Divine Intervention!” You are forgetting that WE are Sovereign Integrals of the One Creator/God and WE are divine. WE will intervene. “The Other”–what we call the ETs are PART of that Unified Source and will attend to their companions needs as they have always done.

    We lose our way when ever we fail to understand that we are ONE. That Divine Intervention is not some “thing” that is an external act of intrusion but an internal, inclusive effort to project the collective’s understanding of the Will of the ONE. That is why, ultimately, the Cabal is doomed to failure. Everyone, US, the ETs, and the host consciousness of the Earth working together as ONE is a power through which the Cabal cannot navigate their course or implement their intentions. They are powerless to challenge our expression of “Self.” How do the SC-FI guys always say it? Resistance is futile. The reason the Cabal has characterized a collective mind as the Evil of the Borg is so that they can “condition” us to reject the collective mind of the ONE. The collective mind is not “Evil.” It is a natural state of our awareness. It is the presence of “Good” and the manifestation of the One Creator/God.

    Love and Light,
    SaS 😮

    • Ethaos says:

      SaS Love your ideas particularly “sovereign integral” and the way it opposes “derivative market”.

      You say I –
      “miss the point of our effort to understand them”
      I actually applaud your efforts, but feel they are based on a flawed premise.

      “There can be only One”, is a mistake IMHO.
      Instead my belief is there are infinetely many.

      “We lose our way when ever we fail to understand that we are ONE”
      I feel illustrates this flaw.

      Perhaps typing this will clarify my points of view.
      I found many ways when I achieved infinity.

      I call this the “Phallacy of the One”.
      Spelled to point out the flaw in our current monotheistic patriarchal paradigm.
      Sometimes I let a pet peeve overide my output. I am irritated when statements of opinion are phrased as facts, I apologize if my peevishness offends or alters my intent to communicate fact.

      Perhaps this will help you-

      Imagine not one source field but a plethora of origins, fields and spaces.
      From this we choose our paths.

      “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.”

  23. netace says:

    The best answer is for the ETs to stop playing nice with the damned cabal and take them ALL off-world! The ETs are the ONLY ones with sufficient power to see that this happens with minimum bloodshed.

    Then, and only then, can this world be unified, cleansed and made ready for ascension! This truth, my friends, is what we all need to envision and help come to pass.

    Peace and Love to all.

    • Ethaos says:

      Hate to burst a bubble (not…) ET phoned home and got a ride out of Dodge a while back…

      The real reason the human race has been kept in a perpetual state of war is because we are the ones developing the technology and the Cabalists are in a race with each other to perfect their ideal. They believe that technology is developed at a faster rate during wartime. Their idea of a NWO is a pyramid scheme and will always fail since this paradigm involves “The Law of the Jungle” (kill or be killed…) along with your paraphrase of Mao “Political Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun”. Their basic philosophy is flawed and even if they got their NWO it would fail shortly after it began due to inbreeding and infighting. No single conscious being has the right to control another let alone the ability or intelligence required to do so.

      The Et as Devil (Blue Beam IIRC) plan went bust about the time they realized due to their duality mind programming half of the planets population would view ET as the Saviour. Your belief in ET’s as omnipotent may be comforting but does not yield to reasonable scepticism or free will. I would welcome DW’s “Divine Intervention”, but see it as the “Hopium” it is.

      I think that if a benevolent ET existed and had the technology and desire to intervene they would have done so shortly after the explosion at Trinity. Extra-Terrestrial does not make them Extra-Solar. We have had the tech to go to other planets since the 40’s at least. A culture with the level of technology you propose and the mindset of the cabal would implode quite rapidly. Their is too much evidence both anecdotal and physical that points the finger of blame at our own species. I could elaborate but am typed out for the day…

      Find the saviour in yourself, be kind to those you love and no matter how hard it will be show compassion to those who hate. I do not say love them or submit, even execution can be (I would argue would be…) a compassionate way to end the misery they exist in.

      • Jeremy says:

        You make a good point there friend; about us being responsible for our own actions as a species. I personally disagree with your disbelief in the existance of ET’s as I’ve seen too much evidence to remain skeptical, but I’m sure any religious fanatic would make that same statement to defend their beliefs (not that I fall in that category), thus my point is moot. All I know is that throughout history, anytime a world power tries to tighten it’s grip on its people or extend it’s power beyond it’s resources it will collapse. The only difference in this case is that the world power is secret.

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  25. majapahit says:

    BF: “they still do not have money because the Western countries as a whole
    have been borrowing from the rest of the world for the past 30 years.”

    I would suggest to consider, that the present owners of the printing press,
    do not need to comply to any IOY

    assassination of useless pawns are reaching new heights every day,
    the FED & BIS, the ECB, the Bank of China e.a., can print a Billion a day if they so desire

    real power still, at present, comes from the barrel of a gun
    (and the beam from a space weapon)

    for a while now, the major instrument of containing the bottom feeders,
    that is you,
    is both the thread of assassination & actual assassination,

    executed by NATO, Special Forces, drones, manchurian candidates, CIA, infiltrated
    Police Death Squads, all & any mercenary kill teams of any persuasion etc etc etc,
    who, of late, have sprung up worldwide in all hooks and crannies,
    as per the al-Qaeda c.s. kill teams in Syria & Lybia,
    and the hundreds of new Lily Kill bases of the USA world wide,
    spring boards to kill operations anywhere & anyone

    the method for securing the supremacy of the present banking system at the bottom level
    is assassination,

    the only real counter method against such, it seems, is not mass insurrection, that will only
    draw mass counter kill, on any scale, neither, obviously, it seems, any bla di bla,

    the only effective counter measure against a killing, criminal,
    pedophile, luciferian satanic bankers gild & their worshipful companies in the City of London

    would seem, is acts of counter assassination

    mtjoeng at gmail dot com

    • Vincent says:

      no, not acts of counter assassination. Instead, in order to kill banksters, everyone should empty their bank account and buy physical gold and silver, as Max Keiser suggests and many others. Anyway, there is no other choice, because all paper currencies and paper “assets” (especially in $ or €) are going to zero in the near future. PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER are going to skyrocket! Like Mike Maloney said: “It’ll be the greatest wealth transfer in human’s history.”

  26. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Hey! Little family! It looks like the “old” Ben is back. That was a good read because I’ve been following the press “incidents” on this blog as they were exposed by people like David and Poofness.

    Way to go, Ben!


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